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    Basic rules of all groups

    Basic rules of all groups

    Hi everyone!

    We invite you to read this general information very carefully, even several times, and whenever you need to, to better understand our methodology.

    We will also give you, all the detailed information, in each group.

    Welcome to DirectDemocracyS, these are our welcome groups: numerical, and linguistic, to which you have been assigned, in an absolutely random way, based on your personal identification number, for the numerical ones, and based on your linguistic preferences, in the second case.

    These rules apply to all our groups.

    Our groups are mainly located in 2 areas, one social, and one community (visible, and accessible only by our official members), and other areas.

    These groups, in the "Social" area, are of 4 types (the first 3 visible and searchable, and the fourth type, however, is invisible and secret). There are: 1 public groups, visible and accessible to all, public with access upon request, 2 visible to all, accessible only upon request by those who want to enter, 3 private, visible, and searchable, but approval is required from those who use them administers, to enter, and see its contents, 4 secrets, invisible to all and accessible only on the basis of an invitation, by whoever administers them.

    9 groups out of 10 are invisible and secret, not to hide our work, but to allow anyone who is part of it to work with us, in an orderly, safe and peaceful manner, without being disturbed by others.

    The part visible to our visitors, our websites, and our activities, is only the tip of the pyramid.

    Over time, certain information will be made public, with an order, and a regularity, established by our regulation.

    As for our users, even our groups, our presentation pages, and other potentialities, are of 2 types: verified, and therefore reliable, controlled, safe, and protected, or unverified. The same argument is also valid with regard to the activities highlighted, in the foreground, or normal.

    We do not explain all the reasons for these choices, because they are easy to guess.

    We give you some brief instructions, which you must always respect, to avoid warnings and penalties.

    At first glance, it might seem like a complicated project, with very strict rules, but we assure you that everything is very simple, and with a little getting used to, you will realize that you are free to carry out practically any activity, if you have permission if you do it at the right time, in the right place, and in the right way.

    Let's make a premise right away, in our business, a user has never been blocked or eliminated, for what he thinks, says, shows, or writes. On the contrary, the diversity of opinions creates an ever-better project, with the contribution of many people.

    We must be united in diversity, while respecting all our rules, all our instructions, and all our methodology, to make our enormous mechanism work perfectly.

    We will be understanding, and we will understand, if you make any small mistakes, especially at the beginning.

    However, these small mistakes must not become too many, and must not be repeated several times, because we demand, and offer, mutual respect.

    Languages of the various welcome groups.

    In numerical groups, the English language is used, but each user, based on nationality, or on the basis of the country, or on the basis of one's preferences, during registration, will be assigned to non-numerical, but linguistic groups.

    If you are not familiar with the English language, you can use our machine translation module, near our logo, and set it to your preferred language. Click on "English and on the flag of the United Kingdom", and choose, from the drop-down menu, the preferred language, clicking on the language, and flag connected to the language.

    To allow a perfect translation, in all the languages of the world, always write in English, correctly, without spelling errors, without abbreviations in the words, and without the use of jargons or dialects. To express your opinion, you can use a free translation service (there are several on the net, just do a simple search), from your language, into English, and copy and paste your contents, in the spaces where you carry out your work with us.

    Languages of language groups.

    In the linguistic groups, one speaks only, and exclusively, in the official language of each group.

    Also in the linguistic groups, to allow a perfect translation, and all the best results, always write in the official language of the group, correctly, without spelling errors, without abbreviations in words, and in sentences, and without the use of jargons or dialects. To express your opinion, you can use a free translation service (there are several on the net, just do a simple search), from your language, into the language of the language group, and copy and paste your contents, in the spaces where do your work with us.

    The linguistic groups, of various countries, in which the same language is spoken are unique, certain themes, will be addressed in a general way, and for posts, discussions, debates, on continental or national issues, you will have to access the geographical groups, and territorial, continental, and national. We are not talking about geographical phases, individual continents, countries, but the international phase. We do not talk about the problems of the various populations, but only about our international political activities.

    For population groups, ethnic groups, and geographic groups, you must have an authorized user type, and request, and be granted access to it.

    At the end of this announcement, we will give you some useful links, to get to know our rules well.

    Attention: as for the Laws in real life, also here in DirectDemocracyS, the fact of not knowing a rule does not allow you to transgress it, for this we ask you to read our articles carefully, to fully understand our mechanism, and our rules.

    If you are unsure, you can always use our contact forms, in any language, to ask if you can, or cannot, do certain activities. The direct link, where you can ask if you can or can't do certain activities, is this:

    In each group, there is a lot of information, instructions, and specific rules, and there are always some users with roles with greater responsibility, who will offer you all the help and collaboration you need. Be very careful to check whether or not the user is authorized to help you. The cover image with our logo, the number and role of many users, will help you understand if the person is or is not trustworthy, and if you have any doubts, contact our security group by reading this article:

    and then by sending a contact form, at the link of the article, or, at this link:

    In the welcome number groups, in English, and in the language groups, you will be inserted, according to your user role.

    You all know that initial users, or new users, have limited activities in which they can participate, but even if it may seem unfair at first glance, and limiting your freedoms, you must try to understand, that any role of greater responsibility, and more importantly, it is earned through your actual work, and your behavior, through compliance with all our rules, instructions, and methodology.

    No one will limit you, in your ambition, to climb our inevitable hierarchies. With us, there are no preferences, but objective choices, based on individual activities and behaviors.

    Every promotion, from a "lower" role, is done over time, with calm, patience and determination.

    But be careful: you can rise relatively quickly, but every role obtained must also be confirmed and maintained over time, in order not to risk relegation.

    We can swear to you that in DirectDemocracyS, equality and meritocracy are always united, and continuous over time. We are not interested in the name, fame, economic situation, or number of fans, of each user. We rely only, and exclusively, on the concrete results obtained, on our website, or, in the case of our official representatives, or political representatives, in the various roles in which they represent us.

    Qualifications are important, for access to our specialist groups, it is not enough to have a passion for certain subjects, you must be experienced, with documentation, verifiable by our qualification monitoring groups.

    Certain topics, however, do not require particular qualifications, so your access to these groups will be simple and fast.

    We, and all of our users, have an interest in placing the right people, in the right roles, to always achieve the best results.

    Welcome groups, and language groups, are created, based on user role, starting from new users, up to our super administrators.

    The initial phases are fundamental to begin to understand how our work together works.

    After a while, you can, if you wish, start the climb to more important roles and activities of greater responsibility.

    We summarize in a few words, the order from the lowest to the highest, of our types of users, and the activities they can perform.

    But first we tell you that the first role, as a new user, or access user, is absolutely free, with no commitment, and no obligation to be present.

    You can remain a new user, for as long as you wish, and you are not obliged to pay anything, and you will not have any kind of obligation, to carry out certain activities with us, or to be present. We repeat it, because we want it to be clear to everyone.

    Let's make a premise, to better understand how our types of user’s work, and what roles they have, in our political organization.

    Inevitable hierarchies.

    Differentiating the typology of each user, on the basis of equality and meritocracy, continuous over time, is essential to obtain the best results. There are no ways to jump, from an initial role, to the upper echelons of our inevitable "hierarchy". But based on one's concrete results, one's own behavior, and total respect for our rules, instructions, and methodology, the time spent in a certain "inferior" role can be shortened. As we have explained several times, our system creates LOG files (archived), with each activity carried out by each of our users, from the moment of registration, and the creation of their personal profile, regardless of its type. These activities, including concrete results, and any violations of the rules, with related penalties, will be analyzed by our artificial intelligence, which will make an evaluation, and decide, together with our control groups, evaluation, promotion, or demotion, and nominations of our users, composed of our official representatives, from all over the world. This method will allow a fair, healthy and fair competition among all our users, which will bring enormous benefits and excellent results to all our activities.

    Access areas.

    Each type of user has certain access areas, which grow, in terms of extension, and potential, based on the role each of our users holds. The access areas are essential to keep all our activities tidy and safe.

    Methods, and speed of contacts, and of the answers obtained.

    Each type of user has certain methods of contact, and response times are always faster, based on the role and type of each of our users. The more important the role, the faster the response speed.

    Each type of user has certain authorizations, based on merit, and on equality, without any preferences or favoritism.

    The permissions, in addition to the areas and contacts, are also based on the potential of each type of user. All our phases, whether geographical, numerical, group, or possibility of carrying out certain activities, always start first, for the type of superior user, to then be extended, one type of user at a time, to the "inferior" ones.

    Payment of annual dues.

    The first type of initial user is, and will always be, absolutely free. From the second type of user, a contribution of a few euros per year is required from those who are part of it. We have decided to favor young people up to the age of 31, making them pay half the price of those who have already turned 31. The mandatory annual fees grow slightly based on the type of user, up to our official members (and higher types), who pay an annual fee of 8 euros per year + taxes if they are under 31 years old, and 16 euros per year + taxes, if they have already turned 31. Obviously, the services they receive, the potential and the possibilities of each type of user also grow proportionally. We also have funds, to allow those with economic problems to be able to participate, in any role, receiving back the sums paid, if they obtain excellent concrete results, and have impeccable behavior. They are minimal sums, which however guarantee us economic and financial tranquility and independence from those who might want to take control of our economic organization with money.

    Right to vote.

    The vote of each of our users has the same value, but only our verified users can vote in internal, online, closed primary elections. According to our rules, identity verification allows many other opportunities in addition to voting. It was logical to allow certain activities, only to people who can be identified, by our special security groups. For the remaining users, and for our visitors, the protection of personal data is guaranteed, as well as the possibility of maintaining anonymity. Each user decides if, when, with whom, and which data to share, based on their settings.

    Right to apply.

    To stand as a candidate, or to be nominated by other people, or groups, in our internal, online, closed primary elections, you must have the role, and type of user, of an official member. Also in this case, it seemed right to allow those who have this type of user, called intermediate, to be able to choose whether to make politics of representation, or management, of our political organization. The two roads are well defined, to prevent internal struggles, for power, and to obtain the best results, in all our activities. Those who abandon management activities, for those representing our voters / users, in political activities, and in institutions, at the end of their political representation activities, will be able to continue the activities they had abandoned, with the same roles.

    Right to represent DirectDemocracyS, even outside our activities.

    Our political representatives, candidates, selected, and voted, in our closed online primary elections, represent, in case of a positive result, DirectDemocracyS, and our users / constituents, in the real elections, and in case of victory, in the institutions. Our official representatives, in addition to managing our internal business, represent DirectDemocracyS, and our users / constituents, also externally, such as in broadcasts, interviews, and presence on social networks, and other websites. Again, two types of users, and roles, different and well defined.

    Hierarchy, typology, roles, potential, and above all responsibilities.

    In our inevitable and well-defined hierarchy, there are all types of users, who have different roles based on our rules, and our methodology, also based on responsibilities. The greater the types of users, the greater the potential, and the related responsibilities. Those who have important roles certainly have a better chance of obtaining excellent results.

    You are promoted, but also, you are demoted, with great ease.

    In addition to rising, on the basis of equality, and merit, based on competence, if you don't do an excellent job, or you don't respect all our rules, our instructions and our methodology, or you don't have an adequate behavior, you can go back. If you go up "one step at a time", and over long enough periods of time, you can also go backwards of various types, all at once. This is to have all the means, both to reward the best and to punish the worst. The roles of responsibility, and the types of "superior" users must be confirmed, in order to be able to maintain, with one's work, one's own concrete results, one's respect for the rules, one's own behavior, every day. In addition to "demotions", any user can be suspended, in the worst cases, eliminated, and even made "persona non grata". Everything, based on the seriousness of what each of our users has committed.

    Each user chooses which role to obtain, having to demonstrate that he deserves it.

    The roles of greater responsibility, individual and group, can be obtained, quite quickly, and in a relatively simple way. It is up to each person to prove that they deserve each role.

    Shared management.

    Many roles are obtained, even in more or less large groups of users, connected to each other, with a methodology, which we call "chains with rings, all connected to each other". It is not a "chain", with one link connected only to another, because if there is a "weak" link, the chain could break. By connecting each link to an unlimited number of other links, the "chain", despite having some weak or broken links, resists thanks to the linked links. So, DirectDemocracyS is brilliantly designed to be indestructible. The management, control, and activities are all shared, owned by all of our official members, who all together, are one, immense leader. There are no choices made by a single person, but proposals made by one person, by anyone, which are chosen (on the basis of need), discussed, decided, voted on, and authorized by an infinite number of groups and people. Every decision taken is not made by a few, but by many, practically everyone. Each person, based on their role and typology, can both propose and contest, as well as control and create what they want. This mode guarantees unity in diversity, allowing anyone to be the protagonist.

    Obligation to be present, and to carry out activities together with everyone.

    The first two types of users have no obligation to carry out activities together with all of us. They don't even have an obligation to be present. They can remain practically inactive, even for longer periods. They may also decide to wait for the right moment to start doing something. Our advice, however, is to get busy concretely, and as soon as possible (from the first moment), in order to be able to change and improve the world together with us. The sooner you start, the sooner you get concrete results, the necessary "points" to move up to a more important type of user, and with greater responsibilities. We have had users, who complained that they "didn't go up" fast enough, but they themselves did practically nothing to deserve the "promotion". From the third type of user, you must be present, and work with us, at least 20 minutes a day, even in various accesses, or, at least 120 minutes a week, even in various days, and various accesses. The obligation to work, and presence, allows us to have active users and voters. You don't have to "break stones", or even physically work hard, you just need to contribute, to help new users, and work in groups, where your help is required, and is useful. No one is forced to do things they don't love, or can't stand. However, it is a question of being present, and proposing, discussing, deciding, and voting on very important things, in order to change and improve everyone's life.

    We have a unique, inimitable methodology, born from the work and concrete contribution of everyone.

    Let's see the various types, and what they can do.

    An initial or login user can participate in the welcome groups, in English, and at the same time also participate in the groups of all the languages they know well, although we recommend that you participate in the language group of the language you know best, as certain themes and general discussions are repeated in the various languages, so it would not make sense to waste precious time to participate in several groups with practically identical activities. These working groups, welcoming and linguistic, allow the carrying out of many activities, including political ones. The best users will be contacted with the proposal to move up the category, accessing the groups, for partially verified users. But every user, who feels ready, can request the passage to the next type of user at any time.

    The partially verified user will have to abandon the "inferior" groups, and will work in the groups reserved for his own type of user. He will have to contribute a few euros a year to the financing of our political organization, paying 2 euros a year + taxes, if he is under 31, and 4 euros a year + taxes if he is already 31 years old. In addition, you will need to upload a photograph, with your face, with close, visible, photo ID. Being partially verified, in addition to participating in all the discussions, I will be able to propose similar discussions, debates and small activities to be carried out altogether.

    As with the initial user, the partially verified user carries out their activities, without any commitment, and with no obligation to be present. He will have access to restricted areas, and can be contacted, for the transition to the role of registered user. But as always, he himself can request, at any time, to become a registered user.

    We remind you that the payment of the annual fee has a duration of one year, and for each passage, to a higher type of user, a payment must be made for a new annual fee, slightly higher, but that the payment of the second fee , will increase the duration of the previous annual installment by one year, with a considerable saving, if we consider, that it will be able to carry out with the first installment, and the second, one year for the first, and a second year for the second, despite having a higher type of user.

    The registered user will be able to carry out group activities, in groups for this type of user, and will be able to access restricted areas. You will pay an annual fee of 4 euros per year + taxes if you are under 31, and 8 euros per year + taxes if you are already 31 years old. You will be obliged to become a verified registered user, within 15 days, or automatically, if you have a recognized digital signature. Otherwise, he will be "demoted", to the role of partially verified user.

    The verified registered user will be admitted to the groups dedicated to this type of user, and will be able to carry out group activities, but also individual ones, on the basis of a collaboration, in a coordinated way with our official members. You will be able to vote in our closed internal primary elections, online, being able to choose our political representatives, in real elections. You will receive many advantages and facilities.

    The official member is a verified registered user, who is chosen, and appointed, based on his concrete group and individual work. You will pay an annual fee of 8 euros per year + taxes if you are under 31, and 16 euros per year + taxes if you are already 31 years old. The quotas for the "superior" roles will be identical to those of the official members, with the addition of a percentage, of one's salary, and of any gain to be politically represented, to be paid, after having paid all taxes in the respective countries, to our political organization, according to our rules.

    You will be able to access the "Community" area reserved for our official members, and you will be able to be nominated as a candidate (by other user groups), or stand as a candidate, in the selection of our candidates, in our closed online primary elections. In case of good results, he could be a candidate in the real elections, and represent DirectDemocracyS, in the institutions.

    Each official member, in good standing with the annual fee, will become the owner, together with all our official members, of our entire political organization, of our entire website, and of any activity of DirectDemocracyS. You can decide whether to become a political representative (and therefore carry out active political representation activities), or directly manage our political organization, becoming an official representative. It may also be part, optionally, of all our related projects and websites, which carry out various economic and financial activities, multimedia, and of all kinds.

    Political representative.

    They are a limited, variable, and growing number of members, who carry out very important activities, of political representation, in real elections, and in case of victory, in the various institutions, of our political organization, and of our users / voters. All our official members, who choose to carry out political representation activities, will have to leave, before being able to run, in our primary elections, online, closed, every role of management of our political organization, and every role in the various groups, with the exception of geographical and numerical groups (in which they maintain, with their own personal profile, the right to vote).

    They belong to all continents, all peoples, and all countries.

    Official representative.

    They are a limited, variable, and growing number of members who carry out very important activities of control, selection, appointment, and management of our political organization. They belong to all continents, all peoples, and all countries.

    Each country, population, country, and in the future, for each area, and geographical subdivision, will have one or more official representatives, who will have the role of managers, and subsequently, of administrators.


    They are a limited, variable and growing number of members who carry out very important activities of control, selection, appointment and management of the various managers and representatives. They are part of various continents, and countries.

    Each country, population, country, and in the future, for each area, and geographical subdivision, will have one or more official representatives, who will have the role of managers, and subsequently, of administrators.

    Super admin.

    They are a limited, variable and growing number of members who carry out very important activities of control, selection, appointment and management of the various directors. Usually, but not necessarily, they are part of various continents, and countries.


    The roles of guarantors are reserved for those who conceived and created our entire political organization, and financed it in the initial stages. There are about 282 people. Some super administrators will be able to be part of it, if chosen, by those who are already part of this small group. Like any of our official members, they can carry out various activities, of political representation (by applying, or being nominated by other members, and participating in the selections of our candidates, for the closed online primary elections). They can also choose, in an alternative way, to manage our political organization, as an official representative. Obviously, for one of these 2 variants, they must immediately abandon the role of guarantor, which they will be able to regain after the end of the representation activities. They will not, in any case, and for any reason, have any advantage, or facilitation, in obtaining the various roles. The previous rules apply to any type of user.


    Sound complicated? It's easier and faster to do than to read. Does it seem difficult to get to the top of our "hierarchy"? Often it is not necessary, to get to the top immediately, just decide what you want to do, and start doing it.

    Good job, and have fun everyone.

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