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Published: 11 August 2022

There are countries where a dictator decides in the name of all the people, and then proposes, approves, and imposes the rules, called laws, that everyone must follow. They are the dictatorships, which in some cases turn into oligarchies.

There are therefore countries in which a single party decides in the name of all the people, and then proposes, approves, and imposes the rules, called laws, that everyone must follow. They are the one-party countries, which in some cases turn into oligarchies.

The oligarchies are countries in which people, without any merit, exploit the population, and the wealth of an entire country, becoming very rich, very powerful, often acting as a "figurehead" for dictators, important families, or parties.

Finally, there are countries, partially democratic, which are all the remaining countries of the world, in which you vote, and decide who should represent the interests of the population, for many years. With their vote, the voter chooses a party, or a political representative, whom he trusts, to whom he assigns the fundamental task: to write the rules, which we call laws.

Everyone must respect the laws. The law is equal for all. Nothing is above the law.

Dictators usually make laws to favor themselves and their own circle of power (the oligarchs).

The "single" parties usually make laws, to favor themselves, and their own circle of power (the oligarchs).

In partially democratic countries, political parties, and their political representatives, usually make laws, to favor themselves, and their own circle of power, economic powers, big finance, or a few social categories. They rarely make laws that are useful to all people, because they are too busy, in internal and external power struggles, or to chase the consensus, often only of certain social categories.

Until the birth of DirectDemocracyS, no one had practiced, authentic, and total democracy.

The first sentences of this article of ours, maybe they will make someone angry, but we hope that instead, they make many people think.

We, we call it the "big scam" of representative politics, which deludes people, to really matter, to have the power to decide, and to have total control.

The "great illusion", that with one's vote, the laws, therefore the rules that we must all follow, and respect, are really made in the interest of the population.

We also call it "old politics", in which the voter’s matter, are important, and have the "power" only and exclusively, the day they vote. Subsequently, for entire years, only the "representatives" decide, which are the parties and politicians, who get the most votes in the elections.

To realize exactly what we are telling you, you have to decide whether the vote, and consequently democracy, are: the transfer of the power to decide, or the obligation of representation.

If when we vote, we surrender our power to decide, to parties and politicians, then the old policy is correct, and all is well.

If, on the other hand, with our vote, we only give them the power to act, in our name, and therefore to represent us, doing our exclusive and total interest, then things get a little complicated. Because in this case we are right, and they are just cheating us.

DirectDemocracyS, is the first, and only, international political organization, which has the right to define itself as democratic, and use the word democracy.

Many "protagonists" of the old politics will tell you that we are "utopia", that we are lying to you, that voting and "representative democracy" are the best form of government. We at DirectDemocracyS, who are, and will always be, the new, innovative and democratic politics, unlike them, do not deceive you, we do not lie to you, we do not make fun of you, and above all we do not abuse the general "ignorance" of average voter.

DirectDemocracyS, allows, and will forever allow its voters to decide, approve, and control every activity, of our entire organization, and of all our political representatives, both before, during, and especially after the elections. So, our voters have the power to decide, even between one election and another. Forever. We also do this, by giving to those who join us, the ownership of all our activities, and of everything that makes up our political organization. We are our constituents, and we decide on everything, all together, always.

Democracy means power to the people, and certainly not power to parties and politicians.

Therefore, anyone who does not have our method is a "thief" of democracy, or to call it more elegantly, is a fake democrat.

Those who dispute us will tell you that the mere fact of giving people the total power to decide does not guarantee us that the best choices are always made. They will tell you that the population does not have all the basic and specific notions to decide in the best way, on every topic.

However, unlike them, we have another uniqueness, groups of specialists, competent, honest, free, independent, and neutral, who have the task of providing comprehensive information on every choice to be made. They will present to our voters, the expected consequences, for each choice to be made, with their council, according to their own competences. With our informed, competent, honest, free, independent, and neutral voters, and with our political representatives, who will carry out, every order they receive, from the people they have the honor to represent, and serve, we will be infallible, and practically perfect.

Those who criticize us will tell you that there is no guarantee that our specialist groups are all competent, honest, free, independent, and neutral.

However, we guarantee that only people who have studied, and carry out, or have carried out, work activities in a specific sector, or with important awards, in every subject, will be able to be part of our groups of specialists, who will be constantly monitored, by special security groups. Both the groups of specialists and the security groups that control them will be entirely composed of our verified registered users. So, the control will be continuous, and easily verifiable by each of our users.

Creating an innovative political force based on common sense and logic was not easy. DirectDemocracyS, bases its activities on the mutual respect of all people, on the only and authentic democracy, the direct one, on total freedom, and many ask us what our ideals are.

We are, and will always be, in favor of all people, always starting to help those who are in difficulty. Always doing good to people, and never engaging in politics against anyone, or anything, is our characteristic.

Meritocracy, competence, reliability, intelligence, skill, sincerity, and honesty, are the only system, to keep our political organization innovative over time, and to select over time, the best minds on earth, to change, and improve everyone's life.

Our political ideal, and our programs at all levels, will always take into account strict but fair rules, which will always be respected, by whoever joins us.

Our working method, unique in the world, will guarantee us exceptional results over time.

Because all of us, together, will also have to make sure that no one ever allows himself to steal, in the future, the entire world population, the power to decide, on everything always (and not only during the elections), and the power to control, direct, and influence, in a decisive way, the choices of its political representatives, and of its own political, international, continental, national, and local organization. DirectDemocracyS, that's it, does not pursue consensus, because it knows that all intelligent people, and subsequently, even the less intelligent ones, will join us, and will remain there, because they will understand its enormous potential.

Our political programs are proposed, discussed, and voted, in geographical and numerical groups (another innovation), with the possibility of anyone, to be a protagonist in a positive way, and are put into practice in reality.

Instead of wasting a lot of time, with useless things, in which you are not decisive, donate some of your time, for the common good of humanity, but also of your country, your geographical area, your friends, your family., and of yourselves, working together with all of us, in a loyal and honest way, is a moral obligation, for all citizens of the earth.

We offer you the concrete possibility to change and improve the world with intelligence and patience, but we take away something that for many has become an obsession. You will never again be able to complain about your political representatives, and their respective parties. Because with DirectDemocracyS, it's the voters who decide, not the parties, or the politicians. Our political organization, and ours and yours, political representatives, will only have the obligation, to put into practice, every decision made, by our sole masters, our verified registered users.

Over time, you will find many people, and parties, who will copy in part, or even almost completely, our method, our programs, and our ideas. Do not trust, the original works, because it is a mechanism, and a perfect algorithm, the fake, not only fails, but will waste your time, and perhaps even money.

To conclude, this presentation of ours, which will soon be spread all over the world, in the ways, and in the times that we will tell you, we also tell you, that we are the only political force, which eliminates the struggle for power, and the political clash., with other political forces. We do not care what others have done, do, or will do, we only care, and exclusively, what we do, and we will do.

We have completely eliminated the struggle for internal power, with a unique method of managing activities, with linked chains, which allows our organization to function perfectly, and which will put the right people in the right role. With protagonists, always and only, all our verified registered users.

We have also eliminated the conflict of interest, dividing the management of the political organization, entrusted to our official representatives, appointed on a merit-based basis among our best users, from the activity of representing our political representatives, elected on a merit-based basis among our best users. In this way, DirectDemocracyS, has only the task of supporting, helping, collaborating, and checking that what our constituents order is put into practice. And the political representatives have the task of serving the interests of the entire population, carrying out every order received at any time by their constituents.

We repeat this often, but we are unique, and we will certainly remain unique. Because everyone wants to have power, everyone wants to command, decide, but only we do decide, always, continuously over time, who counts and must count, that is the voters.

Does it seem strange to you, or is it obvious? No, it's called democracy, and freedom. Those two words, which many say, without having any right. Those two essential words, which if they are not present in our life, make it useless. The old policy has no chance of competing fairly with us, so for a while, it will bribe you with favors, and promises, which will turn out to be short-lived, and with no obvious results. But as soon as the time is right, you will realize that you have only been deluded, disappointed, deceived, and exploited, by the old political system, often a slave to economic power, which almost never does what it promises. And finally, you will unite, one at a time, in the one political organization, which places people at the center, and serves the interests of all.

Always choose the best for you, and for the people you love.

With infinite respect, and esteem, best regards.

A hug to all of you.

DirectDemocracyS, your policy, in every sense!

PS Our website is written in English, but we have a handy translation module, which translates every part written in English, into over 100 languages, just click on "-English-", and in the drop-down menu that opens, choose the language, or the flag of your country. Thus, all parts in English will be visible, and usable in all languages of the world.

Also, in the main utility menu item, a blog, with categories in over 53 major languages. We are working, and we ask for your help, to translate all our site, in all languages of the world.

The category of our language, with some important articles, already translated is: 

Just click on each title to read the whole article. Enjoy the reading.

The public area is visible to everyone, even without being registered users, but to access the work areas, and be able to carry out all the various political activities, you must register, and follow our rules, which will be presented in detail in the next articles.

DirectDemocracyS, reminds everyone, that we do not do any political activity on social networks, but that we work only and exclusively, on our official website. On social networks, we inform you, and we communicate the decisions made. We like to be free, independent, neutral, and uncensored, and blocked if we are to tell the truth. And no one can deny that we always tell the truth only.

Thank you.

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