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    EuropeWe have spoken in some articles, in short, about Europe, the European Union, the European Parliament, the European Commission, and in this article, in addition to criticizing, we tell you that within us, we create a new Europe, a real one , true, complete, parallel, and alternative, to the existing one.

    But first, as always, a premise.

    For some superficial people, reading what we write about Europe, it comes natural to say: DirectDemocracyS, it's against Europe. We ask you: do you really believe that we are against something, or against someone? Either you can't read, or you don't understand what you read. We are never against anything, or against anyone. However, if we say our opinion, criticizing or pointing out things that are wrong, annoy someone, or could ruin someone else's plans, we will continue to do it anyway, proposing our ideas and our solutions.

    Europe cannot exist if it excludes some countries, and above all, if it is not the Europe of peoples, of all peoples.

    The current Europe (the false one, which declares itself united), has excluded, for a long time, and still excludes, many countries, and entire peoples, for reasons, often specious, which make no sense. But on the hypocrisy of politics, at all levels, we have already done some articles, and we will do some dedicated articles. Also to make you understand, all the lies they tell us, to seem fair, free, democratic, and give a feeling of normality to things that aren't.

    But before starting, the list of "filth", a new premise, in the premise.

    A political force, large or small, at any level, must be credible and must set a good example for everyone. Throughout history, all the old politics has demonstrated all its "value" and all its credibility.

    In order to be able to give "lessons", in every sense, to all the other political forces, DirectDemocracyS must be credible. Today, February 18, 2023, we are a tiny political force, constantly growing, but not very influential, and not yet decisive, in all countries. We grow very fast, thanks to our brilliant ideas. Obviously, we are not in a hurry, we have to grow in a controlled way, so as not to make any mistakes. So we tell you clearly, we could not criticize, if we were not sure that we are different, and better, than those we criticize. Anyone who reads our articles knows very well that we are. Because for now, and also in the future, we will not commit the mistakes and grave injustices that the political parties and political representatives of the old politics did.

    We started from 0, we don't blame ourselves for the behavior of other political forces, and other political representatives, within them. We, we have every right, to consider ourselves guilty, for not having created our innovation sooner, allowing the old politics, to misbehave. So please don't send us messages, where you tell us: where were you when it happened, everything that happened.

    Not existing before, we could not oppose the petty things that were done.

    We can only guarantee you that we will not make the same mistakes, and we will not have bad people inside us, and if by chance they manage to join us, we guarantee you that they will not be able to do anything wrong. We have foreseen everything, and we have all the means, to put equality and meritocracy into practice.

    To avoid making bad impressions, since you don't know us, and you don't have a "crystal ball", don't make predictions about us, you will be disappointed by your inability to evaluate our potential. We will never be the same or similar to the old politics, nor to the "democratic and free" groups that try to copy us, making some people believe they can be equal to, or better than us, and those who do our work, as we do, for a long time. Over time, they will only be able to reach our conclusions, not being able to hope to reach us, or surpass us, in anything, we will always be ahead of them for many years. We don't fear, and we don't hate, those who copy us, we simply pity them, and we are sure of their failure.

    We have never lied, we have never stolen, we have never promised anything, without keeping, every promise. Everything we have written, from the first second of life until today, we have respected it, and we swear that we will, forever. We are not a political force that will pass like a comet across the firmament and then disappear. In our logo, which represents the galaxy of the Milky Way (the galaxy in which we find ourselves), there are many stars, that's it: we will stay, and we will do an excellent job, until the last star of ours goes out. galaxy. Thanks to our rules, and our method, we will never be able to betray all the promises and all the expectations of all our constituents. We have repeated it thousands of times: we base all our activities on logic, common sense and mutual respect for all people. Therefore, we can never be similar, or compatible, but only different, alternative, and better than the old policy.

    Europe's mistakes.

    It seems strange, but the use of the name is completely wrong (ethically, and geographically), they must immediately change their name to: Partial Europe (to be correct, and credible). And we're not saying this as a joke, it's not a provocation, but a real, proper official request.

    Until, every country, and every people of Europe, from the Iberian Peninsula, up to the Ural mountains (but for convenience, we go so far as to include, the whole of the Russian Federation, including Siberia), is included in the Common Europe, must use the name Europe, preceded or followed by the word (depending on the language) “partial”. Otherwise they lie, knowing they are lying. How do you say? Ah, you're used to it, they've been making fun of you for thousands of years, and will continue to do so, until the time comes for DirectDemocracyS. However, they should have the decency not to lie to you about everything.

    If someone believes that we are right about the name, continue reading this article of ours, if instead you believe that we are wrong, we say goodbye here, do not waste your precious time, continue reading. If you continue, you will be forced, as always, to agree with us.

    So if they lie to us about the name, what else are they lying about? On everything, they don't tell you one truth, and never completely, they want to seem fair, democratic, and free, but they have the wrong starting points.

    We all know the United Europe on what it was born: on business, on the economy, we are not going to write the whole story, but just a few lines, to understand what we are talking about.

    The European Union, abbreviated to EU, is a "political" and economic union of a supranational nature, which currently includes 27 member states.

    Born as the European Economic Community, with the Treaty of Rome of 25 March 1957, in the course of a long process of integration, with the accession of new Member States, and the signing of numerous amending treaties, including the Maastricht Treaty of 1992, assumed the current structure, with the Lisbon Treaty of 2007.

    Partial Europe, it was called the European Economic Community, so we all understood, what it is based on. Didn't you get it? It is based on the economy, on finance, on the interests of a few, to control and manage the lives of many. We are talking about a few people (the European Commission), who manage the lives of hundreds of millions of people, without being able to have any form of opposition or control.

    Equipping an economic association, with political bodies, was a new joke. To make a real, political European Union, the founding fathers, in addition to including all the geographical countries of Europe, without any discrimination, should first of all have created the United States of Europe. But be careful, there are countries, a little richer, and very clever, but selfish, that don't want to unite, at any cost, with countries, a little poorer. So, they invented parameters and rules, all based on economic interests, disguised as just, democratic rules based on freedom. These parameters for membership forced the various countries to make some just and acceptable changes, and others that were unacceptable, from certain traditions and cultures. Therefore, in many countries, Partial Europe was already unbearable, for many inhabitants, even before the accession of their own country.

    The current Partial Europe, political, has nothing. But it has nothing, not even economic, if not some interests, of a few strong, against many weak. In a united Europe, similar, if not exactly the same, taxation would be needed. In terms of taxes, it must be, at least similar. The United States of America is a true union of states, in which there is federal taxation and state taxation, with minimal differences between state and state. In Europe, if they had achieved this true financial and economic union, the rich and strong countries, but also the simply "smart" ones, would not have been able to attract, with "legalized deception", large capitals, thanks to a tax system cheaper, in some countries, than in others. We don't want to go into too much technical terms, we'll explain it to you in simple words. To get capital, therefore money, from countries in difficulty, or less smart ones, to smart countries, it is enough to offer companies lower taxation, and every large or small company relocates, or transfers its tax office, in the European Common Market (the choice is of a few tax "havens", within Europe), in the place where it obtains the greatest advantages. In any case, there are no barriers, and everyone is "free" to move where it suits them. Even if, in this way, the "weak" countries become even weaker (lacking a lot of money), and the strong countries become even stronger, and richer.

    At this point, many will wonder, what do they do with all this money and capital? Simple, they lend them to poorer and less smart countries, in various ways, mainly by buying government bonds, but also, with various types of loans, taking advantage of the total incapacity, and easy corruption, of many politicians, but also cowardly, taking advantage of the weakness of less strong and less cunning countries.

    Therefore, different taxes, from country to country, but the immediate abolition of customs, therefore of customs taxes, which was the only way for producing countries, or rich, in raw materials, to earn something, in order to allow , to those who have the capital, to buy anything, advantageously, without earning almost anything, to countries in difficulty. Also on how Europe has allowed, and still allows, some wealthy entrepreneurs, usually from certain countries, to buy, for little money, a large part of the wealth of other countries, simply by taking advantage of the complicity and corruption, of politics, we will do long articles in the future, with lots of evidence, which demonstrate all the facts we are talking about. They do it cleverly, with rules that are difficult to implement, literally bringing many populations to their knees, even by drastically reducing the purchasing power of the lower-middle ranges, but also of the richest.

    Some will tell us, you are right, but thanks to Partial Europe, we can travel from one country to another without a passport, with a simple identity card. Right, but rest assured, that European citizens pay with interest, this advantage, which could be achieved, even with, at the same time, a Fiscal and Economic Justice, which had no preferences.

    The biggest and unforgivable mistake of fake Europe was making some countries, and entire peoples, feel less loved and less respected than others. Countries and peoples of the first category, and others of the second and third category. This method, for the good of all, must stop, immediately. We, however, will finish it soon.

    The fake Europe doesn't even have a defense, therefore military in common, but each country pays for its defense, both internal and external, also through NATO. An entire Europe, united militarily, would rewrite the NATO treaty, and would change the balance of forces between the United States and Europe, militarily united. We all know that some people don't want all of this. Without military unity, Partial Europe is weak, and counts for nothing, at a military, but also financial, and economic level, as it cannot compete with the cunning, intelligence, and power of countries such as the United States, China, and other countries. The police, all different and uncoordinated, the secret services, divided and practically non-existent. You will all have understood that the first not to do the interests of Partial Europe is Partial Europe itself. And all this is convenient for some, and it is not difficult to guess who they are, the ones who earn from it.

    Foreign policy couldn't be more divided on everything. Weak, and without a minimum of credibility, left to the various countries, which do not have a common idea, and not even a minimum of common strategy.

    The false and partial Europe has nothing in common, no Common Justice, no common Laws, but in many cases impositions, always with financial and economic interests, which they, the European bureaucrats, justify with the European Regulations, which they they write, to justify, their every behavior. In fact, they are smart, they have made sure that European decisions are increasingly important, and can override the decisions of individual states. Not unity, but not even sovereignty, of the various countries that compose it.

    The flag of the Partial European Union clearly demonstrates the consideration and respect that Partial Europe has for the other countries, which over time, with much effort, with compromises, parameters, and negotiations, and incredible impositions, joined, the first 12 member countries. In fact, for the new exploited countries, there isn't even the place of an extra star in the flag. The United States has a star, of the same size, and of the same importance, for each state, from the largest to the smallest, from the richest to the poorest. If the founding fathers, and their often unworthy, successors, of Partial Europe, wanted to copy the United States, they could do so, even with respect, for the various countries, to make it equal, or at least similar to the American one. In the flag of the United States, there is room for 50 stars, and perhaps they will become 51 (should a new State enter), in the "civilized" old Europe, 27 stars do not fit, 12 are enough. As for tell others: you are welcome, but here, your interests do not count, we have 12 countries, which count for something, which are in charge, you are different, you are only "ballast", and you are worthless. They are so selfish and greedy that they don't want to spend money to change their flag and symbols (including money) several times (depending on the new countries that join). It would have been enough to include all the countries and peoples of Europe from the outset, respecting them all in the same way and "giving" each country its own star. If you don't have enough, we'll lend you some of the ones featured on our logo. We have a star for each of our users who join us, you don't have one for each country. This is one of the differences between us and the rest of politics.

    The criticisms, all correct, documented, and impeccable, could continue, and perhaps we will, in the future, with other details, which many know.

    Before giving you our solutions, which we will put into practice when all the peoples of Europe give us the majority, in all countries, we want to ask you a question.

    If all European countries, all together, had been admitted into the Full European Union (including Turkey and Russia), or the United States of Europe (call them what you like), with the same economy, finance, taxation, armed forces , police, internal policies (especially on migrants), foreign policies, and with credible and united political bodies, would there have been wars in the former Yugoslavia? And the war between Greeks and Turks in Cyprus? What about the current Russian invasion, in Ukraine? Obviously, there would have been no wars, no deaths, no violence, no destruction, and so much suffering. But then, who would buy, and use the weapons? Who would have gained from the reconstruction of the various destroyed countries? In any case, the dead, if their relatives bury them, don't have to pay, the bureaucrats, and the "men" who earn, money, and power, on the pain of the people.

    At this point, many will tell us: many countries are not suited to being together with other countries. In fact, the policies of certain countries, their traditions, their cultures, are not compatible with the cruelty and falsehood of this Partial Europe, in which if you adapt to the impositions of a few, you live, or rather survive, if you try to lift your head, they'll cut it off. Just look at how they treated Greece, and certain rulers of other countries, not very willing to bow down. It is not difficult to set in motion a media or judicial campaign to carry out soft, almost imperceptible partial "coups d'état" (which affect anyone who does not submit to the Brussels bureaucrats). They tried, even with the United Kingdom, which came out, just in time, unable to take it anymore, of continuous impositions, without getting almost anything in return. However, we are sure that Good Partial Europe will strangle the United Kingdom financially, organizing a campaign, in the press and in the media, to bring "the lost sheep back into the fold". Whether they succeed or not, we will soon see.

    At this point, some will ask themselves: but who is it that organizes this activity, which if it were, as we describe it, would be like a real "criminal association"?

    Just look, a little back in history, at the last 2 "characters" who tried to conquer and unify Europe by force. One was born in Corsica, and the other in Austria, one was crowned French emperor, the other was elected German chancellor, basing his criminal regime on hatred. They both tried, with bad results, not only for them, but for the whole world. Let's be clear, we love and respect our French and German users in exactly the same way as everyone else. But we could give you many examples, in which certain countries were left, until recently, to pay energy bills, and gas, at enormous prices, while France was supplying nuclear energy, at prices favorable to Germany, and Germany , allowed France to buy gas at favorable prices. Helping each other between friendly countries is perfectly right, and everyone does their own interests, we do not judge, but we ask ourselves, if all countries are respected, and are helped in the same way, in this false Europe? If the answer is no, then there is something wrong, because these would not be the rules.

    Whoever wins, obviously, has all our respect, and whoever loses, has all our solidarity. But if there were even one thing that we write that was not, tragically true, we would be liars.

    Luckily for them, we are not big enough, and annoying, but the moment will come, in which we will clarify things a bit, and the whole truth will be made known and understood by everyone, and there will be many people, who they will have to apologize, maybe there will be trials, and maybe some convictions. Wait, there are plenty of corruption scandals already, where MEPs allegedly sold themselves to foreign countries, and had bags full of cash. A good example, for those who trust, want to join, and submit. However, they claim maximum seriousness, and do not tolerate corruption, in the new countries (and it is absolutely right), when they themselves, according to the investigations, accusations, and arrests of many of them, are corrupt. Not to mention the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, who keeps all the sums for the purchase of vaccines against COVID 19 secret. Partial Europe, which declares itself transparent, hides many things, which affect all of us. Another fine example of transparency, obscured. We are almost sure that many other scandals, and unclear things, will appear, and will only be the tip of the iceberg. Someone, perhaps many, will have to apologize, not to us, but to the families and friends of the dead, the wounded, the raped, the suffering, because of the wars, which could have been avoided, creating the true Europe Unit.

    Our solutions.

    Finally create the true Europe, complete and united. The Europe of countries, and of peoples, of all countries, and of all peoples. A Europe in which every citizen is equal to the other, both in terms of rights and duties, in terms of value and respect, for individuals and for their own countries and peoples.

    In which every country has its own star, its own respected dignity, in which there are just laws, equal for all. In which taxation is almost equal, in which the economy and finance also take into account the needs of countries in difficulty.

    A Europe, with a real military, defensive union, which can serve the interests of all peoples, without ever submitting, but without ever wanting to submit other countries.

    A Europe, with a united, honest and competent policy, which serves the citizens' interest, and not just that of the economy and finance.

    A Europe, with a Justice, submissive to the peoples, and not to the financial, economic and political powers.

    A Europe of solidarity, which knows how to help its entire population, and all populations, in the same way, without preferences, always starting with the people and businesses most in difficulty.

    A Europe with an internal policy based on solidarity, with a credible and fair policy on migrants based on solidarity and mutual respect for all.

    A united European foreign policy in which whoever speaks on behalf of Europe in the world is appreciated, respected and feared, like whoever speaks on behalf of the United States, China and other countries.

    An economic policy, based on respect and solidarity, in which there are the same taxes, and there are no internal "tax havens". Also fight to eliminate external tax havens, so that everyone pays taxes, exactly the same, and in the countries where the gain is made.

    And many other innovative, right ideas that allow development from all points of view.

    Did you think you could walk away saying that we are against Europe? If you have read and understood everything, you will have to think again. Think of those, who have only read the first part. What misconceptions, you will have made.

    Unlike those who fear Europe and the revenge of the financial and economic powers, we are not afraid of anyone, nobody controls us, with the exception of all our members. We, we'll put into practice, every word, and every promise. We will create the one Europe, which can be united, just, and loved by all.

    If you ask yourself, will you do it, even with Putin, and with Russia too? We are confident that Putin himself, and the Russian people, will not refuse to join our Common Europe. If they will be treated in the same way as all other heads of state, countries, and peoples. And we guarantee you that we do not discriminate against anyone, because we base all our activities on logic, common sense, and mutual respect for all people.

    Finally, this short article, and also to make you understand how we think, we come to some accusations, which people who are not very intelligent, make today's Europe, which are unjust.

    The fact of demanding certain behaviors, logical, common sense, and mutual respect, such as respect for ethnic, linguistic, cultural, sexual, religious minorities, is a sign of civilization.

    As is respect for the characteristics of certain foods, which however are never allowed to disfavor the specificity of the territory. Strict rules are fine, to protect everyone's health, but without destroying the traditions of the various countries.

    On food based on insects, such as the famous and controversial locust flour, in our opinion, there is a specious, stupid controversy based on ignorance. If there are clear labels on the various foods, it is also thanks to the strict European rules. No one forces anyone to consume food against their will. In this specific case, we at DirectDemocracyS believe that the freedom to decide must be individual. For us, there are no good or bad foods, and if we really have to, the advice we give to everyone is to get informed, and try to taste even strange foods, based on your preferences. If we ask you to be open-minded about our innovation policy, you should also be open-minded about food. At least to try, to get an idea. It is, of course, advice, such as having a diversified diet, without excluding essential substances. We repeat it is advice, like that of Europe, which does not force anyone to eat or taste things they do not like.

    On synthetic meat, or the one created in the laboratory, without sacrificing animals, but with the same nutrients, our advice is to taste, and if you like, to prefer them, to those in which many animals are sacrificed. But this does not mean that we no longer eat "traditional" meat, because we consider animal proteins to be important for good psychophysical health. As with insects, we advise, and do not force anyone, to be open-minded, and to eat things they don't like.

    Our advice, however, is not to make controversies based on nothing. Authorizing the use of certain foods does not mean forcing someone to eat them. Not to mention the butterflies in the flour, and the beautiful caterpillars, from which these beautiful butterflies are born, which have always been present in flour, cereals, pasta, and in many products, which we have eaten without worrying about it. As an experiment, try to zoom in on these harmless caterpillars. You'll see that they don't look very reassuring, and they've never hurt anyone.

    As in all types of tastes, musical, sexual, artistic, even food tastes are not discussed. Everyone is free, and must be, to eat only what they believe, and only what they prefer. For us, there are no better tastes than others, just as there are no better people than others. People are divided only into 2 categories, good, or bad. The former can join us and work with us to change and improve the world. The latter, the bad ones, can join us only if they change and improve, otherwise they will have no chance of working with us.

    Partial Europe, in some cases, has also been right on financial rigour. To expect everyone to have their accounts in order is an obligation towards those who respect certain parameters. The mistakes are the excesses, the differentiations, and above all the preferences.

    Strange, true, we also spoke well of it, in a few things, in the end. Who knows how many have read everything, and reached the end of our article. Whoever did it will have understood another small part of our politics.

    We apply the same method we used for Europe all over the world.

    Finding all the problems, and finding all the best solutions, is the job of politics. Making only polemics, and saying that everything is going wrong, without giving the right alternatives, is just a waste of time, and despite our many and often very long articles, we don't like wasting time. If we explain something, in detail, we always have all the best intentions, and we never do anything, without a reason, that is useful for everyone.

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