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    12 April 2022

    Do we live in a true democracy? Are we really free? Is there social justice, and equal opportunities for all, to obtain a better life, in a meritocratic way, based on skills and honesty? Are we fully informed, in an impartial way, and above all in a real way?

    Let's change and improve the world together

    DirectDemocracyS, he replies briefly, so you will understand why we were born, and what we can do for you.
    Real democracy, in which the population decides in an informed way, in which it chooses everything, in which the laws are in favor of all, has never existed.
    In no country, not even in those in which there is a form of direct half-democracy, true democracy does not exist, because the population, if and when it decides, is influenced by the media, and by the Internet, which modifies it. clarity, based on interests that are not always evident.
    The power to the people is only bogus, the power is held by the "representatives" of the people, to whom the population delegates the power to represent and make all decisions.
    This obviously allows many political parties, and their representatives, to make laws, and therefore decide the rules, often favoring some, to the detriment of others.
    Freedom, like democracy, is not complete, it is only partial.
    We are free, to be influenced and divided, so as not to make us count for anything.
    People are "free" to do what political parties, or political representatives, decide it should be done.
    Laws are often made to favor someone, and not to allow people to decide freely and based on everyone's needs. How many times do we happen to disagree with the political choices of the parties, and their representatives, even if we have elected them? It always happens, to everyone, and we don't have a chance to do anything about it.
    Social justice, and help for the weakest, to get up and build a better future, does not exist, and if it does exist, it is done in such a way as to bind people. In some countries of the world, votes are obtained for a few liters of oil and a few kg of flour. In others they give themselves minimal incomes, to stay at home, on the sofa, doing nothing, mortifying and depriving people of dignity.
    On information, we challenge anyone to find the truth, in the immense global lie, which is the Internet, along with traditional multimedia (radio and TV), newspapers, and almost all biased journalists.
    DirectDemocracyS, since 2008 has found the solutions, with an innovative method, to all our problems.
    From 2022, we will make our international political organization known to the general public with all our proposals.
    For one thing, we are the only ones to implement hybrid democracy.
    Decisions and choices are made as direct democracy, in a simple, safe, and comfortable way, directly from your phone, tablet, or PC.
    Our voters are our verified registered users, who have 100% political power, both before, during, but especially after the elections.
    Our political representatives, before taking any decision (even the smallest one), I must always ask for a binding opinion, from the geographical groups, from which they were candidates, and elected.
    So for the first time in the world, politicians will make decisions based on the interests of the entire population.
    Now the politicians and the parties are the puppeteers, and we, the population, are the puppets, who carry out their "commands". With DirectDemocracyS, the population is the puppeteer, and the politicians are the puppets, who practice what they are ordered.
    But not every citizen has all the skills to be able to choose, in the best way for everyone.
    And we have the solution, also to have informed voters. For any topic, for any activity, we will have groups of specialists, who inform, in a neutral, independent, complete, free, competent and honest way, every citizen (through geographical groups), on the best choices to make, always presenting the forecasts, and the consequences of every single choice.
    Many will ask: how do we know that the various specialists will not be of interest to a few, but that they will favor, with their advice, the good of the whole population? Simple, each specialist is chosen from among all our verified, competent and honest registered users. Each of them is controlled, not only by independent security groups, which with specific means, will continuously verify the reliability and impartiality of our specialists. The security groups will also be composed of people, in turn verified, by the population. So with strict rules, with checks and verifications, you will always have the best results.
    But our project is the freest, because every person with an idea can propose it in free groups, where the only censorship is against rudeness, disinformation, and antisocial attitudes.
    Anyone will find many activities to carry out, at the beginning in free time, then if they wish, working with us, for a fixed term, or indefinitely.
    We are the only ones who, with an innovative method, completely eliminate conflicts of interest, because no political representative will have no role within our political parties.
    By creating competent and honest official representatives (always chosen from our verified registered users), innovatively appointed, in linked chains, where everyone has the same "power", we will also eliminate the power struggles, which others have political parties and forces.
    The official representatives will manage the parties, checking compliance with rules, values and ideals, all of common sense.
    The political representatives will only do the activity of representing the popular will, without worrying about the management of political parties, and without any fear that someone will try to make it fail.
    We will renew world politics, in fact no politician who has already had an official role, in the old politics, will not be able to stand as a candidate with us, we would not be credible with the same faces.
    But they can join us, not only all the parties in the world, but also all political forces, of all kinds, including current politicians, with different roles, always and only if they respect our every rule, our every value and our every ideal. For us, unity, even in diversity, and mutual respect are fundamental.
    The difference of thought allowed us to create all this.
    So without conflicts of interest, without internal struggles, without wasting time, but offering the best policy to the entire world population.
    We will found a political party, in each country of the world, with international, continental, national, state, regional, provincial, district, local geographic groups, but for large cities also neighborhoods or road blocks. And starting from the neighborhood or road block, up to the “all countries of the world” group (made up of all our users), each of our users proposes, votes and decides.
    With this method of geographical groups, we guarantee the best, fair and complete local autonomy, without touching the geographical boundaries (to eliminate stupid and anachronistic claims).
    We will not make a world government, but we will give the world population the best policy.
    Our project has many features that make it unique in the world, for example each of our registered verified users, will be the owner of our political organization, and based on the country of habitual residence, will be the owner of our political parties, but also of our sites. web, and of every activity that we will carry out. Obviously the merits and any earnings will be distributed according to the activities carried out.
    When it comes to information, we are always innovative. We do not need any collaboration with the media, and with world news. Each of our registered verified users, is our information, every person in the world, can make information with us, as long as he communicates the real news, without political comments, then if he wants, he can participate in discussions, and comment, as a simple citizen.
    As with politics, all the world's information can join us, only if it eliminates all types of favoritism, and all conflicts of interest. And certainly not to misinform, but to check that we always tell the truth.
    With this brief summary, we thank you for your attention, for the many messages of support, for the compliments, and also for the fortunately few criticisms (often a little superficial). If there were constructive criticisms, or to add intelligent proposals, we are waiting for you. Everyone's contribution is essential.
    In this regard, everything is and will be forever, absolutely free and without any commitment, if not a minimum of participation and activities, 15-20 minutes a day, for oneself and for others, we don't seem to ask for much. But again we say it: our strength is in our verified registered users.
    Remember the advantages and facilities, for the first users, who will be able to become our official representatives, in each geographical area of the world, from the largest to the smallest. It seems right to us to favor the first who will believe in our ideas.
    Join us now, and help us make our projects known to as many people as possible.
    Visit and register on our official website: read our articles, information, rules and news.
    They are visible even without registration, and you can choose your language with our convenient translator, changing from English into one of the 109 languages, all official and important to us, on our websites.
    Thanks for your attention.
    A hug, with great esteem and respect, we send you our best regards and best wishes.
    DirectDemocracyS, your projects, in every sense!
    If you want to read a long presentation of our political project, you can visit

    If you want to read more details in a nutshell, please visit

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