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    Russian presidential election 2024

    Russian presidential election 2024

    DirectDemocracyS, always tries to remain neutral, regarding elections, in which we do not directly participate. In this case, we are talking about presidential elections, in one of the world's military superpowers, Russia.

    The 2024 presidential elections in Russia will be held from March 15 to 17, for the election of the country's Presidency.

    Vladislav Davankov, New People, candidate on January 5, 2024.

    Vladimir Putin, All-Russian Popular Front, candidate on 29 January 2024.

    Leonid Slutsky, Liberal Democratic Party, candidate on 5 January 2024.

    Nikolai Kharitonov, Communist Party, candidate on 9 January 2024.

    And perhaps Sergey Malinkovich, nominated by the Communists of Russia, will also be a candidate, because he has reached the legal number of signatures.

    Many possible candidates, with real chances of winning, and initiating real change, have been rejected by the Central Election Commission, for various reasons.

    It is not our task to evaluate Russia's electoral rules, nor even to comment on the real possibilities that anyone has of electing a president different from the current one.

    Our official position on Russian politics has been clearly explained, with many details in many of our articles, so for those who want to know, just read the many articles in which we talk about Russia.

    DirectDemocracyS, respects and loves every person, of any nationality, of any country.

    Anyone who has joined us knows this, but to the reader, from the outside, it may seem strange, our neutrality, our freedom, and our complete independence.

    We fear no one, we have no debts with anyone, we have no preferences of any kind, we evaluate everything from 360 degrees, and express our opinion and our solutions to various problems.

    We can judge anyone, and any business, honestly, fairly, fairly, and professionally.

    Furthermore, we condemn any type of decision that creates deaths, injuries, destruction, fear, and harms in any way, even a single person. Whoever decides it, carries it out, or supports it, for us is a criminal against humanity. Yes, dear friends, you understood correctly, for us, they are accomplices and criminals, even those who remain impassive in the face of injustice.

    For us, anyone who carries out any violent action is guilty. In the cases of invasions, wars, terrorist activities, anyone who starts such an activity is guilty, and there are no reasons.

    The culprits, whether direct or indirect, for us, must be found, captured, investigated, tried, and condemned, with the utmost severity, whoever they are.

    For example, we can consider Hamas members as terrorists who order, carry out, or help to carry out, criminal activities, just as we can consider Israel's response to the various terrorist attacks to be disproportionate, and equally criminal. Despite knowing how difficult it is to organize "surgical" military operations to free hostages and punish those responsible for violent actions, we always judge the suffering inflicted on the innocent population negatively.

    DirectDemocracyS considers crimes against humanity, including acts of war, against soldiers, non-commissioned officers, officers who lose their lives, are injured, or who suffer as a result of wars, invasions, and terrorist attacks. The right to defense must be guaranteed and permitted by the moral obligation of all countries and all citizens of the world to help those who are attacked defend themselves.

    We do not hesitate to criticize attacks, invasions, wars, and terrorist attacks, whoever carries them out, and for whatever reason. DirectDemocracyS, is against any violent activity.

    In this article we are not talking about the cowardly, unmotivated and senseless Russian invasion of Ukraine, we have written many articles to make you understand the truth and our official position. We have also given our solutions, for all the conflicts of the world. With dialogue, with diplomacy, and above all with mutual respect, of all people, all peoples, all countries.

    We tell you, however, that DirectDemocracyS exists, which practices a good policy of truth, to be contrasted with the old policy, which is often based on lies and completely wrong activities.

    At the level of foreign policy, there is a fair and just policy, ours, to contrast with the old policy often based on a lack of loyalty.

    Invading a country, which one had sworn to protect, with the Budapest Memorandum, whatever the pretexts, all false and easily demonstrable, is an ethically incorrect activity.

    Ukraine's renunciation of its over 1,900 nuclear warheads, inherited from the former Soviet Union, was wrong, because Russia's often aggressive policy cannot be trusted, and one cannot rely on interventions from part of a West that is too interested in the arms trade to intervene and concretely and decisively help a country that is defending itself. Ukrainian politics is certainly not without faults, coups d'état disguised as "popular will", and lack of respect for the rights of minorities, but also an excessive response to the provocations of certain minorities, supported by Russian politics.

    No one would ever attack a country that possesses atomic weapons, as demonstrated by the United States, which for years has threatened, without ever intervening, Iran, North Korea, and many other countries, including with trade sanctions, which have reduced to hunger, poverty, and the lack of medicine, entire populations.

    Do you see how much our independence is worth? We can allow ourselves to criticize everyone, including the United States and the West, because we have no masters, and we are not to blame for the current situation, but we can be decisive in resolving every conflict, with intelligence.

    The fault, as always, lies with anyone who does not join us, to change and improve the world, because in an indirect and involuntary way, they allow all this.

    We asked all our registered users, of Russian nationality, to express their direct opinion on these elections.

    The official statement, from DirectDemocracyS Russia.

    The almost unanimous response from our Russian users is clear: vote for anyone except the liar, criminal, and oligarch.

    Have we been clear?

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