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    Peace with surrender

    For what reasons would we be willing to fight and risk dying?

    Of course, all, with few exceptions, of sick people, we would fight, and give our lives, to defend the people we love. Another reason could be, to defend our home, and our properties, which cost us, effort, and hard work. The last, but perhaps the least known, by some cowards, is the struggle for the freedom, ours, of our relatives, friends, acquaintances, and fellow citizens, and for the sovereignty of our own country. Those who have been in the military know that they swear to defend their country, their flag, their sovereignty, and the freedom of their people. Even the struggle for one's freedom, in addition to ethical and civic duty, prevents many from breaking the law, in order not to end up in prison, and therefore being deprived of their freedom.

    We have already analyzed, in some articles, the tragic, and violent, invasion of Russia in Ukraine.

    Our position, and of anyone with any common sense, is that any violent action, by anyone, is to be condemned, always.

    In the previous article, we talked about who gains, and who loses, from this military conflict, and we said, that according to us, and according to our experts, various groups of specialists, according to the documents, and the information that we have, there is, and there will be people, who produce, or market weapons, who are getting rich, and who will get rich in the future as well. Bad people, no matter if their wealth increases, with many deaths, injuries, rape, mass graves, refugees, pain, and creating so much fear in people. These despicable acts are the consequence of greed, of selfishness, and of the heart of stone, of some people, very powerful, and unscrupulous. The same goes for those who will have to rebuild a destroyed country, therefore engineers, architects, companies producing building materials, construction companies, and their respective owners. Because with military actions, wars, terrorism, even many people gain, who do not care if to become even richer, many innocent people, are dead, wounded, raped, frightened, and had to escape, from violence, triggering a new breath of hatred, and the search for revenge.

    We explained, how the war was not prevented (and it was possible to do it), by attitudes, which many leaders, from various countries, will one day have to explain to us. It was enough to use diplomacy, to prevent all the evil that we see, and have known, throughout human history. It would have been enough to use logic, common sense, and the mutual respect of all people.

    The usual method, already used in the past, consists in choosing a country, creating tensions, attacks, and acts of terrorism, or guerrilla, and then making the 2 superpowers collide, on a "neutral" field, to consume weapons, usually obsolete , to reciprocate their military arsenal. We have seen it in Syria, and in many countries, it is a story that repeats itself, and no expert will ever be able to contest our statements. Our previous article has led some to believe that we, with what we have written, somehow wanted to try to justify, Russian President Putin, and his advisers, who did not calculate well, the consequences of their tragic actions. , and their bad decisions.

    Let everyone be clear that our position has been, is, and always will be, in favor of those who defend themselves, and never of those who attack. And we say without a doubt, whoever attacks, will be judged by us, as a criminal. Do not ask us, where we were when the United States was attacking other countries, because we did not exist, or we had not yet been made public. It would be like blaming the current German citizens for the outbreak of the Second World War, also caused by the fear of rebelling of the German population, on a bloodthirsty dictator. But we will talk about Nazism in a dedicated article.

    There are no reasons, for military interventions, it is the populations, of the various countries, who have to make themselves respected, and protect their interests, without violence, but with agreements, and negotiations, in which one of the our main values: mutual respect, of all people. For DirectDemocracyS, it is only the local populations, and not the sanctions, and external interventions, to destabilize, and create coups, that must decide who should lead each country. We are certain that only our political project can ensure Peace, Justice, authentic democracy (and not false and partial), and the well-being of the entire world population.

    DirectDemocracyS, and all related projects, together with all our users, we love exactly the same way, all the populations of the earth, therefore, both the Ukrainian and the Russian populations. We never generalize, we never blame children for the wrong actions of their fathers, grandparents, great-grandparents, or ancestors. We look at the disasters of history, trying to avoid, from repeating themselves, all the various episodes of violence we are used to. Almost every country in the world, and almost all the various populations, have many things, of which they are ashamed, and things to apologize for, to others. The story is full, and we don't think we need to make a list in this article. But we will do it in the future.

    Let's start with some historical data, as some people inquire, only where they are told, what they like, and who like to comment on the story, but they skip, or hide, and often avoid, the parts, which would make them into ignorant, and in bad faith.

    Budapest Memorandum.

    The Memorandum on Security Guarantees in connection with Ukraine's accession to the Nuclear Weapons Non-Proliferation Treaty, more commonly known as the Budapest Memorandum after the Hungarian capital in which it was signed, is an agreement, signed on December 5, 1994 and recorded on 2 October 2014, between Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom and Ukraine, with which the latter, by adhering to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, formalized the renunciation of nuclear weapons in its possession after the dissolution of the USSR.

    In exchange for the delivery of 1900 nuclear warheads to Russia, which undertook their complete disposal in the next two years, with the guarantee of the United States and the United Kingdom, Ukraine obtained assurances from the other signatories about its own safety, independence. and territorial integrity.

    Despite the Kiev government's denunciation of Moscow's violation of the memorandum since the Russian invasion of Crimea in 2014, there is no convergence on the nature of the consequences of that violation, as neither the United States explicitly promised unlimited support nor guarantees of direct intervention, nor did the United Kingdom consider that there were any grounds for the casus foederis.

    First analysis.

    If Ukraine, prior to the Russian invasion, had had its 1900 nuclear warheads, no country would ever have allowed itself to cross its borders, or bomb it. So, from now on, whatever has happened is not the fault of Ukraine, but of their Russian brothers, and in part, also of our Western countries.

    But if we wanted to go back a little further, in the tormented history between Russians and Ukrainians, we could arrive at the smart for them, but ruthless for other populations, chosen by the Russians, to deport thousands, and in some cases hundreds of thousands of their own citizens, from the most remote areas of their immense country, to mix them, and put them in contact, with the Ukrainians, the Moldavians, the Latvians, Lithuanians, Estonians, and many others. Deportation choices, started by the Russian Empire, with some hundreds of thousands, and then reaching millions of people (of the Soviet Communist regime), all removed from their lands (in which they lived in poor conditions), and settled close to peoples, that practically, they were calm, hegemons in their territories, and that they considered the Russians, their defenders, and in some cases brothers peoples. Attention, we are talking about mass deportations, and not voluntary, natural migrations of parts of certain populations, between one territory and another.

    The reasons for the deportations are clear to everyone, but some people, which we will talk about shortly, need further explanations. In all these areas, enclaves with a strong Russian presence were needed, deported by force, blackmail, or with promises of a better life, in other countries, in order to create areas of tension, to then have, over time, various reasons , to militarily attack, and conquer, smaller, less strong, easily weakened countries, for years, often decades, of terrorist actions, guerrillas, and violence by those who had been deported there.

    Since, there are so many reduced minds around, we explain it again, to the powerful of the time Tsars and nobility (before), and to the Communist leaders (after the Russian revolution, and the final phase called the October revolution), they needed reasons to deporting people, and to move the poor populations, of almost all their country, it was enough to raise, even very little, their standard of living, which previously was below the threshold of survival, creating for them a slightly better life, in the new territories. Those who have almost nothing, for a few promises, often not kept, would be willing to go far from their lands.

    The Tsars first, and then the criminal Communist leaders, created only problems for the population, or rather, for the populations, which they themselves united, in an artificial way, and with clear aims of conquest, and further domination.

    Always for the usual ones, who think they know everything (pretending to be informed, and pretending to be honest), we explain everything better. Also for those who have, or clear economic interests (paid by the various political, financial and economic powers), political motivations (to conquer some sick mind they would sell their mothers), frustrations (those who have not obtained anything from life especially because of their own incapacity must find a culprit), hatred of the West (better to hate those who if they are hated do not react than to hate the powerful), need to put stupid ideas in the head of people in difficulty (saying only part of the facts, what is useful for their own purposes, leaving out the uncomfortable parts), to create social hatred (angering frustrated people is simple, just make them give up the worst lies, and blame others), and often united by total ignorance (often those who believes an intellectual is politicized to the extreme, and does not recognize reality, and does not look at history with an open mind), we, we explain it again, deportations, almost always create chaos, unrest, revolt and, violence, terrorist attacks, occupations, wounded, death, and pain, not only in the populations so despised by so many, but also in the families of the deported Russians, who went from hunger and suffering in their own territories to violence, and to death, in the new geographical areas in which they were forced to live. With the usual spiral of hatred, and revenge, which feeds all violent actions, making despicable people rich, making innocent people suffer.

    We write all this, even a couple of times, to demonstrate, and make it clear, even to the losers, that they write, speak, or make videos, in which they are on the side of evil, in some cases, for fear of evil itself, in other cases, combined with a real, and proper, brainwashing, by people who pretend to be intelligent, but create hopes (of social revenge), in people unable to "think with their heads", even if they pride themselves on doing it. The weak think only with the heads of others, believing they are reasoning with their own.

    With the end of the Tsars, deportations increased, with the arrival of one of the most false, despicable, and unjust ideologies, which created more suffering, violence, pain, wounded, and above all deaths, in human history, communism, composed of extreme statism. The Russian citizens had first the Tsars, who exploited, together with their nobility, all the wealth, which belonged to the people, then the Communists, who were the hope (for many illiterates), and the possibility of social justice (never put into practice, the party leaders were revered, rich, powerful, certainly not as much as the people), but they gave the riches of Russia, to party members, and a few favorites, almost always doing more damage, and injustices, than those that made the monarchy. As if that were not enough, communism made an agricultural country a falsely industrialized country (with often antiquated machinery), destroying agriculture, which was exploited, first by communism, by a few educated nobles, but often, also by many families. specialized, for centuries of history, to give it in hand, with communism, to people without study, without any quality other than that of belonging to the single party.

    With the end, by implosion, of the failed communist regime, a dictatorship and oligarchy arrived for the Russians, which put all the wealth of Russia in the hands of a few oligarchs, carefully selected by Putin. Few people (the oligarchs), who without any merit, and without any competence, manage all the wealth, which should belong to and be exploited by a whole people.

    So, summing up, the riches of the Russian population have passed, from many noble people, and with culture, and study (also because only the rich, at that time, could study), to a few Communist leaders, without studies, ideologized, and manipulable, who had as subordinates, people with even fewer studies (with ideological brainwashing, in party schools, which is not education, and culture, but only propaganda), and manipulated, and controlled by the leaders, of the only party (because communism does not allow opposition). The leaders of the Communist Party could not allow intelligent, or politically able, or even educated, or non-ideologized people to have important roles, in order not to risk, that they would obtain positive results, and therefore, in order not to be overtaken, in the hierarchies. party. As soon as it happened, with President Gorbachev, the communist regime in Russia, and throughout the Soviet Union, ended forever.

    How to do it, do not feel compassion, and sincere solidarity, even for the Russian people, who in every part of recent history, have always passed from one regime, exploiting, unjust, to another regime, and always worse than the previous one. Their wealth never belonged to them, but to many nobles, some party leaders, and finally, to very few Putin's oligarchs, placed there as a figurehead, without having any competence, no merit, and no right, to exploit a your pleasure, the riches of the Russian people.

    So, Putin has arrived (after the short story of the "transitional" President Boris Nikolaevich Yeltsin, which we will perhaps discuss in another article).

    The current Russian President embodies the frustrated Communist (for the one so loved, also frustrated by many in the West), but also the ideologized one, without a critical spirit, and with culture, and education, truly mediocre, who given his ignorance, the his inability, his bogus nationalism, and its bogus anti-Nazism (which was the only way to awaken the old communists), threatens to destroy more than half the world.

    With the breakup of the Soviet Union, many countries became independent states, but they found themselves, with parts of their "ancient" territories, full of Russians (previously deported), who finding the help, not disinterested, of their country of origin (the new Russian Federal Republic), they have always created violence, disorder, and demanded independence. Subsequently, asking to be integrated, against all international law, in Russia.

    First with the referendums, not recognized by anyone, often with fraud, and violence of all kinds, then with the military annexation of Russia and Crimea (a peninsula also claimed, not directly, by Turkey), then with the subsequent referendums, and violence in Donbass, that is, in the Donetsk, Luhans'k and Kharkiv regions.

    Here, mediocre, ignorant, frustrated people, incapable of logical reasoning, start the part of their history, always from Crimea, and from 2014 onwards. Thanks above all, to the repetitive brainwashing, and the hatred, instigated by the usual profiteers, of popular credulity, for them, it all started with mutual attacks, from 2014. In which, according to them, certainly not on the basis of documents, the Ukrainians, "would have exterminated the Russians". What is not true, the dead are equal, according to all documents, unanimously recognized. This shows that ideologized people, who for most of their lives, have believed in a political ideal, such as communism (which is estimated to have caused about 95 million deaths, in its sad history), "beautiful on the outside, and rotten inside ”, they hardly recognize that they were wrong. Then, those who cheer politically, like cheering sports, even if history condemns, the politics that you love so much, hardly, will admit that they have been, for most of their life, on the wrong side of history. But we will talk about Communism, Nazism, Fascism, in articles dedicated to these real catastrophes for humanity.

    The violence, from 2014 onwards, was reciprocal, and caused victims, almost equal in number, in the Russian, Ukrainian, Tatar, and other minorities. Therefore, there are no winners, or losers, or better or worse populations. All of them have been analyzed, and perhaps we will make an article dedicated to these violence in the future. We summarize, that the Russians often attacked first, and the Ukrainians defended their sovereignty, and territorial integrity. Unfortunately, as already mentioned, with a lot of mutual violence, for many years, without almost anyone, in other countries, asking for explanations, or seeking peaceful solutions.

    A solution could have been the guarantee of a just and real local autonomy, as foreseen by our rules, for international politics, guaranteeing the territorial integrity and sovereignty of each country, while respecting all populations, and the rights of minorities.

    But let's take an example, which gives an idea of what happened.

    You own a house, with several rooms, and you are the Ukrainian family, you are told, to join a larger house, to make one huge (Soviet Union), together with all your neighbors, including those who are called Russia, who are a large family, and who have a house that is much larger than yours. Accept, create a very large house (USSR), and over time, your neighbors say they want to use some of your rooms, in which you, you have some of your family who live there, there are your furniture, and many of yours. treasures. They tell you, that they will join, in the same rooms, to help you exploit them together, with your family. Accept, because you are two families united, in which many of your relatives have created families, with your neighbors. At a certain point, it is decided not to be united anymore, and each family must provide for its needs, independently. You, the Ukrainian family, who have defense weapons, which can guarantee safety, decide to give up, to keep weapons at home, with the guarantee of always being protected, by your neighbors, the Russia family. Give them, to the Russians, all your most powerful weapons, with the guarantee of being defended, with the guarantees, even of your neighbors, the United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States. After a while, to see that the Russia family has taken, by force and a lot of violence, many rooms in the house of the Chechnya family, putting their own relative at the head of the family. Then, the Russia family took over a quarter of the house from neighboring Georgia by force, and collaborated with the Belarus family, claiming rooms, even in your Ukrainian home. At this point, you begin to be afraid, and you understand, that you have made a big mistake, in giving the most powerful weapons, precisely to your most dangerous neighbors, who among other things, have in some of your rooms, already some of their relatives. . These Russian relatives, instigated by their Russian family, destroy the various rooms, dirty the walls, and do not whitewash, do not maintain cleanliness, and order, they also endanger the safety of your Ukrainian relatives, who live in them. rooms together with them. They also put, as the head of your entire family, a relative of theirs, and they get angry, when your family, makes him "fall", to put a head of the family, of your family. At this point, the Russians who live in your rooms (first the Crimea room), violently decide to become, first more autonomous, and then independent, and to join the great Russian family, which does not hesitate, to occupy, by force, your room, even if almost all the neighbors, say that it is not right, and legal, to take away the rooms, from the houses of others. At this point, you decide to join, with the families of Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States, to get help, because the Russian family has not kept their promise (to defend you, and guarantee your territorial integrity, and your sovereignty). , and did not hesitate to take away one of your rooms by attacking you. As soon as the Russia family, it learned, attacked you, using as a reason, the fact, that they do not want free, partially democratic families (NATO, Europe) as allies of their neighbors. So, it bombards you, rapes your relatives, kills you, and hurts you, forcing so many of your relatives to flee your home, trying to escape death, and violence. Russia takes away another 2, or 3 rooms, with unprecedented violence against your relatives. The neighbors Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States, which had guaranteed you, together with the Russian family, your safety, were weak, in the face of the occupation, of your first room (Crimea), this time they help you, to defend the sovereignty, and integrity of your fragile home. At the risk, then, of blowing up the whole neighborhood, and the entire neighborhood. With the nuclear threat, by some relatives, of the Russia family.

    Here, if you were, the Ukrainian family, with the house half destroyed, with many of your relatives dead, raped, wounded, frightened, and ran away from home, in order not to risk dying, what would you think, of heartless people, who go in the square, not to cry out for peace, but to protest against those who help you, to defend you.

    Dear friends, peace is not obtained simply by saying the word endlessly, until it loses all meaning. If it were enough to simply say, a word, or a sentence to realize it, and it were enough to say several times, sentences, and words, to transform them into reality, we would all be healthy, rich, happy, loved, and just. On the other hand, life is much more complicated, and often unfair, and one must always fight, and work, to obtain the best things, in mutual respect.

    If we look for a word, to solve all the problems, to change, and improve the world, the only one that comes to mind is DirectDemocracyS, because we base all our activities on logic, common sense, and mutual respect, of all people. We rely on study, facts, truth, science, research, expertise, of all our experts, of our groups of true specialists. We are not interested in electoral capital, we are not interested in convincing anyone, we are not interested in the consent of a part of the voters, who are easily conquered and manipulated. We are interested in telling the truth, which is not our truth, because only for the stupid, the truth is on one side or the other. The truth is one, on any subject, and history (drawing the right teachings), must be studied at 360 °, not only in the parts that suit us. So, even if we speak in ways, not always appreciated by everyone, no sane person will ever deny our article, for the simple fact, that we are not afraid, to write the truth, risking to make someone angry, who expects us to write other things. Being direct, saying things to your face, with sincerity, and loyalty, towards the truth, at first, will cause us to lose, many voters, and a lot of support. But we are not masochists, we know very well, that in order to change and improve the world, the consent of 99% of the people of the earth, the good ones, will be needed, having to fight, honestly, and loyally, but with courage, and in a decisive way. , 1% of the evil, and powerful population of the earth. It would be easier for us to be with the powerful, to obtain for us some "crumb" of their power, and their wealth, but we are interested in the whole "piece of bread", to share it with the whole population. worldwide, also on the basis of meritocracy. Sorry for the outburst, but it is part of our way of expressing ourselves, and we are sure, that in a very short time, everyone will join us, as a matter of trust, and thanks to our work. Over time, our method, our "tactics", will reward our efforts, certainly not giving us wealth, which, however, if there is, we will share it, based on individual and group merits, with anyone who joins us.

    The explanation of our positions is hopefully clear enough on the cruel tragedy of the Russian invasion in Ukraine, which affects many people, who really suffer, and cannot stand in the streets to demonstrate for peace, so as not to risk, to die under bombs, on the side of Ukraine, and for fear of being killed, imprisoned, or beaten, on the side of Russia, if they rebel against Putin.

    For us partially free and partially democratic Westerners, it is easy to complain about the price of electricity, the price of gas, and fuels, which they all do together, raise the price of all food and basic necessities. Making everyone impoverish, especially those who are in difficulty. Many say: if the Ukrainians surrendered, after a few days, everything would be over (partially it could be true). But whoever says or writes these things, in addition to being selfish, the people who think in this way, are deeply unjust, and disproved by history. If all the countries of the world, together, had rebelled, and had fought immediately (helping the invaded country), in a united and courageous way, against Hitler, and his Germany, which in September 1939, invaded Poland, would have it could have prevented World War II. But the politicians of other countries were selfish, and unfair, they said: it's only Poland, it's not a problem. Then, many other countries followed, and no one could stop the spiral of violence anymore (if not the intervention of the United States, which also allowed the Soviet Union to resist and counterattack). Even now, for many idiots: it's just Ukraine, it's not our problem. But if we hadn't helped them, Moldova would have followed (with Transnistria, another Russian enclave), then many other countries, in rapid succession. To those who are afraid, like all of us, of atomic war, but we remind everyone that according to this logic, of fear, Russia, the United States, and the various atomic powers, would have the opportunity to do what they want in the world , with any country, using the atomic threat? The world of cowards is worse than the poor world. The poor, can always get busy, and work to become richer. The coward will always remain infamous no matter what he does in life.

    Others selfish, who say that sending weapons to Ukraine, to defend themselves, costs in money, many billions of dollars, and who argue that they are not willing to finance war actions with their taxes. We answer clearly, that they are not only selfish, but also stupid. If we look at tax evasion, in the whole world, we are talking about at least 10,000 billion dollars a year, which together with world organized crime, we are talking about at least another 1,000 billion dollars a year, but perhaps much more, and many other spechi of public money, money for arms, for defense of the Ukrainian population, are a minimal expense. But to these selfish, greedy, and cowardly, we ask only one question: if your country, were to find itself in the place of the tormented Ukraine, would you let them kill, your families, rape your children, your wives, your sisters, your mothers, who wounded many of your relatives, friends, and acquaintances, destroyed your country, making many people flee from their homes, so as not to die, would you just watch? Would you like to live in a country, without food, water, electricity, heating, without sanitation, without transport to escape, without medicine, and without medical care, where bombs rain down from the sky every day? Try to put the brave Ukrainians in the situation they are in, just for one day, and you will understand. Here, now calculate, that they have been living in these conditions for many months, and there are still not many glimmers of true peace. Would you like to lose your homes, your factories, your jobs, and all your wealth to the bombs? Would you like to live for hours, or days, locked up in overcrowded bunkers, without food, water, toilets, with the constant fear of never leaving these places whole or alive again? Would you like others to occupy your home and command you, without even giving you the right to protest, taking away all freedom and all sovereignty? Would you like to see your beautiful country reduced to a pile of rubble? Would you like to be betrayed, by your neighbors, and by those who had guaranteed to protect you, and to guarantee, your territorial integrity, your sovereignty, and your freedom? Would you like other countries to turn away and let you be invaded, killed, wounded, raped, and frightened? And how would you feel if some people told you: give up, they are stronger, and we don't help you, we have our huge problems. Our huge problems, even have simple solutions, and are small problems, when compared, to their huge problems.

    Here, if you do not see, or do not understand, the differences between good and evil, between what is right or wrong, before continuing, reading this article, go back to the first lines of this article, re-read them, and be ashamed. .

    Many accuse us that although military activities are underway in Ukraine, there being no formal declaration of war, we call it a cruel invasion by a bully, dictator, criminal, and even liar Putin, against a country. sovereign, which Russia should have defended, on the basis of clear international treaties. In exchange for the renunciation, its nuclear arsenal, through treaties signed, as a guarantee, also by the United States and the United Kingdom.

    Let the lesson be: never give up on your nuclear arsenal? Or, ever trust the Russians? Or never trust the intervention of the West? According to our experts, the previous claims are not correct.

    We, very clearly, say: all nuclear weapons, of all countries, should all be converted into energy for the development of our planet. But for that, we have to win elections, in all countries where nuclear weapons exist, and in many other countries. To prevent those who own them from being able to blackmail the world, threatening their use. The United States are not saints, as they have used them, only them in history, to carry out nuclear attacks (on the defenseless population), and on the actual need to destroy 2 Japanese cities, we have strong doubts (and we are against similar actions, real war crimes, whoever commits them). They say they wanted to stop the war, and avoid more deaths. However, creating a catastrophe, and a black page, of their history, and of all humanity. Their explanation does not convince us, it is, pardon the comparison, it is like having a hangover, drinking the next day, other alcohol. But we will talk about these atrocities, and others, committed by all, in our next articles.

    For now, we remind you that every normal person, endowed with humanity, should support Ukraine, in the reconquest of their territories, and Russia, to get rid forever of tyrants, dictators, in this case Putin, and his oligarchs, and possible successors. Peace is not obtained by turning to the other side, but by making sacrifices to help those who defend themselves, whoever they are. Allowing, through international solidarity, whoever is attacked, to defend their land, from the aggressor, whoever it is.

    Putin is politically finished, and sooner or later the proud Russian people will make his voice heard again. But not by giving away their wealth to the West, but by exploiting them, for the good of all its citizens. For that we urge everyone, to make DirectDemocracyS known, which thanks to its rules, on freedom, democracy, and property, with all the fundamental and just local autonomies, allows those who live and work in a specific territory to be masters , and owner, in a shared way, of all wealth.

    This is done only, following all the international rules, which for all the fans of the referendums: on autonomy, and on independence, were done to prevent, clashes, and violence. In fact, every referendum must first of all be authorized and recognized by the State, or country, in which the territory is located, which requires autonomy, or independence. The international rules were designed to allow the former colonies to be able to request independence, in a peaceful way. But they are not recognized, if they do not take place, with the agreement of the country, in which the geographical area is located, which requires independence, or autonomy. Furthermore, to move from one country to another, of a certain geographical area, an agreement is needed, from both countries (and all the interested parties), and not simply a referendum, and acceptance, of the country is enough. to which you want to reunite. Simplifying, if our family decided to hold a referendum, to break away from the country in which we find ourselves, we would always need the authorization, and the recognition, by our country, of the referendum itself.

    Our solutions are: an immediate ceasefire, an immediate withdrawal of the Russian military, from all the Ukrainian territory (Crimea included), and the immediate intervention of the UN peacekeepers, which assists, as always, powerless, disasters, which it did not contribute to prevent, in any way (thanks also to the unjust right of veto, of the winning countries of the last world war, to be canceled immediately, the 2nd war is long over, just advantages for the winners).

    On the part of Ukraine, guarantee in all geographical areas, with a Russian majority, a just autonomy, and a protection of the rights and duties of minorities throughout the country. The Russian majority should do the same with minorities in territories where Russians are a majority. All in respect of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the entire Ukraine (including Crimea).

    Immediate removal of all sanctions against Russia and return of blocked Russian assets and current accounts, withholding war damages.

    Payment by Russia, with the help of all the countries of the world (with taxation of 100% of the profits from the production, and sale of arms), of war damages, to rebuild the whole of Ukraine.

    And other specific measures to be applied in every conflict zone, or war, on the entire planet.

    This solution of ours, at various points, will not bring the dead back to life, it will not heal the wounded, and it will not cure psychological damage, and trauma, but it will avoid a continuation, or an extension, of the conflict.

    Everything can be done in a few hours (with the exception of reconstruction, and reconciliation, it will take years), political will and pressure from the entire world population is enough.

    In the hope, of having made it clear, once and for all, to everyone, our position, and all the information at 360 °, we assure you that this article, like all our information, or rules, is based on logic, on common sense, on mutual respect, of all people. Every sentence, every single word, has been proposed, decided, selected, discussed, and voted on by various groups of experts, of international politics, political strategy, military specialists, economists, experts in finance, history, culture, psychology, and many other groups, which with their work, present you an article, which does not support anyone, and is not afraid, to say the true things, even directly. Of course, it is not our intention to change anyone's mind, but you cannot dispute that the facts took place exactly, as we say.

    On certain things, there are no other versions, or other interpretations, for the simple fact that anyone who is on the side of Putin, who imprisons, and often does not hesitate, to have their opponents killed, who locks people in prison, for having uttered the word war, but their own Ministry of Defense, in these days, has admitted that it is a war, and not just a special military operation. We continue, to call it, a cowardly invasion, which should be condemned, by the whole international community, and by all people, endowed with logic, common sense, and mutual respect. Many like it, the strong man in charge, they love to be submitted, and you will be in charge, and then they see, in those who fight against the values of the West, which despite many defects, allow many freedoms, and a partial democracy, which are , and they will always be better than: no freedom, and a ruthless dictatorship. Recognizing the good even if partial, from the total evil, is one of the qualities that we require of anyone who joins us.

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