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    Words are important

    words are important

    Writing an article in which we declare that words are important may seem superfluous to many superficial people. Many will say: it is logical that words are important, like promises, but the important thing is to make them concrete and put them into practice. We have not discovered hot water, but we ask you: have the political forces, and the political representatives, that you supported, and for whom you voted, always kept every promise? Have they always told you the truth? Have they always been honest and sincere? Well, you figured it out for yourself, words are very important, and for this reason, almost all of our information articles, and all of our regulations, have a menu item (divided into various sub-menu categories), which call: “+Law+” (in English, it means laws and regulations). For us, every word and every sentence that we publish or say are laws to be respected for all those who join us. We do it because we proposed them, chose them, discussed them, decided them, and voted on them all together. Thanks to one of our rules, which commits us to preserving previous work, including all our decisions from the past, everything we have decided and done can only be expanded and made better, without ever being able to be changed or overturned. This simple method will allow us to never lose sight of our objectives, our motivations, our values, our ideals, our style, and our specificities. We respect and will always respect the work and decisions of those who came before us. Let's not forget our origins, and where we started from. We do not forget and will never forget the difficulties, the sacrifices, the barriers, and the people who created problems for us.

    At DirectDemocracyS, every single word, and every sentence, written in every one of our informative articles, has been, is currently, and will in the future, be put into practice, exactly as it was decided by all our users. In many cases, everything was voted on by everyone, in others, for less complex topics, it was decided by a group of people, and then approved by the main groups, called special groups. We remind you that each of our members can be part of one, or even all, of our special groups.

    DirectDemocracyS has a completely different way of doing politics compared to all the other traditional political forces, and also compared to the various political groups that declare themselves to be anti-system. We have nothing in common with everyone else, because we are completely innovative and alternative to everyone else.

    Our method of communicating is direct, and often very simple, to be understood by everyone, in other cases however, it is specific, and understandable only by specialists. With the exception of a few informative, specific, and very complex articles, the majority of our public information is simple, and easily understandable by anyone.

    Words, for us, are fundamental, to make you understand the enormous difference between DirectDemocracyS, and all the others, and already in these first sentences, there are many to explain.

    But first, as always, a brief but fundamental introduction.

    When we declare ourselves politically perfect, or, when we say that we are infallible, we don't do it to boast, and above all, we don't do it to "gain consensus". Success is pleasant for everyone, and every person who joins us fills our hearts with joy, because they join us: 2 more eyes to see what is happening, 2 ears to hear what is being said around, 1 nose to smell, if something stinks, or if it smells, 2 arms to work together, 2 legs to walk together, but above all another brain, to reason together, and another heart, to rejoice together, of our excellent results.

    We always say it: excellent results, it means that we will do good, for everyone, and we have all the potential.

    But let's analyze some words, explaining their meaning well.

    Old politics.

    For us, all the other traditional political forces, both "system" and "anti-system" ones, are part of the old politics. We have talked about traditional politics several times, and we will not focus on the various political forces, but we will see their behavior, and the differences with DirectDemocracyS. We have analyzed the "anti-system" forces several times, and we have explained why they are unsuccessful, even before they begin. The system had all the time it needed to make it impossible for someone to win in a direct clash. Social clashes, political clashes, or physical clashes are completely useless, and do nothing but strengthen lobbies. The so-called system has made itself invincible.

    The only method is not to fight against the system, but to change it, and improve it from within, intelligently using the various institutions and laws that regulate our lives. That's exactly what we do, we create something new and alternative, without any need for clashes, based on the intelligence and concrete work of all good people.

    We always talk about work together.

    Let it be clear to everyone, working with us, in DirectDemocracyS, does not mean going to work in the mine, but it means carrying out activities together, in a coordinated way, organized down to the smallest detail. It is intellectual work, generally carried out comfortably, online, and rarely physical. Let's say that the only physical activity will consist in collecting, where necessary, signatures to run for elections, or in travelling, to go to the various institutions. Working together with us also means selecting and welcoming all our new voters / users in the best way.

    The planning.

    Many people often ask themselves, especially on the eve of new elections, why we don't participate, or haven't participated, in real elections? The answer is simple. The work inside us will make the work outside our political organization much simpler and more efficient. We know very well that we have to hurry, because all the good people in the world are impatiently waiting for our innovation, to finally have a different and better life. Rushing, however, could also make us make mistakes, and we cannot afford that. We decided from the beginning, given the great importance of our work, to do everything, in the ways, times and places necessary. Our definitive project, which includes the rules and methodology to implement it in an optimal way, is still constantly evolving. We will all decide together, when we can participate directly, in the electoral "challenges", which will almost certainly be won, obtaining an absolute majority everywhere, not over the voters, but over all the people who have the right to vote. These predictions, which to some seem too optimistic, are based on the certainty that good people, with above average intelligence, will be able to choose in the right way. We are aware of our enormous potential, and we are sure that we will have the desired results in a concrete way. Those who do not feel represented by any old political party or by any political representative of traditional politics will find in DirectDemocracyS the only fair, just and credible alternative. Those who do not vote, or those who have not recently voted, will almost certainly decide to go and vote, to have a different and better life, becoming the true and only protagonist, together with each of our voters. We are not optimists, we are just realists.

    We have done very detailed articles on the differences between DirectDemocracyS and all the other political forces, but some people did not understand them, or did not want to understand them.


    For all other political forces, politics is a one-way, proper management of institutions and wealth, based on activities and decisions based on various interests. With the old politics he rules, and the voters follow orders.

    DirectDemocracyS declares that politics must have two essential purposes: to change and improve the world, and above all to solve, in a concrete and efficient way, all the problems of all people. With DirectDemocracyS, the voters all together command, and our political representatives carry out all the orders of those who, with their vote, have given them the power to represent them in the various institutions.

    Do you understand the difference? Towards the end of this article, we will give you some examples, to understand even better.

    Traditional politics.

    They are all political parties, from the far right, to the far left, passing through the center parties. It's the Republicans, the Democrats, and everyone else. It's the progressives, the conservatives, and everyone in between. They are the greens, the liberals, the Nazis, the fascists, the communists, the socialists, the republicans, the monarchists, and all the others.

    DirectDemocracyS, is innovation, an alternative to all the others, it is based on logic, common sense, and mutual respect. It takes every tiny positive part of the other political forces, creating its own, politically perfect ideology. We do it without stealing any ideas, but thanks to every single person who joins us, who with an open mind, brings with them: their own traditions, their own culture, their own religion, their own intelligence, their own ideas, their own projects, own proposals, and own skills, making everything available to all those who join us.

    Do you understand why we are so "vain"? Why are we so proud of our long, hard work? We have every reason to, and then, we don't do it to boast, we repeat, we're just realistic.

    At this point, let's make another observation.

    DirectDemocracyS, from the first second, in which we had the idea of creating it, was born from ideas and proposals, on a collective basis. There is not just one "creator", or just one "creator". For us, it has always been like this, and almost no one can understand that we are really like this. We wanted to create the best political force in the history of humanity, the most honest, the most fair, the most just, the freest, the most independent, and above all, the only authentic democracy.


    We have analyzed various forms of government, and we have analyzed the alleged, so-called "Western" democracy. Compared to dictatorships and single parties, even the "partial democracy" of many countries is undoubtedly better. But it is still an oligarchic party system, which has nothing in common with the only true democracy, which only DirectDemocracyS can guarantee. At this point, many people, with a "political culture", will tell us that Switzerland, and other countries, have a partial "direct" democracy, which we call, by its real name: false direct democracy. We will explain better, because not everyone understands our motivations.

    Oligarchic party politics.

    Electoral campaign, elections, and then, based on the consensus obtained, the political forces govern for many years, without ever asking for an opinion from those who, with their vote, elected these political "representatives". Anyone who lives in these countries suffers the greatest scam in the history of humanity: representative "democracy". Political experts will tell you that it is democracy. You choose the political party, or the political representative, who decides, for many years, in place of the people. But democracy means: power to the people. Under no circumstances does this mean: power to political parties and various representatives. This methodology, only on election day, and in a few popular referendums, is authentic democracy, the rest of the time, it is an oligarchic party democracy, in which, for many years, true democracy is suspended.

    DirectDemocracyS is the only, authentic, direct democracy that continues over time. How can we be so sure? Because we are the only ones in the world who allow complete control by their voters over their political representatives, before, during, and for the first time in the world, even after the elections. So, dear "experts", you can continue to lie, deceiving people that they are free, and live in authentic democracy, but we repeat: you lie, knowing you are lying.

    A brief explanation.

    They tell you that elections, to choose political representatives, political parties, coalitions, guarantee you freedom of choice. As if the very fact of being able to choose who to command for many years represented true democracy. Experts from the most important universities in the world will explain to you that you have enormous power in being able to choose the political forces and the people who will govern you and choose in your place. And we ask you: wouldn't it be better to reverse the roles, that is, to bend the political forces, and all their representatives, to the will of the sovereign people.

    At this point some will ask: why had no one thought of this before? We can guarantee you that many people will certainly have thought about it. But by implementing our political project, the lobbies, the interests of the various economic and financial systems, would lose all power, and the laws to be respected would be decided by the population, and not only, by some political parties, and by their members, such as it happens currently. With DirectDemocracyS, they could no longer do as they please. With our rules, no one can exploit, in ethically incorrect ways, and for their own interests, all the various institutions, which would only and exclusively serve the interests of the entire population. Why not force everyone to do like DirectDemocracyS? First, because no one has our rules, our methodologies, our groups of specialists, our management teams (made up of all our members), and the people, carefully selected in the initial stages, who make us infallible. Second, because the old politics are not interested in being commanded, controlled and managed directly by their voters. With our method, they would have to respect all programs and promises, they could not lie, because they would be discovered, they could not steal, because they would be constantly monitored, and they would be obliged to look after everyone's interests, and not just those of a few. Let it be clear to everyone, all the old politics, likes to command, to have advantages, and does not like to submit to the will of the community, and above all, does not want to lose its privileges, which among other things, it does not deserve, and has never deserved to have.

    Some "specialists", certainly not disinterested, will tell you: political forces and political representatives are voted on the basis of programs and promises made by political forces before the elections. And we ask you: have the political forces, and their political representatives, always respected and implemented every word of their program? Did they keep every single promise? It would all be almost correct, and almost honest, if your answers to the 2 previous questions were: yes, they have always respected the entire program, and they have respected every promise made before the elections. Instead, we all know very well how it works. First, they blame it on those who were there before. And then, they invent every excuse, and find sterile, and often false, reasons to justify their failures. Many of them will justify all their "cheating" and their lies, finding every alibi and every possible excuse, and we will continue to excuse them, and justify their failures, because we like them, and they have a nice smile. Other "experts" will tell you: if a political force, or a political representative, is not convenient for you in the next elections, vote for another. In the meantime, for many years, they have looked after their own interests, and have subjected the entire population to their decisions for a long time. And then, in the following elections, others will do more or less the same things. Because, we don't know if you've realized it, but even by changing the name of the political party, or by choosing another person, the situation and the methodology don't change much. They all do more or less the same things. Finally, to close this painful but unfortunately real chapter, let's say a few things about the power of the old politics to do what the population promises and asks for. The old politics knows very well that it can always use the excuse that it was not able to do what it promised because it was not allowed to do so. And then they find imaginary enemies, or, in many cases, real ones. We often witness clashes between legislative, governmental and judicial powers.

    Legitimacy of political choices.

    Does the old policy have legitimacy? They will tell you yes, and they are partly right. The vote of citizens in elections is very important, but if we analyze it, mathematically, in many countries, it does not represent the majority of the population. If out of 100% of voters, 90% vote (but in many cases abstentionism exceeds 10%, in many cases it reaches 40%, and often in certain elections, over half of the voters do not vote), who gets oil 50% + 1 vote, does not hold the majority of voters, entitled to vote. It only holds the majority of those who actually went to the polls to vote. Therefore, it is not a question of a majority in the country, but of a majority of those who have concretely expressed their opinion. With the excuse of making countries governable and achieving political stability, they invented majority bonuses. Often with 35%, or 40%, a country is governed for many years. So they decide to reward those who are in the minority just because they get a few more votes than the others.

    The coalitions.

    In order to govern, and to be able to write the laws, many political forces, even very different ones, come together in coalitions to attract a greater number of voters, to obtain "majority prizes", and therefore to win. They do this by often giving up many good ideas and accepting compromises. We will never be part of coalitions, because we will never give up our ideas, and we will never change our programs, just to obtain power. We leave traditional political forces the freedom to change their programs, and not keep their promises, just to win, and to subjugate their voters. In many cases, with similar coalitions, a large part of the voters distance themselves from a political force, which partially renounces its identity, just to win. The most united coalitions, which then often dissolve, always due to interests, often personal, blackmail, and broken promises. DirectDemocracyS, will never be part of coalitions, and does not make agreements with anyone, to govern, for various reasons, one of the main ones, is because we do not make any compromises, with anyone, the only ones who can tell us what we must do, are our own voters. And they can do it at any time.

    We have to answer a question that arises spontaneously. And what if the voters of one of our political organizations, on a territorial or local basis, decided to make an agreement with another political force, because in the polls they could win the elections? Our basic rules do not change based on local interests, because they would distort our identity, on which all those who join us are based. So, knowing that something cannot be done, none of our users / voters would ever dream of making such a request. However, they should ask themselves, why were they unable to obtain an absolute majority locally, while being able to count on our potential?

    And another question. If a political force, at any level, international, national, state, or local, decided to join DirectDemocracyS, could it do so? In DirectDemocracyS, you enter individually, accepting all our rules, and all our methodologies. If an entire, traditional political force decides to join us, on our conditions, with our name, with our logo, and with all our rules and methodologies, we will be happy to welcome them, from first to last. And for those who wonder: could criminals, thieves, dictators, war criminals and unscrupulous people also enter? Criminals, thieves, dictators, war criminals and unscrupulous people will answer to the law for their crimes and for us they will never be able to run as our political representatives (we have clear rules in this regard, we do not put wolves guarding the sheep", in the enclosure), and will never be able to have specific roles of greater responsibility (to understand us better, they will have to stop at types of users, less important in our inevitable hierarchy), but they will be able to join us, and work together with us, because if a person has paid for their crimes, it would be wrong to continue to punish them for their entire life. Those who join us start from scratch, the important thing is that they do not commit crimes, or repeat the same mistakes by joining us.


    Voting is a right and a civic duty. The previous sentence , however, clashes with the individual freedom to decide whether to vote or not to vote. Why do we see media campaigns in which everyone reminds us to go and vote? Many will think that they do it because they want our good. But that's only partially true. Almost always, they do it because with many who vote, they feel they have greater legitimacy to govern. In many countries, we are witnessing abstentionism, the growth of which is now inexorable. People don't vote because they are tired of being made fun of, and also because they have no credible alternatives to the old political forces. What can we say to these people? Many condemn them, saying that those who don't vote are wrong. Others, like us, while advising everyone to freely express their opinion, understand the urgent need to present DirectDemocracyS, and make it usable, in every country and in every geographical area of the world, as the only honest, fair alternative , fair, free, independent, and credible. For us it will be an honor, and a great responsibility, to bring the many people disappointed by the old traditional politics back to voting.

    Direct democracy.

    And Switzerland? And other countries, which allow citizens many opportunities to express themselves directly? We will answer you briefly: they are fake and partial direct democracies. Always better than the representative ones, but always fake, and always partial. To obtain a popular referendum, for example, a proactive one, each citizens' proposal must have a certain number of signatures, and then, after the difficult and complicated phase of collecting signatures, each question must be approved by the political forces , elected, always in a representative manner, in Switzerland, by the Federal Council, which decides whether to admit or reject a referendum. Therefore, dear friends, it is always the political parties, and their representatives, who decide, and certainly not the citizens. In DirectDemocracyS, voters have complete and continuous control over their political representatives. Furthermore, every idea, and every proposal, of each of our single voters / users, made on our website, is always discussed, decided, and voted on, first in groups of various kinds, and finally, by all our users / voters . It is the voters / users who decide, discuss, propose and vote for every idea and project, at every level. The difference between us and everyone else is explained very well by the example of puppets and puppeteers. In old traditional politics, political parties, and their political representatives, are the puppet masters, and we, the voters, are the puppets. They decide, and we suffer every decision. They make the Laws, and we must respect them, even when they themselves do not always respect their own Laws. DirectDemocracyS, with its own rules and method, completely reverses the roles. The voters / users decide, in a collective and informed way, and our political representatives put into practice every decision of those who gave them the power of representation.

    The example of the child, and the babysitter.

    For DirectDemocracyS, the institutions of the State are like a child to be looked after. Through elections, we select the babysitter, who will have to take care of our child. With all the other political forces, the babysitter decides everything, and we parents have to adapt to her decisions and her "experience". With DirectDemocracyS, the babysitter diligently carries out all the orders of the parents, who always decide, at any time, autonomously and directly, how their child should eat, grow, play and be educated. At this point, many of you will wonder: but the babysitter is competent, and many parents do not have all the necessary information. We will answer you immediately. Every parent wants the best for their children, and informs themselves, with other parents, perhaps more experienced, to choose well.

    The groups of specialists.

    Direct democracy, as we saw in the previous example, has one major flaw. Not all voters are competent on all topics, and they could risk making wrong decisions. DirectDemocracyS was designed to be infallible, and from the first minute (we needed experts to conceive such a project, find any defects and correct them), we created groups of experts, on a meritocratic basis, and based on specific skills. They are free and independent groups of specialists who teach, have studied, work, or who have worked in sectors of activity, based on various topics. But students with exceptional results, chosen by our specialists, are also part of our groups. But that is not all. Each of our experts is also one of our members, and therefore the owner of each of our activities, and therefore has every interest in ensuring that everything works perfectly. So, our experts can not only make proposals, but also offer to all our users / voters, all the various possibilities that exist, and the expected consequences, based on each decision made. With fully, freely, and independently informed users/voters, we could always choose, in the best way, for the good of all. Our experts also inform all our political representatives, offering them any necessary information, at any time. But we will make detailed articles on the functioning of our activities. These are the implementing regulations, which we will publish at the right time.

    Shared leadership.

    Who is the leader of your traditional political force? You know it, and you know it very well, every political force has a leadership and a hierarchy. Often, there are external struggles between various political parties and leaders, and even more often, there are internal struggles for power within the various political forces. Clashes, verbal and even physical, and the use of fair and unfair means to remove power and give it to another. People who come in and out of various political forces just out of pride or personal interests. Who is the leader of DirectDemocracyS? Every single one of our voters / users. Through a simple, but efficient method of shared leadership, with each member owning everything, in DirectDemocracyS, each person is the protagonist, and has the same importance, as any other. The only hierarchy is represented by one's merits, one's skills, one's intelligence, one's work, one's concrete results, and one's behavior. One must not be faithful to one leader, or to another, but to the very idea of community. All together, we are one, immense, and unbeatable leader. Don't you believe it? Get informed, join us, and you will see, with your own eyes, that this is exactly how it is.


    Who is the owner of each old political force? We don't know exactly. In some cases, there are social categories, more or less involved, in other cases, various lobbies, in other cases, financiers. DirectDemocracyS, is owned, by all its members/voters. A collective ownership, in which each of our members has only one individual share, non-transmittable, as in joint-stock companies (but non-transmittable, and non-exchangeable), of our entire political organization, of our entire website, and of all our activities. Thanks to this methodology, to our self-financing, and to our rules, we have always been, are, and will forever be absolutely free and independent. Making all our members / voters, owners, managers and controllers, of our website, of our political organization, at every level, of our every activity and of our every structure, allows us, to never have internal fights, splits, and other similar problems. We like to say that we all pull the cart in the same direction.

    Clear separation of political representation activities from the management of our political organization.

    In addition to ownership, each of our official members manages our political organization, but also has the alternative possibility of participating in the selections of our political representatives, and of running for office, in our online, closed primary political elections. The clear and clear separation of political representation activities from the management of our political organization allows anyone who joins us to choose whether to do one activity or the other. For us, both are fundamental, but they cannot be done, in the best way, together. Nothing prevents those who carry out political representation activities from managing our political organization, at the end of their political representation activity, of our voters, in the institutions. We are perhaps the only ones in the world to separate the 2 political careers so clearly.

    Change, and reforms.

    The traditional political forces try to obtain consensus, promising change and reforms. DirectDemocracyS has always combined change with the word improvement. Because you can change for the better, or make the situation worse. To avoid doubt, we change, and improve the world. Many political forces declare they are making reforms. There are political forces that declare themselves reformists. Again, the effect of any reform can be positive or negative. Declaring yourself a reformist is not enough if, with the reforms made, people see their situation worsening. To be sure, in our regulation, we have planned to always start by helping the people, sectors and commercial companies most in difficulty first. We do not make promises to "buy votes and consensus", but because it is logical and common sense to always start helping those in difficulty.

    Our reforms, and the political program.

    After an evaluation of the real situations, reforms are prepared, for the good of all. It seems like a normal thing, but the old politics has accustomed us to lobbies, to people, to rich and powerful commercial companies, which almost always put the economic and financial system in a dominant position over the political system. They have also accustomed us to various political, judicial, governmental and legislative powers, in constant conflict with each other. All this happens because everyone likes power, and every institution would like to prevail over the other. In many cases it is said that politics is too weak. There are various reasons, the main one is that politics is not always representative of the real popular will. It is not always legitimized to govern, and it is not even legitimized to write the rules, for the simple reason that it does not always do so for the good of everyone, it often does so for personal interests.

    A small example.

    After the elections, the parties that win govern, often wasting time, accusing those who governed before for every problem. Technically, it's not wrong to see the problems, and find the solutions, but placing blame certainly doesn't solve the problems. We try in some way to justify ourselves, even before we have failed. This kind of politics doesn't belong to us. Just as it does not belong to us, the exploitation of credulity and popular ignorance. There are people who, for a bonus, or for an alleged or concrete "gift", trust political forces, who almost always make us pay, with interest, for every gift they give us. Buying votes, with measures that damage the community, is useful for maintaining power, but it is profoundly wrong towards good people. So, you were not expecting gifts of any kind, which are not deserved, reciprocated, and absolutely necessary.

    The public debt.

    To make the current generation "live well" and obtain consensus, votes and power, many political forces take measures which on the surface may seem useful, but instead will put future generations into debt and make life impossible. DirectDemocracyS creates sustainable development from all points of view, looking at the present and the future. Having our accounts in order means not making our mistakes weigh on future generations.

    Social measures, without ever favoring those who take advantage of the laws, in ethically incorrect ways, to obtain undeserved advantages.

    The political program is decided all together, with some points of reference.

    No decision by DirectDemocracyS must not create deaths, injuries, destruction or fear for good and innocent people. This does not mean that where we govern, we will be easily attacked, on the contrary, we will always be able to respond, with great determination, and with great intelligence, to every challenge. The old politics, the old finance, and the old economics base much of their undeserved and immense power on the fears of good people, on the dead, on the injured, and on the destruction. We, with our rules and our methodology, will create a safer and more developed world, in a more fair, honest and loyal way compared to other political forces, thanks to innovative and alternative financial and economic programs. The world cannot be changed and improved only with politics; direct activities of all types are needed to change and improve finance and the world economy.

    The political program must first of all take into account the interests and needs of the entire world population. The old politics has accustomed us to many cases of exploitation and interests of a few social categories. In many cases, rich and powerful lobbies, people and commercial companies direct political choices, in a more or less visible and direct way. Having as a basis the well-being of the entire world population, always starting to help the people, sectors and commercial companies most in difficulty first, wrong choices cannot be made. In addition to international and continental interests, national and local interests must be protected on the basis of social justice. DirectDemocracyS, is the only political force, in which equality is always combined with meritocracy, and both are continuous over time. These 2 words, equality, always combined with meritocracy, must always be guaranteed, for a just society, in which those who are better must be helped, without ever forgetting those who are less good.

    We don't practice Robin Hood politics.

    We are not interested in "stealing" from the rich, to give to the poor, creating social struggles that do more harm than good. We are not revolutionaries, and we don't like street fighting, we are innovators, and creators of well-being for all. Intelligence must prevail over the thirst for power. Those who have earned their money, their properties, in an ethically correct way, respecting the environment, and their collaborators, thanks to ingenious ideas, on the basis of merit, will never have anything to fear. Those who have obtained wealth and power in an undeserved way will lose them inexorably if they have not respected all laws, logic, common sense and respect for nature and for all people. A better and different world also means a "maniacal" respect for all just, fair, meritocratic and loyal laws. Political forces that base their power on hatred are destined to implode and fail.

    There are many words to say, in this article of ours, we have only made a small part of our innovation understood, we hope by everyone, and forever. Thanks to these rules, and our method, we speak with our possible voters, and potential future members, directly, without fear of losing consensus. Our continuous growth shows that we are on the right path. Recently, we have been made partially public, to a limited number of people, to have continuous, but controlled, safe, organized growth, so as not to create disorder. We have never received, in our short history, negative reviews, although we are certain that they will appear to be liars, who will write false things about us. Our prayer is to inform you, completely, to know the truth. Don't believe every theory, but always check.

    We do not accept blackmail, morality lessons, or influences from traditions, cultures, religions, and other political forces. We are not interested in having incompatible people with us, and we select, with great care, all the people who want to join us. Even in this, we are different from other political forces, who want anyone to obtain power immediately. Power, which they then keep for themselves. As soon as they know us every good person, with normal intelligence, will join us, because we are the only ones, who if we win the elections, we will share all the power, with all the people who join us. We are the only ones who govern, together with our voters, and we have a huge advantage over other political forces: we are the only ones in the world to have real, and continuous, popular representation. We, with our method, have the direct and continuous support of our voters, and we can always declare that we act based on the popular will. Not that of a few minutes, of individual elections, but that continues over time , thanks to our website, in which we all work together, without any discrimination.

    This method allows us to decide in real time, all our political programs, and to change them, based on everyone's needs. We are the only ones in the world who, in case of victory in the elections, will not govern only for our voters, but for the common good of all people. Also for the good of those who will not join us!

    3 “problems” of DirectDemocracyS.

    We are aware that we have 3 big "problems" that will prevent many people from joining us.

    The first concerns the bad habit of unintelligent people of blaming politics for all their problems. The old politics is the exact mirror of the population that votes. If he makes mistakes, it is also because of the people who continue to trust the traditional political forces. Whoever joins us cannot blame politics, because he himself is politics, and he himself is responsible for our choices. Obviously, there will be people who will say: I didn't agree with this choice, but our clear vote, visible to all, and the need to motivate each vote, will make everyone understand the truth, and the real motivations for every decision we make. These people vent their frustrations for their failures on politics, which is only partially responsible, so these people will never like DirectDemocracyS.

    The second "problem" of DirectDemocracyS is people, who have an obsessive need for someone to decide for them. These people are unlikely to join us, out of laziness, or, out of habit, of letting others decide for everything that concerns them. Whoever joins us must always become the protagonist, and work together with us, to change and improve the world. People, who do not find time for these activities, which influence their lives, deserve that the old politics decides for them.

    The third "problem" is represented by people, who tell us: if I have to decide, why do I have to pay political representatives to do the job I do? The question is legitimate and partially acceptable. Our final aim is to make all people decide directly, with immediate and direct democracy at every level, allowing citizens direct control of all institutions. For such a reform, it takes a lot of time and a lot of work, but it is a desirable choice, and for us, inevitable. The task of DirectDemocracyS will not be finished with direct democracy, because it needs a platform and an organization that allows people to express themselves and verify respect for democracy and individual and group freedom. . We must continue our work forever, to prevent democracy from being "stolen" again, from those who should have it by right, that is, from the population. Until then, and from then on, we must continue, with our innovations, to always remain current and modern.

    Some words we don't like: death, injury, suffering, destruction, fear, thirst, hunger, lack of medicines and adequate medical care, poverty, destruction of the planet, discrimination, ignorance, abandonment, lies, fake news, secrets of State (the State is the citizens, who in a democracy should have all the power of verification, control, management and decision-making, always preventive, therefore before any activity). There are many others, words and phrases, that are to be avoided when engaging in politics. In our regulation, every decision is based on logic, common sense, truth, science, and mutual respect for all people, so no decision we make will result in one of the words we don't like. But we will make very detailed articles on these methodologies, and on these very specific rules. For now, we explain to you that none of our decisions can cause death, injury, suffering, destruction, fear, thirst, hunger, lack of medicines and adequate medical care, poverty, destruction of the planet, discrimination, ignorance, abandonment, lies , fake news, and state secrets. We will work clearly and transparently!

    No compromise.

    Many will tell you that politics is the "art of compromise" and collaboration between political forces. Guess what it is, the only political force in the world that doesn't compromise with anyone? DirectDemocracyS. A compromise presupposes that one of the parties begins to negotiate and renounces part of its program in order to "please and accept" the ideas and programs of the other party. We do not give up, not even a word, not even a sentence, of our political program, and none of us do so, ever, and for any reason. Promising to do something, and then not doing it, or promising not to do something, and then doing it, is part of the DNA of old politics. DirectDemocracyS, is in contact, online, 24/7, with all its voters/users, at every level, international, continental, national, and local, down to our neighborhood organization, and in big cities , of a street block. By communicating directly, we can decide everything, together with the only people who deserve to decide. The population, our voters, informed by groups of specialists, free and independent.

    No agreement, no coalition, and no collaboration, except for normal institutional work.

    DirectDemocracyS will never, and for any reason, make agreements with other political forces, and will never enter into any coalition. We repeat it because they continue to contact us, to make coalitions and agreements. We are not interested, and never will be. Old politics, and DirectDemocracyS, are like oil, and water, they don't mix. If we win the various elections, as is logical, we will govern at every level. If we don't win, we will mount a fair, loyal, honest and healthy opposition. If the decisions of the winner are deemed by our voters to be useful for the community, we will also give our votes to approve them.

    DirectDemocracyS will dialogue with everyone, without exception, but will not accept any external influence. The previous sentence clearly explains our position and our methodology.

    Clear, detailed rules that are respected by anyone who joins us.

    Our rules were designed to make us the best political force in the world, but also the most severe, with those who are not respectful of every single word, and for every sentence, that we decide together. Our rules do not allow anyone to obtain undeserved advantages, and cannot be used in ethically incorrect ways. They do not allow anyone, individually or in a group, to concentrate too much "power" and use it incorrectly.

    We are sure that each of our users / voters will respect every single word, every single sentence, of every one of our rules.

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