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    Dear friends, here are some useful links, in order to get to know our political organization better, and maybe after having carefully read all our information, you will join us, and help us to make known to as many people as possible, ours and yours DirectDemocracyS.

    First our link, to our official website:

    To join us, after having informed you about all our rules, you will have to follow the instructions for registering new users, at this link:

    To create your personal profile, and become a registered user, you will need to go to our welcome website:

    To become a verified registered user, and to be able to access our reserved area, where all our work takes place, you must carefully follow our instructions, and become a verified registered user, as we explain in detail at this link:

    We want to show you that our official website is absolutely safe, and that we are always up to date, and protected with the best security systems. You can check it too by doing research on the Internet, but we attach, in this article, and in all our pages and presentation groups, a photo that demonstrates what we always say.

    Furthermore, by inserting this link, in any browser you will see that all the security systems in the world consider us safe and reliable:

    DirectDemocracyS, is present on various social networks, but above all there are pages and groups, presenting our activities, in various languages, and for various countries, on Facebook. The groups can be found at this link:

    Our official pages can be found at this link:

    the only person who is authorized to give information, and to speak on our behalf, on social networks and other websites, can be found at this link:

    we remind you that on social networks, and on other websites, we do not engage in politics, we do not engage in discussions, and we do not confront anyone, we only present the decisions taken, after a long work, on our official website.

    Our website is written in the official part, in English, and every rule, value and ideal, and every statute, and official regulation, is written in English. But we have a handy module, which automatically translates every part of our website from English into over 100 languages. Just change, in the drop-down menu, the English language, in your preferred language, and every part written in English, will be automatically translated into your preferred language.

    To help all our visitors, we are translating many parts of our website, into other languages, in our Blog area:

    by selecting your language from the categories, you will find our articles translated into about 52 languages, but which will increase over time.

    In our Discussions area, there are not many activities yet, but we will have them soon, in various languages, at this link:

    In addition there is our Official Social Network of politics, which you can find in the main languages at this link:

    with some activities visible to all. Obviously the areas reserved for our verified registered users are invisible to those who have not joined us, as they are also invisible to our verified registered users, the secret areas in which only people who are part of certain special user groups have access .

    But beware: each verified registered user can request access to special groups of all kinds, as long as they have the ability, having studied certain topics, or working in certain areas, but also making competitions to be nominated, in various special, administrative, security, business, legal, and other groups. Here meritocracy is put into practice, and in addition to honesty, maximum competence is required.

    By visiting our website, pay close attention to the rules, values, and our ideals, do not join us if you are not able to respect our every mechanism.

    Even if it seems like a very strict regulation, and it has to be to make everything work perfectly, anyone who joins us will realize that we are the freest project, and the only truly democratic one.

    We have a lot of articles, and a lot of information, which are visible to all our visitors, and guests, only on our official website, so follow our links, because our presence on social networks, and on other websites, cannot be guaranteed for a long time, because many of our ideas, and especially our innovation, will find many powerful opponents, who will do everything to slow us down, or to sabotage us.

    No powerful on earth, the economic powers, the religious powers, and the political powers, does not like our political organization, which is the only one that puts people at the center, and that every activity it carries out will be in the exclusive interest. of all the peoples of the earth.

    We advise you to join us as soon as possible, and to start carrying out your political activities as soon as possible, because we will soon make known to the whole world our and your international political organization, and there will be a lot of competition to access special groups, and consequently to the most important management and control roles.

    We remind everyone that the only way to contact us is through our contact forms present only on our official website, at this link:

    you will have to choose the right category, and the right form, to get the information and answers you need. Attention: we do not respond if you do not write in the right contact form, or if your question has already been answered, in the official information, present in our articles.

    For information, you can read our articles in these links, also choosing the various categories, and sub categories:

    for general information

    for information on our rules

    for the latest news and useful articles

    we remind you that almost all parts are visible to all our visitors, but that there are parts visible only to our verified registered users, in the Community area (the menu item is visible and accessible only to our verified registered users), where you does all our work.

    To try our other utilities, or to find our other innovative projects, feel free to use our official menu, to navigate our immense universe.

    In the hope of having been clear, precise, and above all sure of having you in our big family, we are waiting for you, together with your relatives, friends and contacts.

    Become an Angel of DirectDemocracyS, your policy, truly in every sense!

    With esteem, respect, and infinite love.

    DirectDemocracyS staff.

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