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    We have seen in our other articles, on various occasions, and in enough detail, as throughout the history of mankind, there have been many people, who with the intent to control, and direct our activities, and our lives. , they have always divided us: with languages, cultures, religions, and nationalities, all different and varied. Let's briefly analyze together, why did they do it?

    When humans were still in the trees, hunting, the strongest always had the best part of food, and the most comfortable branch for resting. Nature is like this, whoever is stronger has the "right" to have advantages and facilities, as it ensures the food, protection and safety of the group. In nature it is also right, that the strongest is in charge. But there were always, because it is part of the natural instinct, envious people, who would have done anything, to become leader, head of the group, and would have used all the means to obtain power, prestige, but also control. , and the ability to decide for everyone.

    As soon as we got out of the trees, our ancestors needed a person to lead the group, a leader to follow, to decide which way to go, and to protect the group. Over time the strongest turned into the most powerful, and the richest, and subsequently into the smartest. Thus the first kings, emperors and leaders were born. Already in all the phases just described, there were, however, greedy, envious, and selfish people, who often tried to take the place of the "strongest", or the powerful of the moment, with cunning, and often with unloyal methods.

    Often, however, the "strong powers" preferred to stay hidden, and were content to simply control who held the power to decide, and who commanded. To understand the struggle for power, just do a research on the duration of the various emperors, kings, emperors, or Roman leaders, and how they lost their lives (in various circumstances but rarely died a natural death or old age). In a short time after becoming kings, or emperors, or leaders, they were helped to die. It's called the struggle for power, it's not natural, and it's not fair. Over time, always to divide us, the powerful of the various eras, have invented ideologies, often to favor social classes: such as communism, liberalism, capitalism, socialism, fascism, Nazism, and many others, which have all shown their limits, and they have all failed, or are about to fail, often creating enormous damage to humanity.

    After this brief introduction, to understand what was there, let's talk a bit about politics.

    Our beloved direct democracy requires that the people, therefore the entire population, have all the power. All right, it is normal that the power belongs to the population, because it represents those who live, produce, and exploit a certain territory.

    Let's open a parenthesis: borders are divisive, and often they were created artificially, not taking into account the population that lived in certain territories, often deporting and mixing different peoples, religions and cultures. In an intentional way, in order to create divisions, claims, and possible clashes, with violent actions, the peoples, created artificially, were divided among themselves in an equally artificial way. By creating areas of potential conflict, and even fratricidal struggle, the powerful of each historical period could better control the weak minds of those times. It was enough to trigger, even voluntarily, a possibility of conflict. History is full of events, almost always provoked, in which the weak suffer, and suffer, and the powerful get rich, even causing the various kings, emperors and leaders to lose their crown, and often also the heads.

    The old aristocracies, which provided that a person born in the noble class, had the right to obtain power, and wealth, not on the basis of merit, but as born in the "right" family. Even in those cases, the rich and powerful found a way to maintain control, and their power to decide.

    Let's talk about direct democracy again, the first documented is that of Ancient Greece. In various city-states, the population was called to the streets, and was invited to put a stone in an urn to say yes, and in another urn to say no. It was all decided together, by simple majority. If yes, one thing was done, if no, it was not done. After all, a decision, or a proposal, is either right, or wrong, or useful, or useless, or it's approved, or it's not. The only true form of democracy existed for a very short time, because with the outbreak of some wars, even between the various cities (perhaps caused by those who had no control over decisions), the young people had all been sent to war. Women, children, and the elderly remained at home. From that moment, for a very long time, and even now in many countries, political representatives have always been elected from among the elderly. In those days, it was very useful to have senior political representatives, because they died , and could be changed, with other elders, relatively soon. And if they didn't die at the right time, they could easily be helped to die, as they were weaker. We immediately make it clear that we love the elderly, their experience is very useful, it is an invaluable value, but one of our purposes is also to rejuvenate the world political class, make it inclusive, and well represented by women, sexual minorities, as long as they are all competent, honest, and elected on the basis of merit. So we prefer a young policy, with the elderly in specialist groups, to support the young. Because it is not fair that a worker, who does a strenuous physical job, retires after having done so many years of hard work, and a politician never retires. Not to mention health problems, politicians who are too old. We find the way to use them, as support and guide, of many willing young people. By rejuvenating politics, with our innovative method, the experience of the elderly is not lost, but there are jobs for many young people who have studied, and are specialized, and who would not have many opportunities without us.

    With the loss of direct democracy, from Ancient Greece, there has never been a moment when the population had real power. Until the birth of DirectDemocracyS, the powerful, and the rich, of any historical period, could easily bribe, the few political representatives, or a few kings, or queens, or nobles, in order to do their work of control, and real management of power. .

    In fact, if with direct democracy, in order to have the power to decide, they had to bribe more than half of the population to favor their own trafficking, with representative politics, which has never been, and will never be true democracy, it was enough. that economic power corrupted the various political representatives, elected to serve the interests of the people, and who often ended up only serving the interests of the powerful. So it took less money invested, to bribe fewer people, and more wealth for oneself. And if a political representative did not submit, the economic power, which is very inventive, found a way to replace him with a subservient, and easily corruptible one. There are many cases of honest, courageous, innovative politicians killed because they did not compromise with economic power.

    Do not be surprised anymore, reading these lines, of simple history of humanity, which no one can dispute, if the first 282 verified registered users, who have joined us, and have conceived all our projects, remain, and will remain forever anonymous? If you are still curious to know who is behind all this, you can also stop reading the rest of our articles. Because you will never know, and because it means, that you don't understand the real risk, for them, and for their families, if their identity is known.

    We change, and we improve the world, but first of all, we realize the fundamental restitution of power to the population.

    We are the only ones in the world, who have a similar working method, a unique style, which makes us fundamental for the change of world politics. Because every one of our rules is made to give all the political power to the population, and given the historical precedents, we limit ourselves to supervising, and checking, that the political representatives, before taking any political decision, always ask for a binding opinion. , to those who gave them the power of representation. We are the only ones in the world, who give their voters the total and absolute power of control, both before, during, and especially after the elections.

    If in many cases, in the old politics, after being elected, and after receiving a representative mandate (which by the way is not even valid), political representatives, with their actions, disappoint their voters, with DirectDemocracyS, the control on the part of the elector, over the elected, therefore of the sovereign people, over the servant, is total, and for the entire duration of the mandate of political representation, which in our case is a valid mandate.

    Some still wonder, why we were born, even if we have explained it in long articles, repeating it never hurts.

    We were born to make authentic democracy exist, and not that falsehood that governs the world. They just make fun of us, because our vote counts for absolutely nothing. And because after having given power to a party, or to a political representative, with current politics, for many years, politicians and parties do what they want.

    With us, however, the control is total, and we use innovative, but very safe methods, to make sure that our political representatives not only keep their promises, but always ask for a binding opinion, from their constituents. But not simple voters, but informed voters, in a complete, independent, competent, free, honest way, and without favoring anyone, if not the collective interest. With the groups of specialists, made up of our registered users, whoever has to decide, both elector and political representative, will do it without any error. With informed voters, we will never be wrong, because in our regulation, and in each of our articles, we explain that for us, only the interest of the whole population counts, without ever favoring any of the powerful on duty, and any class, or association, only the people. And we love all the people, not just those who vote, for our candidates.

    Many will accuse us of not being exactly, and immediately, pure direct democracy. Because we will found a political party, in each country of the world, and because we have political representatives, who will be elected in the institutions. In fact, we at the beginning are a hybrid democracy. Direct democracy internally, with the absolute and complete control of our constituents over their own political representatives, representative democracy for the creation of the national political party, and for the election of political representatives. We do this, provisionally, because one of our fundamental purposes is to eliminate 99% of the politics made by political parties, and by political representatives, to make the population decide directly. To achieve this ambitious result, and to create the only authentic democracy (in which we all decide on everything together), we must however follow the rules, and the laws that provide for a representative method.

    For now, it is enough for us to do things in the right way, internally, and to unite the entire world population with us. Once this is achieved, we will be able to make all people decide on their future.

    Warning: by eliminating the old, representative politics, and implementing our just direct democracy, politics does not die, rather it becomes more varied, and there will always be, from everyone: the right proposals, debates, discussions, and votes, in groups geographic. Politics does not die, but it belongs to everyone.

    There will be the right policy, based on logic, common sense, and on everyone's total freedom to express their ideas. Those who join us, however, must eliminate the divisive mentality, must renounce the old ideologies that are all unsuccessful and unjust, to join innovation.

    Now let's see what our policy will be like. To understand the differences a little, let's write down what old politics currently is, and what we are, and what we do. For each question, we could write entire articles, and maybe one day we will, but for now let's summarize the various answers in a few lines.

    We advise you to read everything carefully, maybe a couple of times, to understand the differences, and because from the beginning of our history, we have defined ourselves as politically perfect.

    Who is behind it?

    Now, in the old politics, there are names of leaders, but no one has the guarantee of independence, and freedom to make decisions, within the old parties. So you don't know who is behind it, the party, or the political representative you vote for.

    With us, you will never know who is behind it, but it is not essential to know who has the merit of having created all this, our rules, our values, and our ideals, all of common sense, are important. Behind our every decision, there are our verified registered users, who are our constituents.

    Whose party are you voting for now?

    In the old politics, nobody is not the owner of the party, which belongs to everyone and nobody.

    With us, the entire political organization, all national parties, all our websites, and all our activities are owned by our verified registered users.

    Who votes the leaders, who decides who commands?

    In the old politics it is decided in various ways. In many political parties, the leader is voted by a small part of the party members, often by acclamation. Occasionally it is voted by an assembly of a few voters.

    With us there are no leaders, each of our verified registered users is our leader, and has all the power to decide. We have completely eliminated: the struggle for internal power, and any conflict of interest. In fact, the political representatives only deal with representing the citizens who elected them, and they do not manage our parties, which are managed by our official representatives chosen among our registered users, so there is no struggle for power, thanks to our method with connected chains, all, from the first to the last, have the same rights and the same powers. We also eliminate the conflict of interest, because the political representatives will not have to favor our party, which will support them, always loyally, because the party belongs to all our verified registered users (voters), who in turn choose the political representatives, in the various institutions.

    Selection of candidates. How is the selection of candidates made?

    Now, in old politics, the selection of candidates is done by party leaders, or by political parties. Rarely, or partially, by the population.

    With us, the selection of candidates is always and completely made by all our verified registered users, who elect the best candidates in an informed way, for each role, from the local to the international one.

    Evaluation of candidates. What are the political representatives like?

    Now, they are often chosen on the basis of economic influences, or on the basis of fame, or the number of votes they can bring to the party. Often they get political representation roles, people without adequate preparation, or incapable people, and often even completely unsuitable people. And very often, people without competence, and without honesty, run entire countries, or make laws on subjects they don't know.

    With us they are candidates, or they can be self-candidates, and are evaluated by groups of professionals, and by groups of specialists (composed entirely of our registered verified users), with a very rigid selection, and they are chosen: by all our users registered verified, who live in every geographic area, knowing exactly all the results of the tests, and of the verifications on the competence, and honesty, of each candidate. Specific skills are required for each application, and each person who is nominated is chosen on the basis of competence, honesty, mental and physical health, behavior, and on a merit-based basis. It is carefully monitored, before, during, and after the elections, with an innovative method, which prevents all kinds of problems.

    The promises before the elections. The promises made, are they respected?

    The old politics, and their political representatives, will have made a lot of promises to you, and they will not have kept them all. They have declared many things in their history and have not always kept all the declarations.

    We, the new policy, decide together with our verified registered users, who are all our voters, every detail of the electoral program. And we put into practice every promise, in the ways, and in the promised times.

    Always find excuses. Sometimes, to apologize for not keeping the electoral promises, do you find alibis?

    The old politics has internal and external struggles, even very hard ones, to keep power, or to get it. So he always finds ways to blame others, on the outside, or on the inside, for his own failures.

    We, who are innovative, will never have to find excuses, because the only ones to whom we must give explanations are our voters, who together with us decide both the electoral program and the realization of each point of the program, in the ways and in the exact times. If by chance there are program points, or broken promises, both we and our political representatives, we will admit it, and apologize for it, trying to find the reasons, without blaming others.

    Will alliances, and coalitions, with other political forces be made?

    The old politics often join, or divide, for political and electoral interests. In other cases, laws are made to prevent a single party from governing alone.

    We have written in our regulation, in our statute, and in many articles, that we will never, and for no reason, make any alliance, or coalition, with other political forces. This we have decided, because we are completely incompatible with other political forces, due to our innovation. If we have the votes, and therefore the confidence of the population, sufficient to govern alone, we will take the responsibility to do it in the best possible way, in the interest of the whole population.

    If, on the other hand, we do not have the necessary votes, we will stay in the opposition, always with our rules, and with the total control of our voters, over us. We will make proposals together with our constituents, who will govern. And we will not be an opposition, which says no to everything. Also based on the decisions of our constituents, we will vote in favor of all laws, which we will deem useful for the population.

    The decision not to make alliances, and coalitions, is to be able to work with our innovative method, at the service of the population. This decision does not prevent us from dialoguing and discussing with other political forces. But for us, our unity is fundamental, and our style is completely different from the old politics.

    The popular mandate of representation. Is world politics legal?

    The old politics, even the Western one, is a false democracy. Power never belongs to the people, but is in the hands of political parties, and political representatives, who are almost always chosen, and appointed, for the votes they can bring, or for influences, and interference by various "strong powers", not clear, and obviously difficult to identify. The political representatives of the old politics are not chosen on the basis of merit, and the voters simply vote, either for the party or for the politician, without having, however, direct control over the choices that "the illegal political representative" will make. during his tenure in the various institutions. Basically, the people who should hold the power, be the sovereign, by right, in the fake democracies, count only, and decide only, during the elections. The laws made by the "representatives" of this fake democracy are all made illegally, and will all be redone, with the involvement of the entire population. Very often the laws favor only a part of society, or only some social classes. Economic powers are always favored, because with representative "democracy", these "strong powers" can easily control, and direct, all the choices of a few political parties, and their "political representatives". Which in almost all cases, do not represent the interest of the population in general, but only of those who are stronger. Not to mention how well they live, elegant buildings, travel around the world, and how much money they make, to have the right and the privilege to decide on our behalf. We not only give them power, but also money and wealth. Representative democracy is the biggest scam in the entire history of mankind. It allows political parties and their representatives to decide the rules, on behalf of the people. They are the puppeteers, who move the strings, and the servant people are the puppet, who carry out orders. They are the conductor, who dictates the tempos, and the notes, and we are the various musicians who follow the score, without being able to decide absolutely anything. So, we repeat, true democracy does not exist.

    At DirectDemocracyS, we completely reverse the roles, the people are sovereign, informed by groups of specialists, therefore they are the puppeteer, and our political representatives, aided by groups of specialists, are the puppets in the hands of the people. With our innovative policy, before, during, and above all after the elections, the "conductor" who decides the musical program, and dictates the times and notes, is the one who must have all the power, that is the sovereign people, and our political representatives play and sing what is ordered. It seems a strange thing, which no one has ever experienced, but it has a name, which only we have the right to pronounce, because only we put it into practice: it is called democracy. Our political parties are owned by the population, by the voters, and not by the "strong powers", who will lose all privileges. This is perhaps our main prerogative, to put into practice the only true democracy, giving our "servants", who are the political representatives, an authentic and real representative mandate. The only regular mandate, in which before deciding everything, before taking any action in the name of the people, always ask for a binding opinion from the people who have given this mandate. With us there are not only electoral promises, which are all decided together, but also complete and total control of all political activities. It's called democracy, it almost never existed, but it's coming, and we won't let anyone steal it, ever again.

    Traditional political parties and representatives who quarrel, with verbal clashes, accusations, and often physical clashes. DirectDemocracyS, will you try to do the same?

    The old politics that quarrels, that seeks electoral consensus at all costs, that does not practice true freedom and authentic democracy, or that promises and does not deliver, are all reasons why we were born.

    Our innovative and new policy puts our verified registered users at the center of every decision. We are based on the mutual respect of all people, so we will never respond to provocations. We will certainly not waste time arguing, screaming, bullying, but we will focus only on our work. We will leave the bad habit to others of being pitied by normal people, civilized people. Just as we will certainly not waste precious time, on television programs, to rejoice in the failures of others, or to brag about our achievements. Our political representatives will do what is necessary to keep themselves balanced, polite, and respectful. Our style will always be appreciated, because it is innovative, like our project.

    Corruption. People often get tempted, how do we control politicians?

    The old politics, in many cases, controls itself. That is, when some are in power, they control others, and vice versa. Often with a clockwork justice, and with revenge of all kinds. But often with cases of corruption, and ethically wrong behavior.

    We, who are innovative, will not have any kind of problem. Our security groups, entirely composed of our registered users, specialized in controls of all kinds, will avoid any problem from the point of view of corruption, and favoritism. We are the first to control ourselves, so we are innovative in this too.

    Defects of the policy. We conclude with the flaws, of the old policy, and with ours.

    Everyone knows the old politics, so let's avoid talking about it. You all know very well how they are, and what they have done in history.

    We have only one defect, we are a bit presumptuous, we say too often that we are perfect, and perfection does not exist, or it is impossible to achieve. Not for us. We are lucky enough to start now, so no one can accuse us of making mistakes, or of having misguided. They cannot accuse us of not being able to oppose, because we have not yet started to do anything. But we have a lot of ambition, rules, values and common sense ideals, based on logic.

    A big flaw is that every person, when he reads all our rules, always finds a lot of things that are fine, but they are all a bit messy. Often repetitive. Every voter has every reason to love our international political organization, and will also love our every political party, and our every activity.

    Another flaw is that we have no preferred social classes, only our preference for the whole population, so some people, from weaker social classes, struggle a little to find the answers to their legitimate questions and requests.

    Another flaw is that we do not chase the voters, we do not promise impossible things, and we do not give anything to anyone. Maybe this realistic and meritocratic attitude will make us lose some elections, but we are sure, that in ours we hope and wish you, long history, this attitude will be rewarded.

    Another defect of ours is having renounced the old divisive ideals, for an ideal based on logic, common sense, and mutual respect for people. Again, time will prove us right. But if, for example, we see parties for the working classes in every country of the world, they often make laws against the working classes. Corporate parties often raise taxes. Religious parties often make laws that disturb religions. Instead, we help everyone in the same way, based on priorities, which oblige us to always start, from helping those in difficulty, without taking anything away from those who are rich with merit, or thanks to innovation. We will never appeal to thugs, arms manufacturers, and perhaps the 1% of the people on earth who are bad. But we will be satisfied with the remaining 99%.

    Finally, our big flaw is that especially at the beginning, only an average to very intelligent person immediately understands our potential, and joins us immediately. Fortunately for us, the majority prefer to wait to see how it goes. By joining late, however, he will lose the advantages and facilities, which it is right to give to the first who will trust us.

    The conclusion of this article, titled: Politically Perfect, is undoubtedly politically just, competent, and honest.

    Join us now, don't waste time, and let as many people know about our and your great innovation.

    Otherwise, just keep the old policy. But first reread our articles, and our rules. And choose with your mind, and with your heart. With infinite love, respect, esteem, best regards, and best wishes.

    DirectDemocracyS, your politics, your projects, in every sense!

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