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    20240220 Message

    2024.02.20 Message

    This message of ours contains the latest news in DirectDemocracyS and presents some links that will make you better understand our political organization, which is innovative and alternative to all the rest of politics.

    First, let's see our latest articles.

    which shows you, as a future candidate for the Presidency of the United States of America, copies some of our characteristics, to obtain electoral consensus, obviously, without our authorization, and without explaining how it intends to materialize all its promises.

    presents you with the latest news on our email addresses, and how these addresses are safe, protected, and compliant, among the first in the world, with innovations, privacy provisions, and new security measures.

    presents you with a selection of our official representatives for the largest and most important meeting in the world on direct democracy, which will take place in 2024, from 15 to 18 May, in Bucharest, Romania. Approximately 600 representatives are expected from over 60 countries around the world.

    it explains exactly how we are, and how important it is to work actively to change and improve the world together. This article is essential to get to know us, and we hope to make you join us, registering, and creating a personal profile.

    our proposals, our contributions, our solutions, and the official confirmation of our participation, in the Forum of Modern Direct Democracy, which will take place in 2024, from 15 to 18 May, in Bucharest, Romania. It contains a lot of interesting information, which we are sure, will be presented in Bucharest, by our official representatives.

    some information, and the related reasons (fundamental, to understand many of our decisions), of some of our security measures, to make you understand and appreciate, that for us, it is fundamental to guarantee everyone the protection of personal data, anonymity, order, discipline, and everything necessary to prevent any possible problem.

    to understand, how we create each of our articles, and how we make decisions, within our political organization. We are the only ones in the world to have these rules, and this methodology, which does not allow anyone to decide individually, and which allows us to always have truly collective leadership. Knowing how we decide will make you understand our potential.

    an interesting article, which explains how we intend to rejuvenate the world political class, and how we stimulate young people to take an interest in political activities, which decisively influence their future, and that of the next generations.

    From February 22, 2024, there are some important news, which will surely please many of you, and will surprise, those who do not yet know us, and are not used to our innovations.

    Thanks to your generosity, and the collaboration of all of you, our main website has become even faster, in fact, the loading of our web pages has improved by at least 30%, and is more stable, while remaining secure, free and independent. We are among the fastest, most stable and most secure websites on the Internet, we demonstrate this with all our continuous and detailed checks.

    All this, however, could create a small inconvenience for those who have smartphones, tablets, or very old PCs, in fact, in some cases, a message relating to security could appear, which could scare some of our visitors. If you carefully analyze the error message, you will see that the encryption of data sent and received from our website is active, making browsing safe, but the warning may tell you that our web server has a different type, compared to that of our website. Simply put, the website and the web server have 2 different certificates, which web browsers and applications that are not updated to the latest version could interpret incorrectly. For those who have new or old but updated smartphones, tablets and PCs, no error messages appear, and everything works perfectly. For those who use old and not updated smartphones, tablets and PCs, such as very dated operating systems and browsers, our advice is to use "Firefox", at this link:

    and at this link, for Android:

    it is a light browser, always updated and secure, which will allow you to visit all our websites quickly and easily. This application can help in a concrete way, even those who don't have money. Often the manufacturers of smartphones, tablets and PCs do not update the operating systems, and therefore, in many cases, also the applications (including browsers, for browsing the Internet), to make people buy smartphones, tablets, and new PCs. In this article, we do not judge marketing methods, but we do not tolerate blackmail on the part of producers, therefore, if in old smartphones, tablets and PCs, certain browsers and certain applications create error messages, when visit our websites, please try installing and using a different browser, or a different application, and you will see that everything will work perfectly. DirectDemocracyS puts the issue of security first, and we invest a lot to always be ahead of the curve in regard to new technologies, which are used to protect our users' data, and to make all our activities protected and safe.

    In any case, if you do not want to use "Firefox", or, if you do not want to try other ones, to be able to visit our website, from browsers and operating systems that are not updated, if an error message appears, you will have to choose, and click on: continue on the website (even if old browsers and old operating systems will tell you, incorrectly, that this is not the recommended choice).

    Security measures.

    As you all know, our web server, which hosts our official website, has a physical location in Germany, in Düsseldorf, and 4 other backup locations (with as many web servers, which save all files), in 4 other countries.

    Our official website was, is, and will always be, at this URL

    Our websites are online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day. If for reasons beyond our control, our websites are not accessible, the other websites, hosted on other web servers, in other countries, become operational in a very short time.

    The first, and most important, to use, when our main website is down, is at this URL:

    which always allows registration and access to reserved areas, based on the type of user and the authorizations of each of our users. Write to us and save, our second official website.

    Incremental backup, on 4 other web servers.

    Each person who visits and uses one of our websites performs simple actions, such as: reading an article, commenting, sharing with other people, but also simply putting a "like". Those who are registered, and therefore have joined us, can access and see reserved areas, based on their type of user, and based on their permissions, therefore, they can carry out many activities. All these activities, in addition to being carefully monitored, are saved by our websites in our 5 web servers in various countries. Every change made on the official website creates a copy on 4 other web servers, which we will use if necessary.

    If our public server, which has a physical location in Germany, in Düsseldorf, is blocked, attacked, or sabotaged, but also, in the event of technical failures, or, due to too many people, all using it together, at the same time, come online, our secondary website. Therefore, for short periods, our main website may be offline, or temporarily closed, to allow us to increase the power and space necessary to allow everyone to browse our websites well. At the same time, we activate and make available our second official website on our second web server. And if necessary, the third, fourth, and even fifth web servers can be activated. These security measures may seem excessive to some, to others it may seem like a waste of money, but these activities are absolutely necessary to have an always active service and to prevent any possible problem.

    In these steps, from one web server to another, some data can be lost, for example, if a user was writing a comment, or if he was uploading documents. But each of our users knows that you should not publish things, or perform activities on our websites, without having a copy of your comment, or of the document you intend to publish, on our website. In certain cases, it is advisable to take a photograph to demonstrate that a certain activity has been carried out within the established time frame. By keeping your activities in a safe place for at least 30 days, you will be sure not to lose anything, and to always be compliant with our methodologies. Our advice is to always prepare every document, every comment, thinking well, calculating the possible consequences, and keeping a copy for yourself. This method will definitely help you.

    In some cases, we will communicate the necessary information to you in our official groups, and on our official pages, on the main social networks. Do not trust anyone who speaks on our behalf, and always check whether they are authorized by us.

    Unblocking blocked personal profiles.

    Our group, for unlocking personal profiles, reminds you that the only method to unlock your personal profiles is only through this contact form, which you can find at this link:

    always specify the reason for the block, and the reason why you want your personal profile to be unblocked.

    There are no alternative methods, and only groups created for certain activities can carry them out.

    Comments on our articles and posts on our blog.

    We remind everyone that we have the technology, and all the potential, to allow those who wish to comment publicly on our articles, our blog posts, and any of our other public activities, but that we warn you not to do so. The motivation is very simple: we don't care what those who don't join us think, and those who have already joined us know well that any comment can be made in the groups in which one participates, in where everyone is free to express themselves on what is public, but also to propose, choose, discuss and vote, even on private activities.

    Everything must be done in the right way, in the right place, at the right time, respecting our methodology and all our rules.

    DirectDemocracyS, loves and implements democracy, and individual and group freedom, which must be potentially unlimited, but end, however, where the freedom of another person, and of another group, begins. Having a safe, orderly organization, without unauthorized public activity, is essential for our work together to work perfectly.

    With the hope that you will read, and share with as many people as possible, each of our articles and all of our public information, we are waiting for you on our official, free, independent, orderly and secure website.

    Thank you. We send you our warmest regards, with great esteem and infinite respect.

    DirectDemocracyS, your political organization, truly in every sense!

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