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    Statement number 1 of the national phases

    National phases

    The national phases officially began on June 21, 2024, for all of us, it is a fundamental phase of our activities, which will allow us to create, found, and manage, together with all our members / voters, our own political organization, in every country in the world.

    This press release of ours aims to briefly explain to you some very important things.

    First of all, thanks.

    Thank you, to all the people who contact us, who send us requests, to be invited, and who register, trusting us. Your trust will be reciprocated, and you will have all the help and collaboration from us.

    This enormous success creates some technical problems.

    As in our initial stages, we have upgraded all of our operating systems and web servers. With this message we inform you that during the hours of greatest traffic, our website may have a physiological slowdown, although we hope that it will never suffer a block. If pages load too slowly, please be patient, we will work to increase space and power.

    Our emails occasionally end up in your SPAM folder of your email address.

    Our messages, and everything we send you, are all safe, verified, and encrypted, with the best existing technologies. The fact that our website, via our email server, sends so many messages (in order to reply to you, send activation links, and other activities), inevitably makes us consider it junk mail by some email service providers. Therefore, in many cases, our messages, including self-activation links, from your personal profile will be found in your SPAM folder. Please always check, and if the message was sent by us, from an email address, ending:, please whitelist our email addresses, or request to always consider trusted, messages received from email addresses, ending

    DirectDemocracyS, does not send notifications to your phone, and sends very few notifications, via email.

    We don't do this to save money, but simply, because we don't like bothering our users/constituents, with hundreds, or thousands, of notifications every day. If you are our user, on our website, you will receive notifications, directly in your personal profile, based on your settings, and the groups, pages, and other activities in which you are involved.

    We always respond to everyone.

    There is not, not even a single negative review of our political organization, and there will never be, such a reasoned review. For the simple reason, that we work in a professional way, to prevent any problem, and we offer you all the information, instructions, and motivations for each of our choices. We always respond, in the fastest and most detailed way, to every message we receive. Obviously, at this stage, we are literally inundated with requests, and it is normal for this to be the case. So, please be patient if we are not quick, and we assure you that you will not lose any advantages reserved for those who need to contact us quickly.

    Some tell us: you don't have an APP for each operating system, you are not a serious organization.

    DirectDemocracyS has a modern website, with all the potential necessary to carry out all our activities in the best possible way. However, it is an essential website, without special effects, without invasive advertising, and without frivolous things. We relied on quality, speed, functionality, and above all on security. Our website works with any type of browser, with all operating systems, but with older and less updated ones, we recommend using the free, safe, fast and reliable Firefox browser. If a person evaluates our project, on the lack of APPs, for the various operating systems, and considers us unreliable, for this reason, it is better that he never joins us, and for no reason, especially, in the initial phases, in which we only need people of above-average intelligence, culture and reliability. We don't need superficial people who judge a book by its cover.

    Some brief considerations on our invitation methodology.

    We asked our users to propose and decide together on a method to grow continuously, but also in a safe, orderly, organized and above all controlled way. We have explained it several times, the free registrations, and without a minimum of selections, also caused some unreliable people, scammers, sellers of pills to increase sexual potency, impostors, and infiltrators to join us, in the initial phases, who they wanted to slow us down, boycott us and stop us. Fortunately, we found them, and eliminated them, pretty much immediately. With our methodologies, and with our subsequent security measures, even with a selection, and with an identity verification, the activation times forced us to make people wait, very eager to work with us immediately. We had to block new registrations for many months. Waiting lists had been created, which exceeded 3 months. The reason is simple, the lack of people who could identify every single new user. To those who tell us why you didn't hire other people, we have to explain something important. The few dozen people, who verified the identities of our new users with a video call, were and are people we trust, and who guaranteed us, and guarantee, complete protection of the identities, of the people who they joined us. Many people have joined us, asking us to guarantee anonymity, and to be able to work with us, in complete safety, without "let it be known around". In some cases, because they would have endangered the lives of their loved ones, or their own. Not in all countries there is freedom of expression, and even in "democratic" countries, those who join us can be discriminated against. So, in other "luckier" cases, to not lose their job, or, for many brilliant students, to not be discriminated against, and not suffer consequences.

    But why is DirectDemocracyS so feared?

    There are many reasons why we are so annoying, we will just tell you, the simplest and most logical ones.

    The main reason, is because of our enormous potential. Unlike other political groups, even very interesting ones, and some of them, with many good ideas, DirectDemocracyS has rules and methods, unique in the world, which are not against the "system", but to change and improve the system, from within. A very important university professor of political science, among the most famous and influential in the world, defined us in this way: "DirectDemocracyS, is like a very small tumor cell, within the system, by the time they realize its existence, it will have already metastasized throughout his body." It's a very strong definition, but it gives a good idea. Obviously, we can only be a "benign tumor", which attacks and eliminates, only and exclusively, the very few diseased cells, or, potentially dangerous, preserving the healthy ones. We prefer to be considered, an immune system. Whoever is against the system, and fights, is already defeated before starting. So, consider us presumptuous, but our perfection, and our real concrete possibilities, to change and improve the world, determine many, not to tell anyone, who collaborate and work with us, and we help them to remain anonymous, and to work safely.

    The second reason, always connected to the first, is that we are the exclusive and complete property of all our official members, who all have the right and duty to propose, choose, manage, materialize and control all of our activity. A shared leadership, in which there is not even a single decision made by a single person, but work is done in groups, and the main choices must be ratified by everyone. This method makes us united and unassailable, but also free, independent, neutral, and incorruptible.

    The third reason is that we are truly innovative, and alternative, to all other political forces, and our innovation continues to evolve, and improve, with each person who joins us. Each new user brings with him his experience, his ideas, his projects, his skills, and shares them with everyone else. This evolution, however, will not make us forget the reason why we were born, and our objectives, because no new rule can modify or overturn the previous ones. So, dear friends, we do not forget where we started from, and we will never change after obtaining power.

    The fourth reason is that being new, we have no responsibility for what the old politics has done throughout history. We are responsible, however, for what we are doing, and for everything we will do. We have no debts with anyone, and we can always be on the right side, without risking, and without fearing, of annoying anyone.

    We could write for days, to explain everything, but we advise you to read all our public information with an open mind. You will realize that everything is exactly like this.

    Let's come to the national stages, and the new method, to join us.

    Registration and the creation of a personal profile are always open and valid, free of charge and without any obligation to be present, and to work together with us. But, with the national phases, each individual country requests and obtains, according to our rules, from our continental groups, a number of new users, based on the decisions taken internally. The continental groups do the same with the international ones. This is to prevent blockages, or slowdowns, due to too many requests to join us. After registration, each new user will enter a waiting list and will have to wait for new activations to be available for their country.

    The invitations.

    Since not knowing our existence is not a fault, in the national phases, we will start all over again, offering new, carefully selected people the possibility of obtaining superior types of users, and roles of great responsibility, and "power”, in our national political organizations. Attention, we will only do it this time, do not expect similar procedures, in our geographical phases, of the various territorial subdivisions, in States, regions, provinces, districts, counties, cities, and neighborhoods.

    Our official representatives, authorized to speak on our behalf, outside our website, who are 8 super administrators, and around 300 administrators, can choose, and propose, for the types of users they have at that moment, a number of people, unlimited and for any country, for super administrators, and limited to one, and only from your country, for 300 administrators.

    These people will be evaluated, chosen, voted for and nominated directly by our users, with verified and guaranteed identities, already registered on our website for at least 12 months.

    The "winner" will be appointed, super administrator, of our national organization, which is equivalent, if compared to the old politics, to the role of founder and President. Each new user can remain completely anonymous.

    Each new super administrator will bring with him 5 people, whom he trusts, and whose identity he guarantees, who will be voted and appointed, as administrators, of our 5 special groups, this role is equivalent in the old policy, with that of Vice Presidents, Secretaries, Councilors.

    And so on, each person, at the right time, in a coordinated way, will have to bring with him 5 people, whom he trusts, for whom he vouches for the identity, and takes all responsibility, for the activities he will carry out, and for his behavior.

    Does this sound like a pyramid political system to you? Perfect, that's exactly how it is, but it's not an economic or financial system in which the first earn and the last pay. Instead, it is a way to grow continuously, with people identified without any effort, and with someone who takes full responsibility for the behavior of those who invite. This method was voted for and decided to make our political organization perfect, also from the point of view of registrations and activations of new users/voters. The types of users, and the roles of greater responsibility, must however be confirmed, with their work, and with the concrete results obtained together with us, and with their behavior. Promotions or demotions are possible, also on the basis of scores obtained. Therefore, whoever is at the base of the pyramid can go up, and whoever is at the other can go down. This method, in economic and financial systems, of the pyramid type, is not possible. Obviously, those higher up will also have material advantages, in some cases salaries, and rewards, based on results and behavior. But we will talk about these things at the right time.

    Good luck to everyone.

    Attention: check this link, with this contact form:

    if the person sending you a message, outside of our website, is authorized to do so. Fill in the required fields, write the details in any language, and we will reply to you. Anyone who contacts you must provide you with their DirectDemocracyS username, their personal identification number, their user type, their main group in which they work with us, their email address ending, the link of their personal profile (check that it has a blue check), some of them will also give you a link to see their score in our ranking. At the right time, whoever invites you will give you a personal code, which you will have to verify, and then you will continue with all the other phases. Thank you.

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