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Category: Fundamental questions 12 Dec 2022

Let's change and improve ...


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Work for others

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Our solution to the conflict in Ukraine

Let's get one thing straight right away.

DirectDemocracyS loves, respects, protects, helps, and accepts good people, of any nationality, of any color, of any religion, of any culture, of any tradition, of any sexual preference, and of any political opinion . We are convinced that everyone should be treated equally and have the same rights, but also the same duties.

The cowardly Russian invasion of Ukraine.

We sincerely find it painful that political figures (even famous and important), of all types, from various countries of the world, "support" for one or the other people, for one or the other main part in this conflict. Everyone wants to mediate, find solutions, in situations, and in business, that don't concern them. Everyone wants to express their opinion, always on the basis of financial and economic interests, the logic of power, political influences.

Poor profiteers.

You can't wait to take most of the riches that belong to the Ukrainian people, and soon after the imminent and final fall of Putin, even those that belong to the Russians. You can't wait to take advantage of these 2 peoples, who have both suffered and suffer, due to cruelty, greed, thirst for power, and interests, of beings, who have nothing human.

Who can decide?

Only 2 people, elected together, in a transparent, and safe way, by the Ukrainian and Russian peoples, who on our website, and in a safe, neutral place, will be able to negotiate, not on behalf of their countries, but of their respective peoples , first the immediate truce, and then a peace, preventing any possible conflict, and any possible act of revenge or violence, now, and in the future.

Why on our website?

Because we are the only ones in the world, who can pronounce the words: democracy, freedom and neutrality. We have never rooted, for anyone, but only for the truth, for logic, common sense, and mutual respect, of all populations.

Because in our immense house (our website), the interest of the world population is always above the interests of a few profiteers. With the right local autonomy, each of us works to change and improve the world, putting into practice: equality and meritocracy.

Why only 2 people, elected by their respective peoples?

Because the old politics and the old diplomacy, too dependent on finance and economic interests, have failed throughout human history. They are incapable of preventing conflicts, because it is not convenient for them to do so. Only the respective peoples, free from geo-political interests, which, among other things, could trigger a world conflict, and potentially cause the end of mankind, must talk to each other and decide.

With the nuclear threat, the countries that possess this type of weapon have already "stressed" and caused psychological damage, and great fear, to the entire population of the earth.

Our solution is simple.

An election in Ukraine, and in Russia, in which 2 people are chosen, one in each country, who will decide together, how to get out of the bad situation, without Putin, without Zelenskyj, without Biden, Xi Jinping, and without the fake and false European Union.

The choice must be made, in a transparent way, without an electoral campaign. They must be 2 people of culture, without any subjection, towards the politics, economy, and finance of their own country, or towards foreign countries.

Our proposals, which the two Ukrainian and Russian representatives will be able to take into account if they wish.

Put every word of the Budapest Memorandum into practice.

Make the Russian-majority Crimea a free, independent State, but within federal Ukraine, with privileged relations, and protection from both Ukraine and Russia.

Oblige the policy of Russia, and of Ukraine, to respect the rights of all populations, which make up their respective territories.

And finally, our proposal, most important, and difficult to implement.

Put an end forever to the spiral of hatred, revenge and violence.

Why will these 2 people be legitimized to decide in the name of their fellow citizens, their governments, and for their military?

Because they will be legitimized, and appointed, by those who must hold all the power: the population, the voters, who nominate these 2 people, chosen by them, among themselves, to find a solution to the faults that are not theirs.

Because both Putin (main culprit, together with his figureheads, oligarchs, and worthless politicians), and Zelenskyj (who is not a good politician, but is more suited to multimedia), and above all the "vultures" Biden, Xi Jinping, the United Kingdom, and the false European Union, have failed in every attempt at peace, and we have talked about it in many of our articles. They are all incompetent, and do not deserve the respect of the rest of the world, and, in our opinion, not even of their respective countries.

What will become of the two who will carry out the negotiations?

As soon as they have done their job, they will go back to their respective jobs, they will not take the place of the incompetent, who lead their countries. They do not coup d'état, they will not make any politics, they will share together with DirectDemocracyS, the prize of the Nobel Peace Prize, with 33.33% for one the 2 future politicians, and 33.33% for DirectDemocracyS.

If they carry out their tasks, in the best way, and if they want, they will be invited to join DirectDemocracyS, and if they are voted by their respective national groups, they will become our candidates, in the next elections, in their respective countries.

So, will DirectDemocracyS, in the future, take advantage of the enormous electoral capital, earned by the 2 Russian and Ukrainian "elected", to become famous in the world, and to win the next elections, in Russia and Ukraine?

We simply answer this question, with a question, and invite those who ask it to read, with great attention, even a couple of times, each of our articles, published on our website. With such a project, with such rules, and with our method, do you really believe that we will need this important political fact, which must save the world, to become famous, and to win elections all over the world? We don't need to use old political tricks to become famous and win elections. We are innovative, alternative, and incompatible with all the old politics.

What legitimizes DirectDemocracyS, to decide this important activity?

We are the only free, independent political organization that puts authentic democracy into practice, and that already has thousands of Russians and Ukrainians in it, along with other users from all over the world. Ever since Russia massed its troops on the border with Ukraine, we've been working, trying to find a solution, one that works for everyone. It is difficult, and understandable, for Ukrainians to resent all Russians. But for us, the fault lies not with the Russians, but with reckless Russian politics, current and past. In DirectDemocracyS almost 99.99% of our Russian users are against the invasion. In Russia, in words, many, perhaps too many, support Putin, but in fact, almost everyone is eager to remove Putin from the political scene. Great attention to his faithful collaborators, who in words seem worse than their boss. Our groups of specialists in politics and military activities are convinced that in order to eliminate Putin, they advised him to start this tragic war, which we know can never be won by anyone.

Therefore, we have an obligation to find a solution, which allows everyone to get out of it in some way.

Some specialists believe that if Putin accepts our proposal, it will be his physical and political end.

If Putin were to accept our proposal, he would demonstrate, for once, that he at least wants the good of his people. Also, even if no one knows us, we are people of our word, until the next elections, in Russia and Ukraine, none of ours, will do any business, which tries to change the current political forces. On the contrary, we guarantee that anyone trying to change the current balance of the current policy of the 2 countries will be blamed by us for terrorism and crimes against humanity, and will automatically become our adversary and enemy of their own people, for the simple fact that we act only in the name of the people, and we are not accomplices, nor allies, of any traditional political force.

And if your idea, commendable, worsen the situation?

We always answer with two questions. Can there be a worse situation than this? What would be the alternatives? Furthermore, our project, to find a shared solution to this very serious crisis, is very detailed, here we have only summarized the basic concepts. There are many points to be accepted by all, with a public commitment, and we will make them public at the right time.

Together we have found the solutions that could end any war in the world.

We hope that for once, we will all be united to make our proposal known, and to force them to put it into practice. Forcing peace is not a lack of freedom, not even a dictatorship, or the imposition of our ideas, but it is beneficial for everyone.

DirectDemocracyS, your political innovation, alternative, truly in every sense!

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