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    Published: 14 January 2022

    COVID-19 In short.

    COVID-19, acronym of the English COronaVIrus Disease 19, also known as SARS-CoV-2 acute respiratory disease or coronavirus disease 2019, is an infectious respiratory disease caused by the virus called SARS-CoV-2 belonging to the coronavirus family . The first cases were found in China in Wuhan City during the 2019-2020 COVID-19 pandemic. As of December 13, 2020, its apparent lethality rate is 2.23%.

    COVID-19 Our considerations.

    The human being is a "social animal", lives in more or less numerous groups, in which direct social contacts develop and take place.

    We are used to shaking hands, kissing, hugging, being close, but also collaborating directly.

    A contagious virus, which is transmitted by air, through micro droplets, has brought the whole world to its knees.

    By now everyone knows, or rather they think they know, everything about this SARS-CoV-2.

    In fact, there are many theories, some official, others conspiracy, others with more or less qualified sources.

    COVID-19 What do we know?

    Practically, even a year after the first documented cases, we don't know much, and we have few certainties.

    Where did it start from? The main theory tells us that it started in China (like many other serious diseases, which caused many deaths), more precisely in the city of Wuhan.

    Around mid-December 2019, the health authorities of the city of Wuhan in China (about 11 million inhabitants), found the first cases of patients showing symptoms of "pneumonia of unknown cause"; this first group of sick people was somehow connected to the local wet market, consisting of about a thousand stalls where they also sold chickens, pheasants, bats, marmots, snakes, spotted deer and rabbit organs as well as other wild animals. The origin is still uncertain today, but the most accredited hypothesis is that it is a new coronavirus coming from an animal source (a zoonosis).

    We must immediately say that in countries with a political system that is not entirely free, the first doctors to say that this virus was dangerous, easily transmitted, and that it could create serious problems, were not only not listened to, but even silenced.

    COVID-19 World Health Organization.

    From the moment the first doctor traced the virus, to the moment the local and Chinese state authorities sounded the alarm, weeks have passed, in which the virus has circulated, and has been transmitted in an almost unstoppable manner.

    The WHO (World Health Organization) not only delayed the declaration of a pandemic by several weeks, but also gave often contradicting information.

    As always, every country in the world has reacted differently, often based on political interests, and with some characters who have made big mistakes, often due to little knowledge of these viruses.

    COVID-19 Dangerous why?

    The SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes the COVID-19 disease, is not a very lethal virus, in fact from clinical studies, as of December 13, 202.0 its apparent lethality rate is 2.23%. The majority of deaths were of people with one or more previous illnesses, so the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus was a contributing cause of death, but in some cases even people without previous illnesses died due to the COVID disease. 19, albeit in a smaller number. There was often talk of people who died with the coronavirus, and not the coronavirus. Whether it is people who without COVID-19 could have lived longer lives is clear, what is not clear is why there have been, in many countries, the only conspiracy theorists.

    Human intelligence is demonstrated with facts, and not with theories not supported by any official study, or with very few sources of information.

    Just one ignorant person, or false doctor, who writes a lie, and immediately thousands of people share it, making it a "valid" theory.

    Often reading comments on the Internet, one understands why the situation immediately became tragic.

    This "new" disease is serious for the simple reason that it clogs up hospitals, making it difficult to manage many patients at the same time.

    It also clogs up the intensive care sections, where equipment is limited, and especially the specialized staff to manage it, is insufficient.

    COVID-19 Prevention is better than cure.

    To stop the infections, in almost all countries of the world, some impositions and restrictions have become mandatory.

    Over time, even countries with fewer restrictions have paid a high price in human lives, and consequently economic.

    To prevent a real massacre, firm measures would have been needed, and hard at the beginning, with clear rules, and with correct participation on the part of all.

    First of all, limit social contacts, secondly personal hygiene, especially of the hands, which must be sanitized often and in a complete and correct way, and above all the use of masks, which must also be used in the right way, to prevent contagions.

    All these had to be done, with a (complete and effective) tracking of all the first cases.

    Covid-19 Mask yes or no?

    A virus that is transmitted by air can be stopped, or at least slowed down, with the correct and almost continuous use of the masks indoors or outdoors.

    We witnessed some really discouraging scenes, especially at the beginning, where those who spoke of protecting the nose, mouth, but also eyes with protective goggles and helmets, were simply made fun of.

    In some countries, which have almost come out of this pandemic in a better way, from the beginning, they have advised to use even simple scarves, to protect themselves.

    So if the pandemic has become the biggest crisis since the 2nd World War, it is the fault of the various rulers, their advisers, the various specialized doctors, who have not been able to inform in a correct and consistent way.

    See doctors, virologists, infectious diseases, researchers, spend hours in the media (TV, radio, newspapers, internet), instead of doing their job, or instead of resting after having done their job.

    It would take only better coordination, and some spokespersons, who said the basic things (clear, and without personal interpretation), and not having to hear, "experts", who quarreled, and made controversies, often futile, putting in place difficulties people.

    Some of them were really unprofessional, and without a shred of humility.

    Many will accuse us, and apologize, saying that they were in a difficult situation, that the virus was little known, that there were no studies that showed that by using the mask, infections were limited.

    To these so-called "experts", we reply that it was enough to study the history of diseases a little.

    Already during the serious "Spanish" pandemic (which was always an airborne virus), towards the end of the 1st World War, masks, personal hygiene, and social distancing were used.

    In a few years, the Spanish pandemic is over.

    We who have more experience, better health, better personal hygiene, better communications, so big advantages, we also have many disadvantages.

    First of all the means of transport, which have allowed a worldwide diffusion, not in years, as in the years around 1920, but in a few days.

    Even the tracing of the first cases was done, in an unprofessional way, without using the means of communication, much faster and more complete.

    So the virus spread fast and widespread.

    COVID-19 Lack of fundamental freedoms.

    A tragic thing was reading, and hearing ordinary people, but also (VIPs and rulers) indignant, because the restrictions limited their fundamental "freedoms".

    The first freedom of each one ends where the freedom of another person begins.

    So no one is free to go around, perhaps without protection, for others, and for himself, risking to infect other people, or to become infected, becoming an additional burden for the community to which he belongs.

    Freedom is the mutual respect of people.

    Freedom is respect for the rules.

    Freedom is to make the interest of the community prevail over the individual interest.

    If the world had stopped for a month, in the beginning, we would have come out better, and faster.

    If there had been a general mobilization, with restrictive laws, and put into practice with a certain harshness (by all countries of the world), there would not have been so many deaths, so many people in suffering, and the economy would also have less losses.

    To obtain useful and concrete results, they should have stopped for 30 days: all schools, all non-essential economic activities, all public transport, should have been supported by all private means of transport, all non-essential services closed , prohibit gatherings inside and outside.

    Use the military, and law enforcement, to deliver all livelihoods, and medicines, to all people (especially those at high risk of complications with SARS-CoV-2).

    It would not have been difficult to do everything, and then respect a few rules (personal hygiene, and masks), for another 2-3 months.

    We would have defeated SARS-CoV-2, quickly and definitively, having time to calmly find effective cures, and a safe vaccine.

    Instead it will take in total, at least 2 years (if not 3 or more), to definitively return to normal.

    COVID-19 A long economic damage, difficult to calculate.

    Restrictions, closures, curfews have not allowed many activities to be carried out optimally. There have often been company failures, or people in dire straits, due to the pandemic.

    Many people, many commercial companies, have had economic damage, which cannot be recovered in a short time. Entire sectors of the economy (tourism, transport, catering, with related industries) are literally on their knees, countries that have had to go into debt in order to survive the severe financial crisis.

    As always, each country has faced this serious problem in a different way at the state level, some have made immediate, courageous, effective, decisive choices, and these will have the best results in less time. Other countries, on the other hand, perhaps due to the inability of their own rulers, or the "fear of losing popular support", and in some cases for both factors, have made choices that are only partially normal, and above all, with delays and continuous changes.

    Even in the economic sector, as in the health sector, we turned to specialists (we already have some very good ones), to find the best solutions.

    First of all, to transmit calm and courage to the population, accompanied by very demanding and above all substantial economic measures.

    At DirectDemocracys, we consider that, spending a lot right away, saves you from spending a lot more, and longer in the time afterwards.

    So every government, but smaller, every commercial company, or small business owner, should have had, set aside (in functional and well-paid investments), what we call "emergency money".

    From these sums, the period of financial crisis could have been faced in the best way. Moreover, if, in the health and political sector, had acted in the right way from the beginning, stopping the spread of the virus, the period of financial crisis would have been short, and almost non-existent.

    Another serious problem, faced badly, in all (or almost) the countries of the world, has been the compensation to commercial companies in difficulty.

    If these companies, small or large, for one reason or another, had not had on one side, "emergency money", a normal state, they should have helped them immediately, by lending them, at interest rates close to " 0 ", all capital. Instead, not everyone is assisted, not funded, and immediately, but we prefer to promise, non-repayable money, which often in many countries will not only not be enough to recover, but will continue to make businesses fail, and consequently families.

    So the population, the traders, and their collaborators, what can they do?

    Simple, we explain it to you, they just have to change, with courage and competence, their mentality, and the way they make investments.

    The hardest thing to change in a person is the mentality. Many times, because it is believed to have an economic system, and a business plan, consolidated, tested, and effective.

    Instead we are not even capable of having a simple "emergency fund".

    Moreover, thanks to a huge tax evasion, which takes away all hope of the States to recover, the companies or small private individuals, who escape, have in these cases an additional problem. They cannot ask for help, in a complete way.

    To make everyone understand, that we are always in the example of the dog, which turns around itself, to bite its tail, if one earns 1000, declares 100, to pay less taxes, he cannot, in any way, ask for help to the State or banks, worth 1000.

    So, as always, everyone complaining about the restrictions, which kill their business, instead of all working together to change and improve the situation.

    On banks, in general, we can only say that they are, almost all, totally or partially unprepared, to face events, thank God, rare (large pandemics usually happen once in 100), and exceptional. Banking regulations that are often incomplete, unnecessarily rigid, and often (intentionally) unclear, prevent those who manage the capital from providing it to those in need.

    Epidemics, or pandemics (because it is global), are exactly like wars, famines, natural disasters (earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, storms, landslides, etc. etc.), so they must be treated with seriousness and competence.


    For many years, from 2020 onwards, psychiatrists will have the job secured.

    Because billions of people, who have seen their way of life, totally upset, if they have not had, and do not have, a good psychological system, and a good reactivity to trauma, they will undoubtedly need specialists in the sector.

    The virus, and the lack of responsiveness of the institutions, combined with the lack of professionalism on the part of some "experts", the delays and inaccuracies, the lack of cooperation on the part of a large part of the population, have created a much bigger problem, and more widespread, of what could have been obtained, with a unitary and professional response, from everyone.


    Finally, in the middle of 2020, first in China, then in Russia, and then towards the end of 2020, in various other countries, various vaccines were created, then tested, and subsequently disseminated, to prevent infection.

    In some countries, such as Madagascar, "naturist" treatments based on local plants (which among other things had good success against malaria) had already been found in the spring of 2020, and which had also been sent to other countries , especially Africans, with good but not definitive results.

    In other countries such as Britain, they have also devised a cure that promises to be able to treat the infection. It would be very useful for those who are already infected, but for now it has not yet been put on the market.

    With the first vaccines around, albeit slowly, by the end of 2021, return to normal. But here are the first problems. Most people are superficially informed, not to say that they are made fun of.

    Already at the beginning, millions of false news circulated on the net, but also in the mass media, such as that the virus does not exist (although all the scientific evidence clearly shows that it exists), or that it exists and was created in the laboratory by a billionaire philanthropist (quite impossible, since the philanthropist in question vaccinates, and therefore saves the lives, of hundreds of thousands of people, in the poorest countries of the world, also in this case documented and verified), or always created in the laboratory (all studies carried out by our experts, but also by 99,995 of the others, show that the virus is of animal origin, therefore natural and not synthetic) and spread from one country or another (actually some countries without a doubt after an initial loss, are coping better the pandemic, and in the future they will be able to get out of it sooner, and better than others, but we want to hope that it is because they are better, braver, more united, and why not, more "dictatorial" in making apps licare the Law), others that thanks to 5G technology (which has nothing to do with viruses, but which more like other sources of energy, create damage, to a more or less dangerous extent, in a minority of people, more sensitive ), or because of the aliens (here we do not comment, but we want to hope that the aliens certainly do not use a virus to subdue us, if they get here, they will also have the technology to colonize us in a more or less peaceful way), we still have a virus, which creates death, suffering, and destroys our life.

    Other theories say that since there is an overpopulation (which is a real problem), to reduce the density of people, they will kill us first with the virus, and then with vaccines. Still others, that "the strong powers" (which really exist, but they are not so bad, they are simply clever) want to modify the DNA with vaccines (which is absolutely not possible with only 2 injections, in a month), the same also applies to those who believe that they will insert a chip to be able to locate, control, and then kill us (we presume to have such interesting lives that someone wants to spy on us, but it is we who grant to social networks, operating systems, or apps, all authorizations, without even reading the various information, so if they want to spy on us, we allow it, or rather authorize it). Our life does not interest anyone, often not even those close to us (but this is a broader discussion, which we will do in a future article).

    We apologize for the many conspiracy theories, false, and not even complete (there are so many, but we promise, with the help of our registered users, and with real experts, to prove you the truth, with all the necessary evidence) . We are truly incredulous in reading, on the net, but also in the mass media, certain things that are so false. We are ashamed, for the stupidity, and for the superficiality, with which the majority of people take as true lies, which do not make sense.

    They are then the people who click on "I agree", when they are warned that their data will be available to many more or less serious entities.

    You will say, even DirectDemocracys, on the web portal asks for personal data, and you also use our data. There is only a small difference, with us only one person, very trustworthy (and incorruptible, because he is already very rich), sees your data, and will not share them with anyone, unless you voluntarily commit very serious crimes , during your participation in our activities. As long as you follow the rules, your data has been, is and always will be safe.

    If you trust who shares the data, you also trust who does not.

    Now with the arrival of vaccines, conspiracy theories and fake news have spread like wildfire. The so-called no-vax (no vaccines), are respectable people, but with little or no medical knowledge, who rely on undocumented or poorly verifiable data. But in addition to not understanding anything about medicine, they do not have the slightest capacity for statistics. Vaccines are bad for them.

    For them then there are more dangerous vaccines, and others less dangerous, (which is true, there are vaccines that can give some mild to medium complications, to some, thank God a few people, with a weakened immune system, or with certain diseases, or allergies of various kinds).

    For this reason, vaccines must be inoculated, by medical personnel, under the supervision of trained personnel, in special spaces (usually hospitals, or pharmacies) equipped to cope with all potentially risky situations, which fortunately are very rare. Furthermore, before each vaccine, you are asked to document the health situation (anamnesis), allergies, and other details, in order to intervene in the best way.

    Here is the life expectancy by country in 2020, also based on medical institutions and the availability of medicines and vaccines.

    Countries Life expectancy at birth (years) Year       

    Munich 89 2020             

    Japan 86 2020          

    Singapore 86 2020         

    Macau 85 2020                

    San Marino 83 2020       

    Canada 83 2020              

    Iceland 83 2020               

    Hong Kong 83 2020        

    Andorra 83 2020             

    Israel 83 2020                

    Switzerland 83 2020             

    Malta 83 2020      

    Australia 83 2020            

    South Korea 83 2020              

    Luxembourg 83 2020               

    Italy 83 2020        

    Sweden 82 2020      

    France 82 2020               

    Liechtenstein 82 2020                

    Norway 82 2020           

    New Zealand 82 2020            

    Spain 82 2020               

    Austria 82 2020               

    Netherlands 82 2020        

    Cayman Islands 82 2020               

    Belgium 81 2020      

    Slovenia 81 2020             

    Finland 81 2020           

    Puerto Rico 81 2020           

    Denmark 81 2020        

    Ireland 81 2020               

    Germany 81 2020          

    Great Britain 81 2020             

    Portugal 81 2020         

    Greece 81 2020                

    Taiwan 81 2020               

    United States 80 2020          

    Bahrain 79 2020              

    Chile 79 2020          

    Qatar 79 2020      

    Cyprus 79 2020       

    Czech Republic 79 2020          

    Panama 79 2020             

    Cuba 79 2020       

    Costa Rica 79 2020         

    United Arab Emirates 79 2020       

    Albania 79 2020              

    Kuwait 79 2020               

    Saint Lucia 78 2020        

    New Caledonia 78 2020         

    Lebanon 78 2020                

    Poland 78 2020              

    Uruguay 78 2020            

    Paraguay 78 2020           

    Falkland Islands 78 2017               

    Brunei 78 2020                

    Argentina 78 2020          

    Slovakia 78 2020         

    Dominica 78 2020           

    Algeria 78 2020               

    Sri Lanka 78 2020           

    Ecuador 78 2020             

    Bosnia and Herzegovina 77 2020      

    Estonia 77 2020               

    Antigua and Barbuda 77 2020      

    Montenegro 77 2020                 

    Tonga 77 2020      

    Georgia 77 2020              

    Croatia 77 2020              

    Hungary 77 2020           

    Mexico 77 2020             

    Libya 77 2020        

    Colombia 77 2020           

    Saint Christopher and Nevis 77 2020                 

    Mauritius 76 2020            

    Oman 76 2020      

    Macedonia 76 2020       

    Serbia 76 2020                 

    Tunisia 76 2020               

    Solomon Islands 76 2020            

    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 76 2020               

    Saudi Arabia 76 2020             

    China 76 2020         

    Barbados 76 2020           

    Romania 76 2020            

    Malaysia 76 2020              

    Turkey 76 2020              

    Seychelles 76 2020               

    Thailand 76 2020         

    Armenia 76 2020            

    Lithuania 76 2020              

    Jordan 75 2020          

    Latvia 75 2020             

    Belize 75 2020      

    Grenada 75 2020            

    Jamaica 75 2020           

    Bulgaria 75 2020             

    El Salvador 75 2020       

    Uzbekistan 75 2020        

    Brazil 75 2020                

    Peru 75 2020        

    Samoa 75 2020                

    Honduras 75 2020          

    Vanuatu 75 2020            

    Iran 74 2020         

    Vietnam 74 2020             

    Nicaragua 74 2020         

    Bangladesh 74 2020       

    Palau 74 2020      

    Trinidad and Tobago 74 2020      

    Belarus 74 2020        

    Egypt 74 2020      

    Indonesia 74 2020          

    Syria 74 2020         

    Fiji 74 2020          

    Azerbaijan 74 2020      

    Greenland 73 2020      

    Suriname 73 2020          

    Morocco 73 2020            

    Bahamas 73 2020           

    Cape Verde 73 2020      

    Ukraine 73 2020              

    Iraq 73 2020         

    Guatemala 72 2020        

    Bhutan 72 2020               

    Dominican Republic 72 2020        

    Kazakhstan 72 2020        

    Russia 72 2020                 

    Moldova 72 2020           

    Nepal 72 2020      

    Kyrgyzstan 72 2020       

    North Korea 72 2020            

    Turkmenistan 71 2020              

    Venezuela 71 2020         

    Mongolia 71 2020           

    Bolivia 70 2020                

    Philippines 70 2020             

    India 70 2020       

    Guyana 69 2020              

    Myanmar 69 2020          

    East Timor 69 2020           

    Pakistan 69 2020             

    Gabon 69 2020                

    Tajikistan 69 2020          

    Kenya 69 2020      

    Nauru 68 2020      

    Uganda 68 2020              

    Ghana 68 2020                

    Tuvalu 68 2020                

    Papua New Guinea 68 2020             

    Ethiopia 68 2020                

    Kiribati 68 2020               

    Madagascar 67 2020      

    Yemen 67 2020                

    Burundi 67 2020             

    Togo 67 2020       

    Sudan 67 2020      

    São Tomé and Príncipe 66 2020              

    Eritrea 66 2020                

    Cambodia 66 2020          

    Gambia 66 2020              

    Laos 66 2020        

    Equatorial Guinea 66 2020                

    Comoros 66 2020             

    Haiti 65 2020        

    Namibia 65 2020             

    Rwanda 65 2020              

    Botswana 65 2020          

    South Africa 65 2020           

    Liberia 65 2020                

    Djibouti 65 2020      

    Mauritania 65 2020        

    Western Sahara 64 2020                 

    Tanzania 64 2020            

    Senegal 63 2020              

    Malawi 63 2020               

    Guinea 63 2020               

    Guinea Bissau 63 2020              

    Burkina Faso 63 2020                

    Zimbabwe 62 2020         

    Cameroon 62 2020           

    Mali 62 2020         

    Benin 61 2020      

    Ivory Coast 61 2020             

    Angola 61 2020               

    Congo 61 2020                

    Congo (ex Zaire) 61 2020          

    Nigeria 60 2020               

    Sierra Leone 60 2020                 

    Niger 59 2020       

    Swaziland 59 2020         

    Chad 58 2020         

    Mozambique 56 2020      

    Central African Republic 54 2020                

    Somalia 54 2020              

    Zambia 54 2020               

    Lesotho 53 2020              

    Afghanistan 53 2020      


    You may have noticed that it varies a lot from 89 in the Principality of Monaco to 53 in Afghanistan.

    That life expectancy in the past was lower than the current one is an idea rooted in science and beyond. Yet several studies tend to correct this belief. Mainly because everything must be contextualized and analyzed by evaluating various factors.

    It is certainly undeniable that the chances of dying prematurely were greater in the past. But that's not to say that 3-5,000 years ago, once they hit 30, humans died as if there was a timer. As we will explain further below, it was not uncommon for a prehistoric man to live to be 50-60 years old. There is not that much difference with many modern developing countries.

    Average longevity and life expectancy

    Before moving on, however, it is appropriate to make a distinction between two concepts: average longevity and life expectancy. The first determines an average on the maximum age that an individual can reach at a given historical moment. The second, on the other hand, identifies an average based on data relating to longevity and those describing mortality during the growth period. In practice, the average number of years a newborn can hope to survive in a given era.

    Life expectancy in the various eras

    Based on the study of the bone finds, it was possible to calculate the longevity and life expectancy in the various historical periods:

    In the Late Paleolithic, at birth, life expectancy was about 18 years; up to 15 he was between 25-37 years. In the Neolithic, after 15 years it could reach 50-60. In the Bronze and Iron Ages, life expectancy of up to 15 years was between 28 and 36 years. After 15 years, life expectancy was on average 50-60 years.

    In classical Greece, life expectancy at birth was about 20 years, up to 15 years it was 37-41 years. In Rome, however, before the age of 10 people lived 20-30 years; over 10, about 50-60 years.

    During the Early Middle Ages: up to 15 it was about 35-40 years. After adolescence, life expectancy among the wealthy population was between 60 and 80 years. In the English Late Middle Ages: upon reaching 21, life expectancy stood at around 64 years. Before 21, he was around 30-35 years old. This is known to us thanks to the studies of Christine Cave of the Australian National University who analyzed the dentition of 300 individuals who lived and died in England in the 5th-7th century AD.

    Life expectancy at birth among the 13th century English nobility was about 30 years; by the time we reached 21, however, it was quite common to age up to 65.

    From the data that emerged, therefore, it is possible to deduce that life expectancy increases as the individual grows and passes the stages of development and those most susceptible to disease, hunger, war and natural disasters. This has led to the confusion of life expectancy with longevity. For example, we said that the average life span in the Paleolithic was between 25 and 40 years. This figure must be analyzed carefully, because the average age was quite low due to a very high infant mortality rate. Up to the age of 10-15, children were highly vulnerable.

    According to studies by Professor Michael Gurven of the University of Santa Barbara, if he did not die as a child or was not the victim of disease, war or accident, a healthy prehistoric hunter-gatherer could expect to live to a fairly advanced age, too. according to current standards. Infant mortality has always distorted life expectancy until the early 20th century.

    What is surprising is that these data have remained roughly unchanged over the centuries. For example, a baby from medieval England had a life expectancy of 31 years. Virtually the same as the Paleolithic man! In 1800, normally, people lived only a few years longer than in the upper Paleolithic!

    But what did they die of?

    The answer is very simple and deductive. Diseases and pandemics (in first place), wars and accidents that could not be repaired by running to the hospital. As well as poor health conditions combined with the climate that claimed victims from hypothermia, heat stroke or violent natural phenomena. Of course, also in this case it is necessary to analyze the data with criticality. Especially in relation to current ones and related to modern man. It is a fact that the men of our times are more long-lived. But is it really so?

    Modernity has granted widespread well-being through better hygiene, drugs and therapies, but at the same time it has filled our homes with industrial food and harmful substances. The men of antiquity were slender, robust and did not suffer from the chronic diseases of our times: cardiovascular diseases, tumors, diabetes, obesity.

    Although the average age is 80, many of these have lived with diseases and drugs. Yet even today there is no shortage of examples of longevity, especially among populations who lead a healthy and stress-free life.

    Currently, talking about life expectancy seems almost superfluous. We tend to assume that we will reach seniority and that we have several years to live in front of us.

    What has changed since 1900 to make us live more and better?

    Vaccines have undoubtedly doubled life expectancy. So the no-vaxes (anti vaccines) should make a serious reflection. The same can be said about medicines, which are increasingly personalized and concrete.

    Therefore scientific research, and the preparation of professional health personnel, allows us to live much longer, and even much better. Although politicians often tend to cut funds, the most important thing for us, which is health. Cuts that if we, with DirectDemocracyS (the political project of DirectDemocracyS), will have the possibility to decide, and govern, they will not be allowed. Healthcare and research must receive unlimited funds, but this money must be spent well, and in a professional way, rewarding excellence and eliminating (in a working, not a physical way) the incapable.

    It is undeniable that there have been some cases of allergies, or intolerance of some vaccines, as with all medicines, but fortunately they are very few, and very rare.

    Even if every life is important, and even one person, who lives one day less, counts, both for himself and for his relatives, and friends, we can say with certainty, that we must trust doctors and researchers.

    One thing that doesn't make sense is to say that the current COVID-19 vaccines have been implemented in a short time. We often hear around that it takes 10 years for a vaccine. The answer is, that it is true, until recently, it took many years for an effective, and above all safe, vaccine. But the approach in recent years, to produce RN A-based vaccines, has changed a lot, we will soon make a very detailed article on scientific research.

    But in this case, in about a year, studies and specific researches were done by almost all the big pharmaceutical companies, and by all the best medical universities in the world. First of all, time is relative, in the sense that laboratory tests can be done very quickly nowadays and that tests, which usually have at least 3 phases, were done simultaneously, and not waiting to finish. one phase, before starting another.

    Intelligent people, and we hope they are the great majority, must choose whether to trust scientific research, great doctors, and professionals, or a few articles (by unknown or unreliable people), written even with very little or no source. , which urge people not to get vaccinated.

    This article of ours was written by about ten people, including 5 doctors, and 5 researchers, who in addition to knowing the situation well, created a simple, detailed and well-articulated message.

    We presume to write real, verified data, with some of our "comments" that do not distort, but complete, the data presented.

    We did not want, in any way, to make a political battle, to clearly say who did well, and who did wrong, we do not condemn anyone, but we try not to allow those who read us to finish this article, without fair information, and with the hope of having helped as many people as possible, to think for themselves, without being too influenced.

    As you already know we do not submit to any censorship, we have no economic interests, but only the desire to help get an idea.

    Although made by doctors, and experts, we did not want to be too technical, if there is the possibility, and time, we will make a more detailed article, for all the experts.

    But to conclude, we invite you to put an end to this virus, by getting the vaccine, also urging all your acquaintances to do so. Because the sooner we all do it, the sooner we return to our lives, perhaps with a lesson learned, to avoid finding ourselves in similar situations.

    And don't be afraid, the virus mutations have been predicted, so vaccines are sure to be modified and improved over time.

    But that doesn't mean we should wait, because changes, and new strains, usually don't appear in a short time. And if there are, it will be enough to modify the vaccines.

    We need to get the vaccine when it's our turn.

    On an economic level with DirectDemocracyS NWE, as in the political one with DirectDemocracys Directdemocracy, we have all the solutions, and we have with us some people of great quality, to whom we hope to add many more.

    Join us on this great adventure. You too, join our big family. Help us to make our projects known to as many people as possible.

    Share our projects too, with as many people as possible. Thank you.

    DirectDemocracyS, your projects, in every sense!

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