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    best wishes en forarticleEnd of year message.

    Some of the best rules we gave ourselves when we created DirectDemocracyS were to base all our activities: on logic, on common sense, on intelligence, on truth, on justice, on equity, and on mutual respect, of all people. We have chosen to always be innovative and alternative to all other political forces. Equality and meritocracy guaranteed to everyone, forever, and at the same time, to give everyone the same opportunities, always rewarding the best. Putting the good first, and always acting, in every decision we make, in the interests of the entire world population, always starting to help, first, the people and companies who find themselves most in difficulty, and not make no agreement, with other traditional political forces. Creating unity of purpose, despite diversity, of opinions, respecting them all in exactly the same way. Taking all the positive parts of all the political ideologies of the past, eliminating all the negative parts, has made us politically perfect. Give our voters / users, ownership of all our activities, and have shared leadership, where every decision is made by everyone, based on the proposals of anyone who joins us. Put into practice, authentic democracy, and complete freedom, allowing complete, and absolute, control of our voters / users, over their political representatives, before, during, and for the first time in the world, even after elections. Create free, independent expert groups, composed of authentic, documented specialists, to help our voters / users decide in a fully informed manner on the various possibilities, knowing every consequence of each choice before voting. Force all those who join us to respect our every rule, every mechanism, every methodology, and every instruction. Being born, to change, and to improve the world, starting with politics. Create together, economic and financial activities, based on the same method, with the same rules, as our political activities. We are designed, and created, to prevent and prevent power struggles, both internal and external. We present to the elections new people, younger, more competent, incorruptible, and certainly better than all other political forces. We have created, a new and better methodology, a new and better mentality, we do not compromise, regarding the common good.

    With these first, simple rules, we have become the best, ethically correct, and practically perfect.

    They all seem like utopias to those who see us from the outside. Many tell us: "you are too beautiful to be true". Others judge us superficially, telling us: "you will become exactly like the others, when you win all the elections, and are in power, in the institutions".

    We have already responded briefly to these first statements, and we will do so in detail.

    Inside, we are exactly as we describe ourselves, for us, every single sentence, and every word, are fundamental, and must be put into practice. We are not just beautiful. Above all, we are just, equitable, free, independent, and we finance ourselves. For those who have read all of our public information, knowing how all of our activities work, we will certainly never, for any reason, become like traditional political forces, because our method does not allow it. Thanks to our rules, it is impossible for us to be, or become in the future, like the others, precisely because we are innovative, alternative, and incompatible with the old political forces.

    For all the first sentences, about how we are, we have written, and will write, very long and detailed articles, to explain, not only how we all work together, but also how we are exactly, and above all our motivations, all based on logic.

    DirectDemocracyS, is the dream of any voter, because we choose the candidates, we make the electoral programs, and we decide everything, always and only, together with our voters / users, on our official website. By working on our electronic platform, we are free, independent, protected, and above all orderly. We are the only political organization, which by winning elections, shares all the power, with every single voter, who manages it, together with everyone else, always on our website.

    Many of those who read this article of ours will wonder: what do all these phrases have to do with an end-of-year greeting message. Others, as always, will tell us that we are vain, presumptuous, and that we like to brag about our results. We are just realists, and we are proud of our long, hard work, and all our concrete results.

    Another of our strong points, from the first minute, was to eliminate all religion from all our activities.

    It seems like a banal phrase, blasphemous for some, logical for others. Those who know us know very well that we do not hate the Deities, on the contrary we respect them and protect them all. How we protect, and respect, in exactly the same way, all the traditions, habits, cultures of every population on earth. We don't hate anyone, we simply believe that certain things are private, and since we believe in democracy and freedom, we respect each person's choice to believe, or not believe, in metaphysical entities.

    Keeping all religion out of all our political, economic and financial activities seemed to us to be the simplest and most immediate method to create unity. Because, dear friends, we are also the only political force in the world, which unites people, respecting all diversity.

    We have already given many explanations about our motivations. Science cannot give us all the answers, in a complete way, to all our questions, and therefore, for those who want it, the various religions offer some hope. However, these beliefs, traditions and cultures must not influence, in any way, our political choices, our economic and financial activities. We will also provide all the necessary information on these topics.

    We do not hate other political forces, on the contrary, we respect them all equally. If they decide sensible things, we, and our voters, will approve them together with them, but if they don't make the right choices, we will vote against. For us, the collective interest is more important than the interest of a few.

    Of all the other political forces, we condemn only a few behaviors, which we believe are unjust, and against freedom and democracy.

    The main one is to "steal" the power to decide from their voters, after having obtained the votes in the elections. The oligarchy party-cracy has nothing in common with DirectDemocracyS, which is, instead, authentic democracy.

    The second problem is that traditional politics is managed and often decides on the basis of impositions received from rich and powerful people and lobbies, and not always only in the general interest of all people. DirectDemocracyS, is free, independent, and owned exclusively and completely by its voters / members.

    The third problem of traditional political parties is the internal and external struggle for power, which allows a few people, or, in certain extreme cases, a single person, to decide in the name of all. The simple fact of obtaining votes must never transfer to political parties and their political representatives the power to propose, discuss and decide, which must always continuously belong to the voters.

    These 3 very serious problems make us incompatible with all other political forces.

    Politics, whose etymology everyone knows, for the old traditional parties, means managing all the institutions, all the wealth, and deciding in the name of their voters.

    For DirectDemocracyS, Politics is the art of governing, not in the name of the people, but together with the people.

    Our policy is to solve all people's problems, together with people, and not by favoring the interests and expectations of a few, but always of everyone.

    Whoever joins us has been responsible for all the unpleasant things that happen, and have happened in the world, due to their ideologies, and their political choices. But, unlike those who always complain, those who only know how to criticize, those who join DirectDemocracyS work in a concrete and organized way to change and improve the world. Each of our voters / users does not remain passive, to suffer the events decided and caused by others, but becomes an active and concrete protagonist to solve all the problems.

    We all know that it is not easy, and that it will not be immediate, but we have a duty to do it.

    To those who criticize us for our "rigidity" and for the fact that we force everyone to respect all our rules, we say clearly that the best results can be obtained only if the first rule is: everyone must respect all the rules. What many consider, enormously mistakenly, to be an "unfree" project in which people are "forced to make the right choice", is instead the only political project which allows anyone to propose and implement practice, ideas, projects, and activities of all kinds. In a world where there are people who delude themselves into thinking that they are free, democratic, and think "with their own heads", while they are only manipulated and brainwashed by those who know how to lie to them better, DirectDemocracyS is the only political organization that truly allows anyone to make the best use of their qualities and intuitions.

    For many countries, 2023 ends, for other peoples, we are in different years. We have not made any rankings or balance sheets, although every now and then we update some data, not necessarily at the end of the year. Our various phases continue, one user at a time, continuously, we grow, both in terms of number of people and number of activities, and we make ourselves known. We will be able to say that we were born, officially, only when every person in the world knows about our political innovation, and can choose whether to join us, or continue to count for nothing, with the other traditional political forces.

    Our wish for everyone is to try to study carefully, in a complete way, all the public information about DirectDemocracyS, and if you like how we are, to join us, and help us, to let as many people as possible know, our, and your, political organization.

    We wish you to have a happy and peaceful life, together with the people you love, and who love you.

    In 2024, or whatever year you are in, and in all the years to come, we hope you achieve personal and professional results that fill your heart with joy.

    With great esteem and infinite respect.


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