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    A bit of European foreign politics

    A bit of European foreign politicsThe Europe of the people has never existed, and until there is, in all European countries, a victory in the elections, of DirectDemocracyS, our true innovation, it can never exist.

    Let's make some history.

    Everyone knows the history of the European Union, born as the European Economic Community, with the Treaty of Rome of 25 March 1957, during a long process of integration, with the accession of new member states and the signing of numerous amending treaties, including the Maastricht Treaty of 1992, took on its current structure with the Lisbon Treaty of 2007. The Treaties of Rome of 1957 ratified the establishment of the EEC, together with the European Atomic Energy Community (also known as Euratom). The European Coal and Steel Community ( ECSC ) was, however, previously established with the Treaty of Paris of 1951.

    So everything was born, on business, on finance, and not on the real and just integration and collaboration of peoples. There is nothing political, nothing useful for the people, only financial and economic interests. Traditional finance and economics have always accustomed us to lies, therefore the affirmation according to which the ECSC and the EEC before, and the current EU, have kept the peace, in our continent, after the disaster, caused by the Nazi and fascist regimes of World War II, is one of their usual lies. It is not only thanks to the Europe of finance that there have been no wars, but if we think about it, there has always been some war in Europe. In addition to the inter-ethnic one, in the former Yugoslavia, the current invasion of Russia, in Ukraine, there have always been diplomatic "battles", on various issues (eg migrants), and on issues of national economic interest.

    However, if we consider their interests, the affirmation of the prevention of wars is useful, to make everyone become deeply and convinced pro-Europeans.

    How big is Europe? Or rather, how small it is.

    The natural border of Europe is largely made up of sea: it is bounded to the north by the Arctic Ocean, to the west by the Atlantic Ocean and to the south by the Mediterranean and Black Seas. To the east, however, the concept of Europe, it gradually fades into Asia, and is defined only along conventional lines, many of which fall within Russian territory. To the east, Europe has territorial continuity with Asia. The land border between the two continents is conventional, and falls mostly in Russia, and for a shorter stretch in Kazakhstan. The demarcation line starts from the Arctic Ocean, then follows the Ural Mountains, the course of the Ural River, the north-western coast of the Caspian Sea, the depression of the Kuma-Manyč, and finally arrives at the mouth of the Don River, in the Sea of Azov. In Russia, and in Kazakhstan there are dozens of monuments, which signal the Europe-Asia border, along the Ural watershed, the Ural river, and the Kuma-Manych depression; the first were erected in the 1830s.

    In the beginning, there were only a few countries Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Portugal.

    So a small but highly developed western area of the European continent.

    Countries of the European Union.

    1 January 1958: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands (6 members)

    1 January 1973: United Kingdom United Kingdom, Denmark and Ireland (9 members)

    1 January 1981: Greece (10 members)

    January 1, 1986: Portugal and Spain (12 members)

    1 January 1995: Austria, Sweden and Finland (15 members)

    May 1, 2004: Cyprus, Malta, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Czech Rep. Czech Rep. and Slovenia (25 members)

    January 1, 2007: Romania and Bulgaria (27 members)

    1 July 2013: Croatia (28 members)

    February 1, 2020 CET: UK exit United Kingdom (27 members)

    Schengen Agreement countries (free movement at borders)

    Since 1995: Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Portugal and Spain (7 countries)

    Since 1997: Italy (8 countries)

    Since 1998: Austria (9 countries)

    Since 2000: Greece (10 countries)

    Since 2001: Denmark, Sweden, Finland, plus Norway and Iceland (non-EU) (15 countries)

    Since 2007: Czech Rep. Czech Rep., Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Slovenia for land and sea borders (24 countries)

    Since 2008: Switzerland (not part of the European Union) and for airport checks of the 9 countries that joined the Schengen agreements the year before (25 countries)

    The only member of the European Union that has not joined the enhanced Schengen cooperation is Ireland Ireland, while in Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria and Cyprus the treaty has not yet entered into force.

    Countries that have adopted the euro

    1 January 2002: Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Greece, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain (12 countries)

    1 January 2007: Slovenia (13 countries)

    1 January 2008: Cyprus and Malta (15 countries)

    1 January 2009: Slovakia (16 countries)

    1 January 2011: Estonia (17 countries)

    1 January 2014: Latvia (18 countries)

    1 January 2015: Lithuania (19 countries)

    The only country. of European Union. which has an opt-out regarding the adoption of the euro is Denmark, while Sweden. it does not have an opt-out clause but enforces it "de facto".

    Candidate countries to join the European Union.

    Albania, North Macedonia, North Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine.

    Slowly, slowly, other countries were "welcomed", but only those that were "convenient" at a given time.

    Because no one has ever said that the European Union welcomes everyone with open arms.

    If finance , and the economy, do not have immediate interests, or, if they are not prepared, to absorb their economies, acquiring, incorporating, and often destroying the economies of the various member countries, they have managed to make everyone, economically, EU employees.

    We were amazed by the great imagination of the motivations used to accept or to refuse various countries in various periods.

    For those who believed in it, they were all right, after all, the old finance, the old economy, and the old politics, they never lied, for their own interests. Excuse us, we feel like laughing, even writing it.

    The old finance, the old economy, and the old politics base their power on the almost total manipulation and control of people, through the media and the press, almost all lined up in favor of economic interests.

    Someone, as you may have noticed, has withdrawn over time, like the United Kingdom, someone, was thinking about it, even before (Greece), but when you are under financial blackmail, they make you fail, if you just try, to raise your head.

    The incapable economists will accuse us that we are against traditional finance, economics and politics, therefore it is in our interest to write certain things. You are absolutely right, it is in our interest, as it is: to be against the lies, injustices, blackmail, crimes, and inequalities, which have always characterized the old systems. Seeing all the injustices, we have been forced, and we are doing it, to create innovations and new ways forward, certainly not going against the old, but offering the new. Are we the superheroes of politics? No, we do what we consider a duty towards the world's population, especially the exploited and mistreated one.

    We could write for hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, about all the atrocities and disgusting behaviors of these bureaucrats, but we prefer to tell you what we will do as soon as possible.

    With all the love, and respect, for the French and German people, the European Union has managed to fulfill, and craftily realize, the dream of Napoleon and Hitler, to create a European Commission, which practically since alone, manages an entire continent. The Parliament, the Council of the EU, and the Commission have decision-making powers, of a regulatory nature, and act in a coordinated manner. As a rule, it is up to the Commission to propose new rules, while it is up to the Parliament and the Council to adopt them. The tasks are divided, one appointed by the Governments proposes the Laws, and the Parliament elected by the peoples must adopt them. It doesn't say, and it's almost impossible, that certain rules can be rejected. The European Commission is one of the main institutions of the European Union, its executive body, and promoter of the legislative process. It is made up of delegates (one for each Member State of the European Union, called Commissioner), each of whom is required the maximum decision-making independence, by the national government that has indicated him (it seems to us a comic phrase). It has its headquarters in the Berlaymont Palace in Brussels.

    Represents and protects the interests of the European Union as a whole (with clear preferences for certain countries) and having the monopoly of power, legislative initiative (seems dangerous to us), proposes the adoption of EU legislative acts, whose ultimate approval lies with the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union; it is also responsible for the implementation of political decisions by the legislative bodies, manages EU programs and the expenditure of its structural funds. Do you understand how much power, all in the hands of a chosen few? Did you notice: it manages EU programs and its structural funds spending. So economically, all countries have to do their bidding, from the point of view of programs, and economic activities.

    To understand the effects of the various decisions, you just need to do like us, a group of analysis, for each decision, to understand, who has gained, and who has lost, you will be surprised, and maybe pissed, to see the results. When the time is right, we'll let everyone know about them.

    Our solutions.

    For the world.

    Create the world organization of peoples, and not the UN, which counts for nothing. Our organization will be legitimate, because voted and managed by the people, and not chosen and influenced by the Governments. Each people will choose, through the vote, only one representative. And there will be no veto right.

    For peace.

    Create a military alliance, of all the peoples of the earth, encompassing all the divisive alliances, for the imposition of peace, voted, and managed by all the peoples of the earth. Each people will choose, through the vote, only one representative. And there will be no veto right.

    For Europe.

    To create a complete Europe, in which all the peoples of Europe are represented, and not just those, chosen on the basis of the economy. Each people will choose, through the vote, only one representative. And there will be no veto right.

    In all our 3 peoples' organizations, all the countries will be included, which will talk to each other, and will find solutions, together, based on mutual respect, of all people, because, if we leave everything, in the hands of the many criminals, powerful, who lead, control, and manage the world now, we will never have a different, better world.

    Before receiving the judicial actions, anyone intending to sue us, read some newspapers, from December 2022, in which, prominent members of the European institutions, and NGOs connected to them, were surprised, with whole bags of money at home, received , from very rich countries, to favor interests outside Europe. Many are under investigation for corruption, some even in prison for similar offences.

    Many analysts and specialists tell us that it is only the tip of the iceberg, and if the culprits do not take steps to cover up the various tests and terminate the investigations, there could be big surprises and unforeseen developments.

    We are not interested in specifying, that they are almost all, characters from the left, we are sure that all the old politics, has within it, people under investigation, and above all convicted, definitively, for even very serious crimes.

    We would be jackals, taking advantage of the evils of politics, to show everyone how different and better we are. Instead we take this opportunity to tell you a few things.

    Because in our opinion, taking advantage of the roles of political representative, to earn, by stealing, cheating, and betraying, not only one's own constituents, but national institutions, and in this case continental ones, is execrable behavior.

    Of us, our members, and our political representatives, no one can say: they lied, they stole, they cheated, they were accused, wanted, investigated, or convicted.

    And we tell you a secret, they will never tell it, because we ourselves will control, right down to our underwear, each of our users, each of his family members, collaborators, friends, or contacts, who carry out official activities, on our behalf, or on our behalf. voters.

    And we solemnly swear, and we always keep our oaths, and promises, that we ourselves will report everything suspicious to the competent authorities, to carry out all the checks. Even with the risk of losing votes, consents, elections, or of being self-harming.

    Because , if you keep your spine straight, and are always sincere, voters understand good intentions. And then we are certain that in the future, there will be infiltrators who will have anti-social behaviors, to discredit us, but we will do everything to anticipate their moves.

    Many will accuse us, that we are bad guys, extremists, dictators, and that we use our special security groups, for all the necessary checks, to prevent people from… sorry, we do not apologize, if we will be oppressive, and obsessed with checks, if these, will recover money, unjustly earned, or will highlight possible illegal activities.

    If a person is honest, sincere, and carries out all his duties, and every job, with us, in an ethical way, respecting all our rules, he has nothing to fear.

    Politics, for us, is a serious matter, as is respect for the law.

    On everyone's part, whoever makes a mistake must pay, down to the last cent, with the relative interest. There are no excuses, or exceptions, whoever makes a mistake pays. If the Justice says that they will have to pay, with prison, we will never ask for sentence reductions for them.

    Let's face it, few things are worse than theft and favouritism. Deceiving people's trust, not keeping promises, cheating, discrediting, accusing the adversary, the old politics, almost all of it, has got us used to everything.

    We will do everything to be different and better.

    The different and better world will have no preference for a country or a population, it will not only look at the gains of a few countries, or often a few people, but will help everyone, always starting with the weakest, and with people , businesses, or entire populations most in difficulty.

    Our Europe.

    When, in many countries, you want to pass Laws or regulations that are difficult for the citizens to bear, you always say: Europe is asking us for it, we often say: Europe imposes it on us.

    But it is enough to read up a bit to understand that Europe, which should treat all peoples and all countries with the same respect, is in many cases dominated by the financial and economic powers which, by controlling almost all politics, it is basically controlled by 2 degrees countries. France and Germany dictate the rules for everyone, based on their own interests. Which is legitimate, for the interests of the 2 countries, but it is not fair towards the others. Europe must not suffer blackmail, and controls, from the economic and financial spheres, but must decide without preferences, respecting all peoples, and all countries, equally.

    There are countries, which have seen their economies devastated, destroyed, only to be plundered by commercial companies, with the help of politicians. They have been doing it for many years, and the poor citizens suffer in silence, because they are often political representatives, in their respective countries, as accomplices of these disgusting characters.

    We are certain of what we write, and if someone is curious to know certain information, he can inform himself, or he can request certain documents, from the various institutions.

    We do not make precise accusations, for the simple fact, that Justice must take its course, and it is not up to us, at this moment, to investigate. But we will do it at the right time, not for revenge, but for a matter of Justice.

    In every country, all over the world, as soon as we take power, from our political representatives, by winning elections, the people will know, from their political representatives, exactly every truth that has been kept hidden.

    Ours is not a threat, but an oath.

    We are sure that many people, even respected ones, when the various activities and various secrets are discovered, will have to give many explanations.

    Too many people suffer from thirst, hunger, or disease, too many are poor, cold, and often die, while characters of dubious morality, often criminals, decide about their present and their future. Populations suffer, and politicians are rich bosses who, with their own parties, often live in luxury.

    Many make political projects, even interesting ones, and then ally themselves with the political, economic, and financial "powers", for interest, and for money.

    We are the only alliance, we make it with our constituents, and with all our users.

    We guarantee you that we are incorruptible, for the simple fact that by respecting our rules and our method, no one will be able to be smart.

    The human being has a natural thirst for power, wants wealth at all costs, changing and improving this mentality will perhaps be our most difficult challenge. But we are sure we can do it, by changing and improving the way we work, putting into practice our innovative method and our strict but fair rules.

    In our other articles, we talk about the United States, and many other countries, even in detail.

    We report what doesn't seem right to us, and we give our solutions.

    People will choose whether we are the best or not, but you can bet we can never do worse than the old politics, the old finance, and the old economy. We will certainly be more just, free, democratic, putting into practice: equality of opportunity, and meritocracy. 

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