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    Russian invasion of Ukraine

    Published: 09 June 2022

    Before starting our article, after more than 100 days from the invasion of Russia, towards Ukraine, we must give some answers, to the many visitors, who continue to ask us, what is the official position of DirectDemocracyS, regarding this terrible moment historical.

    DirectDemocracyS, and all related projects, and all of our verified registered users, are, and will forever be, against any kind of violence. So, in the face of an invasion without any logic other than economic reasons, by Russia, against Ukraine, as against any violent action, even by one person, against another, we are on the side of those who it defends itself, and we cannot be, for any reason, on the side of the attacker. There are a lot of things to analyze, and we will do it briefly together, as our special groups, dealing with this topic, are presenting the first results of their work.

    As already said, in various of our communications, for us each person is important, whether they are with us, or against us, each population is loved and respected by us in exactly the same way. Every culture and every religion, every language and every tradition, is, and will forever be, protected and shared by us, as long as you do not try to stop any of our activities, and as long as it is not against our ideals, our values, and our common-sense rules.

    People, we divide them only into good or bad, intelligent or stupid, competent or incompetent, honest or dishonest, in good faith or in bad faith.

    We do not like to generalize, nor that some populations feel superior to others, not because of the danger and stupidity of those who generalize, but because no people are superior, no religion is better, no culture is greater, no language is better. We are all part of the great world family, without peoples more loved by the divinities, and without anyone who can be considered better than others. Perhaps luckier, to be born in a certain geographic area, but this too is a relative factor. No religion, culture, tradition, or person, try to stop us, or to slow us down, because we are united, and above all, because we have already foreseen and calculated everything, and time will prove us right. We do not give, and will never bother anyone, but no one has the right to interfere with our activities. Only our verified registered users, who are the owners of each of our websites, and of all our activities, will be able to positively influence our common work.

    So, we repeat it, we love the Russians and the Ukrainians, as we love all the other peoples of the earth. We have not had, we have not, and will never have any preference, we do not discriminate against anyone, and above all we always act in the same way, with consistency: anyone who carries out violent actions will be condemned by us, and certainly excluded, and immediately isolated. But be careful, we do not do it with the entire population, but only with those who order, execute, or approve and support, violent initiatives.

    After this premise, let's move on to briefly analyze the situation, and explain our official positions a little better.

    Those looking for a geopolitical motivation for the Russian invasion against Ukraine will never find it, because it does not exist, however much some try, with results that make us understand their stupidity, to motivate Putin's choice with various arguments, and of his dictatorial and oligarchic regime, to attack Ukraine. They try in every way, with nonsense phrases such as: if Ukraine had joined NATO, it represented a danger to the security of Russia. But does a country with around 6,000 nuclear warheads, and armed forces like the Russian ones, really fear for its own safety? Whoever says similar phrases offends his own and others' intelligence. Try to be serious people, and eventually to study. Ukraine, like every country in the world, must enjoy full and total sovereignty, respect for borders, the freedom to decide independently, in which military alliances, or in which economic markets, to enter or exit. No country, large or small, rich or poor, powerful or weak, has the right to decide the fate of a population, or of a country.

    Or, some "incapable analysts" criticize the fact that the clashes in Donbass, after more than 8 years, had to be stopped, to defend minority populations, and in some cases in certain majority areas, from the "bullying of the Ukrainian government". The clashes in the pro-Russian areas have been reciprocal, and not just from one side to the other. Conflict resolutions are made with diplomacy, and with politics, when they have to be done. If there are no negotiations and bilateral meetings, it means that the masters of the world have already decided, and that destiny is sealed for everyone. When there is the first attack, instead of a compromise, it means that business will do well, for many of those non-human beings, who drive the world economy. Ethnic clashes, often artificially created, are used to create the conditions for military action.

    On the other hand, those looking for historical or cultural reasons, if they investigate thoroughly, will find only 2 countries, and 2 brother peoples, who have turned into Cain and Abel, to enrich arms producers, and reconstruction companies (because there is 2 times with conflicts), so only for the greed, and the cruelty of a few people, many people suffer. Therefore, if we want to be precise, let us add to the causes, the total subjection of world politics, to economic power. But it has certainly not started now, this policy serves the strong powers, history is full of such examples.

    Putin and his collaborators, perhaps voluntarily, because after all it is convenient for them to modernize and renew the military arsenals, they have fallen into the trap of the West (which are masters in organizing conflicts to favor a few criminals), or they are accomplices they too, the Russians, of this organized conflict. Our affirmation is undeniable, because it is enough to look at what types of antiquated armaments the first part of the conflict took place.

    When Russia began amassing troops on the Ukrainian border, a President of the United States worthy of this role would fly to Moscow to prevent disaster. But no, because the Presidents of both superpowers, in almost all of their history, are, have been, and until we win the elections in both countries, they will forever be slaves to their masters, who have other interests. It did not suit anyone to stop and prevent the war, because if they had not done so in Ukraine, they would have found other countries to condemn. We do not write anything about Europe, or rather the European Union, because they are so divided on everything, that they could easily change their name to Divided Europe, it would make more sense. So, the 2 Presidents of the 2 military superpowers did not meet in person, but not even a video call, perhaps live worldwide, to let all the real reasons and the enormous interests behind this and other wars know? The world population deserves to know how much these 2 incapables are slaves of economic power, and how they do not deserve to represent the populations who have trusted them. 2 populations, Russian and American, made up of 99% good people, but it is the 1% (the bad and powerful ones) that moves the strings of these 2 puppets, who only act as a figurehead for those who decide the fate of the planet. The world population deserves to know the truth, because it is we, the population who should decide, and not our "representatives", who act or plot behind our backs. It is we who are frightened when a nuclear war is threatened, which would wipe out a large part of humanity, and it is we who must demand their explanations, their apologies, and above all their resignation.

    China, which would have the economic possibility of stopping everything, surely if it doesn't, will have its reasons. We are sure that this chaos, these prices that make everyone poorer (with the exception of the rich), these increases in raw materials, fuels, fuels, and consequently energy, and products of all kinds, especially goods of first necessity, make it convenient for the Chinese. With thousands of companies going bankrupt, and they can be bought at ridiculous prices, our Chinese friends, or rather the Chinese mafia, will earn a lot of money, without any effort.

    You realize, that if we weren't all frightened by the possible atomic war, for similar increases we would already be all in the streets in the various countries protesting, and asking for just help, from the criminals who govern us in all the countries of the world. Yes, dear friends, we cannot define them in another way, as they are obviously and inevitably reducing our purchasing power. But do not worry, as soon as the next elections arrive, in the various countries, and after having taken away 100, they will give us a 20, and we, as always, will fall into the trap, giving them the power to represent us in the institutions, and to decide for us.

    But this, only you, we at DirectDemocracyS, and all our related projects will do it, we have other methods. You know them well, and you know that we are the only ones in the world, truly free, and the only ones who practice the word democracy. We are the only ones who have the right to consider ourselves democratic, the others must say, to be only partially democratic. Otherwise, if they tell you that you live in a democracy, they lie to you, and you fall for it. At DirectDemocracyS, we don't fall for it anymore, rather than vote for any political party, or political representative, of current or past politics, we prefer to stay at home, and not be accomplices of those who steal your power to decide. We want new people, honest and competent, who do exactly what they promise, and only what we, and you, tell them to do.

    After the invasion, however, the human race gave its worst, both for death, violence, fear, but also with more or less veiled threats to use nuclear weapons, and to make us all fry, in case. of "unplanned" interventions. This threat from Putin, and his minions, will hopefully not be forgotten by any of us. At the right time, and surely the right time will come, which comes for all tyrants, they will have to repent of sowing dead, wounded, and frightening billions of people.

    I mean, do we really have to live in fear, for a 1% of bitchy people on earth? We look forward to the moment when we, and those who join us, will change, and improve the world, we will shed light all together, on everything there is to know. We will be able to find, try, and punish all the guilty, and their accomplices.

    The plot to start the wars is always the same, provocations from various sides, and then various activities of the secret services, incapable political advisers, and then it begins. All hell breaks loose, and for a change, those who lose out are always the good people.

    A random country is chosen, inter-ethnic tensions are created, hatred, some wounded, and some dead, some politicians, who in search of fame take advantage of it, like a jackal or a vulture, some citizen with a thirst for revenge, some unlucky nationalist, and the battlefield is ready.

    The fake negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, at the beginning of the invasion, in which no one believed, the various phone calls, world politics could very well change jobs, and start working, in the entertainment world. With all due respect, for all the great actors, but there are no better actors than these politicians, the old and current politics.

    Some will ask us: what about Europe? Europe pretends to be united. Even if it is not, however it launches sanctions that do not count for anything, doing harm, first of all to itself, and to its citizens. Sanctions only serve to get Putin and his servants in his own country.

    All talking about giving weapons, and putting sanctions. But even in a tragic way, against the Russian culture and sport, which have no fault, if they are led by a tyrant dictator, and their country is in the hands of figurehead oligarchs, who control, and manage at will, without any merit, almost all the riches of Russia. But we would certainly have preferred a response from the West, to sit at a table, and find a diplomatic solution. But let's face it, is there anyone who believes that armed struggle annoys some leader of some country? War is suitable for everyone, except for the civilian populations, and for the poor soldiers, sent to kill themselves, for the pride of a few criminals, and to enrich people who do not deserve it.

    Many will say that the Ukrainian people must be helped to defend themselves. And it is quite right, we will never be on Goliath's side, but on David's side (and therefore the sling must be given to David). We can't cheer on the bully, but logically, we have to cheer on the bully. It obliges us in common sense, and reason. How would we cheer anyone attacked from the United States, or any other country?

    So, dear friends, to help Ukraine defend itself, it is a moral obligation, of every country, and of every citizen of the earth, to send weapons, and people, to fight for the freedom, and independence, of the country it suffers. the invasion. Yes, we always side with those who are attacked, there is no acceptable reason, to cause victims, and injuries. The provocations do not exist, or rather they are created with great care, to justify wars. To legitimize something that no man of common sense can accept. Violence, anyone who commits it must be condemned.

    When we see and read about people cheering on the bad guys, we are thrilled. There are people who justify the Russian attack in original, but all nonsensical, ways. There are people who say phrases like: by sending weapons, the war will last longer, and there will be more victims. And instead leaving Ukraine alone to suffer the invasion and lose its freedom, its sovereignty, its independence, without any help, is it a gesture of common sense? To talk about certain things, to write bullshit, you should be in the skin of the Ukrainian people. And in the skin of all warring peoples. Assaulted, killed, wounded, raped, with refugees, and people who live days, weeks, months, and perhaps years of terror. You should run away every time the air-raid alarm goes off, in subway stations, in shelters, overcrowded, without electricity, water, dilapidated toilets, and the constant fear of falling under the rubble. You should experience on your skin, the lack of water to drink, of food, the cold. You should have nightmares too, and have to pay for years, psychologists for you, and for your family.

    And then, let's reverse the roles a bit: if your country, whatever it is, were invaded, you would welcome the invader with open arms, you would give your great-grandmothers, grandmothers, mothers, wives, and daughters, to be raped by the invading military, you would give all the riches of your country to foreigners, you would stand still to see your country destroyed and bombed, to see your relatives and friends die. Would you wait for your end, with a flower in your hand? Or would you ask each neighboring country to help you fight for your freedom and that of future generations? You see, now you understand, we hope definitively, because the sending of weapons, to defend themselves, and the liberation of Ukraine, is a duty of every civilized country in the world.

    As it will be mandatory, for any attack, and for any form of violence, whoever carries it out. And we at DirectDemocracyS, will guarantee it, and will always help, anyone in difficulty.

    Let's just hope that your grandparents, or great-grandparents, or great-great-grandparents, who fought for freedom, and against the extermination of entire races, and wars of aggression, aren't too ashamed of what stupid descendants they have right now, in many countries around the world. which people without a minimum of human dignity say: after all, Putin also has his reasons. The struggle for freedom, for independence, for sovereignty, even at the cost of one's life, is a fundamental duty of all of us. As we have already said: if at the beginning of September 1939, all the countries of the world, in a united way, had helped and supported, even militarily, Poland, attacked by Germany, the Second World War would have been avoided. But by not doing it immediately, all together, we moved on to Belgium, France, and we all know how long it lasted, and how it ended. With how many dead and wounded.

    It ended with the intervention of the United States, which by attacking west of Europe, avoided the collapse of the Soviet Union (which was invaded and almost beaten by Germany), which was able to reorganize itself, and then counterattack, and arrive first. and Berlin.

    We also know the history, but we also know the way in which the Soviet bloc countries paid the war debt to the Soviet Union, while the Americans with the Marshall Plan helped in the reconstruction, the Western countries with over 13 billion dollars back then (currently it would be many more), money given away to help countries recover. The Soviets limited themselves to exploiting every wealth for years, of the "liberated" countries (and then enslaved again), doing despicable activities, crimes, deportations, taking away not only wealth, but also the dignity and freedom of entire populations, and also of its own population. Let us not forget how they invaded and killed anyone who was not a "communist", how they intervened with tanks against unarmed people, who protested for hunger, for cold, and for the lack of freedom. Dear friends, freedom is like air, if it is not there, you cannot live. And for a few things it is worth dying for, freedom is perhaps in the first place.

    As despicable as Nazism is dead and gone, with Hitler, and fascism, dead and gone, with Mussolini. Communism, in turn, is dead and buried, with the fall of the dictatorships: the Soviet and the Eastern countries. China, and other dictatorial, or one-party, countries are slightly different, often dominated by mafias, and oligarchs, or even by many corrupt leaders. They are dictatorships, which first and then will have to grant freedom to their peoples in one way or another.

    However, seeing positions against the United States and NATO, as citizens without common sense, and with a chronic lack of functioning neurons, sucks, as well as tenderness.

    A partial democracy (because true democracy is practiced only by us), present in the United States, and in Western countries, will always be better than a dictatorship like in Russia, and other similar countries, to be under an alliance like NATO, albeit with its flaws, and its limitations, it is better to be under Russian influence. A little freedom is always better than no freedom. But there are still those who prefer total evil to even partial good. Out of a visceral and unmotivated hatred of capitalist society, albeit wild, and of the USA, to prefer what? An oligarchy, with a bunch of figureheads, who without any merit, control, direct, and exploit all the wealth of entire countries, with the population in bad shape, living in pitiful conditions. I would like to see them, doing all this "opposition", against the regimes they love so much from here, living in those countries. I would like to see, if they would be so brave, and would write, and demonstrate, against Putin, living in Russia. They would not do it, because even if they are not very intelligent, they care not to end up in prison, or worse to be killed.

    You see dear friends, here is the difference, between who you love, justify, and respect, Putin and his people, and who you hate, NATO, the United States, and the West, because maybe you live sad lives, and you have to blame someone. for your failures.

    In the West, if you want to write badly about Biden, and the politicians of the NATO countries, to vent your frustrations, or if you want to express your dissent in a peaceful way, you can do it without any problem. If you, did it in Russia, or in other dictatorships, they would crush you with tanks, kill you in very inventive ways, or arrest you. Perhaps now you understand the difference, and also our positions. There are still old Communists, with Rolex, who believe that we are all equal in rights, but not in duties. And that for a just society, for these nostalgic communists, all wealth must be taken away from the rich (even from those who are rich and powerful on their own merits), to divide everything exactly among everyone. It would be the end of competition, competitiveness, and meritocracy.

    We conclude this first, and hopefully last part, on the tragic story of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, by saying that we will always stand, on the side of those who defend themselves, and against anyone who attacks freedom, sovereignty, independence, and integrity. territorial of another country. We, unlike the losers, for whom you vote, never change our positions, based on logic and common sense. Our rules, our values, and our ideals have been, are, and will forever be, decided, approved, respected, by all who join us. As for the so-called: popular referendums, to break away from a country, to be independent, or to join another country, we have always been in favor of local autonomies, but without creating conflicts, and without changing borders, to prevent, and avoid any violence. And we are also for total respect for the laws currently in force, which clearly state that borders do not change with the popular will. We have various examples, such as Scotland, and Catalonia, and many other countries, which, even if they decided to separate, had to stay exactly where they were. The same, had to happen in Crimea, the referendum, did not have to mean Russian invasion, or even secession, but simply a greater respect, and greater protection of the populations of Russian origin, by the central Ukrainian authorities. International treaties, like national laws, we will always respect them, and if the peoples of the world want to change them, we will do it all together, because all of us will always be on the side of the people. The laws, also made to allow the former colonies to become sovereign and independent countries, do not provide for the modification of borders, and the disintegration of countries. But we are certainly in favor of any local autonomy, in compliance with international, national, and local laws. As we are for the respect, freedom, and protection of every minority, linguistic, cultural, religious, and sexual.

    We will never, and for no reason, be in favor of the criminal policies of 2, or rather 3 superpowers United States, Russia, and perhaps China, which must decide, on the destinies of the world, and the fate of entire countries, but only in favor of their populations. We believe that politics, and every decision, must belong to the people who are informed about the consequences of what they choose. And we are sure that if they had asked the Russian population: are you in favor of militarily attacking Ukraine? Being free, honestly informed, and independent, 99% of Russians, who are good people, would have said no to any military action.

    With the hope, from the bottom of our hearts, that everyone has understood the meaning of our article, and with the guarantee, that we do not intend to spend our time, explaining our positions several times, we hope that peace, security, the serenity, freedom, and true democracy, which we will bring into the world, may also change the mentality of those who speak, or write without reasoning. We hope that with us, peace is guaranteed, in every country of the world. We want, and we must all expect a world of peace, of brotherhood among all the peoples of the earth. And this ambitious political project of ours is the only one in the world that can improve and change our world forever. We all deserve a better life.

    Join us, and share our article, with as many people as possible. We must all unite, immediately, to ensure a better future.

    With esteem, respect, and infinite love.

    DirectDemocracyS, your politics, in every sense!

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