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    Published: 14 January 2022

    In 2008, at a dinner, 5 people had a little conversation and declared that the world was not fair. And none of those who read this message can contradict what was stated.

    This sentence changed their destinies forever. Since then the world has not changed, and it has not improved, perhaps it has gotten worse. But together they had started a process of innovation, destined to change and improve the world.

    These 5 friends, from various sectors, with their respective companions, or life companions, each said a few phrases, to characterize what was not going well, in their work sectors, and also in the normal life of a family.

    Since criticizing is always easy, and finding solutions instead is very difficult, everyone tried, based on his abilities, and the activities he knew best, to give some ideas, and propose solutions.

    When many minds, even of people who carry out different activities, come together, in a dialogue based on mutual respect for people.

    A relationship of great mutual trust was established in a short time. They were creating profound innovation in their respective sectors of activity. Everyone found solutions not only for their own problems, but also gave ideas, and a contribution, to the activities of others.

    Immediately they realized that everything started from politics.

    Because, politics, for better or for worse, it is she who dictates to everyone the rules to follow. For some, all the rules, and all the laws, are absolutely right, and they cannot be changed, because they are perfect.

    But no, dear friends, the rules, if they are not right, and if they are not current, and adapted, to a modern, free, and independently informed society, not only can they be changed, but it is our civic duty to verify them. and change them.

    Therefore our Constitutions, in the values ​​and just ideals, must be maintained, but in the way of managing power, they must all be profoundly changed and improved.

    Let's talk about democracy: those who believe that in the world, there is even one democratic country, are grossly mistaken, or are delusional. They tell us that we are free to choose, the political parties and figures who represent us. On the other hand, not even in the advanced and modern countries that often hold referendums, passing them off as direct democracy, the real power is not in the hands and heads of the people.

    Not to mention dictatorships, which concentrate all power in the hands of a few people, or a single party, often with disastrous results.

    Anarchy is never a solution. It generates chaos, and it is not modern.

    There is only one chance to change and improve the world: join everyone in DirectDemocracyS, and in all of our various projects.

    Many ask us what our various projects are.

    Our sentence, that politics, dictates the rules is true. But is politics free to decide, autonomously, for the good of the entire population? Absolutely not. Even in the best and most ancient democracies, politics is not free to do the exclusive good of the population. It never has been, and current policy, even reformed, never will be.

    Because? Just look a little back in history. The righteous, the good in spirit, the altruists have not always had the opportunity to establish a more just world. From many sacrifices, of many righteous people, the most important religions were born over time. To believe, or not to believe in a superior being, who judges us? Believing in something good is always good. What is profoundly wrong, however, is to distort the truth, inventing religious faiths, with rituals, uses and customs, which have nothing to do with the original message, with which they began. We do not have a debate here, about who has the best faith, because we do not know with certainty whether the Being, or the Higher Beings, really exist or not. Here many will stop reading, because the brainwashing they did, as children, to believe in rules that have no original value, will push them to abandon our projects and our ideas. And the atheists will abandon us, because they are convinced by pseudo science, to believe only in what we see, hear and touch. We do not want to get into too philosophical speeches, or to make someone change their religious faith. But we remind those who do not believe in anything, that no progress in the life of our ancestors would never have been achieved if someone had not used their imagination and ingenuity. Dreaming costs nothing. And science does not clearly demonstrate the non-existence of God. But even religion, no religion, does not offer certainties. We believe in a world, in which the well-being of all people, and mutual respect, must be at the center of our every thought.

    Various religious beliefs have been turned into weapons by greedy, dishonest, and cruel people.

    Who with the excuse of having the best God or Gods, and having the supreme truth, and justice on their side, have only created divisions, creating a worse world, for the well-being of a few.

    But which God, seeing what we have done in our history, would be proud of us? Bad people are a minority, perhaps 1%, but they have power, hiding behind ancient but antiquated beliefs.

    We are not people who believe in conspiracies, or even in "strong powers", or "systems", which guide the world. However, we believe that people are divided into only 2 distinctive elements: good or bad. In general, the good ones have no power, because if they did, we would all live in a perfect world.

    For us, there are no colors, races, cultures, religions, better or worse. There are human people, and people who have nothing human at all.

    Let me be clear, we do not want to give any lessons, history, or religious education, finance, we simply say, as things really are, and no person with a minimum of intelligence can contradict us. We're just logical. For some perhaps discounted. But if you all read to the end, and find out about our projects, you will understand why, we write these things, obvious, but nobody wants to admit.

    Can politics and religion be divided? Not now. From now on yes. In DirectDemocracyS, and in all our projects, all religions are respected, they also have inter-religious collaboration groups. But never, and for no reason, will our decisions be influenced by a religion.

    In political and working life, religion has no place. Because it creates division, and consequently: hatred, wars, suffering. So what we do on our sites has one and only God. The human person, and the good of the world community. Utopia, no, dear friends, is written in all our regulations. At home, each person can pray, or engage in religious activity as they see fit.

    As soon as he tries to convert someone on our websites, or creates hatred, revenge, discrimination, and ethically wrong situations, he is out forever. Because every religion, with conversion, tries to change people, but does nothing but destroy humanity.

    Any God, if he exists, and sees our plans, will be proud of us, that we created him, and of all those who have already joined us, or who will join us in the coming days, in this new universe, full of interesting and innovative activities. Here, so, after a few lines we have lost, both the atheists and the believers, we are left with the Gnostics. After what we write, in the following lines, maybe we will lose those too.

     Since prehistoric times, when humans began to form small groups, there was already the worst virus, and the worst disease of the human being. Greed. Wanting to have more than others, both materially and morally. And even then, people were divided into good and bad. And even then there were people who were envious of the welfare of others. And they took the club, and gave it on the head to whoever had more. The first class struggle, between rich and poor, between selfish and envious.

    A world in which riches are divided, so that everyone is equally well, an exact parity, a communism, is truly utopia, and is doomed to fail, so we don't even try. And here we have lost so many who want an equal world, which would be beautiful, but it is impossible to achieve. Because? Because there are good and bad people, but also intelligent, and less intelligent. There are people who deserve, and it is right that they have more, and others who do not deserve, because they do not put the right effort into it. So let's be clear, no party of ours, in any country in the world, will ever give you gifts or false promises. If you want to live a life of welfare, without getting busy, do not join us for any reason.

    On the other hand, if you believe in meritocracy, and in always putting the right people to do the things they do best, do not hesitate and join us now, to start working together to change and improve the world.

    We started by talking about politics that dictates the rules, but we are here to say, that is not exactly the case. Politics dictates the rules based on greed. Obviously we do not generalize, there will also have been right people, but we hardly believe that there has been anyone, who has not made compromises.

    Finance, and the economy, dictate the rules, and politics adapt. Don't accuse us of believing in conspiracies, or conspiracy theories. We believe, only in what we see, with our eyes, every day. Attention, do not accuse us of writing in a simplistic way, of important and serious things, because we have among us geniuses of finance, and of the economy, who work to change and improve the world.

    If we explain our thoughts, in a simple way, it is certainly because it is certainly not the case to make a treatise on economics in this article. We must try to make ourselves understood, even by those who are not in the sector, to make everyone understand how much the economy is based on unjust rules, and allow us to say, morally unacceptable.

    Since the invention of money, to "dictate rules" on exchange in kind, people's greed has never had limits. Before, the value of money was guaranteed, based on the material with which the coins were made, gold, silver ... For some hundreds of years, however, it has been guaranteed with debts, and we will talk about it a little later. The money had to be kept in safe places, to allow "good and honest" people to use it, to lend it, and to help people in need. Nothing more false. The money has always been lent, by the notorious banks, only and exclusively, to people who had assets, with which to guarantee, that in case of non-repayment of the loan, with related interest. Otherwise, as often happens, the bank took the guarantee. Many will say that it is perfectly right, no one does anything for nothing, and no one does anything for nothing. They are the laws of finance. But then if finance is right, why are so many banks failing, and why are entire states failing, due to the debts of banks and the financial system? How come people, through no fault of their own, suffer from choices not made by them? Because the entire financial system, and the entire world economy, is often based on the future, and not on the present. On forecasts, and not on reality. And because the only way to make people feel good is to say: either you adapt to the system, or you will starve. But often it is enough to say to greedy people: either you adapt, or you will lose part of your fortune. And therefore politics, often made up of even greedy people, adapts, and favors one or the other. Creating a vicious circle of favors in exchange for favors.

    Many will say, well, we understand that the system is unfair, world finance has no solid foundation. And how will you improve it? It would be long, and not easy to explain in a few lines. Suffice it to say that we will create our own bank, of all those who will join us, which will be owned by all those who participate, and which will not finance the current economy, but only other projects, always owned by those who own the bank. . In a simple way, it can be said that we will lend ourselves the money ourselves, and we will make our investments ourselves, always in our own activities. Sounds like a crazy idea? Yes it is, but it cannot fail. If a person has something, human greed is inside each of us, he always wins. So our bank, which will support our investments, with various activities, always carried out by those who own them, will never be able to go bankrupt or have debts. Because you can't have a debt with yourself. Or rather theoretically it could be, but it would not be a problem anyway, we understand each other, and we can defer the payment. Anyone who understands economics will accuse us of wanting to create a parallel market. It is not a parallel market, but it is an innovative, fair, and honest market. Whoever controls finance will say it is a utopia. Wrong, we are already doing it, in silence, but with a very careful and precise work. Anyone who understands the law will say that it is illegal. Wrong, no law in any country in the world prevents free people from investing money in their own businesses.

    On the other hand, those who have a minimum of intelligence will understand that our idea is simply brilliant. He will immediately run to our website, make his personal profile, and start working with us. Obviously we don't give too many details, but if the current world economy, which often causes thousands to fail and commit suicide, which often steals the savings of good and honest people, in favor of other dishonest ones, is better, no one forces you. to join us. If we then tell you, that while respecting those who invest in various activities, we have invented a "currency" that gives value to people's time, guaranteed by people, which will be used within our "private market", but also in certain specific cases outside. A currency that is available to those who join us. And it's not about anything illegal, or scams. In fact, real money, but also our currency, those who invest them with us, are always his property. It is not a Ponzi scheme, because everyone continues to earn, all the time, thanks to investments that he owns, paying all taxes. Dear sirs, thanks to our users, the accounting is transparent, and in every country all national or local taxes are paid. Again thanks to transparency, and very strict controls, no one will be able to accuse us of having stolen or corrupted. Because in our projects, which are for the first time in the world, owned by those who join us, everyone is controllers, and controlled. There will be those who ask, how much can I invest? Here there would be a problem. Each person only invests a little of his time. “-TIME-“ is our currency. By working at the beginning, in a free, voluntary way, and without any commitment, in your free time, you will lay the foundations for all economic activities. Then each person will be free to put a single share, for himself or for each of his family members. It is not a free investment fund. Each person has only one share, personal, which he cannot sell or donate, or let anyone inherit his "share" (obviously financial funds and deposits are guaranteed, and will be inherited under the Law). It will seem unfair not to be able to put capital into it, but we are, in this sense, a bit communist, we don't want to be ruled by world finance, which could in theory buy us. Or in some way influence our choices. Each person has a single "action", which increases, as a value, based on their activities within our activities.

    Why don't we allow everyone to invest right away? Because we like to take things slow.

    Like all our projects, even for investments there is the rule, only the money we own is invested, without any loans received, or even disbursed, by and to anyone who is not part of our universe. We have clear rules, which have no risk, unlike many investments, in which there is a risk of failure. By self-financing all of our activities, and with just one share per person, there is never the risk of losing all your savings. And there is also no possibility that someone will steal the money and disappear, because until the moment of starting, checked and verified of a business, no money is pulled out.

    But as we always say, just a little of your time.

    Obviously whoever came up with all this, and we say it clearly, will be rewarded, and even we who work will be paid, honestly. But if you are envious, if the people who have devised all this, changing and improving everyone's life, become rich, or richer, keep your current finance, and your globalized world economy, often based on debt, and on unethical practices.

    As if you believe, in almost sporting supporters, towards political parties and personalities, and the current policy, honest, meritocratic, which respects all commitments with the voters, which does not steal, which has no scandals, which does not allow itself to be bribed , and it only and exclusively serves the interests of the population, don't even come to see what our idea of ​​democracy is. A direct democracy, which gives all power to those who have a right, that is, to our voters. Informed voters, by special groups of specialists, in an honest, free, independent, complete way, to always make the best decisions, in the interest of the entire population.

    Our secret: the informed voter is never wrong.

    Our geographical, international, continental, national, state, and local groups, to allow the best and just local autonomy, will always be helped and verified by our control groups.

    The online elections, and then the real ones, will be conducted in a careful, free and independent way.

    All information on our innovative policy to change and improve the world can be found on our official website. Website, which some have tried to block since 2 December 2021, in all ways. Because justice, freedom, democracy bother. We do not seek revenge, but those who try in vain to block us will be remembered by history, as those who have tried in vain to slow down innovation. Don't ask us for more information about our programs. You can find them on websites. If they are not there, you will have to waste your precious time, creating them together with us, and all our registered users.

    Everything takes place and will always take place only on our official websites. From today none of our activities, of any kind, will not be published, or carried out, or decided, if not in our big house, and only by our big family.

    We had said that by December 31, 2021, we would have 40000 verified registered users. We are over 64,000 and have over 600,000 registered users to verify. How do we do it, and why do we check so much? As you go you can read it for yourself on the site. Why is it done? Simple: if a bad, rude person, with anger, or with hatred, and selfishness in the heart, joins us, and does not respect our ideals, and values, and our rigid rules, but all of common sense, it will be a pleasure for us, to kick her out of all our projects, and make her persona non grata.

    In a few weeks, over 64,000, out of a forecast of 40,000. If this continues, and we see no chance of falling, we will have growth of over 30%. Of course, everything is relative. We already know that there will be an "explosion" of registrations. The only prayer for you is: you must have patience, and do everything calmly.

    Remember our motto: we will change and improve the world, one user at a time.

    Our wish, for all those who will join us, is a good job, and good fun.

    And for all those who read our message, it is to always be healthy, happy, and to make all your best dreams come true.

    With infinite love, DirectDemocracyS and all related projects, your projects, truly, in every sense!

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