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    Phase 9 of user registration

    Phase 9 of user registrationIn our first 9 phases, we had: 390625 registered users (from all countries of the world, and from every people on earth), 78125 verified users (whose identity has been verified, and is guaranteed), 15625 official members (in with the payment of the annual fee), 3125 official representatives, 625 administrators, 125 super administrators.

    We have published on our website, 164 publicly visible articles, without any obligation to register, for free, without any commitment, with our information, instructions, rules, and motivations.

    We have created all the possibilities to contact us, for any activity.

    We have created, other utilities, to create all the necessary potential, such as discussion areas, extensions for elections, polls, and many other components.

    We have created a Blog, with 1166 posts, in over 56 languages.

    We have created over 2000 groups of all kinds, and over 3000 pages, thousands of events, and many activities.

    We have created some groups and presentation pages, and some of our official profiles, on the main social networks.

    All this by April 4, 2023, a few months ahead of our forecasts.

    Thank you, on behalf of everyone, to all our users, because it's only thanks to each of us that we have become as big as a medium-sized city.

    How the various stages work, based on the number of users.

    The growth of DirectDemocracyS is slow, continuous, safe, and very well organized.

    It started, many years ago with 5 founding members, and then 277 new users (from many countries, representing almost all the peoples of the earth) were added, carefully selecting, according to our needs.

    For 14 years, we have worked hard, without making any publicity, to conceive, choose, discuss, test, and vote, each of our rules, and our unique and inimitable working method.

    Only since June 2021, we have made our political project known to a few people, and we have begun to accept the first new users. After less than a year, we had more than double the expected users, instead of about 30,000, we had almost 80,000. By the end of the year, we would have exceeded 100,000 registered users. In 2022, and the first 4 months of 2023, we were literally, and pleasantly, invaded by thousands of people a day, from every country in the world, and representing every population on earth.

    We carried out each phase, in the manner and within the foreseen times, scrupulously respecting each of our rules and our methodology.

    What happens from April 4, 2023?

    For an indefinite period of time (at least until June 21, 2023, but according to some perhaps until December 21, 2023), we will take care of verifying all the new identities of our users, without accepting new free registrations.

    For a limited period of time, the various stages of invitations will be completed, and very few new users will still be created. Then, the registrations of new users will be closed, in any way.

    For information on this blocking of registrations, visit this link:

    Why, we don't accept new users?

    We have explained it several times, and for many months, DirectDemocracyS, we have been selecting very carefully, every person, who wants to join us. There are political forces, which accept everyone, who are interested in quantity. To obtain consensus, votes, and power, the other political forces would do anything.

    We are interested in continuous but controlled growth, bringing in the right people at the right time. This is the best way to prevent any possible problems.

    Read carefully all our previous articles, you will find many details, and all our motivations, for this strange, unusual and innovative choice.


    No, simple application of our predictions.

    What happens to those who have already registered?

    Anyone who registered, before our blocking of registrations, if they carefully follow our instructions, will be activated, and their identity will be verified, being able to start working with us immediately afterwards.

    Will the advantages end, and the facilitations?

    All the advantages and facilities for new users have always been in terms of time and roles. As is logical, whoever joined among the first, and whoever registers, before anyone else, has the very important advantage of starting to work with us before others. Therefore, whoever registers earlier can pass faster, from an initial type of user, to a higher one, with greater responsibilities, and greater "power", within our inevitable, but just "hierarchy". Whoever "enters" first can obtain roles of greater "prestige", both individually and in each of our groups, in fact, everyone knows our rule, based on equality, and meritocracy, both continuous over time.

    Up until April 4, 2023, registrations were free, fairly quick, and relatively simple.

    From 5 April 2023, each of our new users (without any preferences, exceptions, or favoritism), will have to pay in advance, a guarantee, which can be used to become an official member, purchase paid services, or can be recovered, exactly after a year, from the verification of your identity. During the year, each of our new users will have to work together with all of us to change and improve the world. After a year, if a good job has been done, you will receive 80% of the guarantee money back, or you can become an official member, or buy paid services, without recovering the money, but obtaining the new role, or paid services, free of charge, for the advance value. Practically, almost nothing is lost.

    A guarantee, to be paid, in advance, for what?

    DirectDemocracyS, has only one weak point, the registrations of many users, simultaneously, to try to boycott, or distort, our work. Practically, with many new users, we could try to carry out activities against the common interest of all our users. To prevent all this, we charge a guarantee, upfront, to be able to evaluate over the course of a year whether you join us in good faith or with bad intentions. If a user, after registering, does not respect all our rules, all our instructions, and all our methodology, having an impeccable behavior, and does not work together with all of us, to change and improve the world, he may be blocked , penalized, or expelled. In this case, he will lose any sum advanced. Even if after registering, you will withdraw, or cancel your personal profile, leaving our website, and our political organization, you will lose any money paid, as a guarantee. For this reason, please do not join us, just to see how it works, but to do so, only if you are sure that you want to work together with all of us.

    We are very attentive to every detail, and therefore also to the use of every cent we receive. We have money management groups, which guarantee us solidity, and financial independence. In addition to always putting something aside, for a guarantee fund, which represents about 10% of all the money that comes in, we spend 45% of every money received, to manage, develop, and improve our political organization, and 45%, to pay those who work with us, and to reward the best users.

    Why do we give back only 80% of the 12 euros (but they could increase in the future), which are currently our guarantee?

    For the simple fact that out of 12 euros, there are bank commissions, and the rest of the money, which we keep, will be used to pay some "old" users, to control the behavior of new users, and to verify their identity . Practically, we will be able to welcome many more people, practically in real time. As of April 4, 2023, the waiting times for the activation of new personal profiles had reached approximately 60 days. Obviously, we had foreseen everything, but it doesn't seem right to make people wait almost 2 months to be activated. But in other articles, we have explained, every detail.

    All our users have exactly the same value, and the same "power".

    Until April 4, 2023, we had invited some personalities to join us, begging them not to tell anyone that they had joined us. We haven't gone crazy, we too know that if a famous person wrote on social media: "I joined DirectDemocracyS", there would also be millions of people, all together, who would join us. Even if we have many security measures in place, and we can increase our technical potential (power, speed, and space, of our computer systems) practically in an unlimited way, and in a few hours), we would risk taking months, many months, to accommodate all, in the best way, with the right consideration, and attention, for every detail. So, we begged the many "personalities" to join us, without telling practically anyone. If someone believes that there are no famous people in DirectDemocracyS, they are free to do so, let's not waste time with those who don't believe us. You would be surprised at the names of those who are already with us, even for a long time.

    Anonymity, and privacy.

    Being anonymous, as a user, or as an official member (in good standing, with the annual fee), is very useful for various reasons. First, because you can work together with us, in peace, and second, because we evaluate the work and activities of all our users, based on how we respect our rules, and on the behavior of each of us. No matter the names, we welcome everyone and reward the best. At the right time, in the next stages of registration (we have foreseen at least 16 of these stages with regard to the registration of new users), whoever so wishes, will be able to provide further details about themselves, based on their privacy settings, directly in your personal profile. We evaluate each activity, based on the Log files, of our system, composed of the computer system, our Artificial Intelligence, and finally by our activity evaluation groups (composed of hundreds of people from all over the world, representing all peoples of the earth). Don't be scared, for us only our voters count, who are our users, and technology helps us, it doesn't control us. We offer you more details, and all the reasons, in some of our articles, only on our website.

    About famous people, and about the names, which many ask us, of who created all this.

    We respect the privacy and anonymity of each of our users, therefore also of those who were among our first users. We've already told you, the result counts, not who first had the idea. Furthermore, as you may have noticed, DirectDemocracyS is constantly evolving, new people arrive, with new ideas, and if they don't distort the previous ones, each new proposal is discussed, chosen, analyzed, and finally voted on. For this reason, DirectDemocracyS belongs to each of our members (who hold only one share certifying ownership, which cannot be combined and cannot be transferred), and each of our successes is everyone's success, each improvement is in everyone's interest .

    We work only, and exclusively, on our website.

    Politics is a serious matter, and politics on social networks could be fun for those who don't take it seriously. Our presence on social networks is limited to communicating to everyone that we exist, and informing about a few of our activities, often, long after we have published them, on our official website. We are not repeating all our reasons, it would make this article much longer than expected, but we invite you to read our previous articles. To what was previously written: independence, freedom, security, order, and lack of distractions, we also add, as a motivation, the absolute and reciprocal control of all our users. This control, which may seem excessive and overwhelming to many at first sight, is instead necessary to guarantee excellent results. The old politic often has wrong behaviors, for the simple fact that there are no adequate controls to prevent every single problem. Working, and making politics, only and exclusively, on our website, thanks to the Log files, each user can control, and be controlled, through security groups, every activity, carried out, and punish anyone who violates our rules, and reward those who obtain, alone or in a group, the best results. On social networks, all this would be impossible.

    We like to explain everything to you, in the right ways, places, and times.

    Someone may be frightened by knowing that we have over 164 articles as of April 4, 2023, with information, instructions, motivations, and rules. We always say it, certain things, doing them, all our activities, are understood immediately, reading, everything can seem very strange, complicated, and too severe.

    Criticisms, but only if they are intelligent and constructive.

    Often, we have had visitors, and even our users, who criticize us, just to try to find faults, because we have the absolutely justified presumption that we consider ourselves perfect, and that we have found all the solutions. If only people, before criticizing anything, knew that among the many characteristics that make us unique and inimitable, we have one that has never been used by others: none of our activities takes place individually, and each our choice, is collective. Every little thing, even every word, written in our every article, is decided by groups, and in the international stage, every group, is made up of people, representing every population of the earth, and every country. We decide everything together, but we control everything together, we evaluate everything together, we punish everything together, and we reward everyone together. There is not, and there will never be a single public and political activity in which only one person is involved. In this way, we can prevent any possible problems, and avoid any mistakes.

    Logic, common sense, and mutual respect, of all people.

    They are not words written at random, they are our essence, together with equality and meritocracy, which continue over time.

    Working in this way, we can consider ourselves perfect, for the simple reason that by eliminating any internal struggle, and any leadership, we really are. And this annoys many, both because they are envious and because they fear us. In a changed, different, and better world, ignorant and bad people are doomed to failure. Creating a just world is not a utopia, but the duty of every good and intelligent person.

    We accept anyone's proposals and ideas, but only if they serve to improve and expand our political organization, without distorting or modifying the work done previously. The criticisms, but also the "proposals", made from outside, without reading all our articles, will not be taken into consideration, because they are made in a superficial way.

    Our invitation is to read carefully, even several times, each of our public articles, trying to understand every word and every sentence, including our motivations.

    Don't join us, just out of curiosity, but only if you really want to change and improve the world.

    Do not join us if you are not willing to work concretely and continuously over time together with all of us, with the right mentality and open to our innovation.

    Don't join us, trying to be smart, and reasoning, like the old and bankruptcy politic, that existed before us.

    Do not join us without first carefully reading, even several times, all of our public information. We write it often, but never enough.

    Don't trust anyone who tries to copy our ideas, because what we publish, and public activities, are just the tip of the iceberg. Our "secret" and internal activities make us look like a "dangerous cult", and many are frightened, and believe that we can cause damage, and create problems. Those who believe these things, avoid joining us, because they do not know right from wrong, and what is right from what is wrong.

    We often tell you that at some point, every person on earth will and will have to choose between DirectDemocracyS, which is innovation, and perfection, and the old politics (including all the failures, who try to copy our ideas).

    Choose what you prefer, for your own good, and for that of future generations. We will not condemn you, and we will not judge you, for who you are, or for what you choose, so if you can, avoid doing it too.

    This brief balance of ours closes phase 9 and opens phase 10.

    What changes? Our internal work will remain the same.

    Free registrations will no longer exist.

    The advantages and facilities will only be, in terms of time.

    Before registering, you will have to pay a guarantee, in cash, which will prevent us from having people with us who make us waste precious time.

    The identity of each future user will be made before registering, through simple, fair, but strict rules.

    Our presence on social networks will be expanded by creating presentation pages and groups in all the languages of the world.

    Our information on social networks will be practically reduced to a minimum, in the new groups and pages, we will insert very few articles, because even with a summary of what we are doing, with our main characteristics, every intelligent and good person will be able to choose the best of ways.

    What will we do inside? We will only explain it, to those who will join us. Public information will be rarer, just a few lines are enough to choose us. We will focus on internal work, putting the right people in the right place, assigning roles and responsibilities based on our rules.

    Finally, just a little provocation.

    You will never know who is behind all this, for the simple reason, that who is behind it does not count for us, who is in front counts, that is, each of our registered users, who creates our only leader, composed from all our constituents and supporters. Our creator, our "John Doe", has practically no active role, he doesn't decide anything, because everything is decided, all together, in the various groups, on our website. Before they invented innovative things, and before they did important things, nobody knew certain names of famous people. For example, before creating social networks, or computer systems and programs, or before becoming famous, the names and surnames of many people were known only to their relatives, friends, and contacts. Our "John Doe", is our tradition, the one in the group of our first members, to say: "Of course we live in a world of shit!". But immediately afterwards, one of those present said: "We will have to do something to change and improve the world!". And then another said: "we will have to start with politics, with those who have the power to make laws!". And then another said: "We will have to create an international political organization!". And then another said: “it should give power to the people, and not to political parties and political representatives!”. And then another said, "It should be based on logic, common sense, and mutual respect for all people!" And then another said: "it should put into practice, equality, and meritocracy, continue over time!". And then another said, "It should be, owned, by all its members, with a single individual share, non-cumulative, non-transferable!" And then another said: “it should be based on direct democracy!”. And then another said: "it should make representative democracy, direct democracy, making the voters decide, on every activity of their political representatives, before, during, and for the first time in the world, even after the elections, with a control, and direct and complete management by whoever gives political representatives the power of representation!”. And then another said: "I would call it DirectDemocracyS!". And then another said…

    And then, it will continue like this forever, anyone who joins us brings with them their concrete work, their moral and material support, their ideas, their projects, and their innovations, without ever upsetting the previous ones. Have you finally understood how DirectDemocracyS works? It belongs to everyone, and we all work to make it better and perfect.

    The essential and political choice that each of us must make is always and only one, between counting for something and always being the protagonists, together with all our users, and with DirectDemocracyS, or continuing not to decide anything, and not count for nothing, with the old politic. You can also choose to join those who will promise you to be protagonists, and to count for something, but will never keep any promises, because our ideas, and our method, are unique and inimitable. Always choose the original, and never copies with no value, and with no possibility of realizing what is promised.

    Phase 10 will aim, towards its end, to welcome new users, to reach a total of 1953125 people. But we'll talk about it when the time is right.

    The duration of each phase is variable, so we cannot anticipate too many things. Just know that controlled growth is the only way to carry out all our activities in a perfect way.

    We have, even internally, people who tell us to hasten the various phases, in order to be politically decisive, even in the various countries. They are people who are rightly concerned, and aware of the fact that the old politics are doing a bad job. We understand the reasons, but times must be respected, just like all our rules and our methodology.

    We are sure that every person can love us for many things, but also hate us for others. Those who think they are smart, and make politics, for personal interests, to obtain fame, money, and wealth, for themselves, in DirectDemocracyS, have no possibility of carrying out ethically wrong activities. Healthy ambitions, and internal competitions, but in an honest way, with loyalty, help us to grow and always improve.

    And finally, there are those, who are afraid to visit our website, because they fear it is a scam, a bluff, and that we are too good to be true. In addition to giving you all the proof, that our website is absolutely safe, and continuously updated, the only way to verify if we are authentic, and real, is to join us, and see that we are beautiful on the inside, much more , than we are, seeing ourselves from the outside.

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