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    Security rules

    Security Rules

    The special security group, together with the rules group, with the collaboration of all groups, on behalf of all our official members, makes public, some security rules.


    The safety of every activity is essential to achieve the best results. Some of our security rules are similar to other similar entities and projects, many of these, however, are innovative, and have been implemented, first by us, and then by others, who try to copy our activities.

    The new rules add security measures to the old rules, and 99.99% of our official members and registered users have already put them into practice, and from the moment of publication, they are mandatory for all our new users, and for all those who were not yet in compliance.

    Making certain issues specific, explaining all the details, and above all, making everyone understand all our motivations, is very important.


    In addition, to the old rules for joining us, registering, and creating a personal profile, we want to add some clarifications, and some additional steps, to prevent any small problems.


    You must not use usernames such as: administrator, admin, or, geographical areas, or, management, and control roles, nor any type of advertising. Administration profile names, and geographic area names, are users created, for our authorized official members, who obtain institutional profiles, in an authorized manner, from the implicated groups.

    The authorized names of famous personalities must be requested, via specific rules, and the identities of those managing the respective profiles must correspond exactly to the respective people. Management of other people's personal profiles of our users is not permitted. The verification of each famous, VIP, or public person, combined with the user's real name, and username (which is the public name), must be done before the activation of the personal profile, by our administrators. Only natural persons can register, and registrations of commercial companies, institutions, or other political forces are not accepted.

    For further information on the username, you can consult the detailed article at this link:

    Banners, advertisements, pages and groups.

    Names of commercial companies, political entities, institutions, and commercial companies are not permitted, as are real names and usernames. On the basis of reciprocity, or with advertising contracts, or through negotiations, pages and groups for external entities will be created by our specialized groups in our Social, and Community areas, and in other parts of our websites. Again, on the basis of negotiations and advertising contracts, non-invasive banners may be present to promote products, services and internal activities. In certain cases, even external entities may be accepted, creating banners, pages and groups for them, managed independently.

    Advertising, banners, groups and pages, visible to all, of other political forces, or of competing activities, of our activities, or of our exclusive sponsors are not permitted. These banners, pages and groups will be visible, in certain cases, only to authorized people, and invisible to our visitors and our unauthorized users.

    Activation of new users.

    The activations of new users take place, as specified in our articles, with an additional security step, which consists of a further message via email (usually within 48-72 hours of self-activation), which each new user will receive, after clicking the activation link (self-activation), which our system automatically sends, at the end of registration and creation of your personal profile. This email message, sent by our user activation group, contains some simple questions, which every new user must answer, and some simple instructions, which every new user must follow. By replying to our email message, in the ways and times indicated, the user will provide proof that they do not use temporary email addresses to register. Furthermore, based on the answers provided, the personal profile can be activated more quickly, usually no later than 24 hours from the moment of the answer. New user activation groups can also postpone activation, for a fixed period of time, or, in other cases, indefinitely, for users who will not be deemed eligible to join us. In some extreme cases, the activation of the new user will be refused. Usually, activation groups explain the reasons for postponing, or refusing, activation, but are not obliged to provide any type of dialogue, and are not authorized to negotiate, the activation of the new user. As you know, it is not only our voters / users who choose us, but we too, can choose our voters / users, deciding if, when, and at what stage, each of them can start working together with us.


    Thanks to the previous rule, we will avoid blocking new registrations, which will always be active, and possible, without any interruption. The "security" message will allow our users to enter when certain types of people are accepted. For example, the people accepted, in the early stages, will be with a higher IQ, and with specializations in certain sectors, to be able to include them in our groups of specialists. Everything according to our needs. In the final stages of registration, almost every person will be accepted, if they present the necessary guarantees. For us, it is essential to proceed in this way, to change and to improve the world! If we let everyone in without the necessary security measures, it would create disorder and we would risk slowing down our activities.

    Secure password, and 2-factor authentication.

    We have often talked about it, that the use of a secure password, of at least 12 characters (which contains non-consecutive numbers, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, without forming words, and various symbols), helps to protect your personal data, making all our activities safe. By 31 December 2023, and with new users, from the moment of publication of this security regulation, each of our users must activate, as soon as possible, 2-factor authentication, which makes each personal profile safe. Anyone who does not do so, within the indicated times, and for new users, from the first access to our website, will first be blocked, and then excluded, from all our activities, automatically becoming persona non grata. These simple security measures protect our users' data and allow us to work safely.

    Motivation. One of the fundamental fears of every person before joining us is: can I trust you? The other is: what do they do with my real personal data? The third concerns decisions, whether they are truly decisions made all together, and we will talk about it in this article later. Our security measures are not enough to protect people's data if people do not set up their profile in the right way, both during registration and after the first login. Our default settings are designed to protect the anonymity and personal data of all our users. If a user resets them incorrectly, it is not our responsibility. The same goes for your PCs, tablets and smartphones, which if left open, without a security password, could be used by other people. In these cases, the individual responsibility of each user will be used for any problems caused by similar behaviors.

    The simplicity.

    To join us, you must register by creating a personal profile on our official website, dedicated to our political organization. To become our new user / voter, everything is absolutely free, and without any obligation. All you need is a username, chosen according to the rules in this article, and the instructions in this information article:

    a secure password of at least 12 characters, and a personal email address.

    Activation group.

    It is the group that activates each of our users, made up of some of our administrators (who physically activate accepted users), managers, and official representatives from every continent, every population on earth, and every country. It is divided into subgroups, composed in the same way, which carry out specific activities.


    The special security group, its administrators, and its members have no jurisdiction regarding the activations of our users. DirectDemocracyS has very clear rules on the autonomy of the various groups in specific activities, which do not allow favors or clientelism. Only and exclusively, the new user activation group, and their administrators, are authorized to activate new users, so avoid requesting help or sending appeals. The same applies to the personal profiles of our users, which have been blocked for various reasons. Only and exclusively, the group for unlocking personal profiles has the authorization to unlock each personal profile, according to our rules. Other specific rules also allow the reactivation of users excluded from our projects.


    As our users grew, saboteurs, frontmen, and people useless to our work together tried to join us. We don't need too many people right now, we need quality, not quantity, at each stage. With specialized groups, in each activity, made up of competent and reliable people, we are sure that there will never be any type of problem. Furthermore, international groups are made up of hundreds, in some cases thousands of people, who represent all the peoples of the earth, all the countries of the world, and therefore decide in a free and democratic way on every single activity. The number of members of these groups, and also the number of various groups, obviously always increases, proportionately, with the number of registered users. This methodology allows us to always be ready to prevent any possible problem. Each group has very clear specific rules, and each member of the group knows them perfectly, and always puts them into practice. Decisions, as always, are collective, and there are no preferences, except on the basis of individual and group skills and merits.


    Each of our users has the right to remain completely anonymous, and must not reveal their identity, externally or within DirectDemocracyS. This common-sense rule is valid from our first "creators", who created most of our rules, until the end of new user registrations, when a large part of the world's population will have joined us. Let's look at the main reasons. When we started to make the existence of DirectDemocracyS partially public, there was the need to keep our first 5 anonymous, and then the 277 who were added, over the long years of hard work, to create our organization politics. Not so much for their own safety, none of them are cowards, but to protect their loved ones. Even on this concept, we need to explain some things. We are aware that we are the only political force in the world, innovative and alternative to all other political forces. Surely, we are the only ones in the world, who have all the potential, to change and improve the world. We are the only political organization, which "stands up", which functions perfectly, and we are practically infallible. We don't say it, but concrete facts demonstrate it. The first people who created this political force had to protect their families from the people who are part of the economic and financial system, which controls all traditional politics. Being the only ones who can truly compete, and certainly prevail, there has been no shortage of attempts to stop us, or at least slow us down. The other "political groups", even if they have some good ideas, and even have some very intelligent people within them, have no chance of establishing themselves, and of being able to compete, with the traditional political forces. DirectDemocracyS, on the other hand, thanks to the work of anyone who joins us, has every chance of establishing itself, and of winning with very large percentages, every election in which it participates. Even many experts, in every sector of activity, who joined us over time, had to remain completely anonymous, so as not to lose their jobs, or worse, to not endanger their families, and themselves. Those who have read our articles know that we have contacted several hundred political experts worldwide. Many of them joined us, on one condition only, to be able to remain anonymous, so as not to endanger their families, not to lose their lives, or their source of income. If some of the names of our experts were revealed, we would be known worldwide, but they would be really in difficulty. Our special security team has taken every necessary measure to make it impossible to identify any of our users who wish to remain anonymous. Not just the first 282, but everyone, must be able to decide to remain completely anonymous, and to remain so, for as long as they want. Another important reason. Many of our visitors, and at the beginning also some of our users, wanted to know who conceived and created all this, some of them, got angry, and threatened not to join us, if they didn't know who is behind all this. If for example, as our creative creator, there was a famous person, or a very rich person, some would not join us, due to hatred, generated by envy, towards those who are rich and famous. Even if it would have been a reason, without logical sense, some would not have joined us for these reasons. Furthermore, the idea to create all this came, practically simultaneously, to 5 people at a party. They certainly know who came up with the idea, but it is up to them alone to decide if, and when, to make further details known, to whom to communicate them, and in what way. We have maintained this methodology, and it will remain forever, available to each of our users / voters. Our identity verification groups have specific rules, which make a "leak of information" impossible, and for those who work there, it is impossible to attribute the name of the real user to the personal profile. The only type of user who cannot remain completely anonymous, for obvious reasons, is that of those who decide to become our political representative. Anyone who carries out these activities of political representation cannot be anonymous. Our rule involves the creation of a new personal profile with a real name and surname (the anonymous one remains valid, but does not carry out any management activity of our political organization, with the exception of voting), and participation in the selections of our representatives politicians, to our internal electoral campaigns, to our closed online primary elections, and finally participation in real elections, and in case of positive results, representing us in the institutions, according to our rules.


    As with anonymity, respect for the privacy of each of our users / voters is also fundamental. We guarantee it through very careful rules, to every need of each of our users, who can decide which data to share, with whom, in what way, and when. They are individual settings, the default ones, they are obviously very restrictive, but they can be modified at any time, by the user himself.

    Confidentiality of the activities carried out.

    DirectDemocracyS, puts the right people in the right places, always. The work carried out in the groups, but also all other activities, are made public, based on very detailed rules. The individual activities of each user, or those carried out in groups, events, pages, and other components, are confidential, and can be disclosed publicly within us, or, based on strict rules also externally, only and exclusively by authorized groups, and never, and for any reason, by a single user, or a group of users. The reasons for this confidentiality are easily understood. Everyone must carry out the activities for which they are authorized. Wanting to know everything, about everyone, from the first moment, is a wrong, illegal attitude, and forces us to "become suspicious" of those who carry out similar activities. Based on the types of users, and based on permissions, certain activities can be "revealed" only to those authorized. It often happens that newly registered users want to know things that they are not allowed to know, and want to join groups that they have no right to join.

    Your reputation, over time, and with concrete results.

    From registration, everyone who joins us swears to respect our every rule. The first rule is that all our rules are respected by everyone, without any exceptions. Over time, on the basis of equality and meritocracy, each user can obtain a higher or lower type of user based on their concrete results, their behavior, and the points accumulated according to our rules. All these activities and behaviors create a good or bad reputation. Those with a good reputation can access, over time, reserved areas, based on the various types of users, with roles of greater importance, and with greater responsibilities. Everything happens in the necessary time, and in the right way. Anyone who believes they can enter with an initial profile and become an administrator in a short time is wrong. It must pass through the various types, in the necessary time. It is logical that there are people who reach various goals faster, but this is on the basis of equality and meritocracy, guaranteed to everyone, all the time. We are, without a doubt, the only political force without preferences, where every person receives exactly what they deserve.

    Various types of users.

    We remind everyone that the subsequent typology holds all the potential and responsibilities of the previous one, which are expanded in our inevitable "hierarchy". Proposals and constructive criticism can be expressed by anyone, even our visitors, or by those who follow us through other platforms, or on other websites. Discussions, decisions, and votes take place only and exclusively on our website, according to our rules, with our methodology, and with compliance with all instructions.

    Free typology, and without any obligation.

    The login user, also called new user, or initial user, has no obligation to be present, is not obliged to do any activities with us, and does not pay anything to join us. Obviously, it can only carry out limited activities, and only in a few groups.

    Type with annual fee, and without any commitment.

    The partially verified user. They are all initial users, who have sent, according to our rules, an image, with their face, next to a photo ID, and have paid, a minimum annual fee, to contribute directly to our activities policies. They have no obligation to be present, and are not obliged, to work together with us. However, they have greater potential, and many more possibilities to carry out activities, in many more groups, than access users.

    Types with annual fee, obligation to be present, and to carry out organized activities, together with all of us.

    The registered user is a partially verified user, and has paid a higher fee, to contribute to our activities, and who has a trial period of 15 days (extendable by a further 15 days), to be able to decide, and choose, whether to become a verified registered user. He is required to be present for at least 20 minutes a day, even on various accesses, or at least 120 minutes a week, on a single day, with various accesses, or on several days, with various accesses. He must join some reserved groups, and carry out various activities together with us. At the end of the 15 days, you can choose whether to return to being a partially verified user, or if you want to request to become a verified registered user.

    The verified registered user will have all the specific capabilities of this type of user, and reserved groups. Having verified your identity, you will have many more services than previous users and will be able to vote in our elections.

    The official member is a verified registered user, who, after a period of time, respecting all our rules, instructions and our methodology, is allowed access to the reserved areas intended for this type of user. He has all the potential of the previous type of user, and in addition he can choose to carry out activities as a political representative, and stand as a candidate in our candidate selections, in our closed online primary elections, and in case of positive results, he will be able to stand as a candidate in the real elections, and represent DirectDemocracyS, and its voters, in the institutions. Alternatively, he can decide to become our official representative and manage, together with all of us, a part of our political organization. After his appointment, he automatically becomes the owner, together with all our official members, of all our political activities, of the entire political organization, and of our website, with the power to control that everything is carried out in compliance with all our rules.

    This is followed by all the other types of various users, political representatives, or alternatively, official representatives, based on the choices of each official member and the authorizations received.

    Managers are official representatives, with greater responsibilities, as they manage important activities.

    Those responsible are managers, who manage even more important activities.

    The administrators coordinate and verify all the main activities, geographical groups, and many other specific activities, based on their type.

    The super administrators coordinate and control the activities of the various administrators.

    Finally, there are the guarantors, who are those who have conceived, created, and made concrete all of our activities, who by their choice, do not carry out concrete administrative activities, but coordinate and control, that all of our activities always take place, based on the initial principles, values, ideals, and rules.

    The times needed to transition from one type to another may vary, based on the behavior and concrete results of each user.

    The transition from one type to another is also based on the individual choice of each user, upon request, or, by accepting the proposals, of the groups dedicated to the evaluation of the users, and the roles of the users.

    The demotion from a higher type to a lower one is decreed by the groups dedicated to user evaluation, or, alternatively, at the choice of each user.

    Only our registered users with verified identities have the right to vote and decide.

    Even if the reasons are clear, and easy to guess, some of our visitors, and even some users, ask us: why can't they decide, in the activities of our political organization, and vote for our candidates? In any election, the first thing you do is prove your identity. Here too, the same reasons exist, such as preventing more votes from the same people, but also to be able to punish those who do not respect all our rules, and to reward our best users.

    Also, regarding the possibility of running as our political representatives in our closed online primary elections, many visitors and users ask us: why do we accept only our official members as candidates? The answer is simple, in any political force, to run for primary elections, you must be an official member.

    Coalitions, alliances, and independent candidates.

    There are no, and there will never be, collaborations, alliances, coalitions with other political forces, and we will never have independent candidates. We have within us, people from the far right to the far left, conservatives and progressives, so we don't need collaborations with other political forces, to be pluralist, and to have "complete political coverage". Anyone who wants to run with us and have our support must necessarily be our official member.

    Prevention of internal and external struggles, and prevent any split.

    DirectDemocracyS was born to unite, one of our slogans is: united, in diversity. Preventing internal struggles, but also clashes with other political forces, is normal, and is a good example to give to all other political forces. Splits in our political organization are impossible, for various reasons, the main one being that in DirectDemocracyS you enter individually, and you always exit individually. Absolute freedom, to join us, and to leave, if you are not satisfied with our work together. Anyone who thinks of joining us and then leaving, taking away part of our consensus, is wrong, and will have no chance, for the simple reason that we are all very united, and our voters are almost all our official members. DirectDemocracyS is undoubtedly the best political organization in the world, the most united, fair and just. Likewise, our users / voters all have above average intelligence, if they all know, that there are no logical and common-sense reasons to leave DirectDemocracyS, with the exception of personal pride, the unhealthy ambitions of obtaining, power and riches, not deserved. Anyone who tries to divide us will be disappointed, because for every user who leaves, there are thousands asking to join.

    Internal struggles, thanks to our rules, our instructions, and our methodologies, do not exist, and will never exist.

    External struggles, with other political forces, are a waste of time, which we are not interested in. We are truly innovative, completely alternative, and absolutely incompatible with other political forces. We do politics, in 2 different ways, we are like water and oil, we will never mix. We criticize other political forces, based on real, documented, and impeccable facts. We accept all criticism, and ignore the meaningless ones. We will never accept violent attacks, assaults, threats, of any kind, lies and false news about us, and all our users / voters, and we will know how to defend ourselves, and counterattack, intelligently, in all possible ways, and in all appropriate locations.

    The special groups.

    Like all special groups, the special security group evaluates and approves, or does not approve, every single activity, and every single decision, of our entire political organization.

    This collective management and control, with shared leadership, has many advantages, and makes it easier for our special security groups to control everything.

    Control methodologies.

    The methodological control rules are various and very detailed, and allow us to obtain perfect results, thanks to the collaboration of each of our users.

    Power of control.

    Each check is carried out by subgroups of the special safety group, based on the necessary specialization. All checks, of every type, are carried out by groups, and never by a single person, to avoid sabotage or preferences.

    Identity of all our users.

    Thanks to the work of our special security group, any registered person can decide at any time to become a verified registered user, which means that the identity of these users is verified and guaranteed. Everything takes place safely, simply, quickly, and without any kind of problem, respecting all our rules. There have not existed, do not exist, and will not exist, security problems, regarding anonymity, the protection of personal data, and the security of each of our users / voters, and all of our activities.

    Verification of each activity, and decision.

    The special security groups, in collaboration with all the other groups, monitor, and if necessary, block, or if necessary, eliminate, every activity and every decision taken if it is deemed not to conform to our rules, our ideals, to our values, to our principles, or if all our methodologies and all our instructions are not respected.

    Verification of each user's activities.

    The special security groups, in collaboration with all the other groups, monitor, and if necessary, block, or if necessary, eliminate, any user who does not respect all of our rules.

    Immediate blocks and exclusions.

    The special security group, in collaboration with all the other groups, if they block or exclude a user, do so immediately, without having to give any explanation. Users who believe they have been blocked or eliminated illegally can request reinstatement, in the manner and within the timeframes provided for by our regulations, from the special law group, which decides on the regularity of all our activities, including of blockades, exclusions, and making people non-grateful. Confirmation of the decisions makes both the blocking and the exclusion of users executive and definitive, and in certain cases, they can be named persona non grata, therefore without any possibility of joining us in the future.

    The decisions of the special security group, as of all our groups, do not foresee the possibility of a request for moral or material damages.

    Use of the website.

    Although it resembles a social network, activities of all types in the DirectDemocracyS universe do not allow the use of public areas, and many specific activities take place in groups, or on reserved pages, and are then made public, based on our rules.

    Public posts.

    Each of our users must carry out all activities, in the groups and pages, in which they are authorized. Public posts are not accepted, in public areas, without permission from the public posting groups.


    There are many important activities that take place in DirectDemocracyS, so we must avoid filling public areas, or our profile, with useless posts and materials. Saying goodbye when entering and exiting a site is a useless and repetitive activity. Even telling everyone what you are doing, or disclosing information in public areas for which you are not authorized to publish it, represents a very serious violation of our rules. In the initial stages, we had people registering and creating a personal profile to see goods or services, or to publish external links, but also to publish pornographic photos of various kinds, and there were a couple of attempts to organize scams. To prevent this kind of activity, we have taken all security measures.

    Keep the public area clean, where only necessary things are posted, without any exceptions.

    There are infinite spaces and ways to express yourself.

    DirectDemocracyS does not limit in any way freedom of expression, if this is expressed in the appropriate ways, times and places. It is not permitted, and it is not legal, to write posts or publish unsolicited materials. When creating your personal profile, anyone who wishes can write a single presentation post, solely and exclusively by filling in their personal profile during the registration phase. This information can be updated independently, in the ways and within the times established by our rules. In "free" groups, personal, non-repetitive activities are possible, respecting all the rules of these groups.


    Those looking to socialize and meet people are in the right place. Many new people, from all over the world, meet our methodology, respecting all our rules, and putting all our instructions into practice.

    Friend requests, and external contacts.

    Friend requests are not allowed for the moment, for various reasons: the first is that we carry out work in groups, and we decide everything together, in the ways, times and places reserved. Entering our website to waste time and chat with friends is not useful for changing and improving the world, it does not help our political organization at all, and represents the wrong way to use all our potential. Without the permission of the friend request group, any of our users, members, or super administrators are not authorized to request or accept friend requests. If at the end of your work with us you want to chat, you can do so using traditional means of communication, or on our websites dedicated to socializing. When you enter our website reserved for political activities, only political activities are carried out.

    To waste time, use traditional platforms, and also in our universe of projects, you will surely find many interesting and useful activities of all kinds, and you will be able to socialize on our websites other than the political one.

    Events, videos, audio, documents, comments, likes, and other activities.

    Uploading unsolicited and unauthorized files is strictly prohibited. The reasons are obvious: do not create useless posts, do not fill public areas, or even personal profiles, with unauthorized materials. Maintaining order and cleanliness is essential to avoid wasting time. You don't comment on published articles or public posts, you don't like them, and you don't publish useless things, for the simple reason that there are working groups in which it is possible to do so, based on detailed rules. DirectDemocracyS is not an individual project, but a collective project.


    Whoever joins us must do politics, only and exclusively with us. For us, every single user / voter is important, and we must be equally important for each of them. Anyone who applies to join us, and is accepted, will have every opportunity, and every potential, to do great political work. However, if there are people who believe they can exploit our projects, and our notoriety, for personal purposes, who are not ethically correct, and respectful of all our rules, they will be immediately blocked, excluded, or made persona non grata.

    Change your mind.

    If a person joins us, and is not at ease, or, if he believes he does not find enough possibilities for expression, he can at any moment decide to abandon us, even without telling us anything. It is enough for them not to enter anymore, and we periodically block and delete inactive people, with the exception of the first types of users, who have no obligation to be present, or to work together with us.

    Reasons to abandon ourselves.

    There are no valid, common sense, and logical reasons to abandon DirectDemocracyS, but only personal ambitions and egocentrism. We remind you that we are based on equality and meritocracy, united and continuous over time. To obtain roles of responsibility, and to move up in our inevitable and useful "hierarchy", intelligence, extraordinary abilities, understanding and humility are needed. Competition, to reward and favor the best, on the basis of equality, allows us to obtain the best results.

    Mandatory premise.

    How bad is it to see political representatives, or entire parts of the old parties, disintegrating, splitting up, due to personal pride, or that of small groups? Often voters, who vote with the hope of unity and of seeing their problems resolved, find themselves with political forces that are divided due to internal struggles. DirectDemocracyS was born to unite, and not to divide, and we have taken all security measures to prevent all internal struggles. The fact that we decide everything together, in some votes, in which there are minimal differences, between those who win (the majority) and those who lose (the minority), has created the classic "discontent". Proud people, who do not accept the fact that the ideas and proposals of others are better, or more appreciated, and better understood, than their own, or those of their own small group. For now, the people who have "abandoned" us are tiny percentages of users who have preferred to leave, hoping and deluding themselves that they will find better possibilities elsewhere. Those who love to "spit on the plate they eat from", know that we rarely restore trust in those who have betrayed us. In many cases, we will exclude, and make persona non grata, those who waste our time, or those who abandon us. Changing political forces, after having been elected, with a particular party, means first of all, making fun of one's own voters, and we will never accept, in our political groups, in the institutions, people elected, with other political forces. We will not accept them, if not before the next elections, and only after they have resigned, not only from the political force of reference, but also from all the institutional roles, obtained through the elections, will anyone who wants to join us be able to do so. In this way, we will also respect the vote of those who did not vote for us. As far as we are concerned, anyone who carries out political activities together with us, and wants to stand as a candidate, will sign the early resignation, which will be used, in the event that he wants to change political strength, or, in the event that he is disheartened, for valid reasons, by his own voters / users. Everything takes place according to precise, very detailed rules, to guarantee mutual respect among everyone.

    Decision-making system and voting methods.

    Another brief introduction.

    One of the biggest concerns of those who join us, and one of the most frequent questions you ask us is: how do you decide things? The second is: how can we be sure that the votes are correct?

    There are many informative articles and specific rules about how we decide, and in other articles, we refer to our security measures.

    Simple and complex decisions.

    Simple decisions, also called ordinary, are taken by various groups, represented by all the peoples of the earth, from all continents, and from all countries, for the international, continental, and national phases. We proceed in the same way for the other geographical, numerical and other phases.

    The most complex decisions, also called extraordinary, are made by all types of authorized users. To vote, and therefore decide on everything, you must be a registered user, with verified and guaranteed identities. Even to vote, in real elections, the identity of each voter is always verified, to allow them to express their preferences.

    Each decision must be ratified by all special groups, as specified in our regulations.

    Where do you vote?

    Each type of user, with verified identity, votes in the respective groups, reserved for each of these types. For example, verified registered users vote in their respective groups, in the "Social" area, our official members vote in the reserved "Community" area, and other types, in reserved areas.

    In certain votes, our voting potential is used, as needed, and according to our rules.

    How do you vote?

    Our votes in groups, and almost all other votes, are clear, and every choice must be justified by each voter. This method, unique in the world, allows us to know who decides, what they decide, and why they decide it. We decided to use this method, because if a person has a belief, or a preference, they shouldn't be ashamed of it, on the contrary, they should be able to express their ideas, without any type of discrimination. No person has ever been excluded from DirectDemocracyS, they are not, and never will be, for their own beliefs, or for their own choices. Every person who reads our public information will have noticed our style, completely different from all other political forces, which is based on truth, verified, and documented, and not on political expediency. Saying things directly, as they are, without any mystification, is our peculiarity. The same goes for each of our elections, and for each of our decisions, which must be clear and motivated.

    Majority on those entitled to vote, and not on the number of voters.

    Each of our votes, for a yes or a no, for the first 3 times, to be approved and legal, must obtain a majority of those entitled to vote, and not of the number of voters. Obviously if in the first round, yes or no, they obtain 50% + 1 vote of the group members authorized to vote, the result is validated immediately. If you vote for our candidates in our closed online primary elections, there are very detailed specific rules, which will be explained later, but any result remains valid, if in the first round a candidate obtains, 50% + 1 vote, of the members of the group authorized to vote, the result is validated immediately, leaving the ranking open, based on the votes obtained.

    Each voter sees all the results and the related reasons in real time.

    For each vote cast, in our group elections, each user has only one option. For example, if you have to choose between yes or no, you can choose either yes or no and must immediately comment, explaining and motivating your choice, briefly but not in a trivial way. like "because I prefer it this way", or "I drew lots", but the reasons must be explained. You can decide not to vote, but people who do so consistently, or too often, may be warned, and if they continue not to express their options, they will be blocked, and in some cases excluded, and declared a person not grateful. Our success, and our excellent results, are only achieved if we all decide on everything together. Anyone who doesn't express themselves is useless and doesn't represent our ideals.

    Checking the results.

    Each user sees who votes, and what they vote for, and reads the reasons for every single vote expressed. Therefore, the results in real time are visible for the entire duration of the vote. When the election ends, the results are automatically declared valid. A photo is published by the administrators, with the time of the end of voting, and the votes legally cast. With any decision or vote, every single voter can ask for additional control if they have doubts, which they will have to justify, about the legality of the vote. If the doubts are confirmed, all the necessary decisions are made, but if the doubts are not confirmed, the results are declared valid, and whoever made the report will lose some points for wasting our time. Technically, it is impossible to obtain false results, because each person can verify every single vote, every option, and every reason in real time. In certain countries, in the respective groups, you can decide to use one of our members for voting, requesting authorization from the voting groups. In that case, based on the chosen member, the rules may change, but even in those cases, each voter must vote clearly (visible to special security groups and authorized members of the respective group), and justify their choice (via a contact form where you write the details).

    Any attempt to subvert or modify the results of our votes, any electoral fraud, or any infringement of our specific rules, is punished immediately, by blocking the personal profile, by excluding the guilty person, and the related civil and criminal complaints. The same rule also applies to those who organize themselves in external groups, on other websites, on social networks, and by any means, to try to influence the results of our votes, or to determine certain users to decide based on external interests, or for favors certain results. They are ethically incorrect and illegal practices, and those who carry them out will have to answer for them, in the ways provided for by our rules.

    Voting almost always takes place in groups, more or less numerous, or using voting components, based on the specifics of the group and the type of voting.

    We can guarantee the impossibility of carrying out even minimal activities, to try to sabotage our work together.

    On the official website of our political organization, the planned activities take place, and we never mix work with fun, and we do not allow activities in bad taste.

    Ratification of every decision, and confirmation of every election.

    Every decision made, in DirectDemocracyS, must be ratified, by all our special groups. This method allows us to prevent any possible problems, and prevents us from making wrong decisions. The special groups are:

    00 Special group creators and guarantors.

    01 Special administration group.

    02 Special security group.

    03 Special group Read.

    04 Special group on equality and meritocracy.

    05 Special group logic, common sense, and mutual respect.

    069 Centralized specialist group, authorization. Which in turn will receive the authorization of the various groups involved and affected by the decision.

    Even every authorization, selection, nomination and vote must always be ratified by the special groups and groups of specialists.


    If only one of the ratification and confirmation groups opposes, giving reasons for its decision, and the reasons are considered reliable, the requests for modification will have to be taken into account.

    Does it seem, at first glance, like a slow mechanism?

    It is a safe system, which prevents any problems, and is very fast. In fact, at least 5 representatives, special groups and groups of specialists are automatically included in each group. In this way, evaluations are expressed from within, both in the group in which the decision is made and in the respective authorization and ratification groups. We work in real time, and the delays for any changes are a few seconds for urgent decisions and a few hours for ordinary decisions. We are certainly the political force that decides and acts most quickly in the world. The important thing is that anyone can propose, discuss, and vote on practically anything, but that no one decides something alone, it is decided in very large groups, listening to everyone's opinions.

    Public areas, and private areas.

    All public areas are visible to all our visitors.

    The private areas are visible only and exclusively to our users / voters, based on the various types, and based on the various authorizations.

    We have calculated that the visible, therefore public, part of our activities represents less than 0.01% of our activities. We don't do it to hide anything, but we prefer to make only fundamental things public, and only when our activities or decisions are definitive. We like to work safely, in an orderly manner, and in an organized manner. Only in this way can the best results be achieved.

    Private areas are menu items, articles, blogs, categories, groups, pages, events, documents, forms, votes, and any other component, reserved for those who are part of them, and for those who are authorized.

    The "Social" area is partially public, but also has areas reserved for various types of users, for those who are part of it, or who are authorized.

    The "Community" area is completely invisible, and absolutely inaccessible, to anyone who is not our official member.

    Other reserved and private areas are visible and accessible based on the types of users, permissions and only to those who are part of them.

    This method makes it impossible for anyone to modify, boycott, slow down, or stop our activities. In fact, every activity, and every potential, is unlocked first for the "superior" types of users.


    If at the beginning, when we were a few hundred users, we had a few work groups, we could work in a few reserved areas. With the increase in users, it was also necessary to increase the work groups and the various access areas, based on the types of the various users. Even the types of users, which were previously 2, have increased, and will increase, based on our needs.

    External links.

    Links to external websites are not published in the public area and reserved areas without these having been verified by our external link verification groups. Anyone who publishes an external or internal link in the public area, on our website, and in our activities, will be immediately blocked, just like anyone who publishes useless posts, or carries out public activities, without obtaining authorization. External links can represent a danger to the personal data, privacy and safety of those who click them. Therefore, only authorized people can publish external links, and always after a check of our link security groups. The methods for requesting control are specified in the reserved area.

    Each of our users, and each of our visitors, must respect all our rules and all our security measures. Thanks to our methodology, anyone who works with us, and anyone who visits us, is in absolute safety, and will see clean and tidy activities.

    User rating groups.

    Every activity carried out by each of our users is recorded, verified, judged, evaluated, and is rewarded, or punished, based on very detailed rules. From registration onwards, each user receives a score, assigned in this order: by our computer system, and by our artificial intelligence, automatically, and by our users' evaluation groups, periodically. Our IT system, and our artificial intelligence, can evaluate and reward every activity carried out by each of our users, creating a very precise, infallible ranking based on concrete results. Our users' evaluation group can also carry out these tasks, and then they can "promote", or, as the case may be, "demote", the best and worst users. They can also directly monitor, and independently evaluate, who to reward and who to punish, with the only obligation to justify in detail every decision made.


    The scores were introduced from the first minute of existence of our political organization, for this reason, the first users / voters who joined us have much higher scores, compared to those who join at this moment, or to who will join us later. The scoring groups are made up of many of our members, connected to each other, who can give points or remove points, justifying each of their decisions in detail. This methodology, always decided in large groups, allows us to be the only political force, in which there are no preferences, and people who, without deserving it, are punished, or, depending on the case, receive roles they do not deserve.


    Many of our users complain about the fact that we have not implemented a notification system, on the PC, tablet, smartphone, which notifies each person when important activities occur in DirectDemocracyS. We are sorry to contradict you, but we have implemented notifications from the first minute of existence, but they are simply deactivated, and each user can choose how, when, and which notifications they want to receive. Our choice was made out of respect for each of our users. For those who are an initial user, who are part of only one group, or at most 2, the notifications would be few, and bearable, but for our official members, who are part of dozens, or hundreds of groups, it would become annoying to receive notifications day and night, on every device. Every time you log in to our website, there is a notification icon, with each activity, that can be consulted. Not only that, but while browsing our website, notifications arrive in real time, always, and only, if you are logged in to our website. By staying logged in, but even if you log out, you will never miss anything of your favorite activities. Simply set up notifications, in each group, page, or workspace, and you will receive them on our website. For those who wish to be notified via email, or via notification on their device, they can set it up simply and securely. We advise you to leave the notifications as they have been set by our system, because we don't want to be too intrusive, and we don't want to send thousands of messages a day to many users.

    Our rules do not limit any freedom; indeed, we are the only political organization that ensures and guarantees authentic democracy and total individual and group freedom.

    Let us explain the previous concept better, distinguishing between false freedom and authentic freedom. Knowing that not everyone likes to respect all the rules, but that many prefer to respect only those rules that they consider useful for themselves. For us, individual and group freedom must be unlimited, the only limit is represented by the freedom of another individual or group.

    Let's take a concrete example: the cleanliness and order of our public areas, and also of reserved and private ones. Each of our users can customize their personal profile, respecting our rules, but cannot publish or comment on public areas without authorization. Depending on your groups, however, there may be spaces in which to express every concept, every proposal, and every project, commenting on those of others, and obviously voting, and deciding everything together.

    The motivation for this "rigidity" is due to the fact that public areas are reserved for public use, and we work in groups, thousands, soon tens of thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of groups. As our users grow, there will be millions, tens of millions, and perhaps hundreds of millions of workgroups, of all types. Each user, based on the various phases, based on their type of user, can be part of a potentially infinite number of work groups, and will also be able to manage various pages presenting the results of the various groups. By leaving the common areas free, we save all our users the effort of searching for useful things, and of having to skip every time, greeting posts, useless posts, and photographs of their pets. This protagonism, as nice as it may be, and as it may seem at first sight to be synonymous with freedom, is annoying for some users, and affects their freedom to be able to work in an orderly and organized way, without having to skip completely useless posts.

    This method does not affect in the slightest the freedom of everyone to express themselves, in fact there are "free" groups in which various kinds of activities can be carried out. In short, you can do everything, in absolute freedom, if you do it in the right way, at the right time, and in the right place.

    When we became a few thousand users, we had to create a group of administrators to delete all the useless things from our public areas, because it became difficult for other users to distinguish and follow the really important posts. Unlike other traditional social networks, we carry out specific activities, in an absolutely orderly way. So, we have decided to reserve the public areas only for our administrators, and soon they will be reserved only for some super administrators.

    As all our new users know, respecting all our rules is essential to achieve excellent results. We have converted the group of administrators, to delete all useless things, into people responsible for blocking all the people who publish, in public areas, posts, comments, likes, and things that are not requested or for which they are not authorized. In the event of recidivism, the blocks can become very long, and if repeated, lead to the exclusion of the perpetrators from our website, making them persona non grata.

    We don't like to be "bad”; we know well how important the work we do together is, but we make no compromises on safety, on order, and on everyone's respect for all of our rules.

    The previous concepts, published at the end of a security article, will be further developed, in specific articles, because everything we publish is a rule for us to implement.

    Many of our visitors, and even some of our new users, in the initial stages, tried in vain to find flaws in our rules, they even accused us of having too many rules. Everything we decide, we have proposed, evaluated, chosen, discussed, and finally voted on together. You know well that we rely on logic, common sense and mutual respect, and for all of us, order, safety and organization are fundamental in all our activities. Constructive criticism always helps us to grow and improve, the unsuccessful search for defects or errors in everything we decide together, however, only makes us waste precious time.

    We rely heavily on the intelligence, and good intentions, of anyone who joins us. We are not dictators, but we are all united, respecting all our rules, even blocking and excluding, for long periods, those who join us, to slow us down, or worse, to try in vain to sabotage our work together.

    Many of our specific security measures have already been presented, and others will be presented in the future, in dedicated articles.

    You will be surprised when you see that our security measures are so efficient that it is impossible for anyone to put us in difficulty.

    We must thank all our experts, in every sector, and all our users, who want to protect, and make their political organization orderly.

    Obviously, this long article cannot explain to you every detail of all our security measures, also so as not to make our activities less effective. Suffice it to say, that we do an impeccable job, and that you, and all your data, are protected, in the best possible way.

    In order not to frustrate our work, we ask you to scrupulously follow all our advice and always respect all our rules. In fact, each user can set up their own profile as they see fit.

    Good job everyone, and have fun.

    Some useful articles to implement our security measures:

    click on each category, and on the title of each article, to read its contents.

    Some articles, to understand how to register:

    click on each category, and on the title of each article, to read its contents.

    Some useful articles, for our users/voters:

    click on each category, and on the title of each article, to read its contents.

    Some useful articles, for using our website:

    click on each category, and on the title of each article, to read its contents.

    We advise you to read each of our articles very carefully, even several times, and completely.

    Study all our information carefully before deciding whether you want to join us by registering and creating a personal profile to make sure you are compatible with all our rules.

    When you are activated, always use this contact form, before carrying out any activity, to make sure you can do it:

    our support group members will explain to you whether you can, or cannot do what you intend to do. In this way, you will not risk having your profile blocked, or being excluded from any of our activities. The fact of not knowing a rule does not allow anyone to transgress it without being immediately punished. Various transgressions, or in some cases even just one serious one, can block you or exclude you from our activities. By asking first, you will avoid any problems.

    We remind you that to contact us, you must do so only by respecting the rules of this article:

    To find out how to fill out and send a contact form, read this detailed article:

    Always check whether those who contact you do so in our name, or, if an activity, are authentic, by filling out this contact form with as many details as possible:

    There are no other safe ways for our visitors to contact our special security team, except for the link above.

    If you want to criticize us, in a constructive way, or if you don't like something, you can use this contact form:

    If you want to congratulate us, you can use this contact form:

    To present us your proposals, your projects, and your solutions, use this contact form:

    To inform us, and to make reports, use this category of contacts, choosing the most suitable one for your needs:

    click on each category, and on the title of each contact form, to read its content and use it.

    If you have noticed errors in our articles, in our information, and in our activities, use this category of contacts, choosing the one best suited to your needs:

    click on each category, and on the title of each contact form, to read its content and use it.

    For all instructions, for any necessary information, to join us, or to work together with us, use this category of contacts, choosing the one best suited to your needs:

    click on each category, and on the title of each contact form, to read its content and use it.

    For general contacts, in any language, you can directly use this contact form:

    We remind you that our responses will be based on the chronological order of each contact form, and in certain cases, if they are not sent in the right way, respecting all our instructions, you will not receive any response, or you will receive a link that contains the answer, or the information you need.

    The way you address us matters a lot, and if you don't do it in a polite manner, writing correctly, and using the appropriate contact form, you won't receive any response.

    We write it again, because some do not understand, the purpose of our public information is to inform you, in the most complete way possible, if we do not write something, it is because it is not necessary for the respective information to be disclosed. For certain information, you must have the appropriate user type, or be authorized.

    We do not negotiate with anyone, any possible membership, every person, after reading even just our first article, on the front page, can immediately know if they want or do not want to join us, and if they are compatible or not, with our business.

    In DirectDemocracyS, there are no VIPs, the types of users are based on reliability, behavior, and compliance with all our rules. The inevitable hierarchies do not take away any "power" from our users / voters, but create healthy, loyal and fair competition, which helps us grow and improve.

    Finally, we remind you that there are no leaders, but we are all one, immense, incorruptible and just leader. No user or group can influence the activities of other users or groups if they are not authorized and if they are not part of them.

    There are no recommendations or aid that are not ethically correct, on the basis of equality and meritocracy, together and continuous over time.

    If you want to join us, and get the best results, you must have the right mentality, open, and respectful of every other person.

    Do not register on our website people who are not reliable, free, independent, and compatible with our rules.

    If you believe that we have too many rules, and we are too complicated, go ahead and support the old political forces, you will surely get better results.

    If you believe you can obtain personal advantages, which are not deserved, and obtained in completely correct ways, avoid wasting time by joining us. You will waste a lot of time to register, activate and be activated, while it takes us less than a second to block you and about a second to delete you.

    If you are "persona non grata", you will never be able to be part of our political organization again, and therefore you will never be able to work together with us again.

    Obviously, every person can support and vote for our political representatives, they will certainly always be the best, compared to all the other candidates, but our advice, if you vote for us, is to join us, registering, and creating a profile personal, in this way you will be the true and only protagonists.

    Not only will you be able to decide, but you will be able to have direct contact with your political representatives, before, during and after the elections, proposing ideas, projects and initiatives of all kinds.

    Various topics covered in this article will be explained in detail in the future, or have already been explained in other articles.

    Each current rule, if different from the previous ones, integrates them without distorting them, and the most recent version is always valid.

    © DirectDemocracyS. All rights reserved.

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