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    Our political representatives are not disadvantaged

    Our political representatives are not disadvantagedFor DirectDemocracyS, politics is serious business, and it must be at the service of all people.

    Our political representatives are completely different from those of other political forces.

    They have many characteristics, which make us, and make them, unique, inimitable, and authentically democratic.

    We always say that politics must change and improve the world, it must solve all people's problems. Most of these changes are materialized by the work of our political representatives.

    We have explained that we intend to renew the entire world, continental, national, state and local political class. We do it, with new people, and certainly more competent, honest, and reliable than all the other political forces. We say it with conviction, knowing full well, how we select our candidates, and how our closed online primary elections are conducted. Maximum attention, both in the selection and in the election, of the best political representatives.

    Some people believe that our political representatives are disadvantaged compared to those of other political forces. Even important personalities from the world of politics tell us that DirectDemocracyS "debases" the role of the political representative, and makes him "subject" to his own voters.

    Obviously, those who say certain things have 3 main reasons. The first, and to look for defects, in our political organization, which the more time passes, the more immense it becomes, and always better, compared to all the other political forces. We feel sorry for those who try, but we are too many people, with brilliant minds, carefully selected, with our methodology: the right people, in the right place, so we are perfect and infallible. Time will prove us right. The second reason is that the old politics, and those who "volve around" us, all have a justified fear of our completely alternative innovation. If DirectDemocracyS gets known, almost all the people, good and intelligent, will immediately join us, and for them it's over. They will have to look for real work for themselves and for those who support them, and they will not have advantages, control, secrets, privileges, money, power, and wealth, "stealing" from the population the power, guaranteed by the very word democracy, which old political forces, transform into party politics, oligarchic. The third reason is because if they join us, they will have great difficulty running for office, and gaining power. And even if they did, they would be fully, and continuously, available to, and controlled by, their constituents.

    These great "antiquated politics specialists", do not know, or rather do not want to know, that our unique and inimitable method, which requires political representatives to do exactly what their constituents order them, before, during, and for the first time in the world, even after the elections, it is the only authentic form of democracy in the history of humanity.

    DirectDemocracyS is the evolution of world politics, which works only for the good of all the people of the world, always starting to help first, people and businesses that are in difficulty. And we do it, by sharing “the power” with whoever is our member.

    Proudly, we are the only ones in the world who can use the word democracy without shame.

    When we write that we are innovative, and alternative to all the rest of the political forces, it is not a question of propaganda, but a simple observation of reality.

    DirectDemocracyS does not ask people to be voted, but to join us, to decide together about our present and our future. We ask everyone to work together with all of us to change and improve the world.

    In a long article, we have explained many details on the role of our political representatives and our rules concerning this important aspect.

    We don't want to repeat everything, but add some new and as always surprising concepts.

    Many "experts", but also simple people, often tell us: how can you be sure that once elected, your political representatives will follow the orders of their electors? And if once they have obtained power, having been elected, they acted like the political representatives of the old political forces? And if they didn't want to follow all the orders, whose power of representation gave them, with the vote? In addition to the fact that all their salaries pass through the DirectDemocracyS current account, which pays them based on the decisions of the geographical groups from which they were elected, and in addition to oaths and documents, there is one thing that makes us, as always, unique and innovative.

    Before each real election, each of our candidates, for a specific role, signs an authenticated letter of resignation, for personal reasons, which is kept by one of our Notaries. Obviously, the date is not written, only the content, and the signature are authenticated, with the purpose of being used, having legal value, if necessary.

    In the event that each of our political representatives does not respect all our rules, and our methodology, according to very detailed rules, his letter of resignation will be made official and public, for personal reasons, which will immediately become official.

    Surely some will accuse us of not trusting our own political representatives, perhaps believing they are "hurting" us. But no, dear friends, because this rule of "preventive resignations" applies exactly to every person who joins us, and to anyone who plays any role in our activities. Literally, and concretely, in all of our activities. Anyone who doesn't respect every rule, every method, and every instruction, is out, and to be sure, each of us resigns, in a "preventive" way.

    To explain ourselves better, we consider that each person must respect their commitments and carry out their work in the best way. If a worker does not carry out his work in the best way, respecting the rules and the commitments made, his responsible manager can fire him.

    For the old representative politics, the elected is a privileged person, because for many years, after the elections, in complicity with his own political party, he takes all the decision-making power of the people, and uses it in the ways he prefers, without that whoever has given him, with his vote, the power of representation, can interfere and direct his choices. Let us not forget that elections should not give power to political parties and their political representatives, otherwise we are talking about oligarchic party politics, or, as we call it, fake democracy, partial democracy, limited democracy, or worse, interrupted democracy, because it stops, immediately after the elections. Here, perhaps now, even those who do not understand the importance of DirectDemocracyS, understand that we are righteous, and with a truly unlimited potential.

    We are the only ones in the world who, thanks to our ingenious rules, make our politics just and efficient.

    We will never agree with those who tell us that it is better and more just to give all voters the power to eliminate any political representative who works in the institutions. We are convinced that every political force must and can only eliminate its own representatives, if they do not do their job in the best way. We will fight to prevent: indiscriminate hunting, to favor, the elimination of the political opponent. Everyone is responsible for their own representatives, and only the voters of each political force must be able to eliminate their own representatives, and not those of the others.

    We will never agree with those who tell us that it is better, and more just, to draw lots, or for limited periods, often changing political representatives. We ask these "experts": if they had to remove a tooth, they would prefer to have it done by a dentist, perhaps choosing the best one, based on their own possibilities and needs, or, if they would go to a mechanic, or a veterinarian. A selection, and an informed choice, on the basis of results deriving from the selection of candidates, is essential if the best results are to be obtained.

    Often, we, in DirectDemocracyS, call our political representatives, servants of the people. But that's exactly what they are, and what they have to do, to serve the interests of the people, who, being the sole holder of power, are the sovereign, or the master. It's called democracy.

    In some of our messages, we make the comparison between the puppeteers, who in the old politics, are the political parties, and their political representatives, and the puppets, who are us voters. In current and old politics, political parties and their political representatives decide, therefore they "pull the strings", and we people, citizens, and voters, respect their laws, therefore we "move as we are ordered".

    DirectDemocracyS, reverses the roles, our users, voters, therefore the people, become puppeteers, hold the power, continuous over time, to decide, and our political representatives, are the puppets, who put into practice, every decision, of whom, with your vote, you give them the power of representation.

    This does not diminish, and does not make our political representatives "impotent", it only makes them authentically and continuously democratic.

    It's just a matter of deciding if you want to be fair, equitable, and consistent. Ours is the politics of democracy, freedom, and coherence, an alternative to all the rest of the political forces.

    To those who accuse us, or to those who "predict" us, that we will not find candidates under these conditions, we can guarantee you that we will never have problems of lack of candidates, perhaps we will have some less than others, but ours, certainly they will be better, and they will win every election.

    DirectDemocracyS, by empowering people, its constituents, who are its users on our website, with the help of think tanks, always composed of our constituents, and always users on our website, is intended, and "condemned ” to victory, in every election, in every country in the world.

    When we win all the elections, DirectDemocracyS won't win, DirectDemocracyS won't have all the power. All power will remain forever in the hands, hearts and brains of those who, by joining us, manage, control and decide everything.

    We are the first, and the only ones in the world, who not only win, but by winning, obtaining more consensus and more votes, they make their supporters win.

    We have created a perfect mechanism to prevent anyone from abusing their power. We have rules, which oblige everyone to work for the good of all, without internal struggles, without favors, without exceptions, and without unscrupulous people who try to be smart.

    Times change, we need innovation, we need a credible alternative that works.

    DirectDemocracyS, is the political force of the present, and of the future. We are certain that without copying us, no political force can be better and more just than us. And if they copy us, always remember that the original is always better than those who, having no ideas of their own, copy others.

    Obviously, we have all the security measures, the method, and all the rules, which will always make us ethically perfect. Because once all our promises have been put into practice, our authentic democracy must be protected, and guarded, to prevent the old and bankruptcy politics from stealing again, the power, which must always, and only, belong to the entire population .

    We have often been accused of repeating certain concepts and giving continuous explanations, but the things to be explained, the motivations, and the innovations are multiple, and often connected. We are sorry, if to make you understand who we are, why we are the best, and why we are "condemned" to winning, we repeat certain phrases from time to time.

    In practice, we are the only ones, in the entire history of politics, to be just, and to share power, totally, and continuously over time, with those who join us.

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