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Published: 14 January 2022

DirectDemocracyS is a very complex project, and above all very risky, for those who created it, and for those who manage it.

Many, will try to stop us, the "strong powers" (because they will lose their influence and power over time), but also the whole world political class (because they know they will lose all power), all the religions of the world (because they are afraid of losing faithful, even if we respect, and will always respect all religions, and the freedoms of our users to believe in what they want).

Therefore the name of the main creator, and of the 6 "-SuperAdministrator-", of DirectDemocracyS was, is, and will always be secret. They will hold their meetings online, according to secret security regulations, known only to them.

The same applies to the Administrators, who are at least 7 in the various countries (in those with more inhabitants their number will increase, based on the number of users in each country), and to the members of the “-Security-” group. They will hold their meetings online, according to secret security regulations, known only to them.

Even the "Deputy Administrators", who will be very numerous, based on the increase in our registered users, will hold their meetings online, based on secret security regulations, known only to them.

For this reason, never and for no reason, no person will know the real data of who is behind all our project.

Our registered users, and not even our political candidates, do not run any physical risk, because there are already so many, and so scattered around the world, that no one will ever have any problems.

When we created DirectDemocracyS, we chose some people, nominated and voted by us, who have the right to speak on behalf of DirectDemocracyS, but have no right to decide, other than their simple vote in online elections (like all our registered users ), and obviously free voting, in one's country of origin.

These people are courageous, because they know that even if they do not hold "the power", they will have to work hard to promote, and represent DirectDemocracys. But in addition to our thanks, they will be rewarded, in an important way. Obviously not even our official representatives do not know the real data of the “-SuperAdministrator-” or of the “-Administrator-”, or “ViceAdminitrator-”. They don't even know who our representatives are in other countries. Because even if we act in a unitary way, decisions and certain meetings are held in other ways, and above all in other places. DirectDemocracys and are only the small, visible and public part of a project that has already begun to develop since 2001, attracting great participation. So we are prepared to face and overcome all the various intentions of stopping.

From 7 people, to 7 billion or even more. For now, as of May 20, 2021, we are about 300,000. Even if some of them can be eliminated, because they are inactive or false, about 200,000 are serious people, and above all verified.

For security reasons, the real personal data of our first 500,000 registered and verified users will not be made visible, so do not write down your real data, and always check the privacy settings of your profiles on

Our servers, and our server farms, are located in 7 countries around the world, and we are working to create more. Each server farm comes into operation only after the destruction of another, and the data lost in the event of an attack (physical and IT) are minimal, because the cumulative backups, live, allow us to resume practically without any problem.

In the event that a server farm due to attacks (physical or computer) is attacked, we will build 2 more, to make life difficult, for anyone who wants to try to stop our work.

Obviously, thanks to our means of protection, and the help of all the good people in the world, we will know not only to defend ourselves, but also to have all those who want to prevent us from working be punished by justice.

The world will change, and life will improve, for 99.99% of the world population.

0.01% of the cruel and ruthless people, who exploit and make the life of good people difficult, will have to change their behavior.

This short, and not very detailed article (for obvious reasons), is also an answer to the many users and visitors who are afraid that such a project could be dangerous.

It is not dangerous for anyone, because not knowing where it starts from, and who is behind it, no one can ever be traced, and it will make any attack of all kinds practically useless, and without any efficiency.

Since some curious people have asked us if behind DirectDemocracyS, there are rich or famous people, our answer is that to create and design all this, we need many minds, and many funds. And we guarantee that never and for no reason, we will lie, but that for security measures, hiding some is vital for us. But one thing is certain, our "-SuperAdministrator-", "-Administrator-", and "-ViceAdminitrator-" are absolutely safe, honest, prepared, competent, and incorruptible, as will all our political representatives, and we hope all our registered users.

And for those who say that characters from the “-Dark-Web-”, or “-Anonimus-”, will surely be part of this project, let's just say, “-NO COMMENT-”.

In conclusion join us without fear, use only the necessary prudence, and keep your data safe, as in all websites where you register.

Remember, however, that to change the world you need the presence of all good people, and also the intellectual, moral contribution, and donations (always based on possibilities), from everyone.

Together we will make it.


Thank you.

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