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    Experts contactedOn Saturday 10 December 2022, and Sunday 11 December 2022, our Special Security Group officially but confidentially contacted some of the most influential political experts worldwide.

    The list of the "chosen ones" is based on the evaluations of important websites which, on the basis of their algorithms, have published a sort of classification which we have used to "try to attract them" to our political organization, offering them, rightly, many advantages, and facilities.

    While leaving them the time to decide if and when to respond, our security groups specified that the offer was valid for 48 hours.

    Some occasions only come once in a lifetime, and we are not the kind of people who like to waste time. If we say something, we keep it, if we give a deadline, we don't extend it.

    Some of these experts responded immediately, and positively, others, the majority, did not, others will do so in the future, positively, or negatively.

    When we speak of experts, we speak of professors, of very important universities, with many published books, who enjoy, and can boast, an enviable Curriculum Vitae. We are certainly not referring, in this case, to political representatives and members of other political forces.

    Our invitation was clear, detailed, individual, unique, unrepeatable, and with easily understandable reasons. Having the best with us, to continue to be the best.

    Many of these professors, policy specialists, will have secretaries or collaborators who may not have taken into consideration our message, sent by e-mail, perhaps they may have deleted it without even reading it.

    You know very well that we are presumptuous, that we believe in it, having all the reasons, the best, in everything we do, from politics, to the economy, to finance, and all the various activities that we are carrying out.

    But we are writing this article to talk about a very serious phenomenon that exists in every sector. The superficiality, and the little attention to every detail, by both the "great experts" and their valid, but not very attentive, collaborators.

    The example of the Italian experiment.

    In the spring of 2021, our Italian collaborators, who numbered a few dozen, not thousands like now, tried to draw up, and send to the main Italian media, a press release from DirectDemocracyS, which at the time it had an s ending, and neither, a website ending in .org. In this brief press release, we explained some of our prerogatives, some important concepts, and some possible questions, and some of our answers. This message, sent to the press, and to the media, at the Italian national level, by e-mail, has not received, not even a reply.

    Now we ask ourselves: how many directors, big shots, people, with the power to decide whether to publish something, or not, but also simply decide whether or not to respond to our message, have actually received, and read, our press release press.

    We knew that they would certainly not have published a single line of our press release number 1, but our "test" was used to understand how these "communication channels" and information work.

    It would have been normal for a collaborator to read, and perhaps summarize in a few lines, our press release, and warn their "bosses", that they had received it, from a then small group of "madmen", who they wanted to change and improve the world, starting with a political project, strange, perhaps utopian, but certainly one with enormous potential.

    Just as it would have been normal for an editorial manager to bring this message of ours to his managing director simply to "do his job well".

    Perhaps nobody is interested in the birth of DirectDemocracyS, or it could be of interest to someone, and in that case, by not publishing anything, some people have been deprived of the right to be informed.

    Many editors or editors will tell us: we don't publish anything from small, tiny organizations like yours. Or they will tell us: your news is not of interest to everyone, but only to a few "crazy", like you. In both cases, they are absolutely right, everyone has their own interests, after all, we could somehow annoy some important, powerful people and organizations and simply publish something that could highlight our ideas , could prove to be harmful to the career, in some cases dangerous.

    Let's leave out the ethical aspect of the duty to inform, but does it seem right to you, not to publish a single word? Does it seem right to you not to reply, not even with a short message, to our press release? Perhaps, because, they would have had to invent some excuse, or "straight-crazing" motivation, not to publish anything.

    We, at DirectDemocracyS, and all related projects, are not only presumptuous, we are also proud, and proud of our work.

    We are small, indeed, then we were tiny, but it is not difficult, nowadays, to grow, making ourselves known around, even without the collaboration, of any newspaper, radio, TV, or means of communication, and traditional "information" . When we're ready to grow and make all our activities known to everyone, and we decide that the little snowball will become an avalanche, we certainly won't let ourselves be known with a simple press release. We too have all the means, which we will reveal at the right time, to obtain every necessary "popularity".

    We have innovated in politics, we are innovating in finance, and in economics. We will also innovate in communication, multimedia and information.

    And if we wanted to respond, with the same methods, and be vindictive, almost mean, we too could ignore the many "information and communication experts" who didn't bother us, not even a line, to answer us.

    We can guarantee you that we will never respond to stupidity, with more stupidity, to violence, with more violence, to disinformation, with more disinformation, to superficiality, with more superficiality.

    We respond to stupidity with intelligence, to violence we respond with peace and respect, to superficiality we respond with attention to every detail.

    Therefore, to the Italian press, contacted via press release number 1, we say that you will certainly never again receive a press release from us, or information, exclusively, or in preview. You will have to work very hard to be accepted and included in our universe of projects, in fact, we no longer deal with you, through our traditional communication groups, but you will notice it, when you publish, the things concerning us, last.

    We will use the same method, at the right time, also with the press, and with international, continental, national, state and local information. One communiqué, and then we'll never bother you again. Obviously, having had the example of the Italian experiment, we expect greater collaboration.

    Furthermore, we explain to everyone that we communicate with innovative methods, and with technology, we do not destroy entire forests, to send envelopes and letters, we use a few MB, and little energy, among other things almost all renewable. We send an e-mail only once (the second time, if you want something from us, you pay for it), we don't insist on making ourselves respected and loved by anyone.

    In exactly the same way, we also proceed with the offers, with the opportunities, and with the advantages, and the facilitations. We offer them to you, only once, in the ways and times established by us.

    The "brilliant minds", the great political experts, who have received, read, and accepted our proposal, will be received with the honors and respect they deserve. But those who ignored us, when we were "little ones", will not get a second chance, and not even a second e-mail, from us.

    It is right that the first ones who join us, like the first ones who collaborate with us from the beginning, should be rewarded, and that their initial work should be rewarded. Trusting us, and working with us, must give everyone a profit. We say it from the beginning, our every activity, our every work together, must be mutually beneficial. Because, only with the right rewards, people are motivated to make everything work perfectly. Those who want to get on the bandwagon, and there are many around, "characters", who think they are smart, will risk not having comfortable seats, but they will have to cling.

    This reasoning of ours obviously does not deprive those who register in the future of the possibility of obtaining advantages and facilitations. After all, hardly anyone knows us. And the fact that we don't know each other is certainly not a fault, therefore, there is no "punishment" for anyone who joins us, even afterward. And for those who have already obtained advantages, and facilitations, with important roles and responsibilities, having been with us for a long time, you know very well that every role, every "power", must be confirmed, every day, with one's work , with your own behavior, and with respect for all our rules.

    To those who have ignored us, because they think they are superior, we say clearly that for each of your specializations, we already have experts with us from the beginning, who are not famous but are equally valid. In addition, compared to you, they have a huge advantage. They are not, in any way, connected, implicated, and often succumbed, like many of you, to the old politics, the old economy, the old finance. They joined us, with an open mind, with a real, clean, authentic desire to change and improve the world.

    Many are students, young people, from all over the world, who feel and see that the current situation is unfair, and they want to create together a new road to go. Remember, that even if you are important people, influential, and with results, to be proud of, often the students surpass the teacher. A professor who doesn't want each of his students to be better than himself is a failed professor for us.

    We conclude by saying, that we understand the mistrust, and even the risk, of joining us, and supporting our innovations.

    Many are afraid of being laughed at, in some cases fired, and in others even of being subjected to violence, if they support us or join us. The 1%, of bad people, who rule the rotten world we live in right now, fear us, and will oppose us. For these reasons, we allow, and guarantee, to everyone, anonymity, and the fact, that we will never share, any personal data of any of our users.

    Then, if over time, you would like to do so, to know who you really are around you, you just need to let us know, or you just need to change your privacy settings freely and independently.

    The appeal, to all brilliant minds, from all over the world, from every sector of activity, to join us, is always valid, but the advantages, and the facilitations, are personal, individual, and you must accept them, following all our instructions, in the ways and times in which we present them to you. And remember, we only send you one email.

    Then, if you want to collaborate, and join us, you can do it , even in the future, only in the traditional way, with the same safeguards, the same protection, but without advantages. Many might like to get back into the game, starting from 0.

    We value you, and respect you, whatever your decision.

    We will continue to contact, in the future, the leading experts in each sector, always with a single e-mail, offering the same advantages and facilities.

    But also the various experts, of each topic, if by chance or mistake, we have not already contacted them, they can contact us, to request a quick and facilitated registration, and the right advantages, which they can obtain, based on their own you deserve.

    We renew to anyone who reads this article our question: do you want to change and improve the world?

    If the answer is yes, then join us, and let as many people as possible know about our innovation. Our great universe, made up of infinite galaxies, of concrete projects.

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