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    Yevgeny Prigozhin

    Yevgeny PrigozhinDirectDemocracyS, has not yet started commenting, publicly, on any event of any kind.

    Those who are already our official members, however, know the reality, that is that in our reserved areas, in international, continental, national, state, regional, provincial, district and local groups, all the news are commented, discussed and evaluated. Nothing escapes us, and in addition to discussions and evaluations, comments, proposals and positions taken are also offered.

    The death of the leader of the Wagner paramilitary group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, a Russian citizen, on August 23, 2023, gives us a clear message on the way Russian politics are doing.

    We don't feel like giving definitive judgments until the real situations are ascertained.

    Unlike those who believe they know everything, and above all in contrast with those who believe that simply thinking one thing, or saying a theory, this is the truth, we prefer to wait to have an official position. Based on real facts, and on the truth, we do not speak, without having all the necessary information, while investigating, every possibility, and accepting all theories, until the documented truth is reached.

    Science fiction books, and conspiracy theories, are not part of our positions. This prerogative of ours greatly disappoints those who hope to find from our declarations a confirmation of their "fantasies".

    On the Wagner paramilitary group, and on their former leader Yevgeny Prigozhin, you can find all the information you need, some of it very fanciful, and certainly false.

    We don't know, for now, whether it was an accident, or an execution, and above all, in the second case, by whom. During the march on Moscow by Prigozhin's followers two months before the possible incident in which Prigozhin was killed, DirectDemocracyS, and our experts, clearly demonstrated the struggle for power in a Russian policy, with a weakened leader, and possible "vultures" ready to take advantage of it.

    The Wagner paramilitary group, through Prigozhin , had complained for many months about the lack of supplies, the lack of help from the Russian military leaders, in some cases real sabotage, and even targeted attacks against Wagner.

    The partial revolt of the Wagner group, against the Russian military leaders, with very serious accusations, had turned into a "partial" coup d'état, which could have had repercussions, unforeseen situations, and serious consequences, both for President Putin and for the Russian Defense Ministry, moving part of the conflict from Ukraine to the territory of Russia.

    There would have been a real military clash, which by weakening the Russians would have favored the Ukrainian counter-offensive, which would certainly have allowed the reconquest of the Donbas, and perhaps even the fragile Crimea, by Ukraine.

    President Putin has created a dictatorial oligarchy in Russia in which all people who hold any amount of power are traceable to a single, powerful leader.

    Let's make a parenthesis: there are people with limited ability to understand and want, who still wish for similar political, economic and financial systems for Western countries which, thanks to the protection of NATO and the United States, have fortunately never had oligarchic dictatorships, as in Russia, or single parties, and "single thought" as in China. But it is well known that systems with limited "democracy", and capitalism, also have serious problems, but they are not comparable to oligarchic dictatorships, or to corruption, and to the failure of the communist utopia. Instead of solving the problems of wild capitalism, these fake political "revolutionaries" would create many more serious ones. Fortunately, intelligent people do not believe in these execrable models of politics.

    Prigozhin , by not continuing his "march on Moscow", avoided a civil war in Russia, and offered President Putin the opportunity to reassert his "power", which however also confirmed his "fragility", making him even more paranoid.

    Anyone who carries out wrong political activities has only 2 possibilities, to try to fix their mistakes, or to continue in their self-destruction.

    The whole Wagner pantomime in Belarus, which no normal person believed, served to give President Putin time to reassert his increasingly less effective control over Russian politics. After a few other oligarchs died in suspicious conditions, it was Prigozhin's turn to pay for the benefits received from Putin.

    We know that even in the United States there are problems, and "state secrets", not yet definitively revealed. But is there really anyone who has the courage to say that Russia and China are better? Only to "conquer" the weak minds, of those who say they think with their own heads, believing they are receiving real information, which confirms their stupid theories, based on fantasy, but it is only functional, with the consent of characters, of dubious political morality .

    There are people who, without even real data, and without reliable concrete information, say that Prigozhin was not on the plane, and lives in a safe place. We hope so, for Prigozhin's sake. We at DirectDemocracyS do not hate anyone, we have no enemies, but we are loyal and honest political opponents of all other political forces.

    We are not interested in making hypotheses, we will base ourselves on official communications, scientific evidence, and tests. Then, we will evaluate whether these are reliable, probable, or intentionally created.

    We are not interested in wasting time carrying out investigations, even if we have groups of specialists who carry out many research activities in parallel.

    Knowing the whole truth, from all the old politics, is not only complicated, but also impossible. After all, they survive only on doubt, on inferences, to create confusion among voters. We were also born to find answers to various unclear questions, and when they are found, and definitive, we will make them public.

    What will happen after Prigozhin's death, in Wagner, and in the geopolitical, military balance, and what repercussions it will have on the cowardly Russian invasion of Ukraine, we will see over time.

    Surely, the death of the Wagner leader will not be decisive for the fate of a completely unjust conflict that has created a lot of pain, death, and fear for many people.

    Russia's failed policy was not to invade Ukraine, which it had sworn to protect, and to help.

    The West must not allow Russia's 2014 annexation of Crimea to prevent the next invasion.

    All have committed very serious and unforgivable mistakes. We have offered some solutions, but they are not suitable for everyone. They don't suit the dictator, liar, criminal Putin (who lives in a parallel reality, in which the West is to blame for his wrong choices), and his faithful servants. They don't even agree with the West, because they would highlight their unforgivable mistakes. However, it would be convenient for all the good Ukrainian and Russian people who do not deserve to suffer because of a policy incapable of finding peaceful, and above all just, solutions.

    We conclude this short article, explaining clearly that we do not support one of the two peoples in conflict, as in sport, we love, esteem and respect them all in exactly the same way.

    However, we are incompatible, and completely opposed, to Russian dictatorial and oligarchic politics, based on hatred, and on political practices unacceptable by any good person. We are incompatible with, and completely opposed to, China's one-thinking, one-party, and false equality policy. Communist Party of China members, without any merit, and without any expertise, have privileges over ordinary, non-communist people. Communism does not create equality, it does not create progress, rather it eliminates private initiative and innovation.

    However, we are incompatible, and completely opposed, to all the other political forces, which in a similar way to each other, in a subtle way, steal the power of the people, to give it away, for many years, to political forces and political representatives , who do not represent their voters, except on election day, transforming democracy into an oligarchic party system.

    The BRICS group, now made up of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, is expanding, with the entry of six other countries, Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, starting from January 2024.

    It will become very influential, powerful economically, and perhaps, partly also militarily, but made up of countries which often do not respect fundamental human rights, freedoms, democracy, and with failed policies, in many sectors. With political representatives, who are often incapable, unjust, and who in some cases lack the slightest bit of credibility. Creating something, trying to oppose the United States, and the West, creating an alternative economic, financial, and monetary system, would be really useful, only if it was done in politically normal countries, and not in their often shameful forms of government , and unacceptable, in any historical period, especially in 2023.

    We are the only solution, and the only political force, capable of changing and improving the world, for many reasons.

    DirectDemocracyS is the only political force that is just, free, honest, loyal, and above all truly democratic.

    The only one that does not have individual but collective leadership, in which decisions are taken all together, democratically, with the help and expertise of all our members.

    The only one exclusively owned by all its members, who control, and actively influence, every activity of our political representatives, who as representatives, have the obligation, and the duty, to implement every decision of their constituents, before, during, and for the first time in the world, even after, the elections.

    DirectDemocracyS is, and will always be, innovative, and alternative, to all politics.

    When you choose who to represent you, choose someone who guarantees you, the continuous power to decide, and the security of managing all public wealth, together with you

    If we win the elections, you will automatically win them too.

    And this method of ours is truly unique, just, fair, and above all inimitable.

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