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    DirectDemocracyS long explanation

    Published: 14 January 2022

     DirectDemocracyS, the best political innovation.

    Welcome to the official DirectDemocracyS website.

    Open your mind to true innovation, not just political, but economic, and social.

     Do not start reading if you are unsure that you can wait before starting to criticize.

    Attention: if you see too many commas, and you wonder why there are so many, read here.

    Please do not be afraid of the length of our articles, because for you, and for your future, it is better to be informed, than not informed, or even worse, uninformed.

    We have to write things down, clearly, so you have our side of the story.

    We will change, and improve the world, in a slow but inexorable way.

    We will do it intelligently, one user at a time.

    We will not make a world, just as we like it, but it will be a safe, clean, honest, and worthy place to live, for all of us and you, and not just for those who join us to contribute to change.

    Reading this first page of ours, which is definitive, even if in the future, to the final part, we will add some new parts, you will realize that our ideas, and the concepts expressed here, are not theories, but facts.

    Links will also be added to our full articles published in menu items, information, rules, and news.

    They are the only menu items, and the only items, that represent our projects, in an official way.

    All parts of discussions and blogs, which you see, are the work of our registered users, but not all of them represent our official position.

    To those who accuse us immediately that there is no debate, that everything has already been decided, let's give only one answer so we can immediately make everything clear. We have simply carried out our international political project, with the guidelines, the rules, which must be respected by all those who join us, and who will do so in the future. The political programs of all our national and local political parties will have to be compatible with, and integrated into, these ground rules. Always taking into account all our values and ideals. Everything is, and will always be decided, together with all our verified registered users.

    In our projects, the visible areas are of various kinds.

    Public, visible to everyone, who inform, in a general way, about our activities.

    Reserved, visible only to our registered users. Who see parts, and articles, more detailed, and participate in some activities, just to see how our working method works and how it is structured.

    Confidential and secret, visible to our verified registered users. Which is the fundamental part of all our activities.

    These projects of ours are very selective. You can decide whether to read, or not to read, you can decide whether to join us, or not to join us. You can decide whether to vote for our political candidates or not.

    But we too are free to choose, whether to welcome you, or not to welcome you, in our big house, which is our website.

    Once you enter, you will have a trial period, in which based on your activities, we will realize, and we are good at it, if you are, or are not suitable, for our project.

    If you follow all our instructions, and we assure you that you will have truly innovative assistance, you can decide to become a verified registered user, making the necessary requests and documentation.

    If your requests are accepted, and you are in good standing, you will begin to collaborate with us, in an official way.

    You can run and get elected in online elections. If you win, you can be our political representatives, candidates in the royal elections.

    You will also get the right to vote, in our online elections. You can propose themes, ideas, projects, and many other activities.

    Subsequently, in the event that our candidates win the elections, you can decide how they should vote, and what initiatives, and what activities they should carry out.

    Yes, because our innovation is that our politicians will always require a binding opinion from their constituents, who have them as candidates. All on a geographical basis, with working groups, in which all the activities take place.

    Right now, we have lost about 90% of our readers.

    Many will abandon this beautiful adventure.

    Do you know why? Simple, we spend our lives complaining about political parties, and political representatives.

    Because they often do what they want, and don't keep the promises made before the elections.

    If our innovative politicians always do what their constituents want (and decide and propose), who can we complain about if things don't go well.

    Both our constituents and our political representatives will always be fully informed on various topics by independent specialist groups.

    With this method, we will always make the best choices, in the interest of the whole community.

    Yes, you can tell. We gladly accept your compliments.

    For whom does he say, who guarantees me that you will do so? You will be equal to others.

    Who appoints who? There will always be small groups, or interests.

    You have 2 possibilities. Read on, and you will understand, or walk away. If you leave, take your superficiality, your distrust, and your pessimism with you.

    How to apply, how to check, how to vote online, we have many detailed articles, and many rules.

    Suffice it to say, that only the best will be candidates.

    How they will be evaluated and by whom, we always explain it in our regulations.

    So you, right now, are only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

    And rightly so, we inform you, of all the necessary information, to be able to decide whether to join us or not.

    Either way, know that we value you, and that we don't mind if you decide not to join us.

    This is not a project for everyone, it is very complicated, and above all it requires a bit of commitment from everyone.

    We must change the world all together, do not think that we will do everything by ourselves.

    Before you run away from here, saying, I don't have time to waste to change the world, and then the world is fine as it is right now.

    We have calculated that if every person who signs up and joins us devotes 15-20 minutes a day to our project, the world will change, and it will be a better place, much faster.

    It doesn't seem like a long time to us. After doing your "civic duty" here, you can return to your favorite activities, and hobbies.

    We take our work seriously. You will always have to do it too.

    We do not need users, who are only spectators, but they must all come up with proposals, ideas, projects, in all areas.

    One thing that makes us unique in the world is that in none of our projects, there are no garments.

    There are no leaders, or groups of people who are in charge. However, we have a group that controls respect for rules, values and ideals. Such a project does not stand without controls.

    We have 2 types of verified registered users, who all have the same duties, and rights.

    But for reasons that we will explain in a dedicated article, we have separated the policy, from the management of the organization.

    In short, we can tell you that many political initiatives fail because of personal ambitions, and the thirst for power, often corruption, but also unlawful, sometimes drastic, means to eliminate the adversary.

    To avoid internal struggles, divisions, divisions, which are not in the general interest but in the personal interest, we ask everyone for some demonstrations of loyalty, not to us, but to the project.

    The project is the people, because it is the property of all those who make it, and will be part of it.

    Here the motto applies: one for all, all for one.

    Whoever attacks one of us attacks us all, whoever offends one of us offends us all.

    Utopia? No, an oath, a contract, and a commitment from everyone. Clear, detailed rules, always respected by everyone.

    Many will flee, and will tell us: you are a Masonic, subversive, terrorist organization, you are dictators. They also told us, we are not legal. Because the power belongs to the parties, or to the politicians, who are the representatives of the people. We, on the other hand, put power in the hands of the people, who not only vote for our political representatives, but also control them, so that they always act in the interests of the entire population.

    We are really dictators, and dangerous. It is not legal to give all power to the informed people in a complete and independent way, better if all power is in the hands of political parties and figures, as it is in all countries now.

    Those who think so will certainly not vote for us. Keep all current world, national, state and local politics as well. Which is perfect, free, honest, candidate (with candidates always chosen from the best possible elements) and elected in a "democratic" way, by a part of the people (because there are also abstentionists all over the world). The world is perfect like this. It's okay like this. Perfect, we are useless then.

    As we have already written above, and we will repeat it often below, we also need intelligent voters.

    Only partially, the current bad situation is the fault of the so-called "strong powers". Almost all the fault lies with those who vote, without knowing that they are only supporting and giving legitimacy to people and organizations, parties, movements, which I often express unpresentable candidates.

    Do you really believe that this is right?

    Some have already done so, luckily the people who accused us were frustrated, superficial, and genuinely poorly informed about us. After reading all this, they will also feel unintelligent.

    We know that what we are proposing is not easily understandable.

    That's why we write such a long public article. So everyone gets their own idea.

    Each person will always know how they work for us.

    Because everything we write, we keep, and we put it into practice.

    We never lie, but for security reasons, we will keep some small information, including details on the identity of who is behind it all, to ourselves.

    Furthermore, being a very complex project, of gigantic dimensions, we have tried to summarize in a few lines, regulations, and very long operating rules.

    Calmly, we will publish more details, more and more specific, and you will see that it is not false, it is not a bluff, to claim to have created the best political project in the world.

    And we reveal a little secret: we have everything ready, and planned everything, but some ideas, without upsetting our work, we are adding them now, and others we will add in the future, thanks to the decisive contribution of all good people. intelligent, honest and knowledgeable who will join us.

    The world, and even above average intelligent people, will struggle to understand the enormous potential of all our projects.

    Further down in this article we will also explain why, we will never tell you who came up with all this, and you will never know.

    We know that curiosity is great, many of you might like to compliment them, but others might want to kill them, and tear them to pieces, and set them on fire.

    For now we just tell you, that if the project is beautiful, fair, and above all free, is it really so important to know who created it?

    We already know that there will be reactions of all kinds, slanders, boycotts, threats, violence, and many other more or less legitimate activities, to try to stop us.

    We are sure, that soon the media will begin to lie, to interpret, to suspect, to wonder who is behind all this, why we do all this.

    Conspiracy theories will begin to circulate promptly, and will begin to criticize us in every way.

    On one thing they will say, and which is perhaps the most serious of all, we want you to answer first.

    They will tell you that we are dictators, dangerous, because we put all the power (100% but below we will explain how and why), in the hands of our verified registered users, who are currently a small number of people. That we are an international political organization, which will create a political party in every country in the world. So let's put the power in the hands of a few.

    Our answer is: yes, they are completely right!

    And you, on the other hand, when you vote for political parties, or for a political representative, presented yourself in the elections, in the hands of who do you put the power? Always in a small group of people, always in political parties, more or less large, which have more or less good political representatives.

    So we who are new, and we start from 0, are not right, and they who do worse, and for many years yes.

    Perfect, keep the right parties and representative politicians.

    What if the majority of voters from every country in the world joined our project? What if 51% of the population joined us and held all the power? They would say that we are the majority, and we crush the minority's right to decide, and that we are dangerous. Everything is decided by a majority, because this has always been the case, whoever wins governs, whoever loses opposes. With one difference, we don't fight for power, we only care about the good of the people.

    In all of our projects, no one will ever be thrown out, for their ideas, if they are compatible with our regulations, our ideals, and our values, which are all based on common sense, freedom, and the interest of the entire population. .

    There may be internal debates, discussions, even very lively ones. It is called doing politics.

    On the other hand, there will never be, for any reason, power struggles of any kind. There will be no corruption, no conflicts of interest, and above all there will be no betrayals of the general interest of the entire population.

    How will we be able to guarantee this?

    With clear rules, an innovative method, based on justice, on respect for skills.

    If you are childish people, who if they have an idea, or a proposal, and we decide together that it is not the right one, or useful, they go away, do not join us. Don't waste time reading the rest of this article either.

    What if 99% of the entire world population joins us? The current political, economic, banking "system" that controls the world would complain and fight against us. They would organize to eliminate us all, because we want to give power to those who are right to hold it. That is to all the good people in the world. Maybe some people will have understood why, we do not want to give, and never will give, the names and details of those who invented this whole project.

    We are not cowards, we are not afraid for us, but we have families, who are innocent, and we do not want useless risks.

    This fact above, is one of the many ways, in which they will try to defame us.

    But if we were afraid, we wouldn't be here. If we were not sure what we are proposing, we would not waste time explaining to you, because every person with at least an average or high intelligence and understanding capacity will understand what we are proposing, and will immediately join us.

    A piece of advice from us, be wary of those who summarize everything in a few lines, any project, not just political, because they can hide important details from you, just to attract you.

    Also be wary of those who promise you to get advantages, or leading roles, easily, and without much work. Here with us everything that you receive, appointments, money, representative power, you have to earn them, with your work. And once you have them, to keep them, you will always have to work, in the right way.

    Also be wary of organizations, movements, parties, born only in protest (because they last very short), whether they are against vaccines, or against restrictions, because sooner or later this pandemic will end like many others.

    Don't join the target, just fight the "system". The system cannot be fought directly, it can only be changed, with patience, but firmness, with a well-studied and well-designed strategy.

    Do not join those who say that the best results are obtained with violence, or with the boycott, and with public demonstrations, the best results are obtained with the use of intelligence, in an organized way.

    Before reading our information, which you find in the main menu, above this welcome article, we must briefly explain some essential concepts.

    After reading this article, we believe that many will continue to inform themselves, but many people will decide to go somewhere else.

    Know that we value you, and respect you, in both cases. We will also work for your good.

    We assure you that we like to play with our cards exposed, so with the risk of losing consensus, we will always say things as they are. We will never make false promises, just for electoral purposes.

    Our goal is to always put the well-being, dignity, and freedom of all good people in the world first.

    We will always start helping people in difficulty, without taking anything away from those who have earned money, power, public roles, and prestige, in an honest, ethical way, without exploiting workers, without polluting the planet, without cheating anyone, without bribing, and without conflicts of interest.

    It is incredible what we are writing, and it is also for you who are reading, but it is the truth.

    We will immediately reveal another little secret: we are interested in selecting, even our supporters, and all our registered users. We do not need passive people, who are helplessly watching events, without making their own contribution, to change and improve the world. But they have to work hard to decide in the best way. You will always have the collaboration, and support, of groups of specialists, in all sectors, from all countries of the world.

    Our weapon, to create a just world, and a life worth living, are informed voters.

    Because current politics, all over the world, exactly reflect the people who vote, with hope in their hearts, believing they count, and can change, and improve something.

    We tell you this with esteem and affection, without wanting to offend anyone, but if you really think you can improve the situation, with all the current politics, you are just deluded. You count for nothing, and you have no power. They value and love you, only the day you vote for them.

    We do not in any way justify those who do not vote, because they do not recognize themselves in any political party, and in any political representative. We know that until now, there was little choice, but from today we are there too.

    Whether you participate in the vote, expressing your preferences, or not, we respect your opinion. Except that those who vote can say: I tried. If you then vote for our political representatives, know that you will make the best choice. And you will see it over time, and by continuing to read our proposals.

    Only with our innovative project, your vote , and your every decision, will really matter.

    Your intelligence, your multiple qualities, will be developed, and will have every opportunity to express themselves.

    So please don't be offended if we tell you things to your face, if we criticize you, if you feel offended. We say these things to you, but know that we also include ourselves, in the criticisms we do. Because so far we have done nothing, or we have done too little, to change and improve the world.

    But we are doing something, creating, and giving to the world, this innovative political project.

    To all the other political forces, and to all the political figures, we say it clearly, you have all failed, you have disappointed all your constituents, without any of you to say, we have been good, or have been better.

    Please do not give up reading everything, just because our articles are very long, or if you do not find immediately, the things you are looking for, and some things are not clear to you, or you do not understand them.

    There are many problems in the world that we must solve together, the first two are fundamental to understand the current situation.

    Selfishness and greed have always tormented people, and create the "system", which controls the world today, and has controlled the world from prehistoric times to today.

    In the history of humanity, not honest people with their rights and duties, not politicians, not parties, not ideologies, not religions, but economic interests have won and dominated the earth.

    So do not criticize us if we have foreseen, albeit separated from our political activity, and on our other websites, economic, informative, multimedia, and social activities of all kinds. Politics alone, without economic activity, cannot work.

    Are we an anti-system political organization or not?

    We are not anti to anything, but we are and will always be in favor of the good people of the world.

    We do not change, and the world improves only with beautiful ideas, but with real projects, to be realized as soon as possible.

    All other activities, will allow those who make politics, to do it in peace, in safety, without any conflict of interest, without any corruption, without any lies, or false promises, just to have the "power" and consent. Because he will know that at the end of his mandate of political representation, he will have economic activities, in which to continue to work, and will not be forced to remain attached to their seats.

    They will not think about accumulating wealth, but will only think about the good of the people.

    Ours is not competition with the current "system", but innovation.

    It is not replacing what is there now with something similar. But change the current system, adding something right, and ethically correct.

    Our projects are all right, designed by great personalities in various sectors, from various countries, to also be safe, and respectful of all laws.

    They were made to work, even immediately.

    There are people who spend years, designing, and never manage to realize.

    The hard work, we have already done it for you.

    We will change , and we will improve the "system", with all that is inside (politics, economy, information, religion), and only those who do not adapt to innovation will be destined to disappear.

    We have said that the worst defects of the human being are greed and selfishness. They make it worse than the wild beasts, which they kill only to survive and feed. Man does anything, even killing innocents, to get what he wants.

    But there is also something that makes the situation possible. Which is absolutely complicit. The media and information often do not only tell the news, but often brainwash, and often put the weak and the defenseless, in battle with each other, creating and amplifying differences, of all kinds, territorial, religious, cultural, linguistic, and among the many inventions, to divide people, there are political ideologies.

    We want media, and fair information, independent of power, at the service of the entire population.

    Since free and independent media do not exist or are too few and weak, we will create them, together with those who will join us.

    Our political organization was born of people from all political areas, and will always be welcoming to people of all ideologies, with one condition: forget them all, and start working together, for the common good. Our ideology is common sense, and logic.

    Our political ideal is not communism, because in politics and in all our projects of various kinds, we rely on meritocracy, so whoever is better, smarter, fairer, more ethical, will rightly earn more, without having to use unfair means. , and make compromises, to bring out its qualities.

    The idea doesn't stand, to take all the riches of the earth, and divide it for all the people of the earth, because that's not right.

    It would be nice, but it is a utopia, which over time leads to the stagnation of innovations and planning, and causes the economy to collapse. It also destroys the minds of people, who have realized, that not all are good, and intelligent in the same way. In communist countries, there has always been corruption, betrayal, people who went out of their way to be just above average in power and wealth.

    Rights, duties, freedoms, Justice, Laws are the same for all, health, essential services, water, food, dignity, education, dignity, and a peaceful life, must be guaranteed to all, at a more than sufficient level.

    But wealth, money, and a luxurious life, must be deserved, based on one's intelligence, one's ability, one's ideas, one's projects.

    Our project is an ethical capitalism, based on skill, merit, competence and honesty.

    But always starting to help get back on their feet, those who want to get busy for society. Society can be helped in various ways, so as not to become a burden, but a resource.

    Yes friends, you read that right, we do not give gifts to anyone who claims to receive, without giving anything in return, based on their abilities and possibilities.

    We are committed to always helping first, those who are hungry and thirsty, those who have no health and medicine, those who have no education and possibility of self-fulfillment, the weakest, the defenseless, those who suffer, those who are persecuted, those who are sick, those who are discriminated and mocked, slandered, blamed and unjustly punished, those who are offended and mistreated.

    Many will say that everything is beautiful, and right, but it is a utopia. Because people are bad, because all of this cannot be done.

    A short answer: read everything we propose, maybe a couple of times, trying to understand, because we are not a utopia, but reality.

    Our project was conceived, reasoned and calculated, to stand up. And we guarantee you it works.

    It will take some time, but if we don't start as soon as possible, all together, in a united way, and putting aside prejudices, or wrong first impressions, with a little effort, the time will get longer and longer.

    We can do it all together, using one of the most precious things we have, which is our time. It doesn't need much, if we all use it in the best way, and if each of us works a little for the others, in the sector and in the activities we know best. Each of us must do the activities in which he is a specialist, do not forget this word.

    Also remember these words, because we always insert them in sentences together: change and improve, honesty and competence, intelligence and meritocracy, ethics and innovation, mutual respect, legality and courage.

    Friends, we are not exalted, but we know well what we propose, because we have conceived and calculated it.

    Together, we can truly change and improve the world. If you keep reading we will also explain how. And you will understand why we are sure that we have the best political proposal that has ever been created.

    We hope that there are still people curious, to know how we will do it, to keep all the good things we have written so far.

    Here we begin our premise now.


    What is written in our articles, and in this one in particular, is not intended to be a treatise on political science, or even an essay on philosophy, we have written some brief considerations, of a general nature, which no one can deny, to briefly represent the our political project, and here is finally how, and above all why it will work.

    To learn more about every aspect, we refer you to read, all our articles, in our main menu, above this article, in the information section (with general information), regulations (with all our fundamental rules), news (with the latest news).

    They are the official sections of all our projects, and together they represent our "ideology".

    They are very long articles, but it is essential to be clear, above all scrupulous, and attentive to all details.

    The interest in any website, project, political organization, or activity of any kind, is to attract people, to have consensus, and become more powerful, and sincerely have many people who join us, continuously, makes us proud of our hard work.

    We are not a religion. We are not interested in converting, or even convincing anyone, to change their ideas, their beliefs, in order to be able to join us.

    To join us, a green pass is not required, or a document certifying your health, which we wish you will always be good. But you have to prove that you have intelligence, you don't have to declare it, or believe it. After a variable period of time, depending on your activities with us, we will realize whether or not you are suitable, to stay in our big house.

    Yes, because this is our home, in which we live with our immense family. Before entering you must memorize, and understand, that everything we publish, and every word we write is important.

    To join us, no vaccine is needed, because our big house is virtual, not real, so you can't bring any viruses inside it, if we exclude the computer ones, and those of ignorance. For both of us we have the best protections. In fact, no self-respecting computer scientist would never try to attack an ethically correct, and above all just and inclusive, project like ours.

    And no ignorant or bad person who infiltrates us will not have a long life in our family.

    Many people from all over the world live and work with us in this house.

    We welcome almost everyone in our family. We have written almost all of them, because we discriminate, we divide people, only in 2 categories, genders, and races.

    Good people, and respectful of the rules, values and ideals, all of common sense, that we have here.

    Or bad, with hatred in their hearts, resentful, racist, xenophobic, rude, disrespectful, homophobic, who hate or exploit the poor.

    We also don't want people, who envy those who are rich, famous, and powerful, just because they live their modest life, in difficulty, and instead of blaming themselves, they expel it to others.

    We do not need those who blame others, because even if it gives temporary relief, hating, being angry, does not solve our problems.

    Good people can enter, bad ones, if they cannot change, and improve completely, avoid wasting time to join us.

    Because to register, and create a personal profile here, it takes time, patience, precision. For us, kicking someone out, and making someone persona non grata, is very simple, and we do it in a split second.

    If you have come this far, you are a patient, medium intelligent, or even very intelligent person, and you will have a beautiful future with us.

    We are sure that for every sentence, but also for every word we write, we lose certain categories of people, but for us it is important to make everyone clear right away.

    For us it is a risk that we gladly take. Because no one will ever tell us: if I knew that things are done this way here, I would never have registered.

    We thank everyone for the patience necessary to read everything so far, and please do not be frightened, if our information, and our rules, seem long, and often difficult to understand in a single reading.

    Our political project is by no means an attempt to see if it works.

    Our first registered users have been working on it for over 14 years.

    To decide and write everything took a few months.

    However, it took us a long time, and a lot of hard work, to make everything work, and anticipate any problems that may arise, and to make it functional, safe, and fast.

    Many will think that it is the usual group of people who believe in dreams.

    In the beginning it was like that.

    There is nothing wrong with dreaming, especially if you are hoping to change and improve the world.

    Anyone who thinks it is a utopia should read carefully, a couple of times, maybe even three times, all our public information, all our rules, all our news, with all the various informative articles. If you are gifted with a minimum of intelligence, you will immediately realize the enormous potential of our political project.

    Our first prayer for you: do not register and do not create a personal profile, to join us, if you are not 100% convinced that you are suitable for such a project.

    We know it seems strange to you. We who should be the first to invite you to enter our big house and welcome you into our immense family, we tell you not to be in a hurry.

    We present to you the best innovation in the history of mankind, the first, and only international political organization, based on only authentic democracy, hybrid democracy.

    Yes, you got it right, we are pure direct democracy, with our verified registered users, who decide on everything, and continuously. This is because politics, in all countries of the world, throughout history, and today, has always stolen your democracy, and has deluded you that your vote really matters. In our articles, we explain in detail how they make fun of you.

    We briefly explain how politics works in the world, you run an election campaign, you vote for a party, or for its political representatives, according to the various electoral laws.

    After having voted, believing the promises of these parties and their representatives, they are free to do what they want, almost never asking for an opinion from the people who voted for them.

    In some countries, they pretend to do direct democracy, holding some popular referendums, but only on a few issues, and not for everything, and then firmly regain power. Another illusion they give you, to count for something. You decide, and they then pursue their own interests.

    So we said that every now and then, to show that you count for something, they give you a taste of direct democracy, with some referendums, often on issues that are not decisive for your life.

    With us, it is always a continuous referendum, in which people always decide on every choice to be made, in an informed way, by specialized, independent and free professionals.

    They delude you, and steal your freedom to decide. And you not satisfied, in the following elections, you vote for another party, or political figure, believing you can change something with your useless vote.

    And again the promises are often not kept, the declarations are not followed by the facts.

    And you feel powerless in the face of all this, and you await the next elections with the hope that by changing your party, or politician, you will improve the situation.

    If from the dictatorships, and of the single parties, which lead a country, with laws restricting freedom, something similar can be expected, we inform you that in no country in the world, freedom does not exist.

    Even in large and small "democracies", there is no freedom and justice. With electoral laws, made on purpose, to never lose control of the political system.

    We respond directly to the problem of freedom. According to very strict rules, first the candidacies will be made, then the online elections, working in geographic groups.

    Each user has the right to apply, but only after having been verified by our special control groups (safety legality health specialists and administrators), which are independent and neutral, who evaluate all the qualities, and allow the best, to participate in the online elections.

    So after a short election campaign, we vote.

    If a candidate gets 50% + one vote in the first round, he is directly declared the winner.

    If no one gets in the first round, 50% + one vote, after another short electoral campaign, the ballot takes place, among the best 2 classified.

    After the ballot, the candidate declared the winner will be able to participate in the royal elections, as our political representative.

    With the obligation, to have in his staff, both the runner-up, as his deputy (to give a voice also to those who have lost), but he will have in his staff, an official representative of DirectDemocracyS, who will not have any political duties, but it will help our political representatives, to keep all promises, to keep all commitments, to respect all our rules, our ideals, and our values.

    Everything is worked on in the community area, on our websites, which is visible only to our registered users, who can see how everything works, and after a period in which they have to prove that they are suitable for our project, they receive the authorization , or they make the request, to become verified registered users, which will allow them to vote, and be voted, and will give them a lot of information, and access to private groups, reserved for them.

    Our registered users can receive democracy courses, and necessary information, in order to carry out political activity.

    Our verified registered users, on the other hand, will be constantly informed, by groups of independent and neutral specialists, in order to always be able to decide, by voting knowing all the details, and all the various possibilities, for each decision to be made. With fully informed voters, we will never, for any reason, risk making bad decisions.

    After having been elected, our political representatives, before any decision to be taken, will always ask, continuously, for the entire duration of their activity, a binding opinion, from the group or groups, by which they were elected, to the online elections.

    In this way, even after obtaining power, he will always have to do the good of the entire population, confronting himself with his constituents, and with the group of specialists.

    We are the only political organization, which has these methods, which put people at the center, the only ones who give power in the hands and minds, of those who must hold all the power, in any democracy.

    One of our prerogatives is that until now the population has been and still is the puppet, and the political class is the puppeteer.

    With DirectDemocracyS, the population becomes the puppeteer, and politics the puppet, carrying out the actions ordered by their constituents.

    To those who accuse us of eliminating the political confrontation, we say to read all over again, to see who holds the power, who decides on everything, in full freedom.

    Democracy means power to the people, and not power to political parties, and political representatives, and not even that politicians should do what they want without asking anyone for anything.

    But we are also representative democracy, because we will found a political party in every country of the world.

    By ensuring perfect and just local autonomy, in compliance with all laws.

    So at the international level, we have ideals and values, all of which can be shared, and clear, detailed rules that everyone must respect, but they are all common sense.

    Then with the absolute respect of the various cultures, habits, religions, but without allowing, never, and for any reason, anyone to interfere in our and your political activities. In fact, our projects are free from all kinds of hatred.

    All our activities are based on the mutual respect of all people.

    To those who accuse us of not only doing direct democracy, we say something new.

    To change and improve the system, we must enter, through the laws currently in force in almost all countries of the world.

    But as a world premiere, we guarantee that our ultimate goal is to reduce the number of politicians in each country by 99.99%. And pass, over time, carefully, into pure direct democracy.

    Not being able to do this, from the outside, we will enter the "system" to make the necessary changes.

    With the money saved from expenses with politics, we will do with our related projects, investments and productive innovations, to also find honest work for politicians, after having done their homework.

    It will be possible to make great innovations together, also in other areas, besides politics.

    One thing that makes us unique again is the fact that no person who has already been involved in politics will never be able to run and be voted in our elections.

    Again whoever did not understand, reread the previous sentence.

    DirectDemocracyS, will create a brand new political class, composed only of honest people, chosen exclusively, based on their skills, and in a meritocratic way.

    It is not enough to be honest, and good people, you must be suited to have the honor of representing our verified registered users. Meritocracy is mandatory in all our activities.

    For now everything is beautiful, a perfect, unbeatable, inimitable project that only we can do, together with our users.

    And here's another innovation, which will leave everyone speechless. Maybe some will be disappointed, but what follows is essential to be infallible.

    To allow everything to work well, we have divided the "power" into 2 parts.

    Comparing with the economy, we give 50% of the power in the hands of our verified registered users, who vote for their political candidates, and 50% of the power in the hands of our official representatives (always chosen from the best verified registered users ), who will not do any political activity, only the control that everything is carried out, in absolute respect, of all our rules, and of all our values and ideals.

    Yes, you got it right, we trust people so much, that we want to have a controller, who will never influence the decisions made by the population.

    Here is the big accusation, by some superficial people.

    DirectDemocracyS is absolutely not democratic, they are dictators, who want to control the world, they want global politics, like in science fiction films.

    To these people we answer, that we have 2 types of representatives, the political representatives, freely elected by the people, and the official representatives, appointed, always on the basis of honesty and competence, always with meritocracy, who control, that our whole project is keep standing.

    We ask the critics a simple question: what do we get in this way? First of all, let's completely eliminate one of the tragedies of politics, the conflict of interest, because our politicians will only think about politics. Our official representatives will take care of the management of the political party and all control activities. Those who criticize will always say: your official representatives have the power of control, which is a power not attributed by the people.

    And we ask you: our official representatives, among whom are they chosen? Always on the basis of merits, we always choose, among our verified registered users, who are the people. They are not machines, they are good people, who do not do politics, but carry out a support service and control of politics.

    So it is always the people who check the representatives of the people.

    If the official representatives want to run, they must first resign from the role they have, and then they can do it, without any advantage other than experience.

    The same applies to political representatives, who can become, in the future, once their role as political representative has ended, official representatives.

    So they will turn from being controlled into controllers.

    With civil contracts, with clauses, and very severe penalties, our politicians will never and for any reason change the party they belong to. It is not ethical, and it is not fair, to betray the trust of one's constituents.

    We do not keep anyone tied up, but each of our politicians will receive all the money in a bank account, in the name of our party, which every month will send exactly 25% of their salary to the bank account of the political representative.

    After each year, if he has done his duty, he will receive another 25% of his money.

    At the end of the mandate of political representation, he will receive, if his constituents vote in the groups they belong to, who are satisfied with his work, a bonus of 25% of his salary not yet received.

    With the remaining 25%, development programs will be made to keep DirectDemocracyS on its feet, and to give some prizes to our official representatives, again on the basis of merit, and the support and control work carried out.

    We have so little faith in politics in general that we obsessively and continuously check even our political representatives, elected on merit.

    Here, for those who have read this far, we are sure that they have lost the thread of the discussion a little.

    But we're not done yet. Our projects are not finished, innovation continues.

    All our official representatives are connected, like a very long chain, made up of people. Each person is a link in the chain, responsible for all behaviors, of those who are in front of him, but also behind him, but even to his right, even to his left, but not only, also above, and also below. .

    This immense chain, all connected to other chains, keeps our whole structure standing.

    If a ring, of one of our many chains, all connected to each other, breaks, because we also know that people are not all good, we simply change the person, who represents that ring, but the whole structure remains in place. feet supported, by all our verified registered users.

    With this information, even the less intelligent will have understood that our projects are practically perfect. We cannot fail, because everything is connected in a unified way.

    You thought it was over, but it is not so, for the first time in the world, whoever registers on a website, and joins a project, becomes the owner.

    Yes, you got it right, the whole website, the whole political organization, all our activities, are owned by all our verified registered users.

    Obviously, here too the powers are divided, 50% belongs to all our registered users, and our political representatives, 50% belongs to DirectDemocracyS and all its official representatives.

    For those who want to accuse us that 50% is not 100%, we must remind you again, that all our official representatives are real people, therefore they have the right to vote, and are always chosen from our verified registered users.

    So again I ask you, who owns 100% of DirectDemocracyS? Your answer is logically, of all our verified registered users.

    DirectDemocracyS, does not have a leader, nor small groups of leaders, it has only registered users who have conceived and created the project. Then there are users who have joined over time, which have made it a better project.

    Finally, there are users who are added now, and many others who will be added in the future, who with their intelligence, and their work, will put into practice all our political proposals, and all the various activities, of all our projects.

    Although all our projects are based on meritocracy, we have decided to reward our first verified registered users with some advantages and facilities.

    This is because it is easy to join a project when it is known, and with millions of users.

    On the other hand, those who believe in us, and in our work, when the project is not yet famous, should have the possibility, to be helped a little, and slightly favored.

    It is better to register first, not so much for appointments, which are provisional and limited in time, but to get to know better, and before others, how everything works.

    For the simple fact, that we know that immense projects involuntarily lose direct contact with their users when they suddenly increase.

    We promise that you will all always be, helped and supported, and we will try to be close to all of you.

    As we said there are visitors, and guests, then there are our registered users, and then our verified registered users.

    Anyone who wonders why we verify our users must know that in order to vote, in any country in the world, the identity of each voter must first be verified.

    The same also applies to our users. We must be sure that there are no people with fake profiles.

    To register and join us, there are very specific rules, that everything is simple, fast, safe, and absolutely free, and without any commitment.

    We periodically verify the activities, and the presence of our registered users.

    If someone visits us rarely, or does not carry out any activity, he is not excluded, nor deleted, but his profile can be suspended due to inactivity.

    If for a long time, even if notified with an email, he does not come to visit us, and does not do any activity, we will permanently delete the registered user from all our projects.

    All your activities on the website will be canceled, and in some cases canceled.

    You will permanently lose all the advantages and facilities reserved for our first users.

    Do you think it's finished? Absolutely not, we must briefly explain to you how we work in our large community area, which is visible only to those who register, creating a personal profile.

    There are working, administrative, special, geographic, numerical, thematic, public, private, and secret groups.

    Politically they are all important, and to know how they work, you can read our official regulations.

    All decisions, political activities, of each group, will be presented and published, only after all discussions, and all necessary checks. Before posting anything, the members of each group vote, whether to post anything.

    Each work group works in secret groups, that is, invisible to other users.

    Part of the work will be transferred to private groups.

    Even after all votes, only the approved decisions will be published in the public group, and made visible also to our registered users, who are not part of a particular group.

    This working method is necessary, both for the safety of our users, but also to avoid making a bad impression.

    Everything must be decided according to the rules, and only final decisions are made public.

    For each group, there are also presentation pages, these too will be, like the groups: secret, private, and public.

    All activities are proposed, discussed, decided, and voted on, in working groups, always and only on our websites. For various reasons, especially for security, independence, and the freedom to work, without censorship, by third parties.

    So we do not work and we do not do politics, on social networks, or on other websites.

    After being published in our community, part of the information decided in the groups will be published in the visible area of our website.

    After a certain period, part of the information decided in the groups will be published on social networks, or on other websites.

    All the work takes place in an organized way, always keeping all our activities clean and clear.

    Almost everything is voted on, with the blatant method.

    Many will also complain about this.

    Let's not waste time explaining too many details, but we ask you a question: if one is not ashamed of what he believes in, why should he keep his opinions hidden?

    They will also allow our security groups to be able to verify whether the person voting has other obscure interests, or is not a saboteur.

    In fact, strange as it may seem, we never punish ideas for any reason, only incorrect activities.

    In certain exceptional cases, and only to ensure the safety of our users, the secret ballot will be approved.

    We will make open voting compulsory in all institutions where there are political representatives.

    Because it seems right to us that those who obtain a representative mandate from the people who elect them not only work according to the rules, and keep the agreements, but show that they always carry out the indications of the people they represent.

    What if one thinks otherwise? He must think as the people who elected him decide, otherwise he resigns.

    Are we strict? Yes, but right.

    How many times do politicians or parties promise one thing and do another?

    Here with us this is not done, because it means lying, being unreliable people, and making fun of the good intentions of the population.

    And this is not fair, it is not ethical. All people must always be respected.

    An important feature is that all our activities are carried out first in an absolutely voluntary way, in their free time, the best verified registered users can be hired part-time, on a fixed-term basis, or full-time, with an employment contract, on a temporary basis. undetermined.

    Being a project that is based on meritocracy, our best users can receive both prizes in goods, services, or money, and percentages on any earnings.

    We conclude this brief, and above all we hope a clear presentation, specifying the qualities we require of those who join us.

    We only divide people into 2 types. Good or bad.

    Those who belong to the second category avoid wasting time registering on our website.

    To register, you will waste a lot of time, and there are precise rules, specified in our regulations, and articles. For your convenience we also publish them under this presentation.

    It takes us a split second to eliminate you, if you are a bad person, or if you do not respect all our rules and instructions.

    We don't need people who come with us, just to criticize, or contest, and to want to change, our rules, our ideals and values, they are all common sense, and all shareable.

    So avoid asking us for changes, or compromises.

    We don't make them, for one simple reason, we've worked on them for many years, and they're practically perfect. They are exactly as they need to be, in order to keep such an important business on its feet.

    We don't need people who are unintelligent, who hate other people, fanatics, or who don't know what it is, the mutual respect of all people.

    We do not tolerate those who are verbally violent, vulgar, or who do not write correctly, or who write with abbreviations, or in jargon.

    The official language of our web portal, and of all our projects, is English, but under our main menu, there is an automatic translator, which translates every part of our websites into all the languages of the world.

    Just select the flag of your country, or the language in which you want to view each part written in English, of our website.

    For the parts written in geographical groups, where you write obviously in the local language or languages, you will be forced to copy and paste the various posts of your interest, and translate them yourself into your language.

    In case of urgency, you can ask someone from the respective group to help you with the translation.

    We believe that every language is very important, and must be defended and respected.

    They asked us, if in case of elections, we are willing to join political coalitions.

    Our answer is simple: absolutely not, we will never make coalitions with anyone.

    We will never make electoral pacts, or political alliances, in order to govern.

    Coalitions, or alliances, impose compromises.

    We will not do any of these actions, because we have our registered users who with the group of specialists, will create the best political programs, in the interest of the whole population.

    If a party, a movement, or another political organization, or its members, want to join us, with our rules, our ideals, our values, they can join us.

    Always with the obligation, which we will never change, that no politician who has been active in politics, elected to represent the citizens, will never be able to stand for us for any reason, not even in online elections.

    So many will get angry and say that there are also honest politicians, that we should decide on a case-by-case basis. Our answer is: yes, you are absolutely right, not all politicians are corrupt, not all politicians are liars, there are also honest politicians.

    Exactly, are there also honest and competent politicians? Yes of course.

    Then they can join us, and become official representatives, who control the activities, and make all our parties and the whole political organization work.

    But they will always be checked and verified, because we would never want, to guard the sheep, just the wolf.

    We don't want former politicians, as political representatives, because we will never be credible again.

    Let's say we want to renew politics, with the same faces? We are too careful about what we say, and we are used to keeping promises.

    It will seem impossible to read these sentences, but to be sure, come with us, see for yourself how everything works.

    But we have to ask everyone a favor: be patient, we have a lot of registration requests.

    So many that, when registered users, after the 3 screens, of the registration form, go to their email address, they find the message with the activation link, which must be clicked, or copied and pasted in a browser, often in the folder of SPAM mail.

    This happens, not because our link is not secure, we use the best security systems, but because computer systems are often rightly suspicious, by the huge number of messages we send, for all our users who request to join us.

    If you click the activation link, from your email address, or copy and paste it into a browser, and send it, an error message may appear.

    Know that everything is fine, the error message is due to our security system, which approves your self-activation, and communicates your data to our administrators, for you to approve the activation, by our administrators in charge of activations .

    If you have any doubts you can try the link again, a second time, but our system will tell you that it has already been used, and you must be patient.

    In our regulations, you are told that we will try to activate everyone, unless there is any doubt about your identity, or about your motives.

    We talk about a few hours. Unfortunately for you (you will have to be patient), or luckily for us (we have a lot of requests), the activation times can last a few days, in some cases even about a week.

    Our prayer is not to send an email immediately, asking us to work quickly.

    We are sorry to have made a registration system, so difficult and long.

    But this is not a social network, specific activities are carried out in an orderly and well-organized way.

    After activation by one of our administrators, you will be placed in a welcome group, with detailed instructions, on what you must and can do, in the main languages.

    You will also receive assistance from our authorized administrators, and will have support groups available, in all major languages of the world.

    If your language is not included in the information groups, you can make a written request with a private message, to an administrator, and in a short time, your support group will be active and functional.

    Never make and never accept random friend requests for any reason, only accept those from our authorized personnel.

    Do not request and do not accept requests or invitations, to groups or pages, without being authorized, our system will automatically insert you, at the right time, in the geographical groups based on your residence.

    Do not upload photos (excluding the profile photo according to our rules), videos, do not create groups, or pages, do not create events or polls, not authorized.

    As soon as you get used to the operation, you will have with time, all the necessary freedoms, to carry out your every job, and your every idea.

    We always guarantee you maximum assistance, and understanding, if you are respectful.

    For everything to work perfectly, everyone needs to collaborate.

    In the hope of having been clear, and having informed you in a complete manner, we remain at your disposal, with the contact form, in the main menu, for other details, or for further clarifications.

    If you like what we offer, join us, and help us to introduce all our projects to as many people as possible.

    We thank you for your patience, and for your interest.

    With great respect and esteem, we send everyone our best wishes and best regards.

    Hugs to all.

    DirectDemocracyS, your projects, in every sense!

    We received some criticism of this project, presented to the world a few months ago, little by little, without haste.

    We publish some of them, with some of our comments, and of course you are free, having read this short presentation, to think as you wish.

    Many of these questions were asked before the publication of this fairly detailed message.

    Criticism 1. Whoever conceived all this is a coward, he could put his face on it, have the courage of his actions.

    Answer 1. Whoever conceived all this is not a coward, he doesn't put his face into it because they started with 5 faces, and in a short time they became 282 faces. Almost all the work of designing all this lasted a few months of debates between them. But it took many years to create the ideal working conditions. Especially to prevent all problems, which may appear. Putting your face on it does not mean having the courage for your actions. Then, since there is no boss, or leader, and not even a group that decides, but only specialized personnel, assigned to check that everything is carried out according to the rules, ideals and values of common sense, what is the importance of seeing who created all this. Absolutely nothing changes. So it's not essential.

    Criticism 2. Do I see a lot of registered users, with strange usernames?

    Answer 2. According to their privacy settings, each verified registered user can decide, if, and how to be identifiable also by other registered users.

    After we have verified their identity, they can use various codes to remain anonymous.

    We only oblige them to use an identifier, of their choice, starting with the ISO code of their main country of residence (of their choice of 2 or 3 digits).

    If you live in certain dangerous, not free countries, it is always advised to remain anonymous.

    For candidacies and online elections, profiles with real name and surname will be created for each candidate, so the members of the groups in which you vote will know who they are voting for.

    Criticism 3. It is not clear to me, if I have 2 or more citizenships, in which geographical groups can I register?

    Answer 3. A verified registered user, can register in all geographic groups, in whose areas, he has the right to vote in real elections.

    Therefore, a verified registered user, with multiple citizenships, can register in all national and local groups in which he can vote.

    However, we always recommend, but it is not an obligation, to apply in the country where you reside.

    If he cannot stand as a candidate in the country of residence, but the electoral law of his country, in which he has citizenship, allows him to stand as a candidate, even if he lives abroad, he can do so easily.

    In these cases, our rules are not restrictive, those with multiple citizenships are free to do as they see fit.

    Technically, and legally for us, if a person has 2 or more citizenships, they could apply in as many countries as they wish. As long as the electoral law of the various countries allows it.

    Attention: in this article, other questions and answers, and constructive criticisms, will soon be inserted, to help you understand better.

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    a. To accept full responsibility for the comment that you submit.
    b. To use this function only for lawful purposes.
    c. Not to post defamatory, abusive, offensive, racist, sexist, threatening, vulgar, obscene, hateful or otherwise inappropriate comments, or to post comments which will constitute a criminal offense or give rise to civil liability.
    d. Not to post or make available any material which is protected by copyright, trade mark or other proprietary right without the express permission of the owner of the copyright, trade mark or any other proprietary right.
    e. To evaluate for yourself the accuracy of any opinion, advice or other content.

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