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    Foreign politics

    Foreign politicsAll foreign politics are composed of various activities, involving relations, between various countries.

    For us at DirectDemocracyS, in addition to the various countries, foreign politics must involve, above all, the various peoples of the earth. Who have to talk to each other, and listen to each other, discuss and dialogue. Make deals, directly.

    The relations only between countries, without the peoples, of the various territories, limits the discussions, and the resolutions of the conflicts.

    Good foreign politics must first of all prevent any possible conflict, and in any case, all foreign politics must prevent any form of violence.

    In all countries, where our political representatives will have the task of governing, violent actions of any kind will not be possible, both for foreign politic and for domestic politic.

    In universities, with a specialization in international politics, and in universities, where there are courses in politics, only traditional politics is taught. We are sure that over time, our innovative, alternative politic will first be studied, and then taught.

    The old politics, which they teach students, begins with the old forms of politics, from Ancient Greece. Throughout history, for better or for worse, the Greek population has had all forms of government, including a brief period of partial direct democracy, in the city state. Partial, in that they could vote and decide only the males, of medium-high social categories, women, and slaves, they could not propose, discuss, vote, therefore they could not engage in politics. Until recently, women, and poor populations, had no right, therefore not even a political one, not even in "democratic" and "free" countries. You know very well, because we write the previous two words, in quotation marks.

    We've talked about it, even too much, so let's assume, that you all know, what a world, based on falsehood, we are all living in. Therefore, we limit ourselves to telling you that even in political schools, the fake or minimal representative democracy is described as the best form of government. And until we were born, it was. The oligarchic dictatorships, and single-party countries, but also the few countries in which there is practically no voting, and those in which there is practically no politics (there are some, for example the country, in which the World Football Championships, in the 2022 edition), are certainly worse, from the point of view of democracy, and freedom, compared to the oligarchic partyocracies, which exist in Western countries.

    The previous sentences prevent universities from teaching true democracy and total freedom, of which only we would have the right to pronounce the name.

    Many people, even university professors, but above all students, when they join us, can finally know and feel the concrete and real power of these 2 fundamental words for which they died and suffered enormously, often unnecessarily, very many people. Women and men, who died, with the hope of giving future generations a different and better world.

    In schools, it is taught that in Western countries, democracy and freedom exist, and that every person has the same chances of self-fulfillment, both professionally and politically. And all good students must endorse these theses, which have nothing real. But that's okay, we invite anyone who joins us to say in schools, exactly what their teachers expect to hear, and to write in theses, exactly what they are being taught. If they wrote, for example, about the great scam, in which the whole world lives, they would surely fail, due to too low grades.

    Although, in addition to democracy and freedom, there are other things that are worth dying for, and they are: love, affection, friendship, and perhaps most importantly, the truth.

    Every sentence, or word we write, unfortunately for these teachers, cannot be denied, but neither can it be discussed. They have already lost from the start, and anyone who does not agree with our political theses is only an accomplice of the current situation and of this scam. Obviously, the current political, economic and financial system feeds many people, some more and better, others less and worse. Therefore, for some, denying the current systems would be a real suicide, if not physical, certainly work, intellectual, political and professional.

    We will talk about some of these political shenanigans, but let's focus on foreign politics, after another brief general clarification.

    A characteristic of the old politics, which everyone knows, is the almost total and very embarrassing subjection of the political parties and their political representatives to the economy and finance. To people, and businesses, rich and powerful, for whom laws are made, which often are not the same for everyone. Don't accuse us of being anti-political, we don't care in the slightest what other people do, but it is our moral obligation to report all injustices. To do a great job, we had to learn from their very serious mistakes, and do exactly the opposite, of what others are doing. It's not hard to be different, and better, than them. Also in the style of communicating, in the rules, and in the working method. Ours are not conspiracy theories, you just need to look into the past, or into the present, study a little, and you'll see that we don't exaggerate, on the contrary, we'll spare you the long list of facts, which confirm, our every sentence, or word.

    Old politics, at all levels, generally has a bad habit, which we all know well: saying one thing and doing another. Making an electoral program, with many promises, to get the consents and votes of poor deluded voters, and then once in power, instead of doing everything for which they were voted, they waste their time, making excuses, and look for the reasons, even fictional ones, for which, in many cases, they have literally cheated and defrauded their constituents. The power, the wealth, the comfortable armchairs, to do what they want, and not what has to be done.

    In foreign politic, there are international bodies, as useful as an icicle, at the North Pole, or worse, like sand in sandals, in the desert. We assume that you know of the complete inefficiency of all the various international bodies, but we will come back with dedicated articles, it's worth it.

    Before continuing, we confess that we do not feel any pleasure in describing reality, that the further we go on, it only confirms what we have said: we live in a truly ugly and unfair world.

    But let's move on to concrete things, international politics is based on agreements, often imposed on everyone, by the victorious countries of the Second World War. We have already done some historical analyses, but this time we limit ourselves to stating that any international agreement counts for practically nothing.

    A recent example above all: the Budapest Memorandum. Under these agreements, Ukraine gave up (stupidly) over 1900 nuclear warheads left after the breakup of the former Soviet Union. In return, Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe would guarantee the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. And guess what, to which country the 1900 nuclear warheads were sent to be decommissioned? Did you guess? Exactly Russia, the one that took Crimea by force (without any cowardly, cowardly, unworthy western country doing anything, except a formal protest, at the futility party, which we call the UN, in which among the other Russia, which has taken the right of veto, from the former Soviet Union). If there weren't dead, injured, people with destroyed homes, suffering from thirst, hunger, cold, and fear, refugees, and violent actions, we could laugh at how useless foreign politic is, at all these clowns. If they had all intervened to defend the Crimea, this dangerous road would not have gone ahead.

    This example is only the most recent. But let's think, for example, of many countries, where there are civil wars. Guess who they are organized by? This time, the serial haters got it wrong. It is not only the United States, but all the slightly stronger countries (China, Russia, France, the United Kingdom, and others) who enjoy, and profit enormously, from the various "revolutions of all kinds", from "exports of democracy not requested by anyone”, almost all made, usually , in politically weaker countries, possibly rich in raw materials, or with riches (such as tourism), or business opportunities, to be able to exploit.

    If we start with examples, we go on for months to write, and we know that no one can deny, our claims, so trust us.

    Here, if a student, who is enrolled in the faculty of international politics, said the previous sentences, and in conclusion said: international politics only serves to legitimize the worst crimes in the world. He would be immediately expelled, because for those poor deluded people who believe they have understood everything about international relations, admitting that there is nothing political in all of this, but only business, interests, often petty, would be a serious professional defeat. .

    Many people told us, when based on logic, common sense, knowing how to distinguish right from wrong, loyalty, and the implementation of precise commitments, we said, that the invasion of Russia, in Ukraine, was completely wrong, some told us, that even the Russians have their reasons. They complained, and felt offended, because we considered them "differently intelligent". We were also kind to these characters, who deserve all the old politics. If a friend, a relative declares that he takes care of your home and protects your family, and then sets fire to your house, killing, raping and making your whole family suffer, and someone says: yes, but he has his reasons, how would you feel? There is no reason, or motivation, to attack a sovereign country, if not the thirst for power, arrogance, economic and financial interests. And anyone who denies it, or seeks excuses, and motivations, demonstrates that "differently intelligent", for them, is just a compliment.

    Perhaps even more stupid are those who, living protected by the United States and by NATO, in Western countries, "cheer" for Putin and his oligarchic dictatorship (in which, a few nominees of Putin, have taken , without any merit, and without having any right, all the riches of the Russian people). If 99% are fake Russian profiles, which flood the Internet with a visceral hatred for the United States and for Western countries, it amazes us that 1% can believe that a total dictatorship is better than one minimal partial democracy. We ask those people to go to Russia, and write anti-Putin messages, if they dare. The hatred of Russian politicians loyal to Putin for the West is motivated. Because without the promises (often not kept), and the aid from the rest of the world, Russia would have conquered Ukraine in less than a week. He would certainly have staged a military coup in Ukraine. The military are the ones who swear, and then always go to the side of the strongest, in case they realize that there is no chance of winning. We write this with all due respect, for all dead servicemen, from all sides, but that's exactly how it is. They, too, are often driven by their own interests.

    But let's take another example, otherwise it seems that we want to write another article on the cowardly Russian invasion of Ukraine. In Vietnam, the United States would have easily won if North Vietnam had not received aid from the communist countries. In Korea, exactly the same way. In Afghanistan, the Soviet Union would have won easily. The Soviet intervention, in support of the faction of the PDPA, headed by Karmal against the faction of Amin, was resolved with the withdrawal of the Soviet troops from Afghanistan, a victory for the Afghan mujaheddin, supported directly and indirectly by the United States, and other western countries. In Syria, the situation was a little more complicated, but as always, the 2 super powers challenged each other on a "neutral" war ground.

    If these examples are not enough for you, we can go on writing for days. But the substance does not change. Their disgusting, and ruthless, method does not change.

    A country is chosen, tensions are created, usually inter-ethnic or religious, and then "all hell breaks loose".

    Not to mention, the "exports of fake democracy", with bombs, deaths, terror, that our "democratic, but in some cases republican, United States" do periodically, in order to be able to renew the military arsenals. Many accuse us of anti-Americanism. We are always on the side of the populations, and never of the violent. If we are against all violence, and the United States unleashes violence, we are proudly against the military politics, and the politics in general, of the aggressor country. Many tell us: but the United States had 11 September. They had to take revenge. Only the organizers of terrorism and the perpetrators must be sought, not destroy entire countries, causing more innocent victims, the innocent victims , of the Twin Towers. Or, they tell us that in Iraq, Syria, Libya, there were dictators who needed to be changed. And we could talk for days about the many dictators put in power in various countries, by the United States, in various parts of the world. Even in these cases, the lists, and the various explanations would last, a very long time.

    China works differently, with money, buys and sells what it wants, with very few deaths, usually called "surgical" methods. They eliminate a few candidates, in various countries, and always win those who want China as a privileged partner, especially in African countries.

    All of the old foreign politic is just like all of the old politics in general. Sneaky, false, and is based entirely solely and exclusively on finance, the economy, power, interests, and the suffering of innocent people. In this case, we have not added the words "almost all", or "a part". They are exactly all guilty, or accomplices, of crimes against humanity.

    Now the "great" professors of politics will tell us, well done, you have discovered hot water. Everyone knows these things. And there are no solutions.

    We knew that almost all these professors were not phenomena, but accomplices of the old systems.

    The solutions are very simple. Basing every choice, every law, every agreement, on logic, common sense, and mutual respect, of all people. Change all the rules, reform all international bodies, and above all, eliminate all state secrets. Because what we know, and it's demonstrable, is just the tip of the iceberg. If it is true that the population and the state have the right to know the whole truth, always. About anything, obviously without putting other people in danger, but always telling the whole truth about everything. We would avoid fanciful theories if we knew all the truths, which are too often kept hidden.

    In this regard, we challenge anyone to say that a single sentence, or statement, written by us, in any of our articles, is false or invented. Unlike old politics, if we say something, we're sure we're not lying. It is not a matter of deductions, or even of interpretations, of the facts. We have all the evidence, and if you want, we can provide even new ones.

    Then reform everything, according to our rules, with our method, give the population, all the power, all over the world. Let voters decide, informed in a complete, honest, and competent way, by groups of experts, on the various possibilities, and on the consequences, of each decision.

    Many communists hate us, because we often criticize this ideology, which is despicable, bankrupt, and cruel, just like Nazism, fascism, political and military dictatorships, single parties, and any false democracy. For us they are all the same, with a small preference for the false and partial democracy, which is a little better than the others. But dear communists, ideologically bankrupt, is there a more communist project than ours? We, we give all the power, in the hands of the people, really. And dear nostalgic Nazis and fascists, is there a project in which there is greater national dignity, and local autonomy, than DirectDemocracyS? For us, every country must be the master, but not only that, every people, must be the master, indeed, every person is the owner of the land, the air, and the water, in whose vicinity they live. And dear federalists, is there an international project that divides the territory, from all over the world, down to the street block, or the neighborhood? We give each geographical group, on a territorial basis, the power to decide, manage, control, and work in its own territory.

    In short, we can make ourselves loved, or we can make ourselves hated, by everyone, but we are not, and we will never be: liars, hypocrites, false, and we will never be.

    Refound society, on values, ideals, principles, based on logic, common sense, mutual respect for all people, and honest, loyal collaboration, putting into practice the search for the common good, and of interest, of entire world population, up to each district, or street block.

    The old politics will never be capable of it, because it has no interest in changing and improving the world.

    We, all together, can do it.

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