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    The old foreign politic

    The old foreign politicThe old foreign politic, like all politics, with the exception of DirectDemocracyS, is based above all on the search for power, obtained through popular consensus, and in many cases with the (free, and not always free) votes of the population. Whether it is a power, for a political party (which are groups of political representatives), or for a political figure (who usually represents a political party or interest groups), for them, it is important to command and decide.

    With the unsound excuse of having received the citizens' votes, for many years, they decide in place of the people, transforming the democracy of the vote into an oligarchic party system, often a slave to finance, economic interests, and people rich and powerful. DirectDemocracyS, you know it well, will win all the elections, just to give the power to decide, on an ongoing basis, to the population. For this reason, in the whole world, we are the only ones who put authentic democracy into practice. Since there is no right or unjust, correct or wrong politic, we limit ourselves to saying that there is a falsely democratic one, which is represented by the United States, the European Union, Switzerland (which is slightly better than the first 2 ), then there are countries, with dictatorial, oligarchic, religious, and single-party policies, for example Russia, Iran, China. Over time, other countries are added to these large blocks.

    Each country chooses, freely, or in an imposed way, by force, to join spheres of influence of various "strong" countries, over other "weak" countries.

    To make it more understandable to those who are not experts in international relations, we describe them as animals of aquatic environments, divided into large families, mammals, fish, crustaceans, etc. etc.

    The United States is like a killer whale, Russia is like a great white shark, and China is like a pod of barracuda. The three main countries, politically in the world, behave, in exactly the same way, as the animals with which we have represented them. The examples couldn't be more appropriate. All carnivores, all violent, all busy dividing up the world. Our planet belongs not to any of the 3 most powerful countries, but to the world's population, unjustly divided into different peoples, who are often fooled by politics. Dolphins, because smarter, are us, DirectDemocracyS, and anyone who joins us. We do not root for anyone, we will never be in favor of violence, anyone who does it, and for any reason. We will never be on the side of lies, manipulation, and the interests of a few.

    If we had to make a ranking, we at DirectDemocracyS, are the only truly democratic, therefore just, and totally free, and above all independent, the United States, and Western countries, are not perfect, but they are partially democratic, therefore partially free, but dependent from finance, and from the economy. Russia has always been managed by authoritarian policies, profoundly unjust, starting with the Tsars (exploitative and violent), passing through communism (exploiting, violent, and incompetent), to arrive at the oligarchic dictatorship of Putin and his figureheads (exploiting, violent , incompetent, and liars). China is a political "fundamentalist", which pretends to be democratic (communism has only one party, therefore it has nothing democratic), it also pretends to be communist (capitalism, according to many of their leaders, who love money, it is fundamental), he also pretends to be a capitalist, in fact only a few oligarchs, party members, are very rich and powerful.

    They will falsely tell you that there are, in addition to the 3 world political powers, also Partial Europe (European Union), and some developing countries. We talked about Europe in a long previous article. We will talk now about what Europe counts, outside Europe, not having a common foreign politic, a common defense. That's it, we have explained to you in detail, what Europe counts, outside Europe. If we haven't written anything, it's because it doesn't count for anything, it doesn't have a common strategy, in anything, it's just so many countries, each for itself, or at most in pairs, the interests of a few. The emerging countries count for nothing, and suffer passively the decisions and impositions of the 3 main countries. Even Europe suffers from American politic, which of the 3 is the slightly better one (compared to the others), and the freer one (but we could also write about freedom, imposed, with the manipulation of the masses, for many days) . With manipulation, the old politics has created zombie citizens, in the sense of the dead inside, who walk, and has transformed us into puppets, whose strings are in the hands of all the old politics. Luckily for you, there's us, who will reverse the roles. You just have to join us, and work together to change and improve the world.

    The old foreign politic, we have said, which is similar to the old politic in general.

    The spheres of interest, of the 3 main actors, on the foreign politic scene, manage to gain power, and a lot of money, and wealth, without any ethical and moral basis, and above all without any merit. They earn, without deserving it, by exploiting other countries, small fish, marine mammals, crustaceans. We have already said it, but we repeat it for clarity: they choose a country, usually rich, or strategically important, they create motives, often with deception, and then unleash hell. All the 3 big countries invent lies and false evidence to legitimize their violence, their thirst for power, and from this point of view, they are exactly the same. With the only difference, for now, until the next and very probable invasion of Taiwan by China, we haven't seen, for now, a war with bombs, they prefer to starve entire peoples, corrupt greedy governments and incapable, and buy almost an entire continent, Africa, for very little money.

    In all these situations, the losers are the population, which is the only innocent, who dies, is injured, loses loved ones, suffers, is afraid, and feels deprived of all dignity.

    And all this for what? To make a few unscrupulous entrepreneurs happy, to enrich certain commercial companies, which in various ways finance, direct and control politics.

    Foreign politic is based on the struggle to command, to decide, and the 3 main actors (United States, Russia, and China) are guilty, in exactly the same way, both historically and ethically.

    International treaties, international laws, are fine words, and promises, never respected.

    When you hear about peace talks, you have to get it into your head that they don't exist. You have to imagine, a division of power, certainly not a dialogue, between civilized people. They are all sold, bought, and resold.

    The sad thing is that we don't exaggerate, it really is, and tragically so.

    We won't waste time making history with you, you know very well that the 3 countries we have described have done, together with a few other countries, the worst meanness of all mankind.

    Until there is DirectDemocracyS, in these 3 countries, their political classes, will continue to do things like this.

    Because the whole world lets them do it, and no one has the courage to oppose it. Until we were born, no one had a project, capable of doing justice, and telling the truth.

    Is there really some deluded person who believes that the various governments of all other countries can really decide something? Do you really believe that with your vote, those chosen by you are free to do everything they promise you? Do you really think you count for anything? You are just deluded, that for them, you count for nothing. You are useful, only on election day, to "legitimize" the theft, and the transfer of power, from the people, to political parties, and their political representatives.

    Did you know that many political parties, many political representatives, many journalists, many famous people, to decide something, or simply to declare something (even false), receive wire transfers to tax havens? Only the most imbeciles are caught, with their "hands in the jam jar", with bags full of money, due to corruption, but it is only the tip of the iceberg. As soon as we win elections, everywhere, we will let you know what is hidden "under the water". We will reveal every secret to you, and if you already hate and cannot stand the old politics, and you do not feel worthily represented by them, after our revelations, you will demand that all the guilty be punished in an exemplary way.

    So, to give you an example, let's talk about Ukraine.

    We explained, who is right, who is wrong. For us, there is no gray, in foreign politic, and in politics, for us, there is only white, or black. Obviously, there are other colors, but to understand who is right, 2 are enough. There is good, and evil, there is no partial good, or partial evil. Starting with the Budapest Memorandum, in which Ukraine stupidly gave up more than 1900 nuclear warheads. Russia has not respected the pacts. The West has done the same, has not respected the pacts. If Ukraine had held all its nuclear warheads, no country in the world would have attacked it. No country in the world would have ever threatened it, because, even if it hurts us to admit it, if you have the atomic bomb, nobody attacks you.

    Do not believe, ignorant people, study, and be logical. No enlargement of NATO towards Russia would endanger world stability, nor the security of Russia. Who has 2 functioning neurons, and is in good faith, cannot believe that NATO, that a defensive organization, even if it borders directly with Russia, could attack, who owns almost 7000 nuclear warheads. They are all excuses that people who do not understand anything about international politics, and politics in general, use to motivate wrong choices. The same goes for the United States, for China itself, but also for the small but "fierce" North Korea. Anyone who has atomic weapons is unassailable, because even a single nuclear bomb (and the current ones are in many cases hundreds of times more powerful than those of Hiroshima and Nagasaki) detonated in inhabited areas would cause immense damage, in many countries, almost worldwide damage. But rest assured, no one is crazy enough to use them. They are an excellent deterrent, and guarantee peace to those who own them. Small minds will tell us: because Russia must accept NATO missiles on its borders, and the United States did not want them in Cuba.

    The Cuban Missile Crisis made us understand many things about how important propaganda is. We will limit ourselves to a few essential details to make you understand how the politic works. Specifically, the foreign one, but it applies to all the old politic, with the exception of DirectDemocracyS, which is innovative, tells the truth, and does not use certain "tricks". Shortly before the crisis in Cuba, the United States installed missiles in NATO ally Turkey near the borders of the former Soviet Union. A propaganda response was needed, including from the leaders of the Kremlin. And then finally, it all worked out. Nobody, play with nuclear missiles.

    As for, the continuous Russian threats, which make the whole world stand in suspense, are "routine" threats, which have no effect on those who know how politics works, nor on weapons experts, specifically nuclear. In every country that possesses this type of weapon, there is a protocol to follow, with immediate and preventive exchanges of information between the various countries. Only those who have not studied, who are misinformed, and who do not know reality, believe that to launch a missile with an atomic charge, just push a button, and Armageddon is unleashed, or the point of no return. To avoid the end of humanity, it's not just one person who decides. But in general, it is only one person who can decide to initiate the protocol. Therefore, after the order of the President, or of the Premier, according to the countries, there are further steps, and technical times, before the actual launch. The famous "briefcases" for the control of the atomic arsenal are not only in the hands of Biden, Putin, and the various heads of state and government, but in each country, there are at least 2 or 3 other people who following a strict protocol, with relative communications, to other countries, they inform of the situation, also to avoid unpleasant incidents.

    Whoever orders the nuclear strike first, whoever they are, is automatically politically finished. Most likely, he will be ousted immediately, replaced by a short-lived, and necessary, military dictatorship, pending, to name a successor, until the next elections. Nuclear weapons are only a deterrent to prevent others from attacking a country or territory. Even if there are some, partially nuclear, which in theory could be used in battle, the famous "dirty" weapons. Like many very powerful weapons, strictly prohibited by international rules (the list is very long), whoever used them would be a war criminal, and severely punished.

    Why in the specific case of the Russian invasion of Ukraine is DirectDemocracyS clearly on the side of Kiev?

    We love the Russian people in exactly the same way, and the Ukrainian people in exactly the same way as we love every other people on earth.

    We, at DirectDemocracyS, love Russia and Ukraine exactly the same as we love every other country in the world.

    As we have said, Russia is wrong, and its behavior is wrong, in Ukraine. From the Budapest Memorandum, in which Ukraine, in exchange for over 1900 missiles with nuclear warheads, given to Russia (to be in theory decommissioned), in exchange received a guarantee of its sovereignty and its territorial integrity. In addition to Russia, the same guarantees have been given to Ukraine by the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe.

    Russia has not fulfilled its promises, easily conquering the Crimea and unleashing a conflict in the Donbass with violence and reciprocal attacks.

    The United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe limited themselves to formal protests against Russia, not recognizing the annexation of Crimea. But no concrete help to Ukraine. The West, in politics, is no better than Putin, they are all made of the "same disgusting stuff". All liars, traitors, and profiteers.

    As with all dictators, usually liars, with Putin, from the outset, compliance with the Budapest Memorandum had to be demanded, by any means. Don't think about nuclear power, if he wanted to use it, Putin would unleash a coup d'etat by his own military, and it would decree his political end, and certainly, his physical end as well. It cannot be thought that a president, even a mad one, can order a nuclear missile attack. We are convinced that Putin (perhaps on the basis of erroneous calculations on the part of his collaborators) did not expect a courageous response from Ukraine, this time aided and armed by the West. The West, which is not giving Ukraine a gift, is only doing what it did not do during the invasion of Crimea. Try to keep what he promised with the Budapest Memorandum. We are sure that Ukraine, in case of victory, will be forced to make many compromises and many favors for those who have helped it.

    So, as with Hitler, in 1939, in Poland, also in 2014 with the invasion of Crimea, few protests from some countries, but no one who reacted, out of fear, not to anger the dictator. By the way, Hitler himself had sworn in an international treaty not to invade the Soviet Union, and we know he did.

    The tragic Russian propaganda that the Ukrainian Nazis used force against pro-Russians is not true. They defended themselves from the provocations caused by the Russians. And the dead, and the wounded, there were, unfortunately, on both sides.

    Like the tragic lie, told by Putin, who until the day before, of the cowardly invasion, had guaranteed that they were only exercises (on the borders of a country, which they had sworn to defend), and that the secret services of the United States had made a mistake , predicting the imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine.

    The biggest lie, which many believe, is that Ukraine, in the European Union, and in NATO, would have represented a danger to Russia. If a country is sovereign, it is free to decide, at any time, which economic, political, or military alliance it will join. Without any imposition, from other countries. Otherwise, it is not a sovereign country, but only partially sovereign. A bit like Western countries, which declare themselves democratic, but are all, without exception, only partially democratic, only during elections. Again we ask you: is a country with almost 7,000 nuclear warheads afraid that someone will invade it? For a country with so many weapons, no other country, even on its border, poses any threat. Don't believe the lies, and the propaganda. DirectDemocracyS believes that each country must be free and sovereign, and that the right freedoms and dutiful local autonomies must be achieved, without any modification of the borders, to avoid, and to prevent, potentially dangerous situations. In Crimea, the majority of the population is Russian. It would have been enough to guarantee a just autonomy, and respect for the freedom of the Russians, within the Ukrainian territory, to avoid all this. In Donbass, the majority of the population is of Ukrainian origin, but the right autonomy and respect for all minorities should have been guaranteed.

    Changing borders unleashes uncontrollable events, for that, we are for the right autonomies, without changing borders, and above all, never changing them, with violence, therefore never with force.

    Russia's politic has always been to bully all of its neighbors. They know something about Chechnya, Georgia, Finland itself. So, they shouldn't be surprised if all their neighbors ask NATO for protection. Russian politicians are almost always unreliable, and if they promise something, they don't keep it. Pretty much, like the other 2 countries, who control the world. The United States, with its allies, has overthrown regimes, often dictatorial, and always with weapons, with sanctions, and suffocating and destroying the lives of entire populations. Export of their "false and partial democracy", but with real weapons and missiles. Lies, and cruelty, almost on the same level as those of the Putin regime. In many countries, the West has tolerated, and still tolerates, equally dictatorial regimes, but for financial and economic interests, regimes of dictators and murderers are still standing.

    You will have understood, dear friends, that the peace treaties, the international laws, the UN, the agreements, and the Memorandums, the promises of the old politic, are worth nothing, and are made in such a way as to allow anyone, of the 3 countries that dominate the world, to decide where to unleash their own violence.

    We conclude with an important message. What is it worth dying for, rather than losing it?

    We answer you, to defend one's family, to defend one's freedom, and to defend the truth. Hence, the fake pacifists, who say: helping Ukrainians to defend themselves is money wasted, and it continues to fuel the war. So they propose, let the Ukrainian people lose their freedom, their sovereignty, their freedom, let it be destroyed by the Russian military. Being on the side of the strongest is easier than being on the side of the truth. To these pacifists, who cannot distinguish partial good from total evil, we remind you that in history the brave are remembered with honour, while the cowards are hated. If you don't help those who are invaded to free their territory, you are accomplices of the bully on duty. And there is also the risk of an enlargement of the conflict, primarily in Moldavia, where Transnistria is a veritable powder keg. Surely, whoever is on the side of the invader does not do it because he believes in it (he would be just a person, without any value, and without any dignity), but for political or economic advantages.

    DirectDemocracyS will never be on the side of the strongest, who attacks, but always in any case, on the side of those who defend their freedom and sovereignty.

    To the various defenders of the dictatorship, only out of frustration, or out of hatred towards Western society, or out of historical hatred (looking only at the negative things, and never at the freedoms and the positive sides) against the United States, we ask if they would have the courage, to take sides against the dictators they defend, living in their respective countries, or if they would have the courage, to live in the countries where the dictators live, whom they themselves esteem so much.

    Social networks have rightly allowed anyone to become a specialist in everything.

    Unfortunately many people use them to let everyone know their ignorance, making a bad impression.

    We have told you the truth. Which is not our truth, the truth is only one, and certain behaviors have no excuses. Ignorance has no excuse. War has no excuses. Violence has no excuse. World foreign politic has no excuses. All the old politics, has no excuses. And if we, even just once, are like them, we will have no excuses. But don't worry, we will never be like them, our rules, and our method, won't allow us to make mistakes, and we don't change the rules because they are perfect just the way they are. We will never betray anyone who trusts us. How did the Russian, English, American, European, Western politicians, with the Ukrainian population, and with all the populations, who have suffered, because of the old, lying, unjust, corrupt, and bankruptcy politic.

    Like all of our articles, this one is written by various groups of experts. Everything we write is extensively documented, and every piece of information is real. We don't root for anyone, we have no favourites, and we are completely free and independent. We write in a clear, simple, and understandable way to all.

    Our groups of experts are made up of at least one person, from each country of the world, and at least one other person, from each people of the world (because there are peoples who do not have a country, such as the Kurds for example), therefore we are talking about at least 300 people for each group of specialists. Our groups of experts, only hundreds, for every topic, and for every activity we do. Only people who work actively, in every sector of activity, or university professors, but also highly prepared, innovative, and highly intelligent students can access our groups. We are also lucky and honored to have with us retirees who have worked in all sectors and are specialized in many specific subjects. In DirectDemocracyS, each person speaks, writes, publishes only things that he knows perfectly, either because he works there, or has worked there directly, or because he teaches them, or has studied them, studies them, or has learned them (with our courses) with excellent results. The careful and very detailed selection of our experts allows us to be credible. We also allow those who want to know and study certain topics to participate in courses organized by our experts, and after an exam passed with excellent results, anyone can request to join the groups for which they studied.

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