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    War and manipulation

    The attack by Russia and possibly Belarus against Ukraine on February 24, 2022, is one of the modern wars that could have been avoided.

    All the wars of history could have been avoided if men were not greedy, selfish, and if politics really existed.

    And together with politics, there should be the only "weapon" that can and must be used to resolve all tensions, diplomacy.

    However, when all world politics is based on cheating, and on fake democracy, it happens that there is not even the interest in talking to each other, in dialogue, in listening to others, trying to reach a clear, mutually beneficial agreement.

    As in all wars in history, this one too has no real and only culprit.

    Many, after reading the previous sentence, will tell us that we are crazy, that the culprit is there.

    The attacker has a name, the country he attacked first is easily identifiable.

    But no, dear friends.

    Putin was, is, and will be a despot, a criminal, an unscrupulous "man" who has his opponents murdered or imprisoned, but even if he makes unforgivable mistakes, he is not entirely stupid.

    It fell into one of the classic diplomatic traps, which the dispensers of Western democracy, organize all over the world, in all their short but somewhat questionable history.

    So we, rather than finding the culprits, of every single despicable action, we analyze the whole context in which it takes place.

    We repeat we never blame a single person, not even a single political party, let alone if we could ever blame the Russian people or the Ukrainian people. The culprits are others.

    The fact of being led by incapable people, one ex of the KGB the Russian (unscrupulous and who only does his own interests), and the other a comic actor (voted by 72% of his population but not very capable of choosing friends ), is the only "fault" of these wonderful peoples, who deserve respect and above all a lot of help. They deserve, like all the people of the earth, to live a safe life, with everything necessary for a peaceful and happy life.

    Two brotherly peoples with a common history, who fight, kill and suffer, because one was deluded to quickly enter NATO and the EU, and the other because he was lied to in international agreements by the liars of history the USA.

    Americans have combined a lot of unpleasant situations, and some even stupid. Suffering as much, because those who guide and who led the United States, have often been helped to obtain power, by disreputable people.

    Many will say that we are making up the story. But they think for themselves to bring out the lies.

    Just one example: the accusations made by US presidential candidates Biden and Trump. The former accused the latter of winning the last election with the help of Russian hackers. The second accused the first of winning the elections by rigging the election results. And we will be able to continue for days, explaining how many unclear things happen, in the state which is the first world power, which considers itself democratic, free and above all just. So even the most convinced American pro will understand that these are very serious accusations, and it is not the first time that they happen.

    We do not dispute the fact that Americans are a wonderful people (we are referring to the population and not the politicians), for us all peoples are equally wonderful and made up of 99% good people. But the inhabitants of the United States are very inventive people, with often winning ideas in almost all sectors. Who does not know and respect the "American dream"? Even about that dream, which does not give everyone the same chances, is part of a beautiful propaganda. We could write for years, to analyze various more or less imaginative theories, but we like to focus on real, documented historical facts.

    If we then analyze their history, we also find many things that are unclear, even mysterious. But let's talk the facts. With the freedom to interpret the various situations, and look at them as always at 360 °.

    To understand the reasons for various conflicts, we often rightly rely on history, we try not to repeat mistakes of the past. Always with poor results.

    When multi-ethnic states are created artificially, it often happens that nationalist people convince their followers to carry out criminal acts, provocations of all kinds, and all in the hope of pleasing the powerful characters of the system that really governs the world. Ukraine is a respectable state, created by Communists, doing what they do best. Stealing here and there, continuously. In this case they have stolen territories from many countries: Poland, Hungary, Romania, but also from Russia itself.

    For those used to living in fairly stable territories for generations, it will be difficult to understand the pain of families divided by artificially created borders. Just as it is equally difficult to understand hatred, and the resentments that are created.

    Anyone who tells us that we are conspiracy theorists should carefully study all of human history, but not only with accredited sources, but above all by looking for other equally real documents, which are original and perhaps written by people who have not accepted compromises and agreements. .

    We are not the only ones in the world who argue that in schools and universities, only an "authorized" part of history is taught. Those who had slightly different opinions were marginalized, and were also made fun of.

    But often the original story has been disproved. And everyone's answer was: whatever you want it to be, it can happen to write lies, or deliberately wrong things, it was useful to the cause.

    History should be studied at 360 °, because the "official" thesis does not always correspond to the real thesis.

    It often happens that more or less valid theories are overturned by subsequent discoveries of more reliable information.

    So we decided to see history with a critical sense, asking ourselves questions not only about how the events took place, but also about how, and above all why.

    We are sure that by rereading everything in this way, you will be surprised to find that what we write is based on common sense. It is not our interpretation, but it is the only way to make sense of everything.

    In all our projects we have no preferences, if not for the good people of the earth, who pay with deaths, injuries, pain, destruction, and above all terror, the choices made almost all based on their economic interests, of very few but very cunning, murderers, criminals, liars.

    Those who still tell you the joke of democracy, and of power to the people, lie to you and know they are lying.

    And it is always better for you to accept this, because if you do not accept it you will demonstrate how easily you have been manipulated by those who have an interest in making you believe things that are not true.

    They make fun of you, as most of our ancestors made fun of.

    They divide you, in order to control you, and to do this they have invented many things.

    Just think of religions, which in turn generate not only religious but also cultural divisions.

    Just think of languages, which are the most ancient divisions, because they have prevented the great masses of the population from speaking and understanding each other. Whoever speaks differently from you, you immediately consider him different, because not understanding what he is saying, you always think that it can be dangerous for you. It is a form of self defense. Wrong, stupid, but it's self-defense.

    In fact, in history only the powerful and only the rich had translators.

    But when people had many translators, and they began to ask themselves questions about the meaning of life, to know each other, to understand each other, to respect each other, feeling more united, they immediately invented religions. They could not unite people, because united they would have found easily, all the petty things that the powerful did.

    More eyes to see, more ears to hear, more brains to think, united, they become unbeatable.

    They are also more hearts to love us, but also many arms to work and create a better world.

    With the invention of religions (read non-Divinity religions well), they offered fantastic explanations, to not very educated people, to be able to control them. But above all they offered some common sense rules to follow, while others instead were made to obtain control of masses of the population, all divided, in an artificial way.

    We do not deny the existence of one or more Higher Beings, on the contrary we wish their real existence, as we hope that there is a hell, to let us enter, and suffer for eternity, all bad people.

    It would be full of historical figures, but also historians "authorized" to write based on the interests of the powerful.

    Science has never been able to prove that these higher, metaphysical Beings do not exist, therefore we, who are people who study, and believe in science, cannot say with certainty that atheism is scientific.

    But one thing is certain: all religions are false, they have been made with Sacred Laws useful to the various powerful, in the interest of one or more populations, with the sole purpose of dividing good people.

    As we have already said, divide to command, divide to control.

    Divide to pit people, in the right moments, against each other.

    Conspiracy? Read all the sacred texts, and look at the historical period in which they were written, you will realize exactly who they were convenient for. Usually to powerful people, with the aim of making people hate each other. Look around and tell us: did they do a good job?

    We could write whole treatises on how badly these religions, traditions, languages, and cultures have done to the world. They have brainwashed, since childhood, hundreds of generations who let themselves be controlled.

    Because they must be understood, the human being is a social animal, he needs to feel part of a group, in order not to feel weak and defenseless.

    But we just tell you that the "big scam" continues even now, more massively, and more subtly. Over the centuries, they have had time to refine the methodologies, to create a smarter style, often less immediate, but functional to their purposes.

    We could take the example of the COVID-19 pandemic, with a lot of conflicting information, to create doubt, divisions, in some cases violence, between informed and uninformed people, and we do not tell you the conclusions of our experts, for the simple reason that we, unlike those who take a stand immediately, prefer to let neutral experts work, to understand where it started from, how it was born, who made it spread, but above all who had deserved advantages, and who undeserved advantages.

    But if you read our articles on the subject you will understand, both our motivations and our positions on certain topics. As in the study of history, we also have clear positions on the virus, analyzing the situation at 360 °. For us, the official version is always true, until the lies come out.

    But also the lies, we analyze them with experts, our specialists who are many in almost all sectors.

    They are good, and we trust them, because they are in the trade, they are neutral, they present us with reliable and verifiable results.

    Those who let themselves be guided during the pandemic, by actors, comedians, sportsmen, or loser and unbelievable politicians, have miscalculated. It has fallen into the trap of seeking a political, or economic, consensus that is not valid only on one side. But those who found political parties or movements only on anger, only on a few confused ideas, only on fake news, only on spurious protests, or on clichés, has an existential duration of a few months or years.

    We are made to grow gradually, calculated, intelligently and of an unlimited duration.

    Even now that with a single click, on any search engine, you can find all the historical sources, especially 99% of the altered ones, but also 1% of the less known, and less appreciated, but perhaps often more exact ones. But one must know how to choose, because a lot of information is better than little or no information. But it also creates the effect, desired by those who control you, of creating disinformation and division.

    You will say: how do we know that you too are not trying to lie, to manipulate us?

    You're right, we could theoretically manipulate you too, but ask yourself first: why have they manipulated us throughout history?

    We will answer you. To divide us.

    But now we ask you: what is our intent?

    To unite the whole world in an innovative, fair political project, with rules, values and ideals based on common sense. A project in which the mutual respect of all people is always at the base.

    So the great thinkers and scholars, or those who never want to admit that they were wrong, and especially those who don't want to admit the truth, that they have always been fooled, will not join us. But we are sure that over time, all normal people will join us.

    Because sooner or later everyone will understand the real intentions we have, which are sincere, and all based on everyone's interest. And sooner or later everyone will understand that the deception, and the manipulations, to which they are subjected during their life, are real, and can only end in one way. By joining us.

    It will take time, because many are really "in love" with their ideas, suffer from Stockholm syndrome, love those who hold them prisoner, lie to them and exploit them practically from the birth of humanity to today.

    They have stupid ideologies that are no longer current, based on ideals that favored only certain classes (dividing people as always), but sooner or later everyone will understand that things are either right or wrong, there are no compromises.

    We do the politics of common sense, and the interests are of all, in a unitary way.

    The foolish will say that we want to create a system equal to the one we "fight".

    To those people we answer: yes you are right, we too are a system. With the only immense difference, that ours is an inclusive system, in which the best decision is discussed and taken, in the interest of all. The current system, on the other hand, provides for division, and decisions are always in the interests of a few. It is up to you to decide which is the best "system".

    We guarantee that we too have been fooled like all of you, but then we decided to check who controls us, and we discovered many useful, interesting, often incredible but true things.

    For years we have studied, evaluated, simulated, and tried to prevent any errors.

    And we succeeded. In mid-2021, we began to make our project public in a somewhat hasty way. A little at a time, calmly one user at a time, we have joined intelligent people, from almost all sectors, from almost all political parties, to create a project that includes everyone.

    To make it perfect. And yes, dear friends, we brag about it, but no one will be able to say that we brag about it at all. Because we know what we have created. Some people are bothered by the fact that we have rules, ideals, and values, all of common sense, which are not negotiable. That we do not make deals with anyone, and we go our way and yours together. But we do not care, as long as we do not compromise, and mistakes, we will remain credible. A few rotten apples may happen, but we swear to you that we will eliminate them from our fruit basket, at the first signs (which we control very effectively), that something is not going as it should. And we will do it with everyone's help, because our strength is only our verified registered users.

    Obviously we have had, have and will always have, against us all those who hold even a minimum power, and even a minimum wealth, because we took the liberty of saying that the first to help are those in difficulty, those who suffer, even without stealing from the rich to give to the poor.

    The newspapers, the media, the radio, the TV, the official information, but also the social networks, the giants of the web, almost as a unit, ensure that as few people as possible know of the existence of our projects.

    We thank them enormously for these “sabotages. In a stupid and involuntary way, they have helped us and are helping us.

    In this way, thanks to them, we have had and have, all the time necessary, to grow continuously, gradually but inexorably, and above all to lay the technological foundations, and to prevent various possible problems that may appear.

    If they had made us grow too fast, they would have blocked and slowed us down much more than trying to make us less known. Furthermore, as we grow a little at a time, we activate and make our users operational, calmly choosing the various roles well.

    They may be powerful, but they are less intelligent than we are. Because speed could make us make small but annoying errors of evaluation. Don't worry, nothing serious could ever happen, but we prefer to avoid making mistakes.

    After this interesting and useful parenthesis, let's go back to wars.

    In words, all the powerful, all political representatives, and all political parties are against wars.

    They also made Laws and Constitutions, which make us believe, wrongly, that they were made in our interests, instead they are made exactly, to allow the system to be able to control and act undisturbed.

    And woe to say something new, innovative, because they immediately accuse you: you are unconstitutional, you are not legal.

    If to give power to people, to inform them in a completely honest and neutral way, so that they can choose in the best way, whether to change the world political class (in fact, those who have made active politics will never be able to stand as a candidate with us), no longer allowing any politician to lie , but forcing him to always ask for an opinion (informed and binding), even after the elections, is unconstitutional, we are proud to be against the law.

    We will never change and for no reason whatsoever, not even a comma or word of our rules, our values and common sense ideals, but we will adapt to the unjust laws, and by means of popular referendums we will change and modify them, improving them and making them more and more useful, inclusive. , and modern, in the interest of the whole population. Always asking for the informed and binding opinion of the population.

    Until they are told to think otherwise for economic interests, all rulers are against war.

    But then the arms dealers, the producers of the same, and those who have economic interests (to rebuild for example after the destruction), find a way to convince politicians to change their ideas.

    In fact, more is often spent on weapons that take away people's health than on medical research and medical equipment that improves health.

    We dominate the world, but we are really stupid "animals".

    We bomb our homes, and then rebuild them by paying for both the bombs and the rebuilding. In fact, the many natural disasters, to which useful answers are often not given, are not enough to upset our lives. We must always hurt ourselves. We are really stupid. But we are because we criticize on social media, but we don't commit a few minutes of our life, every day, to change and improve things. But we do it, and we always will, because we are tired of watching the world go wrong as spectators. We and you, we must be the protagonists of our destiny.

    So for everyone, war hurts, and anyone who makes it, or starts it, should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. We have been monitoring all the political, historical, military actions of all countries for a year, and we guarantee that as soon as we have the opportunity, we will make everyone pay, with interest, every evil they commit and every pain they cause. But we will not only punish whoever orders, but also execute it. There is no oath that holds in the face of the death, wounds and pain of even one person.

    This is our declaration, and unlike all the other politicians, if we say one thing, we put it into practice, and we don't change our minds according to the requests we get.

    In fact, we guarantee that no declaration of war, no invasion, no attack, no attack, and no violent action, can never be discussed, voted on, or decided, in all our activities.

    Everything can be achieved with peace, with dialogue, and having at the base the mutual respect of all people.

    So dear friends, wars are never fair, they are never holy, no God or Higher Being wants to see you die, or suffer, to convert someone.

    But if a "human" being tells you to attack, to kill, to fight, to create disasters, out of false ideologies, or out of hatred, and revenge, every good citizen, every good soldier, every good general, must refuse to do anything about it. hurt, and make other people suffer.

    You will say that it goes against an oath.

    With this story of the oath they keep you tied to countries created in an artificial way, to divide people, for economic, political, religious interests.

    So the only oath, of every man, must be: I swear to always put mutual respect, of all people, in the first place in my life.

    I swear I will never, and for any reason, harm other human beings.

    I swear to bring to justice anyone who incites me to carry out acts of war, which can cause deaths, injuries, destruction, suffering and above all fear, to other human beings.

    It is not impossible to realize if 99% of good people will have 1% of bad people as their only opponent.

    They are not utopias, and we have done it, we are doing it and we will do it, in the interest of all good people on earth.

    As for the Russian military action, in Ukrainian territory on February 25, 2022, it is the classic announced conflict.

    Every person, making a lousy football cheer, cheers for one side or the other, trying to find a winner and a loser, trying to identify who is right and who is wrong.

    We cannot cheer for any part, and we cannot agree with one or the other.

    In every war, everyone loses, even the victors lose, because in one way or another mechanisms of retaliation, international isolation, economic sanctions and other more or less effective measures are set in motion.

    So let's try to clarify. Let's briefly summarize how things went, for those who want to deepen, you can join us, and our group of specialists in historical study and research.

    During the final part of the Second World War, the United States and allies on the one hand and the USSR on the other joined forces against Germany and the Axis countries.

    Even with the help in certain cases of partisans, or resistance forces in other countries, they have managed to definitively eliminate the Nazi-fascist threat all over the world.

    Even by resorting to nuclear weapons, which many historians consider a very serious mistake, because Japan was practically on its knees militarily and above all economically. Other sources say it shortened the duration of the war, avoiding more deaths and suffering.

    We honestly do not know how it would have gone without the 2 atomic bombs, on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but we have seen how they reduced 2 important cities to rubble, and how many people they killed not only with the 2 explosions, but also in the course of many subsequent years.

    The number of direct victims is estimated between 150,000 and 220,000 people, almost exclusively civilians: due to the seriousness of the damage caused - direct and indirect - and the ethical implications related to them, it was the first and only use in war of these weapons, although their development has registered a dangerous surge in the following years.

    After the division of the areas of European influence, into 2 areas of influence, one USA with NATO and one USSR with the Warsaw Pact, the United States has helped its allies with the Marshal aid plan with about 12.7 billions of US dollars, the Soviets, on the other hand, exploited and stole wealth from satellite countries, with the pretense of obtaining war damage.

    Those who for some reason opposed this type of indiscriminate exploitation, such as Romanian President Gheorghiu Dej, were poisoned, dying a few days after a visit to Moscow.

    We have given this example, to make you understand what kind of people we are talking about, not to mention the tens of millions of victims caused by the communist regimes, of their own fellow citizens.

    So Nazi-Fascism and Communism are two sides of the same coin. Condemned and to be seen as a negative example, throughout the history of humanity.

    Because the former had despicable theories against other peoples, or races, the latter against internal opponents, or those who did not bow to their stupid theories.

    Even in these cases, false and utopian ideologies have proved unsuccessful.

    Nazi-fascism has voluntarily forgotten that from the mixture of the blood of races, of the populations of different geographical areas, of different cultures, better genes are born, more resistant to diseases, and create progress and innovation. They believed they could have the supremacy of some over the less strong populations. And in the end they were rightly tried and eliminated, with the Nuremberg trial.

    Other mad geniuses shot themselves in the head and had their collaborators burned, others were shot and hung in the squares.

    Dictators don't always end well. Neither are the madmen who love wars.

    Communism, which is beautiful on paper, all the same, all divided exactly by the number of people, creates corruption, malpractice, and unethical activities to achieve an above average standard of living.

    Suffice it to say that the riches were shared so exactly that the members of the Communist parties and their families received some oranges for Christmas, compared to the people who did not see them for years.

    Party members had cars several times more expensive than ordinary citizens. Party members could leave the concentration camps in which they had closed hundreds of millions of people, to visit some friendly countries. The others did not even receive passports. Justice and equality? Corruption, violence, and cruelty. They shot in the back of their citizens who tried to escape to make a better life.

    So the former hated foreigners, the latter hated their citizens by making them live in animal conditions, and not human beings.

    But everyone had a hatred for gays, and for the people of the colorful glbt world. The former shot them, the latter shot them, but sometimes they just arrested them, for tens of years, and often made them die of starvation, in prisons where we won't let even a pig live.

    It hurts to read real things and the cases are not a few tens, but a few tens of millions, especially if you are nostalgic for one of the 2 ideologies, which have been the worst mental illness for millions of people.

    For those who traveled to eastern countries, during the communist regimes, seeing their poor living conditions, and going back to the west and seeing communist parties with people proud of it, simply made them vomit.

    But our beautiful free and capitalist "democracies" have starved other countries through the indiscriminate exploitation of the wealth of less technologically advanced countries.

    They have had scandals of all kinds. They have kidnapped and killed presidents, they have had divisions of various kinds.

    But above all, they allowed banks to issue money, without any guarantees, creating a huge public debt.

    The old unscrupulous economists and bankers didn't care if the young people would inherit, only interest to be paid on their previous debts.

    At a certain point in history the USSR had decided to put nuclear warheads in Cuba from 16 - 28 October 1962, the world was in suspense. The United States did not like to have Soviet nuclear missiles at home, but luckily everything was resolved thanks to diplomacy. The Soviets just wanted to respond to the missiles placed by the United States in Turkey, which is close to the USSR, closer than Cuba.

    With the United States being the only country in the world to have used the atomic bomb to make peace, the Soviets did not like the idea of becoming next. But in that case they used common sense.

    They did not use it, however, invading with tanks, the various satellite countries such as Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and almost invaded Poland, around 1980. They were so comfortable in royal communism, that they preferred to be slaughtered by Soviet tanks, than to live in a world of deprivations.

    We don't talk much about China, which at that time was buying the debt that Western countries, especially the United States, were doing to make their people feel good.

    Obviously we shortened the story a lot, and we didn't write too many dates, and data.

    We could talk, write and reason for years, to understand why we find ourselves in a world of shit.

    The Cold War, however, guaranteed a certain geopolitical balance. You knew who he was with whom.

    Then came 2 enlightened presidents, one a former Hollywood actor, and the other a rampant young Communist activist.

    They decided that communism had to become capitalism, but a beautiful corrupt capitalism, in which the former communists, who had privileges, money and riches, should have become even richer, and the poor who lived like animals, would have the freedom to go to I travel the world to seek my fortune.

    Not only did they sell out and destroyed the little good that was left in their former communist countries, but they even gave them away to foreign entrepreneurs for four pennies, who exploited them and stripped them of all wealth.

    Are we too critical? No let's not exaggerate, it really went like this. If you don't believe it, ask around. Read up, and you will say that we have been too kind and indulgent with this brief analysis of ours.

    Many will ask: what about the United States and the USSR? Did they then become friends, did they get married?

    The answer is simple, instead of doing the right thing, that is a new military alliance, which united the Warsaw Pact and NATO, creating a better world and peace for the whole world, they preferred to make verbal agreements, yes friends you understand well, promises were made in words, which they then did not include in the official documents. This is because the weapons to be used were many, now they are too many, so it was necessary to invent some war, or some crisis around the world.

    Perhaps they did not have secretaries, or collaborators, willing to write too much, but certain verbal agreements often died with one of the two Presidents. And the other side will die when the second President dies too.

    The wars unleashed in the good old days of NATO and the Warsaw Pact, have seen in previous periods the USA and the USSR, invade and guarantee peace, several countries, taking resounding defeats, causing only deaths, injuries, destruction and trauma without obtaining almost any advantage. . The US in Korea and Vietnam. The USSR in Afghanistan where the mujahideen to fight against the Soviets received American weapons from Pakistan, which took care of the transport.

    They made both superpowers lousy figures.

    But things have not changed since the fall of the Communist regimes in 1989.

    Absolutely not, the two super masters of the world, USA and Russia, exported their wars to various countries, supporting who one side and who the other.

    For the part of terrorism we could write whole pages, for years, with the most varied theories.

    But let's sum it up like this. Taliban or mujahideen, with US aid and weapons made the Soviets withdraw, but then demanded American aid, because they had forgotten how to have different occupations in order to wage war, to continue living supported.

    The United States, losing interest in the area, said it was getting by on its own.

    They were too busy bringing down the various dictators of the Arab countries one by one, creating serious tensions and wars. By creating wars, which are never just, or even justified, in response to the vile terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Let us not analyze the various more or less fanciful theories about these despicable attacks, which have caused thousands of innocent deaths. Deaths that then continued over time, in other ways, times and places.

    With the desire to take revenge, the United States with the precious help of all allies (even those who have in their Constitutions the refusal of war), attacked and invaded, according to some in the right way a reaction was needed, according to others using invented pretexts , or specially created, various countries of the Persian Gulf, and North Africa. They certainly did not do it for economic interests, because these countries were and are full of oil, so there was no interest of some American rich in taking possession of it.

    We are sarcastic, they do it always and only for money, or to start wars, to then make money with the sale of weapons, and to rebuild their destruction, obviously not for free.

    Because strangely, the dictators placed in power by the United States in dozens of countries, on almost all continents, are good dictators, those supported by Russia are bad dictators.

    The dictators are all bad, including those who put them in charge of entire countries, reducing people to starvation.

    Democracy must be exported with peace, with intelligence, and with patience.

    But to make certain innovative moves, you need to be gifted with intelligence.

    The United States, however, had weapons, and if they spent a lot of money, they had to be used and then bought more modern ones.

    But then they told the world that their missiles were intelligent, that it would only cause military casualties. However, enemy soldiers are also living people, who also have their families who love them and suffer for their death. The missiles must have been intelligent, much more than those who launched them, and infinitely more intelligent than those who gave the order to attack, but they have caused millions of deaths, even civilians, often more civilians than military.

    But as we well know, those who write history are the winners, so even in those cases they eliminated "dangerous" dictators, perhaps brutal, but they created damage, suffering and death, in many areas, eliminating a dictator the struggle to take over. place caused and often causes even more deaths than the same attacks.

    Do we export democracy? Were it not that these actions have made so many people suffer, created so much hatred and involved innocent people, their claim would be the greatest joke in human history. We are sure that in many countries, knowing who the US wanted to export democracy, millions of people said: no, thanks we keep the dictatorship, some blows, if you don't vote for the dictator, but at least it doesn't bomb us, with "smart" missiles .

    Who will tell us that the United States has only reacted to vile terrorist attacks, and that it has only brought down dictatorial governments, finds us only partially in agreement. But as already mentioned, legal and loyal means can be used to bring the principals and perpetrators of all the various attacks to justice. Without slaughtering and making entire populations suffer. So it's not just revenge, but above all interest and hatred.

    No sovereign state should never be helped to become "democratic", nor with sanctions that only harm the civilian population, with the intent of creating popular uprisings, riots, dead and wounded. So no to "stimulated" civil wars. And above all, no to bombings, and wars, which do not bring their dead back to life, but create others, creating a spiral of hatred and revenge, which can hardly be stopped definitively.

    Obviously a clear and clear no, even to anyone who carries out vile terrorist attacks, who orders them, who organizes them, and who executes them, should be brought to justice, by the populations who often cover them, protect them, and defend them. This can also be done quickly and easily, but the interests are always different.

    We conclude this long article by saying that our position is against all war, and that there is no reason to attack anyone. All those responsible must always be made to pay, in a surgical way, without ever causing any other pain and suffering for any reason.

    Although the false democracy exported by the United States is also appreciable, compared to totalitarian regimes, which make their peoples suffer, we officially declare that no one has ever authorized the United States to decide for any other country. So enough Russia and allies and the USA and allies. You have destroyed half the world with your wars of economic and geopolitical interests.

    On behalf of the rest of the normal world, we ask for the respect of clear rules based on common sense, and on the mutual respect of all people.

    Enough with the UN that should be dismantled immediately, to create a new body, perhaps calling it the World Union of Free Peoples, and the headquarters must be placed in any country except those of the guardians of the world Russia and allies and the USA and allies.

    Enough of a safety advice, which could be called in a more real way an insecurity advice.

    With permanent members decided after the end of the 2nd World War, which includes victorious countries, with no honor for the vanquished. Although the countries that lost the war were led by despicable characters, who created so much pain, that the Germans, the Japanese, the Italians, the Romanians and others of today are to blame, for the wrong choices of their grandparents and great-grandparents?

    Where is the Justice? Did only the civilians and soldiers of the victorious countries die? Just make fun of the people, we propose the immediate creation of a new UN, which includes all the countries of the world, with the powers of peacekeeping, which when they intervene, they do it on behalf of 99% of good people. of the earth. And that no country in the world does not have the right of veto. Right of veto that the current and past, lousy, corrupt, criminals, and murderers, who make up and have composed the UN Security Council exercise only on the basis of their own interests (and of the various powerful), and not on the basis of good and for the protection of the world community. How many times have they intervened late, and badly. How many deaths, injuries and suffering would have been avoided without all those vetoes? They should all be found, judged and punished for crimes against humanity. But we will also come soon with our article on Justice. And you will see that we are innovative and fair in that too.

    Returning to the invasion of Russia against Ukraine. It was caused as always by human stupidity. From the fact that no politician does not respect their commitments, they never respect the pacts.

    We told you about how modern Ukraine was born, stealing here and stealing there, territories, and creating a multi-ethnic state (made up of Ukrainians, Russians, Romanians, Hungarians, Poles, and many other minorities) that has always been a true and own powder keg. It was convenient for the arms producers and traders, and also for the 2 superpowers, that if there was too much tranquility in the world, and too many weapons were piling up that risked rusting, they could unleash hell in Ukraine.

    After the just and deserved disintegration of the Warsaw Pact, instead of creating a new international military body, modeled on NATO, but on a global level (which we will create immediately if we have power in the hands of the united world population), creating a peaceful world for all, they had written (but also only verbal) agreements, not to advance NATO eastwards. The countries of the East, in a free way, and every free and sovereign country, must have the right, have chosen to join NATO. Which, however, had guaranteed not to welcome Eastern countries.

    What did the Russians expect? Could they be in danger of being engulfed again in the terror of the years of communism? With all the love for the Russians, you can trust, the Russian oligarchs and politicians, but they cannot be trusted, and neither can the Russian army. How NATO cannot be trusted, and they have always proved it too.

    The Russians have repeatedly said not to bring NATO bases close to their borders. They have not been listened to.

    But Americans and allies, and Russians and allies were too busy playing war, first creating uprisings in North Africa and then literally destroying and tearing Syria apart.

    Let's make a parenthesis: we have 2 beautiful superpowers, they are really reliable and good at destroying the world. And what does China do? In silence, he continues to buy the debts of the various countries, he is buying the whole of Africa also by bribing local politicians, who can't wait to give their countries to the powerful who ask for it. When the right time comes, the Chinese will bring all the countries of the world to their knees, the stock exchanges will collapse, and they will buy the entire world economy. Nostradamus said, almost 700 years ago: the yellow race will rule the world. Whoever controls the economy controls politics, who controls the armies, and therefore the world will be theirs.

    Now we want only one of those who read, let us say, that the current situation is not exactly this!

    Again, wars are like an oven, if you don't feed the fire it goes out.

    So after a pandemic that for over 2 years has shown how unable we are to manage diseases, the straw has come that broke the camel's back. The free and independent Ukraine has asked to join the EU, and above all to join NATO. Again stating that Russian politicians cannot be trusted.

    After 8 years in which the Russians have taken back territories with a large part of the population composed of Russians, in more or less legal ways. That is, if the self-determination of peoples is guaranteed by international laws, the same laws then specify that it is valid only for former colonies, or for countries under siege. One of the things that we will have to learn, and we will have to do when we have our politicians around the world, is to write the Laws in a clear, detailed, and that have only one interpretation. We cannot afford to create confusion, and situations in which people in bad faith can take advantage of legal loopholes, to serve their own interests. The pro-Russians of the separatist republics have suffered for years more or less successful attacks, and provocations by the Ukrainian army.

    In these cases, the UN, as always, has shown its uselessness. Even if journalists from various countries, in a truly courageous way (because there are also many courageous journalists who are true heroes) denounced the clashes for years, the organization of fairy tales, was too busy making refreshments for the various ambassadors, and then who if don't care about some little fights, champagne and caviar canapes can't wait.

    Nobody thought that even for a single person in difficulty, the UN must move quickly and decisively. The new security organization, on the other hand, will move to help everyone immediately.

    Russia did not want NATO bases in the eastern countries, it did not want Ukrainian attacks on the Russian side, which in turn returned fire. Ukraine with a President voted by 72% of the votes, instead wanted Russia to stop taking territories from it all the time. How could he achieve this by joining NATO?

    And it is here that we understood the enormous deception of Western countries, primarily the United States. For years they have given away and sometimes sold rusty weapons, and poor technology to Ukrainians, saying: they will never attack you anyway. The Ukrainians had some doubts about the usefulness and quality of the weapons he had had during his bombings on the pro-Russian separatist republics. Having hit hospitals, schools, civilian facilities by mistake, and often missing military targets.

    Russia in turn had tried to flex its muscles, amassing troops on the borders of Ukraine.

    Here we make a parenthesis, hardly anyone imagined that Putin and Russia would invade Ukraine.

    Anyone who pretends to have foreseen it is a fake. Then Putin himself said: we will not invade Ukraine. But since almost all the politicians in the world are false, liars, untrustworthy, corrupt, and in many cases murderous and criminal, Putin is also part of the group. By saying one thing, and doing another, he went from having all the reasons in the world to being primarily responsible for the war. Under the guise of special military action, he authorized military intervention in the sovereign state of Ukraine.

    From a winner, he became a loser. Putin this time started something, which he should never have started. He had the best cards in hand, and he didn't wait for the right moment to play them, to win the game. Now he is destined to lose, because the cards suck in this round (Ukraine resists in a truly incredible and courageous way), Putin will try to bluff, but if he is discovered he will end up like salami.

    What have the United States and NATO, united with Europe, done? They leave on the shoulders of the populations on the border with Ukraine the task of welcoming refugees, especially women and children, because the males are fighting against their Russian brothers or cousins. Not only no immediate help, but a lukewarm response as well. Against the dictator Putin, their answer, for a change, was: freezing (be careful not confiscation) of the assets of rich Russians around the world, including Putin himself and his friends… And then? And then nothing, no courageous choice, except the elimination of some flights to and from Russia, from the Russian Formula One circuit, the transfer of the Champions League final from St. Petersburg to Paris.

    We are not talking about the blockade of the North Stream 2 gas pipeline which will increase gas and electricity bills in half of Europe.

    With such sanctions, Ukrainian President Zelenskyi will have thought he was in a comedy TV series.

    The United States and its allies, together with the UN, have helped the war, creating unpredictable and dangerous situations, not only for Putin and Zelens'kyj, but also for the Russian and Ukrainian peoples, with civilians and soldiers dying and injured, with children and women who flee where they can, with old people who are left alone abandoned, but also with difficulties in welcoming the neighboring countries.

    Above all, they make the rest of the world change their underwear.

    Because, friends, there is a real risk, that everything ends with a great nuclear firework, knowing who the 2 old and schizophrenic people are, who have atomic briefcases in their hands.

    Since it takes 2 pieces of code, to activate the bombs, we only hope that the 2 soldiers who have the second part of the activation and launch codes of the nuclear warheads, are intelligent people and think about saving the world from heroes, instead of causing death. of billions of people.

    Now let's avoid talking too much about wars, we have briefly explained to you how things are, they are not personal opinions, but it is the 360 ° truth. We have explained to you how we will change and improve the world ourselves.

    You are free to think as you wish, you are free to cheer for Putin or Zelenskyi, for the Russians or the Ukrainians.

    But for every person who suffers or dies, the whole of humanity dies.

    No war, no attack, it is not justified, and everything can be avoided.

    But there is always that 1% who is not suitable, and who does not care if he dies or suffers the remaining 99%.

    Think about it, and join us now, we will make our voices heard together, and we will do together some cleaning and Justice around our world.

    Because it's 99% ours, and the remaining 1% bad is just garbage.

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