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    The DirectDemocracyS politics


    From the ancient Greek politikḗ ("pertaining to the pόlis", the city-state), with implied téchnē ("art" or "technique"); by extension: "art pertaining to the city-state", sometimes paraphrased in "technique of governance (of society)". From the same root (πόλις, pόlis, "city-state") also derive the noun polīītēs (πολίτης, "citizen") and the adjective polītikós (πολιτικός, "political").


    According to the ancient Chinese definition, politics is the art of governing, while in Greece, among the various definitions that of Pericles stands out, for which politics is the art of living together. Socrates, identified four forms of government with the relative degenerations.

    The definition we like.

    "Man is by nature a political animal" (Aristotle, Politics, Book III, 1278b).

    For us, politics.

    For us politics: it means carrying out activities, for the good of the whole population, always starting to help people, companies, geographic areas, and countries most in difficulty.

    The various political eras.

    Political antiquity, and contemporary politics, are all part of the old politics, which we have often historically analyzed and criticized on the basis of facts alone.

    The innovative politic.

    DirectDemocracyS, is the only innovative politic, based on the only authentic democracy, the direct one, which allows citizens, free, who, helped by groups of specialists, experts, in every sector, and informed by information groups, all independent, in a unified manner, free, competent, honest, reliable, sincere, available, and free.

    Ideological basis.

    DirectDemocracyS, takes all the small positive parts, and strengths, of all ideologies, and political forms, including all political parties, of the past. It denies, eliminates, and never shares, all the negative parts, which all political forces had, and still have. Our ideology is to always be and remain innovative, and politically perfect.


    Basing all our activities, and all our rules, on logic, common sense, and mutual respect, of all people.

    Putting into practice, the only true democracy, and not the party power, and the oligarchy, also present in all the countries that declare themselves free and democratic.

    To allow our official members, a total and continuous control, together with our verified registered users, of all the activities, decisions, and votes, of our political representatives, selected, and voted, first, by our territorial groups, at all geographical levels, through internal primary elections, based on equality, meritocracy, competence, honesty, reliability, and the level of education.

    Our voters have absolute power, and also, for the first time in the world, they are the owners, of our entire political organization, of all our activities, of all our connected projects, and based on the geographical area of residence, stable, of each territorial political organization, and of each of our related projects.

    Eliminate internal struggles for power in various ways, such as, for example, sharply divide: political representation, carried out by our political representatives, and the management of our political organization, entrusted to our official representatives.

    Unity in diversity is a fundamental strength, because anyone who joins us must do so, with an open mind, and with the willingness to bring with them, every positive value, and every good idea, of political force, he claimed, before joining us. But with the obligation, to put first, and work, for our perfect politics, renouncing, and renouncing forever, the failed, antiquated, and wrong parts of the old politics.

    Unity, in diversity, always based on science, information, education, research, and well-being, and the standard of living, of all people, always starting to help people, companies and territories in difficulties, in order to guarantee a continuous, sustainable development also to the medium and later high groups.

    Unity, in diversity, achieved, respecting, favoring, and helping in the same way, all traditions, cultures, habits, languages, and religions, never allowing any of these to influence, or oppose, our work, and our projects.

    Other strengths, which will be presented in the dedicated articles.

    Compatibility with other political forces.

    None. We consider ourselves, absolutely incompatible, with other political forces, and we will never be part of any coalition, we will never make alliances with others, and we will never participate, for any reason, in agreements, activities, and political collaborations, outside of us. .

    Date of birth.

    Created, starting from January 1, 2008. Not yet made public, to the entire population, worldwide.

    Creators of the political organization.

    For security and privacy reasons, the names of the first 5 men and women who had the idea of creating the perfect politic will never be made public. Not even the names of the first 277 men and women, who joined the first 5, and who until the middle of 2021, worked, secretly, to create the rules, and the methodology, used, will never be communicated. to put our politic into practice, which is practically perfect.

    A little bit of recent history.

    From the middle of the year 2021, some of the best experts in all kinds of activities and topics have been contacted and will still be contacted. By creating and realizing the special groups, the groups of specialists, and all the necessary potential, to realize, in a simple, fast, and safe way, each of our objectives.

    In the first phase, DirectDemocracyS, will be made public, only to a limited number of people, called "genius minds", to allow us to create an official website, where we can carry out all our activities.

    In the second phase, it will be communicated, to some experts, called the Angels of Direct Democracy, or more simply: Angels of DirectDemocracyS. They will have the task of making our entire political project public to the general public.

    In the third phase, first with selections, then with limited access, and finally with free access, all the good people of the earth will be able to access, with order, and constant but controlled growth.

    After being made public.

    Each person will be able to choose freely, but in an informed way, whether to join, or not to join DirectDemocracyS. Each person can join the innovation, or stick to the old politic.

    Copyright, rights to use our rules, and any of our methods.

    Our every idea, rule, method, website, component, module, technology, every activity, and every project of ours, is the exclusive property of whoever has joined, and who will join us, in the future.

    We distrust anyone from trying to copy our ideas, because they would be guilty of copyright infringement, and unfair competition, as all our innovations, and all our projects, are registered trademarks, in the name of a commercial company, also this, of a cooperative nature, owned by every person who joins us.

    Furthermore, every detail of ours is revealed more and more over time to the people who rise, in our hierarchies, and in our roles, of greater "power" and greater responsibility.

    Therefore, in addition to the civil complaint, and in some criminal countries, any attempt to copy, even partially, our ideas, which work only if complete, and unitary, is destined to fail miserably, and in addition to the monetary damage (we ask always moral and material damage, to those who copy us), there is a risk of making a bad impression, of those who have no ideas of their own, and use the ideas of others. The original is always better than any copy.

    Our offices.

    The physical location of our main web farm is in Germany. Our registered office, and one of the backup servers, is in the United States of America. Our support office, and contacts, is in Romania. Our backup and backup web farms are in 10 distinct countries, which will be disclosed, along with addresses, only in authorized groups, to authorized persons. The technological, and software development headquarters are in Bangladesh. The headquarters of our foundation is in Mali. The tax office is in Tokelau.

    Our territorial offices will be revealed only to authorized persons, in the various territorial groups.

    Principle of extraterritoriality.

    On the basis of the principle of extraterritoriality, of the Internet, and according to our privacy rules, we will never give to anyone, for any reason, the real personal data of our users. The main reason is that we, having an office in each country of the world, and in all territories, can consider the residence, and the presence, of each of our countries, or our work group, in any country in the world, even those in which there are no judicial agreements or the possibility of extradition.

    Our rules.

    Every sentence, or word, written in the main menu item Law (with related sub-categories), in the Utilities, Blog, and Discussions area, and in every part of our official websites, all our videos, audios, and publications, from our official representatives, on social networks, and other websites, and said, or in writing, by the persons officially authorized, to represent us, both inside and outside, of our website, for us, is part of our regulation official, and it is a commitment to everyone, but also protected by the laws on copyright, and on unfair competition.

    Our main rule is that all the rules must be respected, always, and by everyone.

    Our rules cannot be eliminated, overturned, modified, but they can be integrated, to improve them, and make them more effective and current.

    The rule, of "add, without deleting, and without modifying, but to integrate, and improve", is valid forever, to prevent anyone from making our activities less effective, direct, or to try to sabotage us, slow us down, or worse, stop us.

    Our official rules, and every rule, will always be accepted, respected, put into practice, concretized, and shared, by anyone who joins us.

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    d. Not to post or make available any material which is protected by copyright, trade mark or other proprietary right without the express permission of the owner of the copyright, trade mark or any other proprietary right.
    e. To evaluate for yourself the accuracy of any opinion, advice or other content.

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