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    Persona non grata

    persona non grataDirectDemocracyS.

    Official Rules Group.

    Disciplinary regulation.

    Persona non grata.

    Based on our rules, any user who does not respect all of our rules, all of our instructions, and all of our methodology, can be punished, according to this regulation.


    For certain infractions, or wrong behaviours, one can be warned by the Warning Group, both independently and on the basis of reports, from users with a higher role, and users with the same role.


    Each user has the obligation to report any wrong behavior of any user.

    To do so, just fill out the reporting form. The Whistleblowing Group has the obligation, together with other groups, to verify every report, and propose disciplinary measures. Anyone who reports wrong activities or behaviors will receive a reward for this attitude, which does not mean "snitching", but means preventing any possible wrong activity or behavior. Those who instead report wrong, invented or non-existent activities or behaviours, will be punished.

    Personal profile lock.

    The Profile Blocking Group, in the event of activities deemed dangerous, or serious conduct, can block the profile of any user who does not comply with all our rules, even in a preventive manner.

    If it proves to be founded, the blockade can become permanent or temporary.

    Permanent blocking can result in the inclusion of a specific user's personal data in the list of non-grateful people.

    Persona non grata.

    Depending on the type of infraction, there may be cases in which one becomes persona non grata, without the right to appeal, and in these cases, the person can never again be part of our political organization, and any of our activities. The behaviors, and infractions, which render a persona non grata, without the right of appeal, are: attempting to stop DirectDemocracyS, attempting to slow down DirectDemocracyS, attempting to boycott DirectDemocracyS, attempting to divide DirectDemocracyS, attempting to find out who created DirectDemocracyS, attempting to discover the identity of anonymous users, attempting to discover the activities of groups without joining them, carrying out political activity outside our official website, as a political representative, failing to carry out any order received from your constituents, as an official representative, not correctly presenting the positions of DirectDemocracyS, as a user of DirectDemocracyS, serving one's own interests, disregarding the interest of the entire population, providing false information to DirectDemocracyS and related projects, stealing in DirectDemocracyS or in political, economic activities , financial related, lie in DirectDemocracyS.

    The persona non grata, simple, on the other hand, can request to be readmitted, in our political organization, only once, if he has committed the following infractions: enter DirectDemocracyS and then leave it, and request, to re-enter, carry out various minor infractions, repetitively, not having had their identity verified , within the times established by our regulation, not having carried out work and management activities, together with us, not having entered the website, for over 90 days, and very few other cases .

    Removal from the list of non-grateful persons can be requested only once, and the request may not be accepted, by the Group for the management of non-grateful persons, together with the Appeal group.

    The groups involved may decide to request a one-off sum for removal from the list of persona non grata. The user who does not pay in the right way and on time will again be included in the list of non-grateful persons.

    Unsubscribing from the list of non-grateful people allows the user to request to return to DirectDemocracyS, and if the personal profile was deleted, he can request to register again, according to our rules.

    Steps to request deletion, from the list of non-grateful persons.

    You must fill out, in detail, a form requesting removal from the list of non-grateful people, explaining the infraction committed, and swear never to commit similar infractions again.

    The single link, with the contact form, to be filled in according to our rules is:

    The instructions to correctly fill in our contact forms are at this link:

    Our contact information:

    Information on the various ways to contact us:

    The times from the moment of the request to the response can take up to 30 days.

    The request can be accepted, with, or without limitations, on your personal profile.

    Any limitations will be definitive, or temporary, and will be specified in the response to the user's request.

    Each user has only one opportunity to request to re-enter DirectDemocracyS, and if the request is rejected, he will never be able to re-enter.

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    Before submitting the comment, you agree that:

    a. To accept full responsibility for the comment that you submit.
    b. To use this function only for lawful purposes.
    c. Not to post defamatory, abusive, offensive, racist, sexist, threatening, vulgar, obscene, hateful or otherwise inappropriate comments, or to post comments which will constitute a criminal offense or give rise to civil liability.
    d. Not to post or make available any material which is protected by copyright, trade mark or other proprietary right without the express permission of the owner of the copyright, trade mark or any other proprietary right.
    e. To evaluate for yourself the accuracy of any opinion, advice or other content.

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