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DirectDemocracyS Blog yours projects in every sense!
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Our homepage in English

Albert Pike said: "What we do for ourselves dies with us, what we do for others and for the world remains and is immortal".

Welcome to the DirectDemocracyS website. For us, it is a pleasure and an honor to have you here.

Our aim is to change and improve the world.

And together with you, and all good people, we have all the means to do it. We have very clear rules, which are somewhat rigid, and are respected by everyone. We have a unique and inimitable methodology, which is the only one that can really work. A somewhat complex mechanism, in which each of our users is a fundamental part of the various gears that make it up. We have all the potential, and a solid structure, which stands, and cannot be slowed down, or stopped by anyone.

First of all, before getting to know us, open your mentality to our innovation, otherwise it will be difficult, almost impossible, for you to understand our activities. Don't be superficial, don't generalize, and don't be in a hurry to say: beautiful utopia. Our method works, and if you know it you will see that we are right. Never say, and for any reason: that we will be exactly like the other political forces. We are innovative, incompatible, and alternative to all old politics, and to all existing political projects. And above all, never say: people are bad, and you won't be able to realize your every idea. We are already realizing, each of our ideas, and we are continuously increasing.

We present you the brief, some information, to be able to decide whether you want to join us, or not.

DirectDemocracyS, is political innovation, an alternative to all the old politics, based on the only authentic democracy, the direct one, and on total freedom.

The only political force, in which our supporters, and voters, are our users, on our website, and have absolute, complete control over their political representatives, before, during, and for the first time in the world even after the elections.

To always decide, in the best way, all our users, and our political representatives, will always be informed, in a complete, honest, competent, free, and independent way, by groups of experts, of each sector of activity.

They will receive detailed information, both on the various possibilities and on the consequences of each choice.

Now, the old politics decide the rules and laws, and the population follows the orders, and respects all the laws. We reverse the roles, we, the voters, and therefore the people, hold all the power, propose people, laws, and rules, and our political representatives, implement them, and put them into practice.

Our entire political organization, and our website, are the exclusive property of all our members, who control, and manage, all our activities. There are no leaders, but only people, who work together, in a coordinated way, individually, or in groups. With us, the motto is always put into practice: all for one, one for all.

Our political ideology takes all the positive parts of all the old ideologies, eliminating all the negative parts, thus becoming politically perfect. Each of our rules, each of our activities, and our methodology, unique in the world, are based on logic, common sense, and the mutual respect of all people.

Compared to the life of a human being, our organization has just been conceived, and hardly anyone knows us. In these early stages, we carefully select each person who joins us. But over time, every good person can join us.

Do not join us, and do not tell anyone about us, if you have not first fully informed yourself, and if you have not first understood all of our information.

We advise you to continue reading this short article of ours, with some very useful links.

General informations.

Official language: our official language, of all our public part, is English, but internally, every language is official for us.

Official website:

Our website has a public area, where there is all the information, which can be read, for free, in a secure way, and without invasive advertising. The public information is in English, but near our logo, going down, there is the language selection form, by clicking on "English", in the drop-down menu, you can set your language by clicking on it . In a few seconds, the page you are on, and the following ones, will be translated into your preferred language. For tablets and smartphones, the main menu can be accessed by clicking on the 3 horizontal lines next to our logo.

Official blog:

We also have a blog, with some articles translated into various languages. Just choose one of the categories in your language (by clicking on it), and click on the title of each post, or on "continue reading", to read the content.

Official public page. We have some public pages that are visible to everyone. Choose the one in your language to read its contents.

Presentation video, in short (about 3 or 4 minutes). We have some informative videos, choose the one in your language.

Click on play, to watch the video, we advise you to read the article, at the end of the video (at the bottom), for detailed information, on what we are doing.

Presentation sound. If you want to listen to our information, in various languages, just go to this link:

select your preferred language (by clicking on it), in the audio player, and you will listen to a short presentation message, lasting about 3 or 4 minutes.

To contact us, read this article carefully, and follow all the instructions: 

For all information, to register, and to create a personal profile, and join us: 

read all the various informative articles, which contain all the necessary instructions.

To register immediately, go to this link:

follow the simple instructions, everything is free, very simple, fast, and secure.

Do you want to help our political organization? You can make an individual, free, and voluntary donation only and exclusively at this link:

be very careful, we do not authorize anyone to raise money on our behalf, if we do, in the future, we will write it on our official website.

If you want to give us your opinion, via our voting component, you can do so at this link:

some voting modules are free, others are reserved for our users (based on the type of user), others are reserved, and invisible, to those who do not have the right to vote.

All information, instructions, and many of our activities, both public and private, can be found in English at this link:

they are divided into various submenu items, and various categories, very easy to find, and share.

For information on the timing of activation of our new users, visit this link:

and choose each article one at a time, based on the registration method that interests you.

For information on registrations by invitation during the blocking of free registrations, read this article carefully:

and also the detailed article, which you can find at this link:

for anyone who wants to join us, it is essential to know, and understand, our every motivation.

We base all our activities on logic, common sense and mutual respect of all people, always putting into practice equality, continuous over time, and meritocracy.

The public information is in English, but near our logo, going down, there is the language selection form, by clicking on "English", in the drop-down menu, you can set your language by clicking on it . In a few seconds, the page you are on, and the following ones, will be translated into your preferred language. For tablets and smartphones, the main menu can be accessed by clicking on the 3 horizontal lines next to our logo.

We advise you to read carefully, even several times, all our information, and if you like it, you can register, creating a personal profile, and start working with us. Share, and help other people get to know us, and join us.

Thank you.

With great esteem and infinite respect, we send you our best regards, and the best wishes for personal and professional results that will fill your heart with happiness.

DirectDemocracyS, is your political innovation, alternative, truly in every sense!

Our presence on social networks is limited, but you can search DirectDemocracyS on the main websites and you will find some information. We do not work, we do not answer questions, and we do not offer information, on social networks, or on other websites, but every now and then, we publish something, after having published it in preview, on our website. We like to be free, and independent.

Stay Informed

When you subscribe to the blog, we will send you an e-mail when there are new updates on the site so you wouldn't miss them.

La nostra homepage in lingua italiana
پەیامی فەرمی ٢٠٢٣ کۆڕبەندی جیهانی دیموکراسی ڕاستەو...


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Monday, 29 May 2023

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