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First and unique in the world

DirectDemocracyS, is the first, and only political organization, in the entire history of mankind, in the whole world, to put authentic democracy and total freedom into practice. You will have understood it, reading all our articles, and we don't want to explain it to you again. But that's not the only thing that makes us unique and inimitable.

DirectDemocracyS, is the first, and only political organization, in all of human history, worldwide, owned by all of its members, and all of its voters. In fact each of our voters, over time, if they do a good job with us, if they behave flawlessly, respecting our rules, our method, and of course if they wish, they can become our official member (becoming the owner of our website , and of all our activities), by paying a small annual fee. The annual fee, together with private donations (free and voluntary), and other activities, allows us to be able to survive, and carry out all our activities, freely, independently, and without problems.

DirectDemocracyS is the first and only political organization in the whole history of humanity, in the whole world, in which voters manage and coordinate all the activities and all the decisions of their political representatives, before, during , and for the first and only time in the world, even after the elections. We are innovative, alternatives to all the old politics, because always for the first, and only time in the world, we reverse roles. In the old politics, political parties and political representatives choose and propose people (their own political representatives), choose and propose political programmes, choose and propose all the laws that all citizens are obliged to respect. DirectDemocracyS, is the first and only political organization, in the whole history of humanity, in the whole world, where it is the voters who choose, propose, the people (we have internal elections), choose, and propose the political programs ( we all decide, all together), choose and propose all the laws, which our political representatives are obliged to respect and put into practice. We repeat it again: our political representatives do everything their constituents ask of them before, during, and after the elections. Continuously, voters decide, and political representatives execute.

DirectDemocracyS, is the first, and only political organization, in the entire history of humanity, in the whole world, where everything is based on logic, common sense, mutual respect of all people, equality, and meritocracy . Competence and honesty are fundamental qualities for us, and they must all be present together.

DirectDemocracyS is the first and only political organization in the whole history of humanity, in the whole world, in which there are no internal struggles, and in which there are no leaders. Each of our users, and each of our work groups, together with all the other users and groups, are a single, immense leader. All for one, one for all, is a motto that we always put into practice.

DirectDemocracyS, is the first and only political organization, in the whole history of humanity, in the whole world, born to create alternatives, all innovative, to all the old politics, without any confrontation. We were born to build new roads, to travel all together, certainly not to collide, or to fight, against someone, or against something.

DirectDemocracyS, is the first and only political organization, in the entire history of humanity, in the whole world, which does not create any kind of alliances, electoral coalitions, and political agreements, with other political forces. We, if we win, govern, in the best way, if we lose, we make a healthy, loyal, and honest opposition, proposing and sharing our solutions. We will always vote in favor of everything that we think is useful to the population, and against everything that is not useful for everyone. We will always do it, carrying out every wish of our constituents. We will collaborate, with all political forces, without ever fighting for seats, or for leadership roles. We don't make alliances, coalitions, or agreements, and we always go alone, because we are the first, and the only ones in the world, to have inside us people of every political ideology, coming from every type of old political force. All this, without having "internal opposition", because we always decide everything together.

DirectDemocracyS, is the first, and only political organization, in all of human history, in the entire world, that relies, on all the few good things, taken from all the old politics, and all the various ideals, to create a new ideal, politically and ethically perfect. Our groups of experts have skilfully mixed many ideas and many ideals, eliminating any negative or bankruptcy part.

DirectDemocracyS is the first and only political organization in the entire history of humanity, in the whole world, in which decisions are made in an informed way. All our voters, users, groups, and political representatives are informed, in a complete, honest, free, independent way, by groups of experts, specialists, of every topic, to always choose, for the good of all. Our experts, in addition to informing, present all the possible alternatives, and all the consequences, for each decision taken. The truth, based on knowledge, is always present, in a professional way.

What is the use of this long list, of so many things, in which we are the first, and the only ones in the world?

It is used to introduce a political topic. Today we will talk about power. We will do it in summary, even if we will make many articles, very detailed. We don't want to give you too many historical details, but we will talk concretely.

Let's limit ourselves to saying that throughout the history of humanity, wealth, therefore money, material goods, and power, have always been in first place, for all politics, and for all people. Greed, and greed, drives all of us to make all sorts of compromises. Also, with our conscience.

"Power wears down those who don't have it." This is, without any doubt, the most famous aphorism among those of Giulio Andreotti, an important and controversial Italian politician.

You will all have understood, from all our previous articles, that the only ones not to have power, in all of human history, are the electors, therefore the people. There are no people with 2 functioning neurons who can say: in my country, there is authentic democracy and total freedom.

In Ancient Greece, during partial direct democracy, women, slaves, and poor people did not vote.

In modern Switzerland, there are many limitations, and "formalities" to be implemented, in order to let the people decide, all decided by the political forces (in order not to lose power and control). Even their "direct democracy" is only partial, and a facade. We will make an article entirely dedicated to Switzerland, to make you understand why many Swiss citizens join us in saying that we are the only truly democratic ones.

Power, for all the old politics, is indispensable. To obtain it, electoral consents are needed, which are the votes, in the elections, given by the people, therefore, by the population. In all of politics before us, elections are the only moment of real democracy, in which, according to some, "democracy" is put into practice. The false and partial one in which people are deluded that they count for something, that they are decisive. Instead by voting, they do nothing but legitimize the "theft of power", which from the minds, hands and hearts of the people ends up in the greedy hands of political parties and political representatives, who for many years decide, and they check everything. We often underline the words “for many years” because, throughout this period, the people, who should in theory hold all power, count for absolutely nothing. Once the winner has been decided, in the elections, the task of deciding no longer belongs to the people, but to the political parties and their political representatives.

Many experts explain to us (in an attempt to legitimize this scam), that with their vote, the people decide who has to decide, until the next elections, and that if the winners in the elections do not do a good job, after many years, they can vote for others. Legally this is the case, in fact the political parties, and their political representatives, present an electoral program, with many beautiful promises, to get the votes, and therefore obtain power. The problem is that those of the old politics do not always do exactly what they promise, therefore, they often betray their voters, who have no way to "oblige" them to keep their promises, on the basis of which, they are been chosen. Until the following elections, the people must helplessly witness the management of power by people who do not respect the agreements. What is, for us mere mortals, a real crime, such as: the abuse of popular credulity, for old and antiquated politics and normal practice. Furthermore, there is the crime of "political" fraud, the crime of "political" lying, always unpunished.

Once in power, they often think about their own interests.

In many countries, there is a certain alternation of various political forces, or coalitions, in government. In fact, voters often change their minds, seeing few useful results. Often they "shuffle the cards" (voting for others), not knowing that it is the whole "deal of cards" that is rigged. In fact, who among us has never changed his mind (and voted for different political forces)? Often, we move from one political party to another, in the same way that political representatives move from one party to another. Changing your mind is certainly not a sin, but in our opinion, it becomes a crime when a political representative, elected in a coalition, or in a political party, changes coalition, or political party, without first resigning. Even then, you can change your mind, but if you do (after being elected), first, you have to resign from your job and allow people to choose another candidate. We say this for the simple reason that we are not sure that the political representative would have been elected (at the previous elections) if he had belonged to another political party or another coalition.

We at DirectDemocracyS have solved all this long list of unjust things, forever, in an ingenious way, thanks to our rules, and our method.

Of course, not everyone likes to "get their hands dirty" by working with us. Not everyone likes to do the work of those who in the old politics are paid to do it (even if they don't do it completely). Many ask us: what do we pay them for? We answer, in a concise way, we pay them, to do what they decide, their voters. The people, whom they represent in the institutions. The old politics, on the other hand, pays them, to serve the interests of their coalition, their political party, finance, the economy, and a few people (usually rich and powerful).

You may have understood that there are some “small differences” between DirectDemocracyS and all the rest of politics, and it can be clearly seen.

But we'll tell you a secret, before joining us anyone thinks: if I register, create a personal profile, and start working with DirectDemocracyS, what will I gain? Everyone thinks about power, control, wealth, money, material possessions, and their own interests. Seeing that here, everything is different, and certainly better, many will prefer to go "be politicians", elsewhere, where they will be able to have personal, perhaps greater, advantages. With us, you have to work concretely, 20 minutes a day, or, alternatively, at least 2 hours a week, to be decisive, to propose, to control, to manage all our activities, and those of our political representatives. The direct and continuous commitment of all our users is essential in order to be able to carry out a concrete and useful job for everyone.

As we said, we are the first, and the only ones in the world to do all of this.

The first, and the only ones, to have been born, and to work, all together, to change and improve the world.

The old politics, and many groups of fake "innovators", will tell you that they are the best, they will also offer you bonuses (money, wealth, material goods), and as always, many beautiful promises, which punctually will never be kept. After all, they have been doing it for a long time, with the results, which we all know. They too will try to change, to try to look like us, with results, which you will see for yourself (they will be disastrous). Some groups, on social networks, even try to copy us (making you believe they are freer and more just than us), but they are doomed to failure, because each of our rules, and each of our methods, only works, if it is done, all together, exactly, as we do. All these attempts will fail, due to the continuous "search for power", due to internal clashes, external struggles, divisions, personal interests, and some small groups of managers, financial and economic interests.

This "power", which is managed and shared by us, by everyone, by others, cannot and will never be put into practice. Thanks to all those who are with us, and those who will join over time, always selected, to preserve and protect all our ideas. We were born to be the first, and unique, in all good things, truly in every sense.

As we always say, the time will come when everyone will be able to get to know us, and choose between the only 2 possibilities: all the old politics, or DirectDemocracyS.

And we all know exactly which political path all the good people will choose, and finally the population will win, and will have the power foreseen by the word democracy, which the old politics pronounces having no right, and no reason.

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