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    The death

    With the exception of a few species, such as certain jellyfish (capable of rejuvenating after aging), almost all animals, including humans, are conceived, born, live, and die.

    In this article, we will address in a non-detailed way, some important topics, with some considerations on very complex issues, and we will give you our opinion, which is obviously the official position of DirectDemocracyS, and of anyone who is part of it.

    We give everyone the right to think, and decide what personal position to have, on certain issues, but since ours is an international political organization, unitary, on certain fundamental issues, we must support official positions, identical for all. We like to consider ourselves, a single entity, made up of many entities. A single thought, made up of various thoughts. A single political ideology, made up of the few good parts, of all ideologies.

    This way of doing politics, but also business, and all activities together, will allow us to always be united, however, there will be many attempts to divide us.

    Returning to death, our ancestors have always tried to understand, and explain, why we die.

    For many religions, people are born, die, and are resurrected. For others, one is born, dies, and reincarnates in other living beings. For science, one is born, one dies, and then ... One does not know. At DirectDemocracyS, we treat situations where there is no certainty, respecting everyone's opinions, but we will limit ourselves to analyzing the things we know.

    You can die for various reasons. In an expected way, due to serious illness, or naturally, in sleep. In an unexpected way, with diseases that you were not known to suffer from, in accidents of various kinds, road, domestic, casual, but also working, that is, making your contribution to society.

    You can die after being conceived, but before being born, for a choice, of parents who too often do not have many choices. Man has always "played at being God", based on his own interests, granting himself the "right" to decide when a form of life is really alive. But on the very topical issue of abortion, we will make a special article, it does not seem right to us, to treat it in a superficial way.

    Finally, one can die, being killed by other human beings, and this is the fundamental theme of this article.

    You can die killed by our fellow man, there is no shortage of killers.

    You can die killed by the state, with the death penalty, another topic that we will address in a dedicated article.

    Finally, one can die in violent actions, wars, terrorism, all due to some despicable characteristics that we human beings have: thirst for power, selfishness, greed, envy, and the desire to dominate, subduing others. But often, people die, or kill themselves, to take revenge, to make "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth". After having suffered the evil, and the pain, although knowing these feelings, we want to inflict them on those who caused them, both directly and in the course of history, on our ancestors.

    The previous sentence contains some of the reasons that obliged us to conceive, conceive, and give birth to DirectDemocracyS, and all the projects connected to us.

    The bad connotations of the human character such as thirst for power, selfishness, greed, envy, and desire to dominate, and even revenge, are habits difficult to eradicate, because they have deep roots. Changing the mentality, using logic and common sense, distinguishing and choosing, the good, and not the bad, what is right, from what is wrong, will be very difficult and complicated.

    We try, first of all trying to prevent, avoiding various tensions, and then trying to make everyone understand, that it is possible to live in peace and harmony, finding, judging, isolating, and rendering impotent, all the bad people of the earth.

    To prevent, we have a very particular characteristic, perhaps unique in the world, we do not allow anyone to generalize, discriminate, or denigrate. Say: "Italians are all mafia", or "Colombians are all drug traffickers", or "Americans are all warmongers", or "Germans are all Nazis", or "Jews are all dishonest", or " the Russians are all alcoholics "and many other idioms, which imply the phrase" they are like that but we are better ".

    DirectDemocracyS, divides people, only into 2 categories, good or bad. People, individually, certainly not the various populations, who instead have within themselves, above all good, and right people.

    The law, and the institutions, should protect everyone's life, but since they do not, and examples are not lacking, we are obliged to intervene.

    DirectDemocracyS, changes and improves the world, giving good people all the power to decide, having, the population, total control, and all the time, of their political representatives.

    Those who go to the institutions go there in the name of all of us, and must at all times give an account of their actions, their choices, and the laws they issue, but in a preventive manner, always asking for an opinion, binding, to the people they represent. . We do not give up the power to decide for us, but to put into practice what we decide, all together. Representative, and not manager of power, servant, and not master, only making laws in the interest of all. By voting for someone, we give them a role, to represent us, not the power to decide for us.

    Some people consider the Laws, the Constitutions, the religious traditions, as untouchable, because they were written by competent people, and by God himself, or other Divinities.

    Since the world is not a "paradise on earth", but there are very serious problems, suffering, injustice, violence, discrimination, and people in poverty, or who risk becoming poor, it means that the "rules of the game" are unfair, and created to allow all the evil in the world. Maybe, the purpose of these laws and rules was completely different, but the fact that they can be interpreted, for the purposes of bad people, means that they are wrong, and must be changed immediately. Whether it is Constitutions, ordinary laws, or religious traditions, all must be modified, updated, and changed in the exclusive interest of the entire world population.

    Change and improve religious traditions? Perhaps it will be more difficult than making people's mentality change. But we have an obligation to try, because only in this way will the people of the earth finally live in a better world. Utopia? Fight with the "windmills"? No, we have all the potential, the rules, the method, and the means to do it, calmly, one registered user at a time.

    Every Divinity wants the good of the population, so the parts that are against the good, and the freedoms, were not written by God, but by bad people, for their own interests. But also on the various religions, we will make a dedicated article, in which we will make concrete proposals, to determine them to update themselves, to change and improve, or they will be destined to be marginalized and forgotten, in an inexorable way.

    To those who accuse us of being blasphemous, or wanting to upset people's lives, or worse, brainwashing, for political purposes, we say that there are no leaders here, and everything belongs to all those who join us. All people have the same chances, and each person has certain roles, only on a merit-based basis. Therefore, no one can afford to accuse us, without knowing what we do, and how we do it.

    In the next article, we will talk about how to prevent, and stop, all violent actions, wars, and terrorism. Are we too presumptuous? If you continue to inform about our activities, you will understand that we are only realists.

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