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    Let's start phase 10

    Let start phase 10Phase 10, regarding the registration of new users, officially started on May 4, 2023.

    We have implemented some new methods, and some changes, which will make it easier, and faster, to register and create a personal profile.

    While anticipating everything, we were pleasantly surprised by the huge number of free registrations, of phase 9, with results, 3 times higher than expected.

    We thank you for your trust, and we thank our early adopters, for their hard work.

    Leaving everything free could expose us to certain risks, which we must prevent for the good of all.

    First of all, safety. One method, by which they will certainly try unsuccessfully to stop us, is a huge number of users, who visit our website, and register at the same time.

    As for the technical blocks, in which our main website could be off-line, and could make our work difficult, those who are already with us know that they will only be some temporary blocks (usually less than an hour) , also due, at times, to the continuous improvement of our web servers. Whoever is with us knows that in DirectDemocracyS, “we take our work home”.

    This concept, almost never realized by others, on the Internet, consists in continuing to work on one's computers, tablets, smartphones, and then entering the data, and continuing one's work normally, as soon as our website is back online.

    The method that we have used, from the first minute, was to create each activity, first in our computers, tablets, smartphones, and then, after careful analysis, and all the checks, we could publish the contents on our website principal. In this way, you also avoid any errors, or unverified articles.

    It can also happen to the "giants of the Internet", to suffer blocks, or slowdowns, due to various factors, therefore, from time to time, it can happen to us too. For safety, each of our users keeps a copy of his precious work with us, in his computer, tablet, smartphone, regardless of our various incremental and continuous backup servers, which guarantee us not to lose almost anything .

    In the beginning, we had many such blockages, and by “working temporarily, from home”, we solved every problem.

    We called it: The Price of Success. Many people were, are, and will always be curious to get to know us, and from what we have noticed, almost everyone, after getting to know us, joins us. 99.99% after registering, stay with us, and create every activity, and realize every project, together with us.

    Obviously, all the work must then be uploaded to our servers, via our official website.

    This concept, of carrying out all the activities, in a single website, guarantees us unity, security, independence, and above all freedom.

    Be wary of those who work, exploiting the platforms of others, because, although initially it is the least expensive choice, and also the simplest, it is also the least secure, least tidy, and certainly least reliable.

    Working in someone else's house can make you compromise, and you could also lose all your work if, for example, your work bothers someone. A few reports, even in bad faith, by some users are enough, and your work disappears, sometimes forever. Working on social networks would have allowed us to spend less money, but would have exposed us to unpleasant consequences. Our website is ours and your home if you join us. It is safe, spacious, powerful, welcoming, and has all the potential to do an excellent job all together. Our presence, and our activities, on social networks are limited to a few articles, to inform those who are not with us of what we have achieved. We do not offer assistance, or answers, to questions, on other websites. If you want to contact us, you can do it, only and exclusively, through our contact forms, present on our official website, and only by carefully following all our instructions. In this regard, we have always responded, with great availability to everyone, in a complete manner, according to our rules. While the number of people who visit our website has increased incredibly over time, in the last period the number of questions from our visitors through our contact forms has dropped considerably. This result is due to our information, and thanks to our long and detailed articles, which explain many things, and answer, in a preventive way, almost all your possible questions. Contacts from our users have increased by 700%, but we had foreseen this, and this is mainly due to our working methodology, which is based on continuous messages, between the various users, and work groups. Response times are practically in real time (or a few hours of waiting), 24 hours a day, every day, thanks to the contact management group.

    The average length of time that each visitor spends on our website is approximately 35 minutes, in which at least 3 pages are viewed on average. This shows that, not only do you visit our website, but you stop by, on the various articles, based on the topics that interest you the most. We advise you to read everything, even several times, with an open mind. We don't publish many statistics, we prefer to focus on the essentials. For those who are curious to find out more, there are statistical groups in our Social and Community areas.

    From day one we preferred to start with our own web server, on which to put our official website, and then add many other web servers, thanks to your precious donations. And many other web servers, we will add them, even in the future, one at a time, up to allowing every good person on earth to work with us. We will change and improve the world, one user at a time, and one web server at a time.

    To allow us to grow, in a continuous, but controlled, and proportionate way, we simply need to add, one new web server at a time (which is practically a computer), based on needs, to the already existing ones, and immediately the power, the space, and the potential of our website, increase. We remain in the 20% of the fastest websites, and in the first places for security, and order.

    As you may have read, in our old articles, we had tried to allow free registrations, even through one's own profiles, on other social networks, despite knowing that many people, on these websites, do not have their own identities verified, but also , knowing, that there are certain commercial companies, or powerful people, or entire powerful countries, who create fake profiles, to try to get advantages, or to sabotage various activities. If we notice suspicious activity, we will not hesitate to block the recordings again, to prevent any attempt to sabotage us, slow us down, or block us.

    To maintain some order, we allow registration, and the creation of a personal profile, only with a username (based on specific rules), a secure password, and a personal email address. Obviously, for everyone's safety, for a long time, we have implemented 2-factor authentication, which makes personal data very secure, and prevents others from using their personal profile, if they follow all our instructions, for the security. We advise each of our users to activate this powerful security measure in just a few minutes.

    To prevent any problem, from phase 10, we have applied some changes, which will surely allow us, over time, to make any attempt to slow us down, or to destroy us, practically impossible.

    First of all, through the payment of a small fee, it is a matter of very few euros, which will allow us to continue growing. Because, if before the web servers to be connected, to guarantee space and power, for a few tens, or, for a few hundreds of people, had accessible costs, for thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and hopefully in the future, before millions, and then billions of people, costs have increased, and will increase, commensurately, as we predicted.

    We were amazed by the enormous generosity of almost all of our new users, but also of some visitors. The fact that we have managed to survive, and grow, is only thanks to the continuous donations of our beloved users, and of those who support us, often anonymously. We are happy that you like what we are creating, and that you have understood our enormous potential.

    We know that since each of our official members owns everything, it is "natural" for each person to commit himself, even with some donations, to guaranteeing our financial independence.

    One of the serious problems of the old politics is the lack of money, and we understand them perfectly, even if we don't agree with their methods.

    We, who from the very first minute tell you things directly and sincerely, tell you clearly that without money, politics cannot be pursued in a serious, free and independent manner.

    We often pronounce the word “independent”. Because, without having the right economic income, one is forced to ask for "favors", and then in the future, they should be reciprocated, making politics make wrong, preferential choices, and not in the interest, of the entire population.

    DirectDemocracyS is innovative in this too. But we don't just use money to increase power and space on our web servers. As you will have read, in our other articles, we spend an important part of our income to reward our best members, with money, goods, and services, but also by hiring various people, on a fixed-term and permanent basis. Nearly a third of every penny that comes in we use to motivate our members to do good work. Investing in people, to create growth, is a winning methodology.

    This 10th phase begins a few days after May 1, all over the world, Labor Day, and workers' day. In each of our articles, we clearly state that people who join us and work with us are our greatest wealth. Even those who are employed on a temporary or permanent basis work with us. We will never pronounce, and we will never write, for any reason, the words "work for us". You work together with someone, and not for someone. We have always had clear concepts that define our way of being in a transparent way. Some people, in a superficial way, consider us too "popular", and others consider us "communists", for the fact of dividing equally, our "stock shares", not cumulative, and not transferable. DirectDemocracyS, is not "popular", and it is not "communist". We are simply fair, fair, and we always, at all times, practice equality, always combined with meritocracy. The populars and the communists have nothing in common with our methodology, and we have explained it to you in various articles.

    DirectDemocracyS, is too important, and we can't afford to make mistakes. We cannot "play" with politics, with democracy, with people's freedom.

    Since May 4, 2023, we have become a professional political force, in which anyone who wants to join us first pays a fee, and then, within 15 days (extendable for another 15 days, only if necessary), shows us his identity (with the payment of a second fee). They are 2 simple, logical, and common sense measures. Charging, and verifying the identity of, anyone who joins us lets us know who we work with. But we allow anyone to work anonymously, and to freely and continuously manage their privacy settings. We do not, and will never, offer information about our users, or the work they do with us, to anyone, for any reason. We have created facilities, for young users, up to 31 years of age, until they turn 31, they pay every fee, and every service we offer, exactly half as much as those who have turned 31.

    We do it, to rejuvenate our political organization, and also to make young people understand that they can be decisive in all our choices. We have policies to protect and help young people, the elderly, women, minorities of all kinds, and for any person or company in difficulty. We always start by helping those who are most in need, and then help and favor all the others.

    For some days, we have implemented a membership component, which makes each registration and each creation of a personal profile easy, fast, and secure.

    To those who accuse us of making people pay, let's say right away that such a political organization, without the right financial support, would find it very difficult to survive. But if a few euros a year, to be part of our innovation, are too much and unsustainable, you can always get busy, obtaining prizes, or you can work on a fixed-term basis, or, on a permanent basis, with us. Furthermore, thanks to your donations, we have a support fund, for users in difficulty, to help those who are really in difficult economic conditions, and after a certain period of continuous work with us, it will be possible, over time, and making a good job, recover the initial expense, even earning.

    Who really does not like the idea of paying, we ask to try to become a member of another political force, you pay everywhere, and you will see that the prices, in other political forces, are almost always much higher, than what we ask. Not to mention our potential, and the services that we offer, and those that others offer. Not to mention, the methodologies, which are completely different. In other traditional political parties, to get any chance of realizing it, one has to work enormously, having to make many compromises. For others, it is called, and means, struggle for power, by any means, for us it means meritocracy, and equality, continuous over time. We guarantee you that the stress, and the effort to get something, in other political forces, are enormous, compared to DirectDemocracyS, where everything is simpler, safer, and faster. Obviously, you will find on social networks various groups of political forces who, in order to have people who believe in their projects, will attract you with various stratagems (even creating anger and social struggle), and with the promise of obtaining everything, for free, and without any commitment. In a short time, they will ask you for much more money than us, or, they will ask for a little less money, and they will go bankrupt, due to lack of funds, or worse, they will compromise with anyone, just to stay “alive”. Just do a little experiment, evaluate with an open mind, what we do, and what others promise you. Surely, after a few tries, you will always come to us. But in the meantime, waste a lot of time, a lot of opportunities, and you will also have roles with us, of lesser responsibility, because the best positions will be filled.

    Here too, for the first users, there were many advantages and facilities, and it was all free. Certainly not to attract people, but to reward, in a concrete way, the first brave ones who trusted us. At first glance, DirectDemocracyS might seem strange, complicated, and too severe, but those who have joined us, over time, are 99.99% happy with their choice. The 0.01% is represented by a few dozen people who were incompatible with our rules, and we expelled some, making some of them persona non grata. A few hundred users, perhaps they have registered, just to see how it works, perhaps to try to copy us, not knowing that our methodologies, our intricate mechanisms, and our "secrets", we do not let anyone understand them, and also the important roles, and positions of responsibility, in our inevitable hierarchy, are available to all, but only the best get them. It takes a lot of time, and a lot of hard work together with us, to make each individual dream come true. Other old users of ours did not respect all the instructions received, even if, thanks to these instructions, DirectDemocracyS is a safe, calm, and orderly place. Many struggle to understand that anyone who doesn't work with us, and is only a spectator, is not worthy of being with us, in our immense family. We do not ask anyone to "break stones" or to do physical work, with the exception of some specific and normal activities. A little "intellectual" work, and a little participation, on everyone's part, seems logical to us, and common sense, and it's normal, that we expect it from each of our users, on an ongoing basis. After some warnings, usually a couple (we don't like to be too pushy, it's not our style), the simple spectators, we excluded them, and made them persona non grata. If they didn't work with us in the beginning, they certainly won't, in the future either. Are we too demanding? It's not like that, but there's a lot of work to do, and the world doesn't change, and it doesn't improve by itself, so each of our users must do their part. We have never excluded anyone, and we never will, for what they think, for what they say, for what they write, or for what they show, if they do it in the right ways and places, within the limits of decency, and common sense. However, we have excluded some, because they were too used to the internal struggles and the logic of power of other political forces. These "smart" ones, were trying to get undeserved advantages, or they were terrified that someone "had it in for them". In DirectDemocracyS, every activity, by anyone, is carefully evaluated, by our system, by our innovative artificial intelligence, and finally, decisively, and definitively, by evaluation groups of our users. For these reasons, we work only and exclusively on our official website, to have all the details of each activity, of each of our users, in order to be able to reward the best and punish the worst. For these same reasons, we verify the identity of each of our users.

    All our groups, of all kinds, in the international stage, are composed of at least one representative of every population on earth, and of at least one representative of every country in the world. Therefore, there are no preferences, or favored people, or other people who are hindered, in the logical, and useful, personal ambitions. Healthy and loyal competition for the most "important" roles is useful, if it doesn't turn into a struggle for power, and it is only done in an ethically impeccable way. When choices have to be made, not everyone is always serene, and often some are disappointed, but there will be opportunities and roles to fill, which in DirectDemocracyS are many, practically infinite. Furthermore, we'll let you in on a secret, if there are 2, or more people, for a single role, we give it to everyone, and the best ones will be seen over time, based on the results of each one. We create all kinds of roles, and make appointments, all the time. More people, together, in a coordinated way, always achieve better results, than just one person. But it takes time, patience, understanding, and hard work, which has concrete results, useful for everyone. It is worth waiting your turn with patience, the important thing is to do your best, not to disappoint, all our expectations.

    Anyone who knows about us hasn't registered, we understand, it's never easy to trust, and we have to admit it, we are certainly new, and let's face it, at first glance, everything may seem a bit strange. But, in addition to repeating several times, for the first few years, not to waste too much time, and not to wait too long, to register, we certainly couldn't insist too much. First, because it's not our style to insist, or to negotiate with anyone. Secondly, because whoever doesn't feel “attracted” and doesn't “fall in love with us” at first sight will certainly not do so in the future. Anyone who, after reading all our information, even summarized, trusted and registered, did so for free, and has already obtained very important roles and activities of greater responsibility. Those who have waited too long to register will have to pay a small fee, which is also a guarantee for us, that those who join us are really interested, and want to change and improve the world with us. As for the important roles, and of greater responsibility, there is plenty of time to obtain them, if one really deserves them. It's never too late, even if times get longer.

    By investing a few euros, each of us, to join DirectDemocracyS, and with the annual fees, we will all have the guarantee, together, of being able to work serenely, freely, and independently, forever.

    In this period, many interesting projects, on the Internet, but also in real life, even important ones, are having big problems, some have closed, others will close soon, still others will be forced, sooner or later, to ask for money, for be able to survive.

    For those who base their activities on the Internet and on various platforms, it will be very difficult to survive.

    We decided some time ago to reduce costs to essential needs, while innovating and always choosing the best, modern and safe technology. Having excellent quality, power, and sufficient space is essential for us. All this can be achieved even with little money, if it is well spent. Our management teams, all made up of people from all over the world, are very experienced, and above all attentive, and thrifty. With similar precautions, we have the certainty, not only of lasting over time, but also, the guarantee, of being able to obtain the best results. We do not ask for large sums, because everyone's economic situation is very fragile, and often uncertain. We have limited ourselves to asking for fair sums, based on common sense. To those who ask us, why is there a quota (tax) of 1 euro for every 3 euro spent, which increases each payment by 33.33%, and is to create a guarantee fund. You may have noticed that we live in uncertain times, and many companies, even "web giants", are forced to fire many people. Perhaps, they exaggerated in hiring, in certain periods, and now they are forced to fire, in order not to close. Our economic management groups have decided to set aside an important sum of money, so as never to find us in difficulty. They are a few euros, set aside, for unexpected events. Many companies, if they had done the same from the beginning, certainly would not have closed, and they would not have had to lay off so many people, putting so many families, and entire countries in difficulty. Prevent these social disasters, you can, if you are careful. You may have noticed that we have implemented a tax payment system, mainly Value Added Taxes, which in many countries are paid for services on the Internet. DirectDemocracyS will pay the due quotas to each country on the basis of agreements with each country in part. We collect these taxes, and set them aside, for the countries where our users are located. Payments will be made if requested, on the basis of the various agreements, otherwise, after a year, they will end up in the DirectDemocracyS guarantee and economic security fund, and will be used for the needs of our political organization.

    Let's just make a brief introduction. Let it be clear to everyone, we are just, and fair. Every cent that enters DirectDemocracyS enters the name of our entire international political organization. Amounts received, from our geographic, territorial, continental, national, state, state, regional, provincial, district, county, local, neighborhood, or street block organizations, such as campaign refunds, and tax funding, on a geographic basis, will go entirely to our territorial structures, and will be managed by local economic and financial management groups. The annual quotas, the percentages received from all our political representatives, the advertisements, and all the donations, will be received by DirectDemocracyS, in the international economic and financial management groups, which on the basis of projects, with very strict rules, and detailed, will finance our geographical and territorial activities, usually, with about 1/3 of the total revenues. In a nutshell, the money that comes in from citizens' taxes, and from the various countries, or at the local level, as a financing of our political organization, will be entirely spent, on the basis of projects, evaluated by the competent geographical groups, with an international verification. The rest of the money is handled internationally, and then distributed locally.

    We tell you clearly, none of us run away with the money, and none of us can steal, or transfer, not even a cent, without all the authorizations. Fortunately, we have structures and watchdogs, at an international level, made up of at least one member from every population on earth, and at least one member, from every country in the world. In addition to the administration groups, there are controls from the security groups, the legality groups, the meritocracy and equality groups, and the logic, common sense and mutual respect of people groups. Each entry, and each exit, is based on detailed documentation, evaluations, controls, and subsequent authorizations. And it tests every destination, and every use.

    Many of you will think, it's too cumbersome, but we can assure you that everything takes place very quickly, but safely, transparently, and ethically correct. Don't you trust? Each of our verified users can request to become our official member, over time, based on their work, their behavior, and by paying a higher annual fee. Each of our official members, being the owner, together with all the other official members, of our entire political organization, can request to be part of the economic and financial management groups, but also of all the other control groups. By being part of these groups, he will be able to personally verify, during his activities, various items of expenditure, various income, and will directly control how all our money is managed. All over the world, there is no safer and more transparent management of money.

    We tell you another secret, not being a single leader, or a single steward, but being all one huge leader, and being all stewards, there is no chance for anyone to get even a dime. There is not a single person who makes a bank transfer, or a single person who manages the money, but various groups, very large, with hundreds of members, all experts, and very attentive.

    Phase 10, of new user registrations, and beyond, based on sustainable growth.

    Sustainable growth of our new registered users is very important, therefore, even if we charge an initial fee, we are sure that the number of requests will be very high. To prevent blockages, and to guarantee activation times, and identity verification, of our users, possibly on the same day, and no later than 48 hours, we have decided to initially allow, in phase 10, a maximum number of 2000 new requests per day, which are easily managed, by our 200 administrators, who welcome new users.

    Over time, we will increase the number of administrators, and proportionally, also the number of new manageable users in a single day. We want to respond briefly to those who accuse us of not knowing how to manage new registered users in an optimal way. Some have complained of the lengthy lead times for activations and identity verification. They tell us to hire more staff, and quickly appoint new directors. DirectDemocracyS is not a factory or a supermarket. If you have new "clients", it is not enough to simply hire, and appoint new administrators. Even a factory, or a supermarket, takes a long time to specialize new hires. For us, it is important to welcome everyone, in exactly the same way, with the same hospitality, with the same care for each person, because each new user is exactly the same as another. For now, every person who has joined us has received all the attention, and all the necessary instructions, so as not to feel abandoned, or worse, ignored. For us, the relationship of mutual respect is fundamental. We have not yet received any complaints, or protests, against our administrators, or against our users. And we will never receive any, because whoever joins us understands our constant worries, and also the difficulties we can have, if there are too many requests at the same time. In any job, if you go from 2,000 requests a day to 6,000 requests the next day, delays can occur. Over time, we promise that we will also resolve the issue of activation times and identity verification for our new users. The registrations will be periodically blocked, if they should be too many, in a short period. In order not to accumulate delays, beyond 48 hours, and make everything faster, while maintaining safety, order, and kindness towards those who join us. In this regard, we remind everyone that there are no fast tracks, with the exception of specialist groups, in which it is essential, for a short time yet, to carefully select new members. But everyone has the same obligations, both in terms of the fee to pay and in terms of detailed and complete verification of one's identity. There are no VIPs, or influencers, who are welcomed with flowers and favours. They are VIPs, and influencers, in the various social networks, in their spaces, and in the various websites, where they are present, from us, they all start, with the same rules, the same instructions, and the same obligations. As for the administrators, we cannot use all of them to manage new users who register on our website. We have many activities, of all types, and they all take place in an organized and coordinated manner, and in all of them, we need the right people. Activations are relatively simple (you verify your data and click on the activation link), but as far as verifying your identity is concerned, you must take into account the fact that we are worldwide, and from every country, there are always different documents, to be verified, and not all of them are specialized in the same way. Everything would be simpler and more immediate if everyone had an electronic signature. In the future, DirectDemocracyS, through identity verification, will allow all its verified users to have a valid, secure and globally recognized electronic signature. In these days we are starting the formalities to obtain this important service, which we hope to be able to give to each of our current and future users, or to be able to offer it, at a much lower price than all the others. Our identity verification rules are perfectly compatible with the controls of the companies that offer the digital signature service.

    They are all very important innovations, which always make us innovative, and we hope that this work of ours, difficult, complicated, but full of satisfactions, will continue to be appreciated by anyone who joins us.

    Obviously, the merits of our ideas, our rules, our instructions, and our methodologies, go first and foremost to our "originators". Thanks to those who made all this possible for 14 years, our first 282 members. But the merits go to all those who have joined us, from user 283, to today, and to those who will join us in the future. Each new user brings with him his own projects, his own ideas, and we are happy to analyze them, choose them, discuss them, test them, and finally, if they are deemed valid, to vote on them, and implement them, all together. The merits belong to everyone, like all our members, they are owners of all our activities. Turning all dreams into reality, except nightmares, is our characteristic.

    Our political organization, DirectDemocracyS, will continue to update itself, in continuous innovation over time, with the aim of improving itself, without changing any idea or previous rule. Improving, always, without ever forgetting where we started from, and why we did it. We will never, for any reason, lose our identity.

    You will understand over time, that unlike those who only make promises, we all realize all our good ideas together. If the old policy has accustomed you to twists and turns, lies, disappointments, thefts and betrayals, we guarantee you continuity, loyalty, consistency, correctness, and only concrete improvements.

    Our "old" users have already known for a few months that in phase 10, everyone will start contributing with an annual fee, and almost everyone has already paid theirs. Within a few days, everyone will be in order, because deep down, we all know that it's not money thrown away, or lost. Being, each of our activities, of all of us, practically, the money, with one hand, we put it in another hand. DirectDemocracyS, from 4 May 2023, passes from the "conception", to a few days, before the "birth", which will be the moment in which all the people of the earth will know DirectDemocracyS in a surprising and complete way. We had a difficult pregnancy, but our "creature" is beautiful, healthy, strong, and can't wait to be born and have a wonderful future, together with all the good people on earth.

    To start working with us right away, after reading our instructions, register and create a personal profile. Please share our website, and this informative, somewhat long, but quite detailed article with as many people as possible. We have provided important information, but for each sentence or concept expressed, we will make detailed articles. Better to know things than to have unpleasant surprises.

    We believe we are right, because we make choices that can be shared, based on logic, common sense and mutual respect of all people. We say it often, but it's crucial to understand it. If you don't like something, or it doesn't suit you, contact us, and let us know.

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    Official Rules.

    New user registration.

    To register with DirectDemocracyS, you must respect all our rules, our instructions, and all our ...

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    Instructions for contact ...

    Category: For contacts / By Webportal SA DireDirectDemocracyS

    Instructions for contact formsOur contact forms, in the main contact menu item, on our website, are the only way to get in touch with us, with our work groups, and with all our activities.

    They are also the only way to obtain ...

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    Message after ...

    Category: For Registration / By Webportal SA DireDirectDemocracyS

    Message after registrationHi, welcome, to DirectDemocracyS, your political innovation, truly in every sense!

    Thank you for registering, on our official website.

    Your trust will be reciprocated, and your patience will be ...

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    National, geographical, ...

    Category: For contacts / By Creator

    national contacts 640x360

    DirectDemocracyS, initiates the national phases of our international political organization, even with personalized contacts, for each country, territory, or population of the earth.

    To find the ...

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    Only invitations and ...

    Category: For Registration / By Webportal SA DireDirectDemocracyS

    Only invitations and useful linksThere are 2 types of possibilities to join us: free, in which anyone can join us, based on detailed rules, or, on the basis of personal invitations, individual.


    During the block of free ...

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    Our official offices

    Category: For contacts / By Webportal SA DireDirectDemocracyS

    Our official officesDirectDemocracyS is innovative in every sense! Also in the way of managing one's offices.

    Let's make a brief introduction.

    Since the beginning of our creation, the first 5 "creators" had as ...

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    Security measures

    Category: Security measures / By Webportal SA DireDirectDemocracyS

    security measuresA fundamental need, for a political organization like DirectDemocracyS, and all related projects, is to guarantee everyone, security measures, and protection of personal data.

    Working largely on the ...

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    Security rules

    Category: Security measures / By Webportal SA DireDirectDemocracyS

    Security Rules

    The special security group, together with the rules group, with the collaboration of all groups, on behalf of all our official members, makes public, some security rules.


    The safety of ...

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    Special invitations

    Category: For Registration / By Webportal SA DireDirectDemocracyS

    Rules regarding our special guests, and special invitations.


    One of the first rules, on which our enormous success will be based, is to get the right people in, at the right time. While ...

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    To be activated

    Category: For Registration / By Webportal SA DireDirectDemocracyS

    Instructions, to be activated.

    You can choose which type of user you want to have among the various possibilities.

    If you want to be an initial user, absolutely free of charge, with no obligation to ...

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