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    Published: 14 June 2022

    Service information, very important.

    Before starting this article, an important message to those who want to join us, concerns the times in which the personal profile of those who want to join us will be activated on our welcome website. Since there are so many, and we must select well, who will join us, in the initial phase, you may receive a message, to your email address, used to register on our website, with some of our questions, to which we ask you to answer in a way sincere. Your answers can speed up or slow down the activation of your personal profile. We know this may seem strange to you, but it is essential for us to make a very careful selection of the first people who will join us. We thank you in advance for your patience, and for your cooperation.

    Differences between us, and the old politics. We are innovative, and unique in history.

    We also want to explain to you briefly, that we are not anti-politics, but we are for a different politics, in which all common sense ideas, of all intelligent people, will be welcomed, discussed, and decided all together. We are against divisions based on political ideals, which make no sense, which have all been superseded by history. But the individual ideas of each of our users are fundamental to make us grow and improve. So whoever joins us will engage in active politics, confronting everyone's ideas, but in a way that is useful for the community.

    We believe that the old world politics is not fair, it is not free, and it is not democratic at all.

    Let's give you a short but clear example of the differences.

    With the old current politics, even in "democratic" countries, in elections, we vote for a political party, or for a political representative, who for many years decides and governs our lives, with the excuse that we, by voting for they, we give to the political party, and to the political representative, legitimacy, and the power to represent us. Technically, and legally, that's it. By voting for them, on the basis of certain "electoral promises", and certain "political programs", we give them the power to represent us, in various institutions: local, state, national, continental, international. For many years they vote, and decide our fate, and are free to do what they want, even things other than those promised, with the excuse that having been "elected", they have the power in their hands, and with the excuse of represent the popular will, they decide what often suits them, and certainly not us. So with the mandate to represent us, which we give him during the elections, both the political parties and their political representatives decide for us, and we cannot oppose in any way. What they decide becomes Law, and regulates our lives. It does not matter, if they often promise one thing, and do another, it does not matter to anyone that it is not us who have decided the political program, which must be put into practice. It doesn't matter to anyone, if all of us, those who elected them, don't share their choices, because we can't do anything about it. We can only suffer their choices, and respect what they decide for us. They, the political parties, and the political representatives, are our masters, and we are their subjects, who have to accept their every decision helplessly. By practically voting for the old politics, we allow them to lead a life full of wealth, travel, and meetings at our expense. And they can take advantage of it, because having voted for them, we give them all the privileges.

    But no, dear friends, they represent us, to serve our interests, and to perform a subordinate service to our choices.

    To give you an example, it's like you call a babysitter, and she treats your baby badly, keeps him dirty, doesn't feed him, doesn't care, doesn't care, and if he's sick, she doesn't help him. And if you try to say something, maybe you call her on the phone, she doesn't listen to you, and tells you that it was you who gave her the job, and that she does it as she wants, without having to give you any explanation.

    And you, who have trusted you, choose another babysitter next time, who you think is better, but who can behave the same way, because you chose her. It represents you badly, and you can't do anything about it. Or maybe yes? In real life, if you look at the baby monitor and you see how it behaves, you can go into your house, and kick her out without having to give her any explanation. With the current politics you can't, the institutions are theirs, and you can't go get them, and kick them out, if they don't keep their promises.

    DirectDemocracyS, our international political organization, and all of our political parties, internationally, continental, national, state, and local, is innovative and different from all politics, throughout the history of mankind. Indeed our political parties, and our political representatives, are owned, and directly controlled, and managed, by all of their constituents, who are all our registered verified users. This control, and this power to decide, on every choice, and on every activity, of our political parties, and of all our political representatives, is total, and complete, both before, during, and above all, and for the first time. turn to the world, even after the elections. Dear friends, we are the only ones in the world who practice authentic democracy and total freedom. Our political organization, our political parties, belong to all those who join us, our political representatives, they are the political representatives of those who voted for them. Those who voted for them have complete control over every decision, and over every activity. With our project, institutions are people, at the service of people, and everyone has the power to decide, fully informed, honest, competent, and independent, by groups of specialists, always made up of our registered verified users, with school and work preparation in various sectors. Not amateurs, or simple enthusiasts, but experts in every sector, who advise, explain, and also give opinions on the consequences of each decision. With informed voters, we can't go wrong when making a decision.

    Some of our characteristics, which make us unique, are the demand for an open vote in the institutions. By following our rules, our political representatives must demonstrate that they fully carry out, at any time, the orders of those who give them the power of representation. If they vote, doing what their voters tell them, they should not be ashamed of it, and they must show everyone that they follow the rules, the pacts, with which the voters trust them. In old politics, they vote in secret, as if they are ashamed of their ideas. They are representatives, placed in the various institutions, to carry out certain tasks, they have no right to decide in the place of those who vote them, but to decide what the one who votes them orders. The subjection of politics, towards those who give them power with the vote , we are the only ones in the world to put it into practice, and if others do the same, they certainly will not respect the agreements. None of the old politics suit our authentic democracy, because it means not being able to do anything without authorization. We, the world population, deserve to get back what is rightfully ours.

    We, every rule, every affirmation, every promise, we put it in our official regulation, and all of us, and all those who join us, swear, to respect every word, that we write, to always be credible, and respected.

    We do not make alliances, coalitions, and pacts to govern, because we are completely incompatible, and completely alternative, with other political forces. Furthermore, we have in our organization, people who had, before joining us, all ideologies, who voted for all political parties, or for all political representatives, of the old politics. With all these "souls", we do not need to collaborate with anyone, to favor all social classes, and all people.

    Before the elections, we all decide together, in the geographical groups, a shared program, with which to present ourselves in the elections. But since the population decides, we can also change some of our decisions, also based on various events, in this way we will always be attentive to everyone's needs, even in the event of unforeseen events.

    On our website, almost all elections are held by open vote, and whoever decides something, takes responsibility for it. Anyone who approves, or does not approve of something, whoever proposes, or supports something, must have the courage to put his face and signature on it. Those in good faith have no problem voting openly.

    We will always have, in every decision we make, in the first place, the interest of the whole population, without any preference, but always helping, first those in difficulty, and second, the most deserving. Meritocracy means, competence, and honesty.

    We will always fight against all kinds of crime, from organized crime to petty crime, not only in a repressive way, but above all by offering legal alternatives, to have the possibility of obtaining profits, respecting every law, and every other person.

    We will always be, against all forms of violence, whoever commits it, and we will never justify any kind of revenge, in order to eliminate forever the spiral of hatred and the desire to take revenge of many populations. We will put mutual respect of all people first.

    Political consensus, but not the obligation to welcome everyone at the same time.

    Every organization, party, movement, and every political "character", which is part of the "old" traditional politics, bases its success, and its fame, on popular consensus.

    We too, despite being innovative, and modern, at some point, will have to seek the consent of the "great masses" of the population, but we can, and must, wait for the right moment to let everyone join our political organization.

    As you may have noticed, we do not seek approval at any cost, and especially at the beginning of our activities, we select very carefully, and with attention to every detail, the people who can, or cannot join us, in each moment of our short story for now. In fact, for now, about 1 in 10,000 of those we accepted with us was incompatible with our rules.

    Easy consensus, used only to bring together people who are not up to the task of helping us, in this essential initial phase, not only would not help us, on the contrary, it would prevent us from being credible.

    Traditional politics usually addresses a certain "slice" of the big "cake" of the electorate. And it does so with ideologies, with preferences, with support, and with concrete help, only to one category or at most 2 categories of people. But in this way, they could not win the election, so they start promising, and making deals with each other, to lure other people into the big trap of falsehood. To do all this, they invented real political ideologies, all unsuccessful, and which create nothing but useless divisions, class struggles, making each voter believe that their own ideas are right, that others are inferior. They are doing it, and they will do it, even by joining together against us, because they know they have no arguments, or means, to oppose us. They know that we put power in the hands and minds of the population, informed in an honest and competent way by groups of specialists, and that once we have true democracy, and authentic freedom, we will continue to supervise, and protect our political activities, to prevent others from taking away from people the right to authentic democracy, and to total legality.

    We address everyone, because for us, everyone is important, but at different times, because it takes time to forget certain bad habits. At the right time, when you have to go to vote, and you will see the people we propose to you, and our methodology, in choosing the people, for each role, you will join us. Anyone who has a bit of a brain that works for them, can only vote for our political representatives, because they will know how they were chosen, and they will have no doubts about their competence, their moral and cultural depth. Everyone will appreciate our style, our honesty, and our expertise. Everyone will know that those proposed by us are the best, because they are chosen with a lot of attention, with very hard selections, and with free and fair online elections, controlled by the voters themselves. Everyone will say: DirectDemocracyS, it's mine too. All this, however, only at the right time.

    Now, not even the most "brilliant" minds, who read what we propose, only once, in a superficial way, without deepening, and without the right mental openness, do not immediately understand what great change we are proposing. People accustomed to the old politics do not believe it is possible that our ideas will materialize, many tell us: you are too good to be true. You are a beautiful utopia, but people are bad. And we understand you, if you think so, because if you don't read everything a couple of times, and don't join us, to understand the mechanism, and the algorithm "we use to be infallible, it all seems impossible, and unlikely.

    We have written long articles, explaining how much people love to criticize, what they don't know, or what they don't understand, but also what they can't understand.

    We have already answered practically everyone, in a clear and detailed way. Always with the usual stories, and the usual questions: who is behind it? Where do you get so much money from? Who finances you? Lately, seeing that many of our users prefer to remain anonymous, they also condemn us for this. In short, we will also explain this to you, and then each of you will evaluate whether we are doing well or badly. You all know that for all of us, our verified registered users, they are our real strength, they are our owners, and they must have only a few obligations: knowing how to choose between good and evil, between what is right, and what is wrong, so that means having common sense. They must put true freedom and authentic democracy first of their values. They must know, and always practice, the mutual respect of all people. They must be united, and have no ulterior motives. They must respect all our rules, ideals and values, which are all based on common sense and logic. And especially in the initial stage, they have to be average to very smart, otherwise they won't even be able to register on our welcome website. If they are not then deemed compatible with all our projects, and with all our rules, they will never have the opportunity to join us and work actively on our official website, becoming a verified registered user.

    We therefore offer them, after becoming a verified registered user, 2 possibilities: to be an anonymous profile, or to make their identity known in the following ways: to everyone, or only to their friends and contacts, or only to our verified registered users. If a user decides to remain anonymous, we guarantee him all the security measures, so that he remains anonymous forever, or until he decides, what to make visible, and to whom.

    Reduced minds, or those who don't read anything we write, and criticize only to waste precious time, should all know, based on what we explain, clearly: that all those who will be candidates in geographic groups, as members of each autonomous geographical group, or those who self-apply, because they can do it alone, if they consider themselves competent, and honest, they will receive a new personal profile, as a political candidate, with name, and real surname, qualifications, references, study activities, and all useful information, visible to anyone who must elect him. The evaluations of our specialists will also be made public, and visible to all, in the selection and verification of potential candidates. Therefore, for the entire duration of the online electoral campaign, those who apply will use their candidate profile, not connected, and not connectable, to their personal profile as a "simple anonymous citizen". If he is elected in the online elections, he will continue to use his candidate profile, even for the real elections. So the people to choose, to be represented politically, have name, surname, personal data, competence, honesty, and are chosen on the basis of merit and ability. Everything is clearly documented, and visible, to allow the population to make informed choices, evaluating people in a transparent way. We are the only ones in the world, who present the rankings, to make the most honest and competent people choose, because meritocracy is fundamental for all of us. The same people who criticize us for protecting personal data often complain about the lack of privacy in their real life. Let everyone be clear, we are organized very well, and no data will ever be disclosed, except with the authorization of the person himself, in the ways and times decided by each one. Personal data is like our body, it belongs to us, and no one can tell us what to do with it. And for us they have been, are, and will remain, a treasure to be protected from anyone who wants to take it.

    Another thing for which they criticize us lately, is for the very strict rules on the verification of our users, who while remaining anonymous, must prove that they are real people, because to vote, and to decide, even in real elections, you are identified, and so you have to be, also to be able to vote online, on our websites. We also want the very few people we exclude, because they do not know how to behave, or because they are not compatible with our rules, values, and ideals, once they are definitively excluded, remain outside our every project, or activity, forever. . We are not bad, but we must keep our project clean, and without anyone who allows himself to try, in vain, to make us make mistakes, or to boycott us. We do not love those who continually make us waste precious time, with useless and non-essential things in a given period, or those who, in an understandable way, think they can enrich themselves, or obtain "power" with our projects, there will be time, and therefore the moment in which, even those who are ambitious, will be able to get what they deserve, so we do not prevent anyone who has an idea, or a project, from realizing it together with our other verified registered users. Provided they are sensible projects, and with ethics, and moral values. If we try to harm someone, especially the weakest, but also the powerful or the rich, with unjust projects, we will not give any kind of help.

    Others criticize us for the strict rules we have, and they are absolutely right here, but our strict rules also help us keep our promises. Strict rules means, to be, and to always remain credible. Strict rules means respecting the agreements, and all the promises made. Strict rules mean being trustworthy, and making sure you never go wrong, when you join us. Because we do not change our minds, based on our political, economic, financial interests, or to obtain "power". The only interest that we will always defend is the interest and the collective good of people, always starting from the weakest and defenseless.

    Those who are already with us, reading that we are considered too severe, and that we limit freedom in some way, laughs, because they know well, how we live within our political organization. No one has ever been sent away because he thinks, says, or writes something, but we do it, if he does not respect the obligation to express himself in the places, and in the right ways. It is called freedom, but also respect for the community, in which one enters. If we send someone away, it is because of how they behave, also based on the role they have, within our large family. Here we propose, discuss, dialogue, even argue, but then we decide all together, on various topics, having as a basis the rules, values, and ideals, essential for civilization, and common sense. And the ideas of those who win must also be supported by those who lose, making a contribution to making all our activities succeed. And whoever wins must always take into account the ideas of whoever loses, trying to integrate them into his activities.

    With us, in addition to freedom, there is property, which is not provided for, and is not put into practice, by any party, organization, or political movement. Since they are all owners, to be sent away, and therefore excluded, a registered user must do very serious things. But if we accept all mistakes, always forgiving, we will not educate everyone else in common sense and respect for the rules. So whoever does things without thinking about the consequences can be eliminated from all our projects.

    Before explaining to all the reasons why they shouldn't join us, at least not right now, let's make a premise: for all of us, for all our verified registered users, every person is important, and all the people of the earth must have the same rights, the same opportunities, but also the same duties. But for all of us, people are not all the same, from the point of view of intelligence. There are smarter people, who get busy, and it is right that based on their work, their merits, and their honesty, they get more, than those who are less intelligent. This aspect is fundamental, and it is part of our success. People are not all the same, there are the good ones, who can join us, and the bad ones who will be excluded, if they accidentally join us. But there are also differences in merit, skills, and honesty, and therefore it is right that whoever has more qualities, also has more power, and more wealth. The almost total lack of meritocracy rewards in this world of ours undeserving people, often making incapable people play important roles for the community. Meritocracy is absent altogether, both in communism, where only those who are part of the party get important roles, but also in savage capitalism, become rich and powerful people who often are worth nothing from an intellectual point of view, or have no merits, if not cunning, greed, and compromises.

    Another reason for criticism, towards us, is the fact that we do not make coalitions, and electoral pacts, with other political forces, and the fact that unity is fundamental for us. Anyone who knows us knows that we are completely incompatible, with any other political force, for various reasons, so joining with the old politics would be a mistake and a lack of credibility, towards those who trust us. It would also be a lack of respect for traditional political forces. In fact, for us there is only the general interest, of the whole population, without favoring only a social class, therefore governing with us would be difficult and complicated. Let me be clear, we always respect everyone, but if we start to compromise, or worse to change our characteristics, we will never be credible, and we would become like the old politics.

    Anyone who reads what we propose is amazed that we always speak directly, without fear of annoying someone, without trying to "sweeten" the situation, without looking for excuses for the current situation of our little big world. The fault for all the evils in the world belongs to all of us, in a more or less equal way. The only difference for those who join us is that all of us, with our projects, will change and improve the world, for everyone, even for those who will not join us. All of us, instead of standing impassive, and helpless, to continue this scandalous way of managing this planet, we want to work to make it a better place for us, and for future generations. Many criticize us, because speaking in very direct ways, assuming all our responsibilities, according to some we could lose, in certain situations, voters, and therefore power. We are not interested in power, because we give it to those who must have it in democracy, that is, to the people. Even having to fight, to remove it from the old politics, which has taken, without having the right, every power to decide. We have already spoken on several occasions about how false and illegal the representative mandate, which antiquated politics, demands from the population at every election. With the risk of having to ask ourselves: if their mandate is illegal, what they have created, rules and laws, are they legal, and must they be respected? Technically, despite being a big scam, the Laws must always be respected, but if unjust, and against the interest of the population, they must be changed and improved. Because it is not fair that the political representative earns a lot of money and lives in luxury, for many years, to "serve" the interest, and to represent the population. The only case in the world in which the "servant" (politics) lives better than the "master" which is the population. As if that were not enough, it is not fair, and not even legal, that only in the elections, the people are listened to, and asked about the best ideas, and the program to follow. For various reasons, the main one being that situations change, there are many unexpected events, and therefore you should listen to the people more often. Furthermore, the electoral programs of all parties are not decided by the population. Nobody has the right to propose topics, discussions, debates, and votes, to decide: the electoral program, and the choices that are made. It is not fair, nor even loyal, that a person, or a political party, just because elected (with methods often piloted), have for years, in their hands, all the power, being able to decide without asking an opinion from those who gave their power of representation. In fact, immediately after the elections, the master people no longer count for anything, and politics decides without anyone being able to intervene. It is not even fair to have the population undergo a brainwashing, with the media, and with communication, to favor certain political parties, or often unworthy political figures, who often have economic powers behind them to which, almost always they owe favors. . If in real life, we choose to give the power to represent us to someone, for example through a notary, we rightly and logically claim, as they represent us, to control and decide what they will do, or who will decide who represents us. With DirectDemocracyS, that's exactly the way it is, with the old policy no. We give the people the power to control and decide, always: before, during, and above all, and in an innovative way, after the elections, with the obligation of the representative, to do exactly what they are told to do. We always tell you: does it seem strange to you? It is called democracy, that form of governance, which should be in the hands and brains of the population. True democracy has almost never existed, fully, because it is not in the interest of the world political class to lose all privileges and all power.

    In each of our articles, in each of our rules, anyone who reads will find many things that they like, and will undoubtedly find many things that they do not share, especially because at the beginning they do not understand everything. But then, if he rereads everything, he realizes that everything we write is based on logic and common sense. But to understand what we propose, and above all how we work, we should first of all eliminate all bad habits. We should eliminate any political ideology, any religious obligation or rule (we refer to the antiquated and unjust ones), and begin to know our projects, with an open mind, towards innovation and modernity. It is not easy, and we understand you, but you will, over time, see our results.

    Don't join us, a phrase that we say only we, everyone else, just try to attract people.

    Do not join us, do not register, and do not create a personal profile, if you are part of a certain type of people, or if your first impressions of us are superficial, or if you do not make logical reasoning, if you can not distinguish between good and evil, if you do not understand what is right and what is wrong, and above all you do not use common sense. If in such an important project, in which there are no leaders, there were not very precise and respected rules, but also controlled and enforced by everyone, there would be a risk of losing all credibility. Freedom does not mean anarchy, and democracy does not mean that each user must impose their own ideas. Everything is decided together, but certain characteristics, and certain rules can neither be negotiated nor changed. In our next article, we'll talk about politics, and we'll introduce you to the differences between us and others, and everyone will understand why we do some things and others don't.

    Don't keep reading if you don't know how to respect all our rules, all our ideals, and all our values.

    We do not need people, who do not deepen our projects, because only after knowing exactly everything will you be able to get an exact idea of what great innovation we are proposing.

    If you read a book, based on the name of the person who wrote it, you are not suitable for our projects, because you are a closed-minded person, who reads what he wants to see written, and does not compare various versions, and does not delve into certain topics. .

    Likewise, do not join us, if you look only at the name of the publishing house in a book, it means that you only read a few things, and that you are superficial, therefore not suitable for our innovation.

    Do not join us, if you think you know everything, without having studied, or without working, in certain activities, which allow you to be truly expert. With us, in certain articles, and in many activities, only people have the right to comment, or to work, who through study, with excellent documented results, or through their work, always with excellent results, can prove to be competent , and honest. We are a politics based on meritocracy, so we don't care about the activities and comments of people who think they know everything. If you enjoy wasting your time and those of your followers by writing nonsense, you can use traditional social networks. If you write, or say something from us, you must know well, and know excellently, what you write about, or talk about. We can never say it enough, we are not a social network of politics, even if we have all the potential.

    Do not join us if you have antiquated political ideals, and out of any modern logic, if you do not accept innovation, and if you are obsessed with an old politics. Continue to vote, and "cheer" for them.

    Don't join us if you are an envious person who criticizes everything and everyone, just to vent your frustration. We advise you to channel your energies into useful activities, and not against someone who is richer, more famous, or luckier than you.

    Do not join us, if you do politics against someone, whether it is a social class, or against an ideology, or economic method, we do not need who is against something, but who is in favor of the politics of common sense and reason.

    Don't join us, if you don't know, or can't commit to change and improve the world, we don't need spectators, nor voters who don't get busy. To be successful, we need successful voters, because the current unfair politics is the mirror of those who vote for it. The fault lies with all of us, who supported, and voted, for those who did not deserve it. To be the best, we also need the best voters. Now you have us as an alternative, and you will never be disappointed.

    If you are undecided, or you are not absolutely sure, do not join us right now, because our project, in the initial stages, that is, before making it known to the whole world, and before having it published, and starting word of mouth, select very carefully, all who join us. Better to wait for the right moment, to avoid having behaviors that are incompatible with our rules, our values, and our ideals.

    Finally, a few more messages, in which you criticize us.

    Lately, many users have been writing to us, saying that for them criticizing politics is a hobby, and it allows them to vent all the unpleasant situations in which they live against someone. Blaming one's failures on current politics and complaining on social networks, various political parties, and various political representatives, will certainly not change and improve things. Maybe with a little work, to change and improve the world with us, as well as let off steam in a useful way, you will also have the opportunity to really change your situation for the better.

    And the best criticism, which also made us smile, is this: how dare you write, and say such direct things, and criticize people for the choices they make, or have made. And then they continue saying: learn to speak, and to write less directly, because in this way you offend people, and you will lose a lot of votes. Our answer is with a few short questions. You like those who promise you many beautiful things, and don't keep them. Whoever speaks well to you smiles at you, praises you for your intelligence, and then laughs at you behind your back. Who pretends to respect you, and then plots against you behind your back? If the answer to our questions is yes, then we sincerely ask you not to join us, and never vote, even by mistake, for us, for our political parties, and for our political representatives. We don't even need touchy voters, who don't understand that if we are so direct, and we look bad, it's because we don't like to lie, we don't like to make fun of people, and we don't like to betray the trust, of those who join us. .

    With much respect, and with infinite friendship.

    DirectDemocracyS, your policy, in every sense!

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    General registration rulesFirst a premise.

    When we write something, in the Main Menu item, Law, in all sub-menu items, in every category, and in all sub-categories, are our rules, our official positions, our instructions, and ...

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    How to register

    Category: For Registration / By Webportal SA DireDirectDemocracyS

    DirectDemocracyS, Special Law Group, Official Regulation Group.

    Official Rules.

    New user registration.

    To register with DirectDemocracyS, you must respect all our rules, our instructions, and all our ...

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    Instructions for contact ...

    Category: For contacts / By Webportal SA DireDirectDemocracyS

    Instructions for contact formsOur contact forms, in the main contact menu item, on our website, are the only way to get in touch with us, with our work groups, and with all our activities.

    They are also the only way to obtain ...

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    Message after ...

    Category: For Registration / By Webportal SA DireDirectDemocracyS

    Message after registrationHi, welcome, to DirectDemocracyS, your political innovation, truly in every sense!

    Thank you for registering, on our official website.

    Your trust will be reciprocated, and your patience will be ...

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    National, geographical, ...

    Category: For contacts / By Creator

    national contacts 640x360

    DirectDemocracyS, initiates the national phases of our international political organization, even with personalized contacts, for each country, territory, or population of the earth.

    To find the ...

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    Only invitations and ...

    Category: For Registration / By Webportal SA DireDirectDemocracyS

    Only invitations and useful linksThere are 2 types of possibilities to join us: free, in which anyone can join us, based on detailed rules, or, on the basis of personal invitations, individual.


    During the block of free ...

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    Our official offices

    Category: For contacts / By Webportal SA DireDirectDemocracyS

    Our official officesDirectDemocracyS is innovative in every sense! Also in the way of managing one's offices.

    Let's make a brief introduction.

    Since the beginning of our creation, the first 5 "creators" had as ...

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    Security measures

    Category: Security measures / By Webportal SA DireDirectDemocracyS

    security measuresA fundamental need, for a political organization like DirectDemocracyS, and all related projects, is to guarantee everyone, security measures, and protection of personal data.

    Working largely on the ...

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    Security rules

    Category: Security measures / By Webportal SA DireDirectDemocracyS

    Security Rules

    The special security group, together with the rules group, with the collaboration of all groups, on behalf of all our official members, makes public, some security rules.


    The safety of ...

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    Special invitations

    Category: For Registration / By Webportal SA DireDirectDemocracyS

    Rules regarding our special guests, and special invitations.


    One of the first rules, on which our enormous success will be based, is to get the right people in, at the right time. While ...

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    To be activated

    Category: For Registration / By Webportal SA DireDirectDemocracyS

    Instructions, to be activated.

    You can choose which type of user you want to have among the various possibilities.

    If you want to be an initial user, absolutely free of charge, with no obligation to ...

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