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Protection of the planet

The protection of our planet is one of the fundamental activities, and one of the fundamental and characteristic political programs of DirectDemocracyS.

To be more precise, direct, and specific, we have created groups of experts, divided into various sub-groups, based on various topics. The protection of the territory, climate change, the protection of all forms of life, the reduction of pollution, renewable sources, and many other groups, directly connected to the previous ones.

In many countries, there are "specialized" political parties dedicated to the environment, the "ecological parties", often also called "green". These parties, like all political forces, with the exception of DirectDemocracyS, are often controlled, by finance, by the economy, and by rich people or companies, who take control of them, and decide on all their activities.

The internal and external struggles of these ecologists, always very active, often create confusion, due to decisions that are not always free, and almost never independent.

DirectDemocracyS has never had, and will never have, any "debt" to pay, and no favors to do, to anyone, with the exception of its own members, and the good, and defense, of the entire population.

We have decided to work, first at an international level, then at a continental, national, state and local level, from the largest to the smallest territorial subdivision, with general rules, valid and respected by all, and specific rules, based on the various geographical subdivisions .

We base each of our rules, each of our activities, and each of our decisions, only on logic, common sense, and the mutual respect of all people. Even on these issues, we are very careful, and very "rigid".

There are many problems, and we could not address all the topics in a single article, we will limit ourselves to giving you general notions, on how we think, on how we have studied certain topics, and on what we are doing concretely.

The protection of the planet is essential to protect all people, because for us, in first place, there has been, is, and will always be, the good of all people. By protecting our planet, we also protect all the people and all forms of life that inhabit it.

The ignorance of many people often creates "environmental terrorists", endowed with a large dose of hypocrisy, and examples are not lacking.

Many users of social networks suffer from delusions of protagonism, with the need to express themselves on anything. They have to say their opinion, even on things they don't know, or that they haven't studied, with terrible results, in which they not only demonstrate chronic ignorance, but also with harmful effects, the issues they address are true, not knowing them. Let's do some examples.

We often read that many environmental "fundamentalists" or "extremists" are calling for the closure of all zoos.

Of course, for an ignorant person, seeing so many animals, enclosed in often confined spaces, is not pleasant. Nor is it, for those who know these delicate topics well. But if all the animals were set free, 99% would die in a few days, either from starvation or killed by other animals. It would not survive, perhaps not even one. Therefore, believing that he is doing good, he would be doing himself harm, based on preconceptions and false information. Of course it doesn't help to invite everyone not to go to zoos, because with lower income, the living conditions of the animals, locked up in these "prisons", would not improve. Furthermore, if all the zoos were closed, all the staff who work there would be left unemployed, creating substantial social damage. Not only that, but not everyone knows that many species of plants or animals, without being conserved and reproduced in captivity, in botanical gardens or zoological gardens, would have been extinct for a very long time. The nightmare of many, to see free animals captured, to be imprisoned, in most cases does not exist. Zoos almost always exchange animals, so they are specimens born in captivity, for many generations. The percentages of "free" animals, born in freedom, and then captured and locked up, are minimal. The same goes for the colorful and fascinating world of the circus. Even in these cases, if to punish animal exploiters, we no longer went to circuses, with animal shows, many people would be left without a source of income, and the animals, accustomed to certain activities since they were small, would not live certainly better in nature.

For both zoological gardens and circuses, the environmental impact of animals born free must be reduced to zero, while doing everything possible to save all species.

To do all this, we have some ideas.

Immediately stop capturing new animals, to imprison them (with the exception of those for scientific reasons, and to be saved from extinction), is the best activity, because as free animals, being imprisoned is an indescribable suffering. Exactly, as for a human being, it is, ending up in prison, innocent.

Furthermore, the living conditions of all animals must be improved immediately, both in zoological gardens and in circuses, and for those who do not adapt, drastic measures will have to be taken. Protect human beings first, with their freedom to see, and study, animals, in their natural environment, and then protect all nature by all means, dear animal rights activists, this is how it is put into practice, a " healthy environmentalism”. Every life form in the world protects its own kind first, starting with its own families, and then the others. There are extremist environmentalists who love animals more than people. Believing they are on the right side, they demonstrate a lack of empathy towards other human beings, often having suffered psychological damage, or having been disappointed, betrayed, or offended by other human beings. Generalizing, and considering all human beings, ugly, bad, ignorant, is always wrong.

As far as hunting is concerned, this must be regulated, and poaching must be considered, and equated to, a terrorist crime. True environmental terrorism, which must be fought with intelligence, and detailed and complete laws, with very severe penalties for transgressors.

Killing all life to survive is natural. If you don't believe it, watch any documentary, with animals, but also plants, that kill other animals, or other plants, to survive.

As far as hunting is concerned, but also fishing, used only for entertainment and not for purely food purposes, we consider it cruel and ethically wrong. To reduce the number of certain harmful animals to man's activities and needs, it would be enough to control births and move excess specimens to protected natural areas. We are not in favor of those who kill for fun, but we are making "robot hunting" jokes in various parts of the world, which involve the use of weapons, with triple fun. Destroy the robots, in various types of environments, completely clean up the robot pieces, and reassemble them, for more challenges. Unlike animals, which often die definitively if hit, or are injured and suffer, robots can be "reanimated" and reused. Even fishing, just for fun, and without food purposes, is not "humane". No human being would like to have parts of their body torn off, to entertain some people.

We know that hunters and fishermen, who do it for pure fun and certainly not for work (which are very important to us, like all those who work), are intelligent, and will understand our position, which does not limit freedom, but it is based on the respect that we all must have towards every form of life. In the wild, you don't hunt or fish, almost never for fun, you just do it, to survive. If, on the other hand, what is killed is consumed, and it is done in compliance with all the laws, while not being ethically in agreement, we cannot limit the freedom of people to feed on what they prefer.

In this regard, we want to explain to everyone that for us, the planet belongs to everyone, therefore all together, we must protect it. But DirectDemocracyS, is for the freedom of all people, including that, to eat what you prefer. Tastes, of all kinds, are not right, or wrong, not better, or worse.

We have already talked about nutrition in various articles, and we will do dedicated articles.

Starting from the assumption, that no one can deny, that the human being is an omnivorous animal. While not wanting to get too specific, for a healthy life, we need nutrients, which also include animal proteins. Farms, while polluting and contributing negatively, even if partially, to global warming, guarantee animal proteins for meat eaters, for healthy growth for children, and for a healthy life for adults. With the certainty of being "hated" by "ecological fundamentalists" and by those who do not consume meat or animal products, we tell you that according to many studies, human beings have always been hunters, even before becoming farmer, and ate mainly food of animal origin. Indeed, the human being was first a breeder, and according to some prestigious studies, he would have become a farmer, just to feed the animals he already owned. Furthermore, agriculture too, unfortunately pollutes, consumes fundamental resources, such as water, energy, land. And we ask ourselves, if an animal suffers, and it is logical, for the conditions in which it lives, and with the sacrifice of its life, even at a young age, a plant also suffers, in exactly the same way. But "strangely" (because there are clear scientific reasons) we empathize with animals, we don't do the same with other forms of life. In these short sentences, we mention the religious and ethnic traditions of nutrition. For the Jews, one should not eat, among the various prohibitions, for example, pork, crustaceans and mollusks. For Muslims, pork should not be eaten. And many other religions tell us what to eat, and when to do it. There are even periods, or specific days, in which to eat certain foods.

Crustaceans and mollusks, if not eaten fresh, or if not stored in the right way, can cause serious illnesses and even death. The same goes for the pig, which is a very sensitive animal, and if it is not raised in the best possible way, it can transmit very serious diseases, and even death. Like all excesses, meat or animal products can also cause serious illness and even death. Many foods of vegetable origin, such as plants, and therefore also mushrooms, cereals, or vegetables, or condiments, in excessive doses, or, if they are not stored or consumed in the right way, can cause serious illnesses, and even death. Then, there is the pollution, or pesticides, and other potentially dangerous methods of cultivation. Basically, we should eat nothing, and then get sick, and die. But since, in order to survive, we have to feed ourselves, we advise you to follow the opinions of nutritionists, but only those, who recommend that you eat everything, in the right doses, obviously paying attention, if you have intolerances or allergies. Be wary of those who give you lessons, in which the human being is considered herbivorous, or excessively carnivorous, but also of those who give you all the solutions. If the sacred texts written for the Jews were rewritten today, surely crustaceans and mollusks would not be prohibited. If the Prophet Mohammed were among us today, he would not consider the pig as an impure animal. It cannot be, being a creation of God, even the pig, is a sacred animal, as are all forms of life. Seeing the attention paid to animal health and controls, as well as conservation methods, he would surely rewrite the Koran, allowing everyone to consume pork. We do not write it ironically, nor to offend anyone, but with the utmost respect, for those who certainly acted for the good of their respective populations, in various historical periods. With regard to religions, in certain parts of our articles, we condemn the use, which is done in one's favor of Sacred Texts, also to justify violence, discrimination, and to prevent people from living freely. We are not against Gods, and we respect them all in exactly the same way. We are against the use that some bad people make of it, who, looking at history, but also at current events, cannot give any man, and not even us at DirectDemocracyS, any kind of lesson. Whether they believe, disbelieve, or, what our users believe, or pray to, is not critical to us.

The important thing is to keep all religion and belief out of all our political activities forever. If you like, we are creating a new religion, which always and only places the human being at the center, and keeps the spiritual part, which is important for many people, outside. For now, no religion has criticized us, or no religion has ever asked its faithful, believers, not to join us. They would have no logical reasons for doing so, because we are all informed, and certain behaviors, and certain impositions, nowadays, are a boomerang against themselves. We respect all the Gods, and love exactly the same way, without any preference, all the people of the world. Without generalizations, without distinctions, and without superficiality.

With regard to hunting and fishing for pure entertainment, we leave the task of deciding and regulating these activities to the local and territorial authorities.

To those who kill for fun, we say what we say, to anyone who does despicable deeds. Let's try to reverse the roles, how would you feel being hunted down, or skewered? How would you feel if your family or loved ones were being hunted down?

For other activities, however, we have detailed projects of thousands of pages, hundreds of concrete proposals, and many informative articles. We will present them at the right time.

Protecting the planet, and all forms of life, is paramount.

Reducing pollution, with working, innovative methods, also has the beneficial effect of slowing down global warming.

Securing the territory will help save many lives.

These topics, specified in the previous sentences, will be covered in dedicated articles, but in general, we can summarize some concepts.

Pollution can be reduced, with different behaviors, with innovation, and better choices (not negatively influenced by finance and the economy), by all countries, which must impose restrictive rules on companies that pollute more, trying to protect jobs too, but above all, safeguarding the health of all people.

Global warming, largely due to the various geological eras, is however accelerated by harmful emissions caused by man. If geological changes are unfortunately, but also fortunately, inevitable (it means that we have a "alive" planet), however, we can give the various forms of life time to get used to the change in temperatures. In fact, if we accelerate the period of these changes, there will be outcomes that are difficult to predict, but certainly harmful. Our solutions are to invest in concrete activities, both to reduce emissions and to seek scientific solutions, to slow down, and if necessary, control (as far as possible) these changes.

Even the protection and safety of the territory can be useful in tackling climate change. Surely, it will save many lives, if it is done, all over the world, putting first, not finance and the economy, but safety and the protection of people. Our solutions are based on prevention, which certainly costs much less than reconstruction. Build well, so you don't have to rebuild later. For us, every life lost, every person hurt, is a defeat of the old politics. So, even in these activities, innovation, intelligence, science, logic, common sense, and the mutual respect of all people are fundamental.

For each of our proposals, in addition to our work, our commitment, we need a change and an improvement in the mentality of all people.

There are political innovations, which if implemented by everyone, can prevent a great many problems.

Prevention allows, in many cases, to save lives, in every activity of our lives.

For DirectDemocracyS, public land, common spaces, belong to all citizens who live in a given territory. There are civic choices, which form part of basic education, which are often not taught by parents who are too busy, or in some cases incapable, to the new generations.

A simple example. But also a demonstration of civility, or in some cases of incivility.

Many people buy pets, even if they don't have adequate spaces, or even the ideal conditions, for their animal friends to live. Dogs, cats, and pretty much every kind of animal. Often you buy them, and then you don't have the time to take care of them, and love them, in the right way. Many believe they love pets, but they make them live in miserable conditions and are not taken care of, often abandoning them. Other people believe they can replace a real child with an animal. In addition to being an ethically wrong behavior, a child is much more important than any animal, it is also wrong towards the animal, which becomes a "replacement" for a real child. Of course, caring for, raising, and loving an animal takes less time, and usually less money, than raising a real child. But in nature, the purpose of each species is to carry on its own species, and hardly, they "replace" it with other species. Only we human beings, in many cases, if we are disappointed by some human beings, wish for "extinction", while all other animal and plant species struggle for survival. There are people, psychologically fragile, who on social networks truly wish for extinction. Instead of changing and improving our mentality and behavior, it is much easier for some to wish for extinction.

Anyone who buys or finds animals to care for must do so if you have the time to care for them, the money to care for them, and make them live in optimal conditions. But you must also have the civic spirit to clean up if they dirty the outside of your properties. Everyone's freedom to have a pet certainly cannot limit the freedom of the entire population to live in clean, fragrant and sanitized public spaces. If you don't pick up your pets' droppings, you "owners" are the real animals. You have to clean and sanitize public spaces, which are not, a huge public toilet. We will wage battles to force those who own animals to clean, but also to keep your animals tied up outside your property. You would be surprised to know how many children, but also adults, die every year from accidents caused by pets not controlled by their human owners. A small, sweet dog running in the park can run away and cause a car accident, with dozens of deaths. But the same little dog running in the park can cause a child, or an adult, to fall on a bicycle, causing their death. Keep them tied up, and close to you, to prevent any kind of problem. Suitable and preventive laws are needed, and above all put into practice, with the right severity.

We have dealt with some issues, in a somewhat superficial way, but at the right time, we will provide all the details, both on the various problems and on all our solutions, to change and improve the world.

We know that many of you will feel in some cases, including, in some of our criticisms, wrong behavior. We are not in the least interested in having offended the sensitivity and fragility of certain people who behave in the wrong way. Change, and improve your behaviors, and your mentality, and you will surely be better people.

DirectDemocracyS puts into practice the logic, common sense, and mutual respect of all people.

While many of you try to find faults, inaccuracies or errors in what we write, you will not find them, for the simple reason that each of our articles is written by dozens, and sometimes hundreds, of groups of experts, also made up of thousands of people, all specialists, in all sectors. There is not a word of each of our articles written, chosen and decided by a single person. Ours is a collective work, and each stance, of each of our articles, is the stance of all of us. For various reasons, among which, the main one, is that we trust each other.

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