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    The value of truth

    Truth is a fundamental value, because it allows us to know what is true and distinguish it from what is false.

    The search for the truth, and its diffusion, if it doesn't endanger other people, is mandatory for everyone, in a project like ours.

    Tell the truth or lie? Often, since we were children, we ask ourselves whether it is better to tell the truth and suffer the consequences, or to lie and get away with it. Between these two situations, there would be a third, saying only the part that doesn't create problems, and saying the "risky" part only to trusted people, in the right way and at the right time.

    While we risk seeming unsympathetic, we choose to always tell the truth. We repeat it often: we always act with logic, common sense, and with mutual respect, of all people, using intelligence, rules respected by all, shared values, ideals and principles.

    Therefore, we care about absolute respect for the privacy of each person who joins us, guaranteeing anonymity and the possibility of working in safety to anyone who joins us.

    Does politics always tell the truth? If we were to ask this question, many people, almost all of them, would say superficially: political parties, and the representatives of these political parties, always lie. We, on the other hand, are convinced that the old politics don't always lie. It does so only when the truth is compromising, or when it can lead to a loss of support. The spasmodic search for electoral victory leads the old policy to lie, or to promise, and then not keep. But also, to say the least, things in one's favor, "forgetting" about those that would not be useful for obtaining electoral consensus.

    What about DirectDemocracyS? As we often say: we are truly innovative, and we have decided that everything we say is the truth, even if it is unpleasant and annoying for someone, or, if it can cause us to lose consensus, and consequently votes. By choosing this conduct, we are not self-defeating, but we believe in the fundamental value of truth at all costs. Furthermore, we are also intelligent, because we are sure that over time, this sincerity of ours will be rewarded, also in terms of consensus, and consequently in victory, in the elections. But on the elections, and the power, obtained with votes, of good people, we will make a detailed article.

    It often happens that political parties and their representatives say one thing and then do another, finding various reasons, often bizarre, to justify their "political twists and turns". Perhaps the main reason is the fear of losing votes, and therefore of losing consensus, keeping the promises made, so they prefer to choose the less ethical but simpler path. We are innovative, even in this, we prefer to keep promises, and always do the right thing, even with the risk of losing the elections, or losing some users. We can certainly change our ideas, or change our electoral programs, but only under 2 conditions: based on the decisions, and interests, of our constituents, who are ours, our masters, as well as being our only owners. The second condition, always linked to the first, is the unforeseen evolution of events, in which unfortunately, always with the binding decision of our electors, and on the advice of our specialists, we can decide to change our priorities, or to modify the electoral program to adapt it to the new situations created. On doing the right thing, we will also do a detailed article.

    The truth, which often hurts or annoys someone, is the only path we can take, all together, because it gives us the security, never to make fun of, and never betray, the trust of all people, who join us.

    Politics has really changed, and each of our official members knows well that if they lie, they will immediately be blocked and "degraded", because lying is never the best solution, and sooner or later the truth will be discovered always.

    We'll talk in the future, even about all the truths we don't know (because they keep themselves hidden), or about the lies they tell us, even if it might be annoying for someone.

    DirectDemocracyS cannot promise the absolute truth (we could make some mistakes), but we can swear to seek it, and always spread it, without ever being afraid, to annoy someone, but also, without ever risking, to make someone suffer, or worse, endanger, the life of any person.

    Our project is practically perfect, and our method is an excellent mechanism, but people are not always as perfect. For this reason, we have strict rules, prevention methods, and many measures to punish anyone who does not respect our important work, to change and improve the world. But on our security measures, we will make many detailed articles, to make everyone understand how our entire political organization works, and all the projects connected to it.

    We are sure that over time, with our example, we will be able to "force" other political forces as well to respect themselves and their voters, always telling the truth. Because, either they will change, or only those who do not know the fundamental value of the truth will be voted on.

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