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Category: Fundamental questions 12 Dec 2022

Let's change and improve ...


Do you want to change, and improve the world?


Category: Fundamental questions 13 Nov 2022

Power and then?

Power and then

We have analyzed various aspects, and many ...

Category: Fundamental questions 29 Nov 2022

Some information


Anyone who registers and creates a personal ...

Category: Fundamental questions 02 Dec 2022

Stay calm be patient

keep calmRegistration, and creation of personal profiles.

Category: Fundamental questions 01 Oct 2022

Who believes all this?

Who believes all this

We have to do a short article, in this ...

Category: Fundamental questions 21 Jan 2023

Who finances you?

Business GroupWhen will you tell us, who had the idea, to ...

Category: Fundamental questions 01 Oct 2022

Who's in charge here?

Whos in charge here

One of the key things for everyone who visits ...

Category: Fundamental questions 01 Oct 2022

Why were we born?

Why were we born

In this article we will explain why we were ...

Category: Fundamental questions 02 Dec 2022

Work for others

Work for othersOne of our rules requires and obliges anyone who ...

We are based on logic

Logic is an ideal and an essential value of DirectDemocracyS, and of all our related projects.

Choosing to be logical, in many cases, causes you to lose political consensus, which turns into an electoral defeat. But we, who are innovative, are sure that in the long run, being logical will reward us.
Logic requires us to choose some values, such as equality of possibility, which we do not often repeat in our articles, but logically it is taken for granted that there must be, combined with total meritocracy.
Some criticize us, because according to them, meritocracy means to exclude, discriminate, and disadvantage. Instead, meritocracy, for us, means: recognizing the merits, and rewarding the deserving.
Expertise, education, science, research, innovation, culture, traditions, and religion are some of the pillars on which we base our political organization. Exactly in this order, without any prevarication, but also, without ever overturning or changing the order. In the articles reserved for each of these individual and collective qualities, we will explain, in detail, our reasons for making this "ranking". But let's briefly analyze some of these reasons.
Thanks to competence, always combined with meritocracy, with equality guaranteed, we will always put the right people in the right place. Is it logical? Then it's good.
Education and study are essential to know things and always choose the best solution. Is it logical? Then it's good.
Science explains things, hence the truth. Through doubt, comparison, verification, and dissemination of results. Science obviously proves itself with research. Is it logical? Then it's good.
Innovation, following paths never traveled, finding solutions never tried, and always choosing the best solution. Is it logical? Then it's good.
Culture comes from the first words we talked about. If a person has culture, in a comparison, it will never be trivial, and he will never find himself in difficulty. Is it logical? Then it's good.
Traditions are fundamental to define us as people and as groups. Is it logical? Then it's good.
Religions have an influence on everyone's lives, we have put them in the last place, of this ranking, for the simple reason that while respecting us, all the Divinities, we cannot accept that certain "superstitions" and beliefs , not proven by competence, education, science, and research, can affect our lives, even in a negative way. Respecting every person, and not discriminating against them, based on their religion, is a moral obligation, which we put into practice, just as we do not discriminate, or favor, one religious belief over another. We do not make rankings, on beliefs, or on traditions, or habits. But we'll talk about it. Is it logical? Then it's good.
Choosing all things, in this order, logically, will allow us to be the best.

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