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    Interview part 4

    Published: 11 March 2022

    4. Fourth part of the interview with GreatReferee, verified registered user number 283.

    We ask our friend some personal questions, also trying to put him in difficulty.

    Question 26. Why do many people who manage the various activities have anonymous profiles?

    Answer 26. We have seen in our privacy rules that all of our verified registered users can choose during registration (but also afterwards at any time), whether to remain anonymous, or which personal data they want to share, and with whom.

    It seemed right to extend the same rule to those who are part of the referees (official representatives), because their control, verification, and information work is essential for the project to work well.

    There will be some "managers" of our projects that will be made public, I mean who will have to speak on our behalf, sign documents on our behalf, or who will have to appear publicly, certain activities on behalf of all of us.

    However, as regards our political representatives, who will be made public, with real name, surname, and CV, both in the online electoral campaign phase, in the online elections, and obviously in the electoral campaign and in the real votes.

    As I said, everyone must care what we do, not who we are.

    Plus she saw the name on the door bell. If I was afraid, or if I wanted to hide, I would invite her to a different place, perhaps far away, and not to my house.

    Question 27. Do you believe in God?

    Answer 27. DirectDemocracyS, and all related projects, have decided to base every activity on logic, always putting people at the center. All our projects are carried out following rules, values, ideals, all of common sense.

    Personally I believe that until science proves that there are no higher beings, people have to believe that something exists. Indeed, believing in One or more Gods, should in theory make people better, because they fear the Divine Judgment.

    But as we have written several times, all religions are beautiful lies, invented by people even in some cases good, and with good intentions.

    I like to think of religions as weapons, which can be legitimately used to defend oneself, but in some cases they can be used to create death and destruction.

    Religions, like weapons, have the same purpose, to create divisions among all people.

    I'll give you an example. In the United States, there has always been a debate on whether to ban or make it less easy to spread certain weapons. Unfortunately, tragic events often happen due to weapons. But we hardly ever talk about the defensive effect, the protection, and in some cases the deterrent power that weapons have.

    If I have a gun or a shotgun, and I use it to defend my family, that gun or shotgun saves lives.

    If I use them to shoot innocent people, they take lives.

    The same are the inventions of religions. If they are used to make people better, they don't bother us. If they create division, hatred, and wars, for us, they cannot be accepted.

    So just as you won't enter our offices armed, leaving your weapons at home, religions must stay out of all our activities. At home or in places of worship, everyone can pray for the Divinity they prefer. With us the only divinity that really matters is the human being.

    But while respecting all religious beliefs, in exactly the same way, we do not allow any interference of religions in our activities. Because everyone has their role in our life, politics is a completely different and independent thing, from beliefs and traditions.

    Question 28. He didn't answer me, but I understand the concept. But I believe that in this way, we will lose all believers of all religions, who will not join us. What do you think?

    Answer 28. I replied, I don't believe in anything, but I "hope" that all the Deities exist. Although I think the existence of extraterrestrials is easier. For example: the Jews, who transcribed the Word of God, coincidentally said that for God, they are the chosen people. The same people who were harassed in despicable ways, by racist madmen, the defenders of the Aryan race, during World War II. But what normal person can in the slightest believe that if God exists, he has preferences for only one population of the earth? But what sane person considers that there are better or worse races? The same Sacred text then says that God created man in His image. We do not believe that God is as the Sacred texts describe Him, but we are sure that He is used to justify certain political decisions, based on the economy. Then the divisive beliefs and traditions, which justify violence, discrimination, and the lack of freedom, for us are all to be condemned, because they do not allow everyone to live in peace, basing their lives on mutual respect.

    I don't want to go too far, we could talk for days about religions, and how much chaos they generate. Maybe we will do a special article on this topic.

    To conclude my answer: I am sure that many will join us, thanks to the fact that we do not accept religious interference, because having no preference, we esteem and love everyone, in exactly the same way.

    Question 29. Many accuse us that we are too vain, that we believe we know everything, and above all they accuse us of considering our project perfect, when perfection does not exist for them. Are we really like that?

    Answer 29. Anyone who reads all of our information a couple of times realizes that we have every reason to be vain. Because nothing like it has ever existed, an innovative project, so complete, detailed, fair, and shareable, had never been created.

    It annoys many, because they would like to have thought of it, because it is so beautiful, and above all based on logic, that it does not seem real.

    We are complex, but at the same time of great simplicity. We also know that perfection does not exist, but all our projects were made by united, competent, and independent people, who had as their aim, to get as close as possible to perfection.

    Because it is important, I would say fundamental, for all mankind.

    But I tell you a secret, or rather 3 secrets. The first is that we like to make all current politicians die of envy, and all those who are part of the "system", but above all all those who believe they have the truth and the best ideology in the world. The second is that if you tell someone from the beginning that you have a perfect project, they won't all start wanting to change, upset, all of our years of work, for their own personal interests. The third and perhaps most important, is that a superficial person, who reads that we are perfect, will not make hasty judgments, but will read everything, to realize for himself whether or not we are perfect.

    But since we too know that perfection does not exist, from now on we can say: we are the closest to perfection, the best political innovation, or simply the best political project in the history of humanity, and that no one will be able to create anything better. . We are, and will remain forever: the "almost" perfect.

    And here, we both laugh heartily ed

    Question 30. Many also say that we are a beautiful utopia, and that people are bad, and they will never allow us to do everything our rules foresee. Others say we will become, like other parties. That we will be equal to the "old" political and economic system. What do you reply?

    Answer 30. For now we have only presented, a large enough part, of all our ideas, to make everyone understand, some important things, which make us different and better than what was before us.

    So we say to everyone: give us a chance, as you have always given it to everyone.

    We are not a beautiful utopia, because as already said our "system" stands and works. We have foreseen all possible scenarios, so we have also calculated that many bad people will try in vain to stop us.

    But we are stubborn people and we will do exactly everything, as is stipulated in all our rules.

    Thanks to our rules respected by all, and to our unity, we will never become like other political parties, because we are already born completely different.

    We cannot be the same, because with us the approach is completely different, and I don't want to repeat it all over again, however we unite all the people, and we put all the power in their hands and in their head.

    Let me give you an example: the population of the earth is like a child. Democracy and freedom are like a beautiful bicycle. DirectDemocracyS, has the task of teaching the child to ride a bicycle. He must check that he has a helmet and protections in case of falls (which can happen when you learn to use a bicycle for the first times), but from the beginning he must support him, keep him straight, prevent him from falling, he must teach him where it is right to go and where not to go. He must warn him, about the repercussions and the risks, of what he decides and will decide in the future.

    Then the direction to take, the way to go, will decide from time to time, based on his intelligence, and his needs.

    Some envious, or superficial, will tell us that if the child can pedal alone, we will have finished our work, that we will no longer be needed.

    But no dear friends, we will be there forever, to continue to give advice for the good of the child, and above all to prevent other bad people from stealing his bicycle.

    So if our project is allowed by good people, we will change and improve the world, all together. Obviously we will do this only with those who will join us, protecting the interest and freedom of those who will not join us as well. Because we are like that, we don't think only of ourselves.

    Thank God there is the freedom to choose and decide, between the old way of doing politics, and the new way of doing politics, between the old divisive world, and the new world united, for interest and good. of all people.

    NDR Telling you that I love this man, for his clarity, sincerity, and for the simplicity with which he explains things, and answers all my questions, I thank you again for your attention.

    To make this important interview published in a simple way, in all languages, we divide it into various parts. See you soon with the fifth part. Find out, visit our website, always find out in detail, and only then join us. Share everything with as many people as possible, because it is in everyone's interest to know about the existence of our and your project. Thank you.

    Copyright © DirectDemocracyS. 

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