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Contest regulation number 1

Contest regulation number 1DirectDemocracyS.

Event group.

Competition group.

Our international political organization organizes a prize competition, reserved for those who follow us on social networks, and on other websites, and for those who have already joined us, by registering, on our official website.

Contest number 1.


There will be 100 prizes, of 120 euros each, in vouchers for DirectDemocracyS paid services, which can be used for oneself, or, let others use them, giving them away, or selling them.

We have decided to divide our 100 prizes into 50 prizes for our friends, who are not yet registered on our official website, and 50 prizes for those who are already our users.

5 categories will be awarded, with 20 prizes each (10 for strangers and 10 for our users).

Best Video.

A video file must be created, presenting the political, economic, and social situation of one's country, or of one's people.

Best audio.

An audio file must be created, presenting the political, economic, and social situation of one's country, or of one's people.

Best article.

A .docx or .pdf file must be created, presenting the political, economic, and social situation of one's country, or of one's people.

Find parts you don't like and fix them.

A .docx or .pdf file must be created, in which defects are found, and solutions are proposed, to our political project.

Proposals to become better and better.

A .docx or .pdf file must be created, in which political activities, not yet foreseen, are proposed in detail in our political project, to make it better and complete.

Basic rules.

Each participant can present their materials, which must all have different contents, to all 5 categories, being able to win even more prizes (up to one in each category), based on the decisions of the jury, which will make a pre-selection, and subsequently, based on the vote of our registered users, whose identity was verified on the day of the vote.

Our verified registered users will publish their materials, directly in the groups reserved for the competition, on our website, always after having them checked, in a preventive way, in our file verification groups, our security groups, obtaining the authorization with relative guarantee of safety.

For those who do not have a personal profile on our website, they must first request to be able to participate in our competition by filling out the contact form, and subsequently, they will receive an external link to one of our websites on a different server from ours . which hosts our official website, where you can upload your materials.

Contest dates.

All materials must be published, starting from 21 June 2023 inclusive, and by 21 December 2023 inclusive (in all time zones), and must be original materials, self-financed, never broadcast, and never made public.

By submitting the materials, you grant DirectDemocracyS the right to use them in all possible ways, without any obligation, except in the case, in which they will be published, and used, to generate profits.

In the event that the materials go viral, obtaining economic benefits of all kinds, these will be divided exactly in half, between DirectDemocracyS, and whoever created the material, or the materials as the case may be.

Our users, but also those who are not registered, can decide to put the various proposals into practice, together with all of us, and also to collaborate with us, in various ways.

The materials can be made in any language of the world, but must also be submitted, in an exact copy, in the English language.

The duration of the video and audio files must not exceed 15 minutes.

The maximum dimensions of the various files: for the written .docx or .pdf file with any photos, a maximum of 21 MB, video files must not exceed 210 MB (unlimited if you upload them on social networks, or on verified external links by our security group), and audio files, no more than 30 MB (unlimited if you upload them to social networks, or to external links verified by our security group). If you upload the videos, or audios, on the various social networks, or on external links, you must always insert the link in the comments: at the beginning of the comment, and then add the description, of the your audio and video files, and always request verification of your external links via the competition contact form. All text files, too, must all start with our link: on the first line, followed by your contest content on the second line.

For all the information, for all the details, for all the instructions, you can contact our Competition Management Group number 1, at this link:

We remind you that you will have to fill out the contact form, respecting these simple rules:

For all of the possibilities, and how to contact us, read this detailed article:

Good luck everyone!

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a. To accept full responsibility for the comment that you submit.
b. To use this function only for lawful purposes.
c. Not to post defamatory, abusive, offensive, racist, sexist, threatening, vulgar, obscene, hateful or otherwise inappropriate comments, or to post comments which will constitute a criminal offense or give rise to civil liability.
d. Not to post or make available any material which is protected by copyright, trade mark or other proprietary right without the express permission of the owner of the copyright, trade mark or any other proprietary right.
e. To evaluate for yourself the accuracy of any opinion, advice or other content.

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