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    Interview part 8

    Published: 18 March 2022

    8. Part eight, of my interview with GreatReferee, user number 283, of DirectDemocracyS.

    Questions 35 and later.

    Question 35. We are often criticized, because we have very strict rules, and very strict security measures, can you explain some of them to us, without risking to compromise our security?

    Answer 35. Certainly, they are not secret things, they are simply normal precautions, to make everything safe for everyone, both our political project and our other projects.

    We will not talk here about the 282 verified first registered users, who created all of this, and we will not give details of our verified registered users, but we will explain how some specialist groups work, and some normal measures, to prevent unpleasant events, or theft, or the failure of our innovative projects.

    The 282 practically, control from the outside, the controllers that are us, myself, and 4 other GreatReferees around the world. Each of us GreatReferees has 5 other GreatReferees, always scattered around the world, who can communicate with one of our creators if necessary. They communicate with us, with each other, and us with each other, with different and safe means and ways. In this way, our 282 verified first registered users are kept away from our official website, because they have a different space from the official ones, in which they meet and discuss, there are no dangers for those who created all this, and we can work on our official websites, in a more comfortable way. They have no decision or political power, so in terms of the distribution of political power, they have no activity. Political decisions are the prerogative of our verified registered users, in geographical and numerical groups (as we have seen previously).

    DirectDemocracyS is the only true democracy, exactly because only with us the power really belongs to the people, and continuously, not only during the elections. Our groups are public, private, and secret. From the groups, the political representatives are elected, who participate in the real elections, and then in the various political representative roles, in which they will enter, obtaining the necessary votes, in the real elections.

    They will always be managed by the “geographic population” groups of people who have given them the mandate of political representation.

    The management of political parties, the control of all our activities, are dealt with by our official representatives, appointed in groups of 5, always connected to each other. These make up linked chains, to always check in addition to the activities of our political representatives (communicating any suspicious activity to the groups from which they come), they also check the seriousness and independence of the specialist groups, and make sure that each of our projects, each of our activities, and all our decisions, are carried out in compliance with all our rules, our innovative working method, all our values and ideals.

    Here the number 5 has an important meaning, in fact we must have a maximum level of security, in case there are problems.

    Our official websites are managed on 5 web servers, in 5 countries of the world, for each official web server, we have 5 other unofficial ones, but which, if necessary, can be activated, because they contain encrypted copies of all our data.

    The 282, and some groups of specialists, always carry out their activities on other web servers, and often on our other websites, unofficial, and untraceable, to avoid attempts at corruption, and infiltration of untrustworthy people, or saboteurs. Only after having demonstrated their reliability, and full compliance with our rules, our values and our ideals, will a verified registered user be able to access restricted areas, both of our servers and official websites, as well as private and secret ones. .

    5 are the commercial companies in whose name we have registered all our political projects, and all our other projects, but we will present them publicly one at a time, presenting the following ones, only in case of real need.

    5 are the people who can sign the documents for us, with each of them collaborating with other 5 verified registered users, with the same power to sign on our behalf, also in this case the people who sign for us, will be presented one to the time as needed.

    We show exactly what we can, and we want to make it public, securely, without any risk to anyone's safety. Whoever thinks he is discovering who knows what secret is only deluded, who wastes precious time, discovering things that do not concern him. We are good enough to ensure both the security and the secrecy of people or activities.

    All these interweaving of superimposed controls have various purposes: to also verify who verifies, to guarantee maximum safety for themselves and for others, to avoid making any type of mistake.

    It seems very complicated but each of us knows very well what to do, and how to do it, even in case of unforeseen circumstances.

    Question 36. Aren't you afraid that all this might scare some potential users?

    Answer 36. A project like ours, if it were not organized like this, could not stand up without this working method, without these exact rules. We have explained to you about a fifth of our security measures, just to make everyone understand that our whole project is absolutely safe and reliable. Nobody will know exactly in every detail, how everything happens, because I have only told you what we can make public.

    But all these "strange" security measures do not affect political and economic activities in the least. But they guarantee that whoever joins us will never have to fear or doubt, that all the promises we make are not always respected.

    Anyone who tries to do the same things, not knowing exactly all our method, will fail, because we have already said it, the project was born in a few months of hard work, but for over 14 years we have worked to find a method, to make it work perfectly. To make it safe, and very functional.

    Question 37. What if they tell us that we are a sect?

    Answer 37. A cult does not give all these details, moreover a cult keeps the power for itself, we have no important power, other than to check, together with all our registered users, that everything goes well. Political decisions are made by the population, who decide what their political representatives must do for them, both before, during and after the elections.

    Question 38. Many complain that in this way, with our method, they will no longer be able to complain about politicians. So you are not afraid, that reading all this, many will prefer the old politics to our new politics?

    Answer 38. Nobody forces them to join us, or even to vote for our candidates.

    We do not want to "steal" any voters, from any existing political party. We do not care that ideologized people join us, treat politics like a football team, cheer for one or the other. Our ideology is common sense. The right independent information (from groups of specialists), which explains to our constituents, all the possibilities, and all the consequences, of every single decision.

    If they want to join us, respect rules, values, ideals, all of common sense, they will lose the "right and duty" to complain about politicians, because politicians will only do the good of the population.

    All our political representatives will carry out the orders received, by those who give them the power of representation, both before, during and after the elections. Democracy means power to the people, not power to the representatives of the people. For this reason, by reversing the roles, we have found the ideal solution, to do justice. We are the only ones in the world, who finally make politics work, in the service of the people, and not the people in the service of politics.

    Obviously, only a people who are fully informed, independent, free, competent, safe and disinterested, can choose to have their political representatives do the best laws for the good of all.

    If we take away from people the right and the duty to complain about their politicians, it will be simply because they will no longer have any reason. Then of course the stupid ones, who are never okay with anything, will always complain about the various decisions taken by the majority of people. But even in current politics, in a totally unjust way, the majority always decides, and not always on the basis of interests and for the good of all. But with us the majority of informed people decide, and not the majority of politicians, often interested only in their own interests and conflicts of interest.

    Question 39. But in this way we will have informed voters who will decide on everything, do we not risk choosing badly?

    Answer 39. And current politics, which decides without asking the population for any opinion (if not with rare and often useless referendums), is never wrong? I know it's not me asking the questions. But now I'll explain them better, as we think. Our groups of specialists, in good time, inform the various members of the groups, on the decisions to be made, and on the consequences of each choice. Based on their predictions, and by calculating precisely, everything that could happen. In this way, whoever has to vote will take into account the information received. Specialists never decide, they inform who has to choose, they just advise. All people decide, and will always be.

    Question 40. How will you always guarantee: impartiality, the best and real information, the best people in the right place, and that everything is carried out respecting rules, values and ideals?

    Answer 40. With an innovative method of control, which is not only practiced from time to time, but for every fraction of a second of our every activity. The fact that there are no people who command, but only people who represent (both politically and officially), will allow any verified registered user, to be part of our official representatives (appointed and carrying out activities in linked chains), but they can also become (leaving the previous role) our political representatives. In all cases, if a verified registered user wants to carry out certain activities, he will have to participate in a very strict selection, which, once passed, will allow everyone to carry out the very important control activity.

    To make our project stand up, and to work perfectly, we check every single verified registered user, not only for the activities they carry out within our projects, but also outside of them.

    The control takes place according to precise rules, trying to bribe in various ways, even with real money and gifts, all our official representatives, all our political representatives, but also each of our individual registered users (with promises but also with real gifts). If the person gets bribed, he will be immediately eliminated forever from any of our projects, and will immediately and forever become persona non grata.

    By eliminating in a preventive way, every “bad apple”, both DirectDemocracyS, and all our related projects, will be entirely composed of serious, reliable, sincere, honest, and above all competent people.

    We will check everything, not to have complete control, but to keep the control of our destinies, only for the people who really do it for the interests of all, and without deriving any illicit advantage.

    As for information, we'll cover it in detail in the fake news question, but it works in much the same way, with checks on both people and facts. You pay money or give gifts to various people to distort reality. If whoever gives the news accepts the gift or the money, obviously the news will not be published, or if it has been published, the exact correction of the news will be written at the top, in addition to the reason for which it was modified.

    For each of our verified registered users, made persona non grata, both the reasons and the circumstances that led to the choice of eliminating a person from each of our projects will always be made public.

    The same method we call "pages of shame" will be used for each of our official representatives, and obviously for each of our political representatives.

    The rules, values and ideals must be respected, even at the cost of eliminating forever, many people from all our projects.

    Obviously, those who are eliminated can always vote for our political representatives, but we believe that a corrupt or lying person, who seeks only to obtain power, or who does not respect all rules, values and ideals, does not have the right. to be part of any of our businesses.

    We believe that only by acting in this way could we always be, and remain forever, the only honest, just, credible, free, and democratic political project.

    And as we always say, each person is free to join us, or continue to vote for the current policy, which has nothing in common with us.

    After all, someone who is power-hungry, corrupt, and in bad faith, may also like the old politics, and have every right to support it.

    But every normal person, from average to very intelligent, honest, and with nothing to hide, can not help but join us, and help us to grow, in the right way, this political organization of ours, which can never do worse than what we have seen throughout history.

    To make this important interview published in a simple way, in all languages, we divide it into various parts. See you soon with the ninth part. Visit only and exclusively our official groups and presentation pages on social networks, visit our website, always find out more in detail, and only then join us. Share everything, with as many people as possible, because it is in everyone's interest to know about the existence of our and your project. Thank you.

    Copyright © DirectDemocracyS.

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