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    At the beginning of our work, of creation, of our common projects, we had to make a choice, difficult for us, and very important, however simple it may seem at first sight, simple and banal.

    Will we be a political organization, which works on social networks, practically for free, or do we invest a lot of our own money in one of our websites?

    The choice was made unanimously. We have decided to bring out, according to our possibilities, a sum to invest, in this official website, of our political project.

    So, we have decided to have a limited but useful presence in the future, and we will talk about it, on social networks, and to create, our official website.

    We have given ourselves this rule: we don't do a lot of politics, we don't give a lot of information, we don't do a lot of negotiations with other groups, we don't advertise too much, and almost no type of activity, in an excessive way, on social networks, or on websites. , external to our projects.

    We will not use social networks, and other websites, to make ourselves known to the general public, or to advertise, but we will limit ourselves to making our activities known to a few selected people. We will publish, in the manner, timing, and content, decided by our internal groups, on our website. But also on our method of promotion, we will rightly make a dedicated article.

    We have chosen, as often happens, the longest, most difficult, and most expensive way. The only one that assured us, the full and total freedom, and also a more careful control, of those who join us.

    The less popular choice, we would have had, at lower costs, a greater number of users, working only on social networks. But in terms of freedom of expression, security, potential, and above all independence, we are sure we have made the best choice.

    Some of our rules, and some of our programs, make us badly tolerated by the giants of the web.

    One of all, our financial and economic policy, and our choice, to expect the giants of the web to pay taxes, exclusively in the countries and territories where the users live, from which the earnings derive. And that these taxes must be exactly equal, in percentages, and not in value, or even slightly higher, than the taxes paid by a worker, a state employee, or a small or medium local industry. So, as any normal person understands, the giants of the web have valid reasons not to love us.

    Another reason, also economic, is that after a 2-month block by a famous social network, we decided to never invest, not even a penny, in sports, advertisements, and paid advertisements. And this applies to any website, or to all social networks. The fact of not investing any money in advertising has a simple and presumptuous motivation: we have projects of all kinds, so beautiful, well done, and complete, that we do not need advertising to make them known, it will be enough at the right time, to do a little word of mouth.

    A tactical reason, on the other hand, is that we give everyone exactly the same respect that we are given. In fact, for us, their social networks are exactly like our websites. Virtual houses, in which if you want to enter, you have to respect exactly all the rules. Unlike them, however, we never give generic messages when we make a decision, such as to delete non-compliant content. We explain the exact reasons, and always grant the right to justify, apologize, edit posts, and the right to reply. We will never put a generic: "your post violates the regulation", but a clearer and more detailed one: "your post violates the regulation, for this exact reason ...". We do not like, and we do not allow anyone, to behave with us, in an overbearing way, with an air of superiority, only because, momentarily, we are much smaller, weaker, and defenseless. Bullies from us, of whatever kind they are, will receive exactly a reply, based on the kind of behavior adopted, but with intelligence, and a unique style.

    A technical reason, however, is always related to security, we do not allow our users to register with their profiles on social media, as they can be anonymous or false. Technically, our computer system would allow registration, but then, for security reasons, it would not accept registered users, with their social profile, who climb the various hierarchies, and obtain control or management roles of our own systems. computer scientists. Therefore, we required to register, for each user, an e-mail address, a username, even anonymous, and a secure password, of at least 12, but also more characters. And for those who want it, they can pay 12 Euros a year, and have from the moment of payment, for a whole year, an e-mail address, ending @, created by one of our IT experts, of the your profile, obviously you can choose your password at the first access, or reset it later.

    One last reason, always inexpensive, is that we don't care about filling our website with aggressive advertising, and pop-up windows that open, and disturb visitors, and users. We prefer to insert 3 dedicated spaces, for international, national, and local advertising, to allow some more income to our organization.

    With the hope of being clear, we invite you, as always, to deepen the various articles.

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