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Category: Fundamental questions 12 Dec 2022

Let's change and improve ...


Do you want to change, and improve the world?


Category: Fundamental questions 13 Nov 2022

Power and then?

Power and then

We have analyzed various aspects, and many ...

Category: Fundamental questions 29 Nov 2022

Some information


Anyone who registers and creates a personal ...

Category: Fundamental questions 02 Dec 2022

Stay calm be patient

keep calmRegistration, and creation of personal profiles.

Category: Fundamental questions 01 Oct 2022

Who believes all this?

Who believes all this

We have to do a short article, in this ...

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Who finances you?

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Who's in charge here?

Whos in charge here

One of the key things for everyone who visits ...

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Why were we born?

Why were we born

In this article we will explain why we were ...

Category: Fundamental questions 02 Dec 2022

Work for others

Work for othersOne of our rules requires and obliges anyone who ...

Coalitions accords and alliances

One of the first rules, which surprise, and anger many, was that our political organization will never be part of coalitions, alliances, and will never make agreements to govern, together with other political forces.

Some accuse us of being too rigid, others accuse us that coalitions, alliances, and agreements are part of politics. To the former, we reply that a project like ours only stands up if we are rigid. To the latter we reply that coalitions, alliances, and agreements are part of politics, but of the old politics, certainly not of our innovative politics.

Many accuse us of losing many possible opportunities to change and improve the world, if for example in a country we take 49.99%, and we lack few votes to be the majority. To these we reply that in some countries, to obtain the greatest number of seats, it is not necessary to have 50% + 1 vote. According to some electoral laws, in our opinion stupid, often 40% or so is enough to win the elections.

To those who accuse us of losing many opportunities, let's say that the opportunities do not count, but only the results of our common work. If for example we, with 49.99%, ally ourselves, with a political force, which is worth 0.01% + 1 vote, we will always have someone, who can blackmail us, who can threaten us, to bring down the Government. (and would have not only the right but also the possibility).

At this point, we must add that we have never made, do not make, and will never make, any kind of compromise, with external political forces, to our political organization, always in order to never be forced to change something, to the decision of others. Only our members have the right, and the duty, to decide our activities on the basis of common decisions. To those who will tell us that politics is the art of compromises, let's say that old politics is the art of compromises, we are also innovative in this. We will have failed, all our work, the first time we compromise, or we will not keep all our promises.

But we add, with the risk of making someone angry, that if we promise something, we keep it, even at the cost of losing consensus, or deciding, and putting into practice, unpopular measures. Do not be afraid, we are not crazy, and we will never act against the interests of the populations, but often what must be done does not exactly coincide with what must be done. Many will accuse us of not being democratic, but we can guarantee that the results will always be good, and the consensus will return as soon as we see the effects of the various decisions. In addition, we always have all our members, who will decide only for the good of all, aided by some of the best specialists in the world, who will be competent, free, and independent, even in unity, of our organization. Our members, together with our specialists, can decide to make a political program, with an electoral program, and then according to needs, or based on unexpected events, change it, communicating it to our voters, always with the relative reasons, and predictions about possible outcomes.

We will do many articles, to explain the reasons for such strange decisions, for some, but which all seem to us, based on logic and common sense.

We are not, against politics, or against those who make politics, in an antiquated way. However, we have no need to join others, because our members come from all kinds, from old political ideology, from every political force: from the extreme right, to the extreme left, from the center, democrats, republicans, progressives, conservatives, of every kind of preference, of economic system: from capitalists (including the savages and those of globalization), statists convinced that the state must participate in financial and economic activities, and be a "player and not just an arbiter". DirectDemocracyS, as we have been explaining for some time, has taken all the few positive things, from all the old political and financial ideologies, and merged them, in various projects, practically perfect. You can try, if you want, to find faults, but our best specialists have worked on it for many years, and you will hardly find anything that is not perfect. To those who tell us that perfection does not exist, we say that in innovative politics, perfection exists, because doing a perfect job is one of our strengths . Having all the possible policies within us, we do not have, and never will, need to join with others. We already have within us, all the "souls" of politics and the economy, working together and collaborating in a unified manner.

However, some things, at the beginning, make those who join us angry, because they are not easily understood.

For example, putting the right people, in the right place, based on the results in the study, in the work, who have maximum competence, honesty, and reliability. Everything is done, based on rules, based on logic, and on common sense. But we will talk about it, in other articles.

Another thing, consequent to the previous sentences, are the shared decisions. Here too, we have a foolproof method. If a decision, on any subject, has been first proposed, analyzed, developed, chosen, discussed, and finally voted on, it is automatically the decision, of our entire political organization, of all our users, and of all our projects. connected. Therefore, whoever speaks, writes, and discusses, on our behalf, assimilates all our decisions, trusting our specialists, who are always composed, of our members, who in turn, are our constituents. People who think, that they already have all the answers, and who do not 100% accept this innovative method of ours, are asked to avoid, to join us unnecessarily. Before accusing us, again, of being dictators, and preventing free thought, join us, our groups of specialists, and you will see from the inside, how we work, and how we also analyze impossible or not credible theories. , just to arrive at one of our fundamental values and ideals: the truth. Every decision made, even the most trivial, is the result of hard work by professionals, based on very detailed rules. In this regard, we have given the example of the earth. If our groups, never just one, and our specialists, never just one, affirm, after a lot of hard work: the earth is spherical in shape, slightly flattened at the poles. Each of our users, speaking on behalf of DirectDemocracyS, and all our related projects, always and only declares that for all of us, the earth is spherical in shape, slightly flattened at the poles. We do not care, if personally, a user believes that it is flat, his thought is free, but for everyone, in all ways, he will say, write, affirm, that for him, and for all of us, the earth is spherical in shape, slightly flattened at the poles. Nobody will give him binoculars, to personally verify the shape of many objects in the universe, of which very few, those that rotate on themselves, and have more or less regular orbits, are not spherical. The same reasoning, we put it into practice for every decision, on any subject. We do this, for a fundamental issue for us: mutual trust, and mutual respect, and the unity of DirectDemocracyS, and of all related projects, and of whoever is part of it. Moreover, if one has doubts, we have free groups, in which everyone can write his theories, but bringing irrefutable evidence. The phrase, "I think with my head" often abused, by people who believe they know, and have discovered everything, but not thanks to books, studies, specializations, and work, but to search engines (which give all the results a weak mind wants to find). With us, this statement does not exist. First, because it is the brain, which makes us think, and not the whole head (possibly what is contained in the head), second, because those who search and find on the Internet, the results for their own imaginative theories, or for unfounded suspicions , does not “think with his own head” but on the basis of the often faulty head of whoever writes any falsehood on the Internet.

All our users, can affirm, saying, and writing, what our groups of specialists say, explain, and vote, who think, with the "head" of some of the best specialists, of the various topics, and sectors, of the world.

In this regard, we must divas, who have not always chosen the number one in the world, and often not even the top 10 best specialists, so in a sense, we have not been entirely honest. But we have always written, some of the best, or the best we could find available, to join us, and for example, the number 10 in the world, in any sector, is still a specialist. Who will ask us, why not only, the numbers one? Or, at least, those on the podium. The answer, as always, will surprise you. To those who consider themselves a specialist, in any sector, and subject, we ask: are the rankings of the best in the world all exact, precise, and are they truly the best in the world, in order of "value", merit, and competence? We know your answer, and we think like you do. But if that weren't enough, we needed brilliant minds, with an open mind, and without being compromised, with politics, finance, economics, or spheres of interest, which can influence their work. But also on the specialists, how they were chosen, and why we give everyone the opportunity to work in perfect anonymity, with the exception of those who are not security personnel, we will make a detailed article. You will have understood, that if in the workplace, or where they carry out their research, they knew of their collaboration with us, they would kick them in the ass. We couldn't risk anything, for us, and for them.

How much news, and information, based on logic and common sense? All.

We hope that all the reasons and the logical decisions are clear to everyone, on the basis of which we will not make any agreement, alliance or coalition with others.

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