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    Interview part 7

    Published: 16 March 2022

     7. Part 7 of my interview with GreatReferee, user number 283, of DirectDemocracyS.

    We will also talk about our recent activities, Israel and Palestine, and of course the COVID 19 pandemic. Questions 33 and later.

    Question 33. Did Israel and Palestine, their mutual bombing that began on May 6, 2021, make the DirectDemocracyS project known to the public earlier than expected? Could you tell us a little about what activities we have been doing in these first months?

    Answer 33. DirectDemocracyS, has not officially been presented to the public yet, for the simple reason, that we are not yet 100% ready, with all groups and presentation pages, on a geographic basis, on our website.

    The Israeli-Palestinian crisis from May 6, 2021 to May 21, 2021, did not let us know, nor did it hasten our activity. Indeed we can say that it has slowed us down, being known, that among our first registered users, there are many Jews and Palestinians, whom we love and respect in exactly the same way.

    In a period of COVID 19, which did not allow us to go out in the streets, in a peaceful and safe way, to make ourselves known and have direct contact with the population, then the invasion of Russia against Ukraine, all this it has slowed down, and prevented us from continuing in the best possible way, all our activities.

    We have certainly not stood still, on the contrary, each of us has worked hard, according to their abilities and skills, to help face these difficult challenges for humanity.

    Our timeline, and our plan of action, had taken into account various unpleasant contingencies, but not so many, and at the same time.

    We started with registering our definitive domain name, first we used another temporary domain name, and before that yet another, but we will discuss this in detail on another occasion.

    We have registered all the projects of our universe, on behalf of 5 different trading companies, in different countries. In order to operate legitimately, by making one public, the other 4 will be made public, only in case of need. We thank our first verified registered users, and above all our first official representatives, for their availability, which we hope to reward as soon as possible.

    We have appointed our 5 official representatives, with the right to sign on behalf of all of us, who in turn have appointed another 5 ready to take over if necessary. For security reasons they will be made public, only one at a time, with a careful control, of all their activities.

    We started to select a lot of verified registered users, from all the countries of the world (in the first 500 we covered 99% of the countries of the world). Then one registered, who probably lives in Rome near the Vatican State, or was a passing tourist, the fact is that we officially had at least one registered user from every country in the world.

    We have made 75% of our rulebook public, and written many informative articles, again with 75% of our political projects, and some background information on all of our projects. We do not publish all the rules together, because the last parts are above all organizational, and present our working method (not in a generic but specific way), therefore they are not essential, to decide whether a user can join us or not.

    We have prepared our international statute, which they will take into account with due personalization, in all our national political parties.

    We have also done various tests, which we continue to do, to make the whole project ready to welcome many users. First we created various sub-domains, always with our name: but which ended with various names / first / new / old / ver / site / visit / portal / and others, in which we registered our users, and organized various activities, including some online voting tests, more or less official discussions, which continue even now.

    We have unified all the sub-domains, with their users, in a single official site, and we are finalizing the national geographic groups, and the related presentation pages. From a few tens of thousands of users in each of our divided sites, we have become, over 100,000 registered users all together. With various programmed blocks of registrations, to allow us to verify the identity and potential of each user.

    We have been blocked by Facebook for over 2 months, through no fault of our own, but it has allowed us to work more calmly.

    Of over 100,000 users, only 2 very old ones, as of registration date, were deleted by us, because they were from sellers of drugs to enhance sexual potency. They had registered in a period at the beginning, when we allowed registration on our website, with their profile on social networks, or with a personal account of web giants. Obviously we will never repeat that experiment again, anyone who wants to join us will have to follow our rules for registration, which are less simple, but very safe for everyone.

    Of the 100,000 first users, about ten instead, have registered just to see how it works, remaining registered users not verified, some of them will be deleted or blocked, in the next few days or months, due to inactivity. Even if there are no obligations, and everyone participates in the activities they want, at the times and in the ways they want, those who do not reply to our messages on our website, those who rarely enter, and those who do not do any activities, will first be notified, and then blocked, and ultimately made persona non grata, in all our projects. Each of us must give 15-20 minutes a day of his time, to our projects, because only in this way will we be able to do all our activities, in a faster, fairer, more precise and correct way, for the good of all.

    Almost everyone has found interesting activities, and groups of specialists, or security groups, in which to start carrying out some preliminary activities, including political ones. Based on their studies, or on the work activities they carry out in real life, each person will find the opportunity to express themselves.

    We are already organizing groups of specialists, to inform our registered users, directly of the various activities available, before it was the users who had to tell us what activities they wanted to carry out, and we helped them with everything they needed.

    For now, only one registered user has asked us to delete his accounts: one personal and one "institutional". Of course we did, making him persona non grata. We do not like those who enter always criticize in a superficial way, complain about everything, or break the rules, and then go away.

    We have explained our rules better, and made very long articles with questions and answers, to prevent any doubts that may arise for those who visit us.

    For us it is essential not to waste time, so we have given ourselves a rule: if the answer to anyone's question is foreseen and explained in one of our articles, we don't even answer the question, or at most we send a link to the article in to which he finds the answer. We apologize if we seem uncooperative, but the work is a lot, and it is done only by volunteers, in the ways and times, in which our trusted friends can collaborate with us.

    I could spend hours explaining what we have done, but we will do an article, with a detailed report of our activities.

    Question 34. Your position, and that of DirectDemocracyS on COVID 19?

    Answer 34. Our position on COVID 19, and the pandemic is explained in some articles under the main menu item News, Covid-19. Those interested in the details can read them.

    In short, we have taken the pandemic seriously, right from the start. We are not people who believe in fake news, and we do not spread such news.

    We contacted some experts, from various research fields, and specialized doctors from various countries, and together with them we took our positions.

    We do not govern in any country in the world, so we limited ourselves to giving suggestions, advice, to try to inform precisely, and save as many lives as possible.

    As for vaccines, our official position has always been to advise everyone to get vaccines. Always and only, after having consulted your family doctor via email, to find out if there are no contraindications, allergies or other.

    We do not believe that vaccines are the best solution (we would have preferred to find a cure for the most serious forms), but it was, and still is, the only way to avoid many deaths, and to clog both intensive care and health systems, which in many countries have been caught unprepared.

    We are very critical of all politicians, and all parties that have governed, and have made drastic cuts in health care costs. We would like to see who made similar decisions, investigated, judged, and if found guilty, all those politicians convicted, for multiple manslaughter, or for caused massacre, and perhaps even for culpable disaster.

    In some countries, EU members, many cut healthcare costs, with the excuse that “Europe is asking us”. A sterile excuse, which if confirmed, however, means having to investigate, judge, and if found guilty, also condemn those who made these requests on behalf of the EU, for the same crimes, as accomplices.

    Never and for no reason, DirectDemocracyS, and its politicians, will be able to make their political representatives vote in favor of reductions in public health costs.

    It would be enough to make very careful checks, and without any preference, on how money is managed in public health. Investigating, judging, and punishing anyone who is guilty of scams, and inflated expenses.

    But the money recovered after such fair checks, in our opinion, should always be spent on improving health services.

    Health must be guaranteed for all, with a free world health service for all, and not the useless WHO The health of every individual, together with water and food, are vital, essential things that cannot be reduced, but just change and improve.

    Then come, in order, education, research, culture, information, art, sport, and various shows.

    We have always asked our registered users, to follow to the letter, every law, and every regulation of the state authorities, to prevent infections, not so much for the danger and lethality of the virus, but to avoid seeing people, who die in the corridors of hospitals, due to lack of places in intensive care, and in ordinary wards.

    However, we would have managed the pandemic in a completely different way, we would not have looked at the electoral interest, which will never guide our politicians, but we would have tried to work harder and more incisively, in the prevention of infections, with immediate responses also drastic.

    A coordinated blockade could have been organized in all countries, of all non-essential world activities, with the people who would receive for about a month, every need (food and medicine) brought home, by the army and by the forces of the 'order.

    With a worldwide curfew, there would be no need for so many masks, and hospitals would not be clogged. Because even if perhaps we would not have completely stopped the spread of the virus, we could have slowed it down significantly.

    A month of blockade would have curbed the counts almost completely.

    But even if it had only slowed them down, we would have had more time to prepare, to cope with various organizational and structural problems.

    Many lives would have been saved, and the pandemic period would have been shortened.

    The economy in a short time would have recovered all the losses, there would have been no need to give special funds (only partially non-repayable), which will only increase the debt of various countries.

    Simple people, who unlike many politicians, are intelligent, would have understood the sacrifice.

    Instead, with improvised measures, intermittent closures, extreme blocks for more than 2 years, we found ourselves not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Definitive light, which unfortunately have seen, the many deaths, the many who have suffered for weeks and months in intensive care, and which may be on the conscience: of those who have not warned in time of the existence of the virus, of those who have not had the courage to impose a month or so of a world lockdown by the WHO, which declared the pandemic too late. But also of those who underestimated the gravity of the situation and those who took late and wrong measures.

    When we initially proposed to block everything, for a global quarantine, we were told: we only do it, if you pay for it.

    Now that so many have died, so many have suffered, so many have closed or sold out, their businesses, so many have lost their jobs, you have to thank those who have not listened to us, and our experts.

    In many countries, we have witnessed the pitiful spectacle, of many experts (more or less good), who instead of working to find solutions, cures, or to give assistance, went to the media, and each gave a slightly different version , often entered into unnecessary controversies among themselves.

    All the chaos and too much information, always different, have generated many problems, and little trust in simple people, who obtained information in the wrong places.

    And many politicians competed to see who is more imbecile, as soon as they found the first cases, instead of blocking everything immediately, they wasted time, they said that it is little more than a flu, others said that sooner or later everyone will have to do it and it will pass. Meanwhile, hospitals and intensive care wards were filling up.

    We also know that "only" 2 or 3% die of Covid-19, and it was known even then, but what the idiots did not calculate, is that if you do not have the possibility to increase beyond a certain limit, the beds (in intensive care and in ordinary wards), you will have to treat the sick in tents or on the street. Or worse, you will have to make the various doctors decide who will receive the treatment and who will have to be left to die. All deaths are ugly and painful, but suffocation is undoubtedly one of the worst.

    If you don't have enough respirators to give oxygen, in intensive care, where about half on average die, you can't really save almost anyone.

    PS do not look at the dates of our articles on Covid-19 on our website, our articles have recently been republished, but they had been done, in the first days after the first cases in China. When they blocked the Chinese, a region of 30 million inhabitants, in the hope, perhaps, of containing the infections.

    After the availability of the first vaccines, people already tired, stressed, discouraged, and informed by false or contradictory news, obsessively sought information, from anyone, even on vaccines.

    Then the expert virologists and improvised doctors appeared. It was enough that one or more former comedians, a DJ, some singer, a tennis player, a motorcycle racer, a politician with no following but ambitious and profiteer, or some loser doctor in search of fame, or the salesman who brings pizza to home, said something bad about vaccines, and immediately millions of differently intelligent people, and informed only by social networks, immediately gave up vaccinating, creating irreparable damage, both to themselves and to loved ones, especially the elderly or with previous illnesses .

    On RNA vaccines, which are innovative, and created in record time, not because they do not occur sufficiently, or because they are not safe, but because research has made great strides in recent years, and the various stages of experimentation are possible. do at the same time, many lies have been told.

    The introduction of 5G technology in many countries has been useful for many, to be able to connect 2 things that have no relevance. Weak minds always associate things without a logical sense.

    Almost all vaccines to combat Covid-19 are safer and have fewer side effects than normal aspirin.

    But also thanks to many politicians, who in various countries created confusion, in some cases helped by doctors who "cheered" for one or the other vaccine, normal people, informed by many improvised "scientists", in many tragic cases not they trusted vaccines more.

    Fake news, suggestions from incompetent people, often create more deaths than they "save".

    I know the next question is about fake news, and so we'll talk about it later, but I want to tell everyone one thing: if you have to choose in life, choose to trust science. And do not listen to those who, for personal interest, tell you things "for your own good", or because "his cousin said so".

    A clever tip for you is this: if you have been lied to once or more, by newspapers, radio, TV, and all the "official" information, it does not mean that everything they write, say or show is absolutely false. Instead, for many it has become impossible to distinguish between truth and lies, due to skepticism, often justified.

    If science tells us that the risk-benefit ratio is in favor of vaccines, after contacting your doctor, go get the vaccine. By spreading false news you can cause the death and suffering of many people, even unintentionally. Unfortunately, even in the case of manslaughter, someone dies.

    At DirectDemocracyS, we believe that all politics has many liars inside (even pathological ones), unreliable people, and who almost never keep all their promises, but if they tell us to do something, after consulting science, we we must trust.

    We know and understand you, that you are tired of lies (too many and by almost everyone), and broken promises. But if they lie to you every now and then, it doesn't mean that everything they tell you is false and wrong. In some cases, it is better to trust.

    Furthermore, with RNA vaccines, science will be able to develop vaccines and treatments in the future, for AIDS, for tumors, and for many diseases, even serious ones. So always choose your side, in absolute freedom, but think well, and do not believe that everything is false.

    We have chosen to be in favor of vaccines, because we believe that the life of each person is very important. Many fools will say: you are bribed by Big Pharma, they pay you to advertise vaccines.

    Others will accuse us that many who, reading our advice, got vaccinated, maybe died, or got sick all the same.

    Even knowing that it is bad to say it: the cost-benefit ratios, by reason of us, are more those that we have saved than those that we have unintentionally killed. Mathematics, and statistics, don't lie.

    We tell you anyway: no, no pharmaceutical company finances us, but we know how to do mathematical and statistical calculations, and we are sure that by advising people to get vaccinated (if they do not have allergies and after consulting their doctor), we have saved more lives, than if we didn't.

    We know that it is fashionable to be against everything and everyone, against all corrupt and lying politicians, against all corrupt and lying information. But we ask you a question now: are you really sure, that many angry people, who protest against everything and everyone, can always tell you the truth? If you think all the "official" sources are lying, how can you be sure that what you read on alternative (unreliable) websites, or on social networks in groups of losers, is the absolute truth? Unofficial sources may lie to you as well. Indeed, it is much easier for unreliable sources to lie to you, as if they are denied, they do not risk a bad impression, they will tell you: it's our fault, we are not an official source.

    There are many, too many questions, perhaps too direct.

    We could have given no advice, not taking any position, on vaccines and above all not advising everyone to always respect all the laws and rules imposed by politicians (also for civic duty and not to have to pay fines or closures of your activities) . We would have made happy both those who are in favor of vaccines and respect for the rules, and those who are against everything and everyone.

    But we never make calculations based on our interests, because we often identify with those incapable ones who Govern you and have Governed you in history. And if we had to choose us, would they listen to us?

    In their place we would have made different choices (completely different), we would have had more courage, but we would have always told you things to your face, both for good and especially for evil.

    We would have acted earlier, maybe in harsher ways, and maybe you would have considered us bad "dictators" at the beginning, but you would have had a month of suffering, and more than two years of normality. And we would have told you before: we must do this, all together united, with the aim of achieving this.

    We will never tell you just what you want to hear, we will not make promises that are often unrealizable, but we guarantee you the utmost cooperation and above all loyalty.

    With our project, and with our method, we always guarantee you the best information, independent but specialized.

    A famous tennis player, some singer, some DJ, some actor, radio and TV presenter, a motorcycle racer, some comic actors, politicians who see easy money from people's misfortunes, and some incompetent doctors, will never be part of our specialists, in research (virology, immunology), history and development of pandemics, and special groups that deal with health, for the simple fact that for the good of our users, in every activity, only and exclusively people who have studied and achieved great personal results, in each specific activity. Each of them, if they join us, will be placed in the groups where they can inform, knowing exactly what they are talking about.

    Therefore, with us, they will not find space in special groups, people who, while making a comedy film, or a show at the theater, begin to explain to a group of fragile innocent minds, how to deal with a very dangerous virus, which can cause serious damage. to your health, and that of your loved ones.

    We know that we take away the pleasure of always knowing everything and above all of discussing and advising on things you do not know, but we certainly do not do it for your harm. And even if we do not advise you to contribute to the spread of false news (it could be dangerous), if you really want, you can use social networks and websites that are not part of our projects, to have fun talking and giving enlightened opinions on things that you do not know, even if they could unfortunately cause damage to others and therefore we do not recommend it.

    With us the rules are clear, if you are an expert, if you have studied, if you have verifiable results, if you have reliable sources of information, you speak and write, otherwise do what you do best and talk about what you know perfectly, in groups created for the various activities, based on what if you are really specialized.

    Attention, we certainly do not limit the freedom of thought (everyone is free to believe what he wants), but to be fair and credible, we are proud to limit the possibility of speaking on our behalf, and of all our verified registered users. We have seen the bad figures made throughout history, by various political representatives, so ours will always have to rely on our expert verified users, organized in groups of real specialists.

    To make this important interview published in a simple way, in all languages, we divide it into various parts. See you soon with the eighth part. Find out, visit our website, always find out in detail, and only then join us. Share everything with as many people as possible, because it is in everyone's interest to know about the existence of our and your project. Thank you.

    Copyright © DirectDemocracyS.

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