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    Things you can't do in groups

    Things you can t do in groups

    In all our groups, it is absolutely forbidden:

    - contact other members, privately, and ask for friendship, outside of DirectDemocracyS. All political activities, or activities connected to our activities, take place only and exclusively on our website. We decided it for security reasons, to maintain order and respect for the rules, to effectively prevent any attempt to divide the unity of our political organization, but also to be able to evaluate, reward and promote the best users, and to be able to evaluate, punish, demote, block, or exclude, and in the worst cases, make persona non grata, users who do not respect, each of our rules, each instruction, each of our methodology, to make our mechanism.

    - Contact other members, privately, and ask for friendship, within DirectDemocracyS. This important, and highly requested potential, will be implemented, and made legal, at the right time, starting with the "superior" types of users, and then made available, always at the right time, over time, even up to our verified registered users. While always guaranteeing anonymity and the protection of personal data, each user, in order to use certain potentialities, to have access to certain reserved areas, or to carry out activities of greater responsibility, must be verified by our experts by special groups safety.

    - Request, and internally disclose, information on the activities of groups, pages, events, and users, without having their authorization. Each activity, until it is proposed, chosen, decided, discussed, voted on, and made public by whoever carried it out, must remain secret. We didn't decide it, to hide something, but to guarantee the necessary security, order and tranquility, to obtain excellent results. Each activity will be made public, if, when, and how, the person who did it will decide it, with no one divulging partial, and not definitive, but also definitive information, as each voted decision must be

    - Request, and disclose externally, information on the activities of groups, pages, events, and users, without having their authorization.

    - Disturb other group members.

    - Constantly request trivial explanations.

    - Publish, or request from others, personal data.

    - Publish useless, unauthorized news or posts, and any activity that creates disorder and confusion.

    - Going out of the specific topics of the group, each group has tasks and activities, which are clearly specified. If you are interested in certain topics and themes, you must request access to reserved groups, or, if they do not exist, if you have an authorized type of user, you can create them by requesting and obtaining authorization, via the contact form, at this link:

    or, by proposing the creation of the group, via the contact form, at this link:

    remember to also ask for your admission, to the group that will be created, in order to be the protagonist.

    - Publishing, advertising, in any way, and anything, is a very serious transgression for us, so avoid advertising on our websites or in groups.

    - Being rude, and not showing respect, to all group members, our users, and even those outside our political organization.

    - Carry out any activity of sabotage, defamation, or incite hatred.

    - Anyone who behaves rudely, and does not respect all of our rules, at any time, could risk not being able to access certain groups, with greater responsibility, due to previous behaviors. We invite you to always be civilized and respectful people, to obtain all the facilities and the collaboration of all the others.

    We remind everyone that to access special groups, you must have a suitable type of user for these groups, and that no one is excluded, if they prove they deserve access to the main groups.

    For specialist groups, you must always demonstrate, by all means, that you are competent to access the required expert group. Incompetent people or amateurs are not admitted. For certain groups, it is possible to request participation in courses organized by our specialists, obtaining a qualification after the tests organized at the end of the course.

    For geographical, territorial and local groups, at the right time, you will be included in our activities, also on the basis of your type of user. We remind you that we always start from the international phases, and then move on to the various geographical and territorial subdivisions. Always, from the biggest to the smallest. Our primary elections, online, internal, closed, will take place, according to specific rules, with votes in geographical groups, of our territorial subdivisions.

    Speaking of voting rights, in our primary, internal, online, closed elections, only our verified registered users, whose identity we guarantee, our special security groups can vote. It seems trivial, but there are people who ask us: why can't I cast my vote? Simple, in any election, first of all, the identity of the voter is verified, and only then can he vote.

    Speaking of the right to participate, as a candidate, in our primary, internal, online, closed elections, only our official members, in good standing with the payment of the annual fee, can be proposed, or self-proposed. This too seems trivial, but there are people who ask us: why can't I apply? Simple, in a political force, in order to be a candidate (proposed to by others, or self-nominated) first of all, one must be a member of that political force, and only then can one apply.

    Within the linguistic groups, especially if the language is official, in various countries, generally, only issues of our international political organization are discussed, even if, in certain cases, it may be required to speak of continental, national, state, state, county, district, and local. You must, not only request the authorization, but you must wait to receive it, in the manner provided for by our rules.

    Generally, every request, formulated in the right way, at the right time, and in a polite way, by an authorized type of user, is accepted and supported by everyone. What at first glance, in a superficial and approximate way, is considered a severe, rigid, and complicated political force, ultimately, over time, proves to be the freest, most democratic, above all the most just and fair.

    Having specific rules, respected by everyone, at any time, will guarantee us excellent results, and will prevent any type of internal or external struggle, and will allow equality and meritocracy to be put into practice on an ongoing basis.

    Obviously, these rules of ours do not like, and will not like, those who try to be clever, and to obtain advantages and facilitations that they do not deserve.

    Honestly, we are not interested in having such selfish, greedy people in search of fame and power with us, and we prefer to "give them away" to other traditional political forces, where they will surely find acceptance, and many people like them.

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