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    Online elections and official appointments

    Published: 14 February 2022

    These rules apply only to all of our verified registered users, who have signed the membership agreement and written oath, and confirmed by video call, and who have obtained the verified registered user certificate.

    For others, the only activity to do on our site is to observe, and have the news when it is published in public groups and public pages, in the community reserved area on our websites.

    Of course they can vote for us in regular elections, they can join and sign our signature collections, and they can also support us with free private donations, all people, so even those who don't join us.

    Our advice, however, is to join us, and to register, becoming verified registered users, in order to be decisive, and give your contribution both in proposals and ideas, but also in control, that everything is done in the best possible way. of ways.

    We must make a brief introduction. The choices of our political representatives can be influenced and managed, only and exclusively in the groups on our websites, in which our politicians were first candidates, then elected, through the vote of our verified registered users, in the aforementioned groups.

    In this way, the possibility for everyone to engage in active politics, to stand as candidates, to propose discussions, to propose projects and activities, to vote, and to be voted, will be guaranteed, but also to carry out all the various stages of control, in order to become ours. official representative.

    The appointments of our political representatives.

    To what has been written in our official regulations, we add some details on the mechanism we use to get the people, their political representatives, to be elected in a free, independent, and above all informed way.

    Again we have to make a premise.

    It often happens that completely incapable people, often not so cultured, even sometimes not at all intelligent, dishonest, corrupt, or who have committed crimes, and without even a little charisma, are elected, because they know how to get many likes.

    Let's take a small example: there is an influencer, who are so fashionable today, with a huge following of people, and his faithful admirers join us too. Nobody can stop them from running, and not even his fans voters from voting for him. So we would become the party of influencers, many users, many donations, we rich, and they with power.

    We are sorry to disappoint you, but also the most famous influencer in the world, to apply with us, must be verified, not only as a user, but also in terms of ability, competence, honesty, meritocracy.

    Each member who is part of our small local group (city district also road block), for example: of 3000 verified registered users, can self-apply. Not only that, he can also nominate another person, as long as this is in agreement and aware.

    To do this, he just has to make a request via private message on to our official representative appointed by our website managers, and a message to the official representative of the group members, elected by voting in the group itself, by the members of each group.

    The 2 official representatives (of DirectDemocracyS and the members of the group) decide together that 10 applications would be accepted for that group, but they can be more or less, based on the actual need to have a precise number of candidates.

    It is decided on the basis of the number of candidates to be presented for the election , on the basis of the political roles that will be elected.

    For example of the city council, in which there are 10 members, we will nominate a minimum of 2 people for each role in the online elections, and in this specific case there must be a minimum of 20 candidates, therefore at least 2 for each role as previously mentioned, and a maximum of 30 representing 1% of group members. However, if the number of council members to be elected is 20, the minimum number of candidates can be 40.

    Therefore never less than 2 for each role to be filled, and never more than 1% of the number of members of the group (except in exceptional cases, for example when the roles to be filled are greater), in this case 30.

    At this point, many will ask, what if the DirectDemocracyS representative, and the representative of the group members, do not reach an agreement on the maximum number of candidates to be allowed to participate in the online elections? For example, the representative of DirectDemocracyS decides for 20, and the representative of the group members says 25, a simple vote is made in the group, in which the members of the group will be able to vote for one of the possibilities: in this case 20, 21, 22 , 23, 24, 25.

    If one of the figures voted obtains 50% + 1 vote in the first round, the maximum number of candidates is declared. Otherwise, the 2 most voted possibilities, for example 21 and 23, go to the ballot.

    And finally it is declared that the number of candidates will be 21 or 23. So both move on to phase 2.

    Phase 2. The selection of our candidates.

    Each candidate, after having made the written request based on forms to be filled in, will receive a personal profile as a candidate, with real surname, a personalized political email address, in which to receive communications, and all the necessary potential, to participate in our online elections , as a candidate.

    But only the best candidates will be selected from all the requests received. By means of a very important and complete verification.

    There are various stages of verification.

    1. The first is the identity and criminal records check by the security group. Which will check the past activities of each user, for example, but not limited to, the previous activities on social networks, and will give a vote to each candidate from 0 to 100.

    If he scores more than 50 points, he moves on to the next stage.

    2. Legality check, on the basis of the report of the security group it is checked whether legally, the candidate has the right to apply, if he does not have problems of conflicts of interest, or problems that could prevent or complicate his candidacy, or other impediments . Once this is done, he will give a vote to each candidate from 0 to 100.

    If he scores more than 50 points, he moves on to the next stage.

    3. Psychological test, a simple test, carried out by our specialists, who will have to evaluate the mental abilities of each candidate.

    In this case, the candidate can only be rejected, or admitted.

    4. In the event that he is declared admitted, our appointed independent medical board will do the drug test.

    Again, the candidate can only be rejected, or admitted.

    5. If admitted, a simple test of general knowledge is done.

    If he scores more than 50 points, he moves on to the next stage.

    6. One of our political strategy experts will make a video call with the candidate to assess their political abilities.

    If he scores more than 50 points, he moves on to the next stage.

    7. One of our administrators, based on the calculation of the scores obtained, officially appoints the candidates.

    It can also decide further checks, of one or some, but also all candidates, based on the results obtained, or for doubts on the correctness of the procedure.

    Appeals can be made, but generally, with such detailed and independent checks, no further investigation is necessary.

    In the event that there are equal scores, administrators can give a final test, via video call, to candidates with identical scores, or to those whose results do not seem correct.

    Other tests to determine the best candidates can also be added according to the needs and decisions of the control groups, but also at the request of the members of each group.

    Always and only the administrators, can decide to nominate, in addition to the existing ones (previously tested exactly like the official candidates), some registered users of each group, based on certain proofs of intellectual, political, cultural value, and for extraordinary abilities.

    Total or partial scores achieved, except for physical results and psychological tests, may be communicated to the group, for greater transparency, and to allow group members to vote knowing the potential of each candidate. You can never influence, or determine group members, to support a particular candidate.

    Many will criticize us, for our care in selecting candidates, but we had to allow all our users to apply, so in the example group, all members of the group could theoretically apply.

    Therefore the precise and correct selection is necessary, to always have the best people to represent us in the real elections.

    A selection based on the meritocracy, competence and honesty of the candidates is absolutely necessary.

    As specified in our rules, some candidates may present themselves, based on the percentages and votes obtained, at the next stage, of higher geographical groups, up to the international elections, again on the basis of the assessments obtained, to which other assessments will be added according to the cases, and as needed.

    By winning in several groups, the politician will decide for which role he wants to become our candidate based on his preferences, the votes obtained and the various scores accumulated. In the event that a politician decides for a role, the runner-up to his elections, will be able to decide whether to follow the winning candidate in the subsequent stages as his deputy, or become the official candidate, for the role that has remained uncovered.

    In the second case, the third classified will decide whether to become the deputy of the first winner, or of the second winner.

    If he decides to follow the first winner, he would become his deputy, and the fourth place winner would become the second place runner.

    This alternative method will always allow a collaboration based on mutual respect, and on the rules, by the first classified, also allowing those who lose, or do not win, to feel useful and represented.

    Obviously at the base there is always the rule, one for all, all for one.

    One rule is always valid: our political candidates must always be supported by all our verified registered users.

    A support that has as its interest the good of the entire population, but also the unity of our political organization, and the continuous support and control, of all our official representatives, in order to ensure compliance with all rules, values and ideals, which make us unique.

    The collaboration, mutual respect, and control of special groups, will allow us to insert, based on the votes obtained, the best candidate, in each online election.

    Political representatives will only deal with politics, and represent in the best way, all our verified registered users, to whom they will always ask for a binding opinion, before deciding something, or taking political initiatives, even after being elected, and for for the entire duration of their representative mandate.

    As always, the special groups of specialists, analyzing the various possibilities, will inform our verified registered users, in a complete, free and independent way, recommending the best alternatives, and pointing out the various consequences, of each vote expressed.

    The appointments of the official representatives of DirectDemocracyS.

    Among the first 500 registered users, some appointments have already been made of some official representatives, both geographic and based on individual qualities.

    All the persons nominated, can in turn nominate other verified registered users, both on the basis of competitions (similar to those for politicians), and on the basis of persons who propose themselves, or on the basis of direct choices based on necessity, in a certain group of official representatives.

    Over time they can be hired, for a fixed or permanent term, always on the basis of merits, and the quality of the work performed.

    Any official representative who appoints someone will be held directly responsible if the person appointed fails to do his or her duty, and can be punished in various ways if he appoints incapable or non-incapable persons on the basis of demonstrable merits.

    If regularly hired, it can also be punished with economic sanctions, again based on the seriousness of the error.

    We have already specified that each official representative has the task of enforcing all our rules, and of controlling the work, without directly interfering, of all our political representatives.

    In case of suspicious behavior, they can communicate to the groups from which candidates have been nominated, all the wrong behaviors of political representatives, but they can never and for any reason suspend or resign, any political representative duly voted online and subsequently voted in the real elections .

    Based on the seriousness of the behavior, only those who are part of the group or according to the cases of the groups, from which the politician was nominated, can generally decide on a sanction that can be economic, verbal, or vote no confidence, and force our political representative to resign from office.

    In the event that a political representative is disheartened by his own group, he will never again and for any reason receive the collaboration and support: from all our political representatives, all our official representatives, all our verified registered users, and our constituents.

    Even the official representatives will be constantly checked, to prevent them from transgressing the rules they have sworn to apply.

    The chain of control, very branched, will ensure that while remaining without real leaders, having clear rules at the base, everything runs in the best way.

    In fact, the official representatives can be changed if the person who appointed them proves that they are not doing their job in the best possible way.

    Even in these cases, recourse can be made, even asking for a definitive opinion to those who officially represent, the creators and creators of these projects.

    Payment of salaries.

    Our political representatives, according to the laws of the various countries, will receive all their remuneration only in the unified current account of DirectDemocracyS, which automatically every month, sends 25% of the salary to each political representative's private current account. work.

    If our registered users, members of the groups in which he was applied, are satisfied with his work, at the end of the year they will receive another 25% of their salary for the whole year. If the members of the group are not satisfied, the 25% will not be paid, but will remain at the disposal of each political representative, with the payment suspended. The following year, the same vote will take place, again for 25% of the year just ended. And so on for each year of activity. After the end of the job as political representative, we will vote again, this time twice. The first to receive 25% of all years of work. There

    Everything will be done in compliance with all our rules, and other detailed rules on how the various political, security and control activities are carried out.

    They also seem very strict rules, they are based on justice, in fact we have foreseen all the various problems that may appear, and we have already found all the solutions to various "unpredictable" events.

    At first glance they might seem very complicated activities, but they are simple, fast, safe, free and above all designed to make our projects fair and winning.

    To all these rules will be added other details, and characteristics, also based on the various countries in which they will be chosen, both the candidates for the elections, and our official representatives, for control.

    We are sure that seeing that the choices are made only on the basis of merit, we will be joined by truly very intelligent people, who will undoubtedly understand the value and potential of what we have created.

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