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    2023.11.24 MessageMany people, who are outside DirectDemocracyS, believe that if we publish few articles on our website, or, if we are not always active on social networks, our work is stopped, somehow slowed down. The reserved part, visible to those who join us, is always active, and works hard, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, also thanks to the time zones of the earth.

    Our working style is the usual one, and thanks to our continuously growing users / voters, our activities have also increased, not only in number, but in quality. Each new person who joins brings with them their own ideas, their own proposals, their own projects, to be implemented and put into practice, all together, and to make a decisive contribution to our activities.

    Unlike those who publish something only to increase their consensus, or to not lose and maintain those they have, we only publish the things we deem necessary, keeping most of our activities together, in the reserved areas of our sites web. If we published everything we do, or decide, our website would be really difficult to consult for those visiting us from the outside.

    We don't do it to hide something, in fact those who are with us see many of our activities. We have no big secrets, although we always protect the identity of our users, and their work with us. With the exception of the exact identity of whoever conceived and created all this, for the reasons you know well, we hide nothing from you, and, again unlike everyone else, we have been, are, and will always be , absolutely sincere. Always and only telling the truth, even that which can take away some consensus, is unique to us.

    From July 2023 (date of our last message, on the main social networks, in all languages), to the end of November 2023, many things have happened, globally and within us. In this regard, we want to remind everyone that it is not our style to "politicize the events of the day", trying to make them useful for our "propaganda". Commenting and making public our position on every single event, in every geographical area, is a task of our internal groups, dedicated to the analysis and debates of the news, and we are not interested in letting everyone know, as the we think about everything, we just need those who are directly interested to know it.

    As you know, we have a work method, based on phases, and each of our general rules also applies to our more specific activities, although in certain cases, there are more detailed rules, based on our needs, to certain groups work together. We never do, and never say, anything by accident. The geographical and territorial phase, which began with the international one, has also become continental over time. If for those who don't know us, the transition seems simple, for us, who know very well what it means, it is an immense amount of work. At the right time, we will begin the national, state, regional, provincial, district, and finally local phases. The geographical phases start from the largest geographical area, the international one, at the level of the entire planet, and will arrive, with the passage of time, at the neighborhood and street block phases, to be increasingly closer to people, and to be able carry out increasingly specific activities in the various territorial subdivisions.

    It was necessary for us to have a general approach, the same for everyone, in order to then create all the specificities and the right autonomies within the unitary idea of our political organization. We were born to unite, for the first time in the world, all people, and not to divide them.

    Our presence in the territories increases continuously, and we must always be prepared to welcome new users in the same way we welcomed the first ones. Without preferences, and without favoritism, always putting the right people in the right place.

    Even among our members, there is a request to speed up the times, but we know very well what to do, when to do it, and how to do it, and the times are exactly those necessary to obtain the best results. We have planned every step, to prevent any problems.

    Before we start letting you know the news, we need to make a brief introduction.

    We are not very active on social networks, and on other websites, in order to always be free, independent, and without the risk of being slowed down, or worse, blocked. We are in other people's homes, we have to respect their rules, and rightly so. One thing that is not right is that our messages and our posts reach on average less than 0.5% of those who follow us. It is not right that in the rankings of the various search engines, our website, and all the websites connected to our activities, are always in the last places, often behind activities with fewer users. If you search for DirectDemocracyS, written exactly like that, we are never mentioned first, but rather, you are asked: did you mean direct democracy? Search engines and social networks, to offer us "visibility", continue to ask us to pay, and we do not continue kindly and politely to decline their every invitation. Some time ago, a simple official representative of ours was clear: if you don't guarantee us mutual respect, we won't spend even a cent from you on advertising and announcements. Facebook, I've blocked us for over 2 months, without even a single valid reason. We simply annoy. Perhaps because they realize that with us in power, the whole world will be forced to pay taxes, just like businesses and workers, without any favouritism, and in full, in each country in which they make their profits, in based on the residences of the various users. They hope to slow us down, or they delude themselves into thinking they can stop us. Maybe, when we were a few hundred, they had some hope, now, that we are tens of thousands, from all the countries of the world, we are unstoppable. Thinking of boycotting us, they make us grow, in a gradual, slower but continuous way, allowing us to select with greater attention, and in peace, every user who joins us, welcoming them all in the best possible way. This attitude of theirs favors us, on the contrary, if too many people knew us, all together, we would often risk seeing blocks of our web servers, slowing down many of our activities several times in the initial phases. We know very well that even a single person who follows us on social media has the right to be informed, and our presence on traditional social networks should be strengthened. But we told everyone, from the beginning, that on our websites, you find all the information, in real time. Our presence on social networks is not complete, we are not present everywhere, but whoever searches some of them will also find us in various languages. We do not intend to lose money resources, which must be invested in the right way, or human resources, which must be used, in the right place, and in the right way, that is, in our website, which is our home, which has all the potential necessary to do an excellent job. Our users must work together with us, in the right way, and in the right place, also for these reasons, the only way to contact us, and receive answers directly from us, is possible, only through the contact forms, present on the our official website. We only inform, on social networks, from time to time, also to document our existence, and to be able to say that we are the first to do and say certain things, in a certain way, but we do not respond, and we do not carry out direct activities , on social networks. Many try, and will try, to copy us and our ideas. Many will try to scam you, saying they speak on our behalf, and represent DirectDemocracyS. We offer you security measures and the possibility to always check whether those who contact you do so in a way authorized by us, and whether a product or service offered to you by us is authentic. Simply send the details to our special security team at this link:

    For instructions on how to correctly fill out a contact form, just read this article:

    For more information on contacting us, read this article carefully:

    Now, let's see what the latest news is from our beloved, and envied by all, DirectDemocracyS.

    As always, we write you the links, and a summary in a few words of the content of our article.

    He talks about politics, and the sovereignty of various countries, with a question: do sovereign and free states really exist?

    It contains a lot of information, about our groups, many details about our collective activities.

    Instructions about our groups, and how the activities are carried out together.

    Explain what can be done in groups, and what is prohibited.

    An article about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the death of Yevgeny Prigozhin.

    It's an article, with a lot of useful tips. Please read very carefully to prevent any problems.

    A lesson in democracy, which will make you understand why we are without a doubt, the best political force in the history of humanity. And we will always be.

    An article in which we explain why we are in no hurry. To be read, even several times, and with great attention.

    The continental phases of our activities together have officially begun, with many interesting news.

    An explanation of the various types of users and the reasons for these subdivisions. democracy

    A fun article, which also makes you think. One of the richest and most famous men in the world talks about direct democracy. Elon Musk, before taking it to Mars, let's implement direct democracy on our planet together, and then we will also be ready with DirectDemocracyS Mars! Also contains a video.

    The detailed rules of all our political activities, with many explanations, and above all with the motivations, of many of our political activities.

    America, to Americans, is an important article for the whole world, it explains how our activities are carried out, with the example of the United States.

    An article on the crisis, between Israel and Palestine, shortly after the tragic terrorist attack by Hamas, on the civilian population of Israel, and the equally brutal and violent Israeli response to these tragic and cowardly attacks.

    Our solutions to the difficult crisis between Israel and Palestine, and in general to all conflicts, which must be avoided by learning mutual respect for all people.

    A message to the independent candidates for the Presidency of the United States of America, but important to read for every person, it contains very useful information and advice for everyone.

    A short article, with a survey, on changing some rules of our logos.

    Some of our assessments on the attack on a hospital in Gaza.

    The first, of some articles, dedicated to our economic and financial activities, together. It explains in detail, our independent businesses, where many of our users have decided to do business together.

    A presentation of our official currency, already active in our activities for some time.

    Instructions for using our official currency.

    The detailed article, about our groups of specialists, made up of experts on each topic, who are fundamental to being able to decide, in an informed way, on everything. To be read carefully, even several times!

    We wish you happy reading, and we are sure that you will be interested in learning more by reading all the other articles.

    We await, as always, your messages, your proposals, and also any constructive criticism, to be sent via the contact form, to receive a direct response from us.

    Obviously, the best questions will be used to improve our activities, and together with the related answers, they will be published on our website.

    We know that many articles are long, and it takes a lot of study to begin to understand who we are, and what we do, but we hope that after having informed yourself, you will join us, and share our existence with as many people as possible.

    Thank you, a warm greeting and an affectionate hug to everyone!



    The complete list of all our over 200 public information articles, from the latest, most recent, up to the first, can be found at this link:

    The page loading is a little slow, due to the photos of each article, and the short presentation of each of them.

    Also in our social, public area, you will find the latest articles and some of our public activities:

    See you soon!

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