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    We are looking for official representatives

    2024 Bucharest looking for official representatives

    DirectDemocracyS will participate again this year in the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy 2024, which will take place in Bucharest from 15 to 18 May 2024.

    After our first official participation, at the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy 2023, which took place in Mexico City, we decided to renew our presence, with a stand, in which to introduce DirectDemocracyS to all the delegates representing all the peoples and all countries of the world.

    In addition to the presentation of our political organization, we want to intervene as much as possible on the themes proposed by the organizers, and present our contributions, and our solutions, found with many years of hard work.

    Based on the collaboration with the organizers, we have already prepared, all our proposals, and very elaborate and detailed documentation, which will be made public at the right time.

    The invitation to participate, received from our political organization, is obviously extended to all our official members, and to all our verified registered users.

    In order not to be too many people, but to be all represented in the best possible way, we have decided to have a discreet, but effective, and very active presence.

    We will be officially represented, by an administrator of DirectDemocracyS at international level, an official representative of DirectDemocracyS Europe, and by 3 official representatives of DirectDemocracyS Romania. Our delegation will be expanded to include our other users / voters, and therefore integrated by some volunteers.

    What are we looking for? Some volunteers, possibly residing in Bucharest, Romania, or nearby (especially in the countries bordering Romania), to have a physical and online presence, in all languages, in order to have a more organized distribution.

    The presence, and the work, which will be carried out by each of our members, or verified users, at the Bucharest forum, brings, as always, a variable number of points, which can be transformed into prizes, goods, services, or money, based on to our rules. These points also allow us to move up in our hierarchies, from a lower type of user to a higher type.

    In order to obtain the best results, we have prepared a simple regulation.

    Event type.

    Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy 2024.

    Place and date of the event.

    It will take place in Bucharest, Romania, from 15 to 18 May 2024.

    Types of authorized users.

    All our official members and all our registered users, with verified and guaranteed identity, can participate in this activity.

    Organization groups.

    On our website, in each organizational group, at international, continental, national, state, or regional level, posts will be created, with all the necessary information, and participation forms will be made public, to all members, present in the various groups.


    As with all of our events, after having carefully studied the regulations, you will comment on each post, in the group to which it belongs, to confirm, as appropriate, this exact order: your interest, your intention to participate, and your availability. The method of participation will also be specified, therefore specifying whether in person or by connecting online. Finally, you will specify the activities in which you want to participate, the exact ways, and for how long. After the proposals, discussions, decisions, and votes of each group, the authorized users will complete the participation form, which will be evaluated, and possibly approved, by our authorization groups.

    Participation form.

    It is a simple form, with personal data, and all the details of the activities that can be carried out. It is filled in directly on our website. As always, we recommend that you prepare the form on your device, PC, tablet, or smartphone, and then once you have finished and specified every detail, you can fill out the form online.

    Times for organizing the event.

    Appointment of the definitive representatives, at the event, by 15 April 2024, 00.00 (GMT).

    The deadlines for completing and sending the participation form on our website must be respected, which are: by 15 March 2024, 00.00 (GMT). The start of the form submission activity is scheduled to begin on February 15, 2024, 00.00 (GMT). The start of selection activities, in the various groups, is January 15, 2024, 00.00 (GMT). The start of communication activities, and preliminary activities, of the event is 15 December 2023, 00.00 (GMT).

    Unauthorized users.

    Unauthorized users will still be able to participate in the event, individually, without obtaining any points, any reimbursement from us, and without the right to represent DirectDemocracyS at the event.

    We remind everyone that participation in person can cause damage to the environment due to harmful emissions from the means of transport used, and can be expensive for those who do not live near the exact place where each event takes place. DirectDemocracyS advises those interested to participate online in the various activities.

    Volunteers, to support our participation.

    For anyone who wants to help us, in order to obtain the best results at the event, as volunteers, simply fill out the event participation form as volunteers, and send it by March 15, 2024, 00.00 (GMT). You must specify the dates, times, and activities that you can do, and whether you are available in person at the event, or only online.

    Anyone who wants to participate with us in this event, and has not yet joined us, by registering on our website, and creating their personal profile, should do so as soon as possible, to have the time necessary to obtain all authorizations, and the necessary appointments. Follow the instructions carefully, and respect all our rules.

    All information on this important activity, and on this event, only via the contact form of this link:

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