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    Interview part 10

    Published: 08 April 2022

     10. Part 10, of my interview with GreatReferee, user number 283, of DirectDemocracyS.

    Questions 46 and later.

    Question 46. Can you explain to us why DirectDemocracyS, and all related projects, at some point decided not to look to the past, but only to the present and the future?

    Answer 46. We have not stopped looking at the past, but we have stopped criticizing the past. Everyone knows more or less everything about past events. We are innovative in all our activities, so criticizing old-fashioned methods: of doing politics, but also economic activities, communication, information, banking, radio, TV, and even sports, is a waste of time. We have a lot of work, to put all our projects into practice, and it doesn't help us to criticize one or the other.

    Question 47. But on a personal level, can you tell me what you think of various institutions, and political figures, and people of current affairs?

    Answer 47. Of course, please tell us what interests you and I will answer you briefly.

    The. UN? Him. It must be reformed, completely, with clear rules, and the ability to intervene before conflicts, and prevent any type of international crisis. It has to change its headquarters, it has to be in a neutral country, not a superpower. All countries must be representatives on the security council, where no one can have the right of veto. The UN assembly must be elected by the citizens of the earth, and the security council must be chosen by the people of all countries of the world.

    The. United States? Him. It's my country, I love it, even if it's not free, and it doesn't practice true democracy. It would have the possibility, but the lobbies will be very opposed to us, and we will struggle to carry out our projects. The "American dream" no longer exists, now there is a great depression. Our citizens, on the other hand, deserve a better policy.

    The. Joe Bidien? Him. He is my President, I respect him, but I consider him incapable, and above all very succubus to the "strong powers". I see hundreds, perhaps thousands, of American politicians, smarter, clever, honest, competent, younger, and free than he is. Many of these have already joined us. The next President must think only of the good of the United States, and of its inhabitants, and not of being the "sheriff of the world". No country needs us who impose our imperfect rules on it (American ones, ed), they must be helped not exploited. The President is incompatible with our plans.

    The. Donald Trump? Him. He was my President, I respect him, but I consider him incapable, with the lie of America first, he won the support of many nationalists. But nationalism is dangerous, because it does not make you see things at 360 °, but you only look at your country, and at your interests also towards others. He did not do much damage in foreign policy, only for the fact that he had good collaborators, in domestic politics instead, if he had been good, they would have re-elected him. Incompatible with our projects.

    The. Russia? Him. It is an exceptional country, it is a pity that it has passed from the communist dictatorship, to the oligarchy and dictatorship. The Russian people deserve to exploit, and live well and in peace, thanks to the immense natural riches, and the innovation, and the infinite abilities of their inhabitants. And not to be exploited, by multinationals, and by the "economic dictatorship" of fake globalization.

    The. Vladimir Putin? Him. He is a dictator, who has given immense wealth to himself, and to his friends, making his people suffer. He pretends to love the independence of Russia, but he does it only, to conquer weak minds, which for an extra piece of bread, let themselves be fooled and vote more or less forced, for him and for his people. He does not accept opponents, he has them arrested, and sometimes killed. He fell into the trap of the West, and by invading Ukraine, he ended up politically. Incompatible with our projects.

    The. Ukraine? Him. A very rich country, similar to Russia as a political situation, from a former pro-Russian Communist, has passed to a puppet of the West. Ukrainians must be the masters of their own destiny, and must respect and help all minorities. History has made many communities live in that country, which must live in peace, harmony and mutual respect. A proud and united people, suffering from world politics and economy. They are massacring them, to be able to produce and see weapons, but above all to use them. Let's just hope that every violent action can soon end, and that they rebuild everything quickly and well, and that they can finally be masters of their own destiny.

    The. Volodymyr Zelenskyi? Him. With all due respect to those who do the noble and useful work of a comedian, he is not suited to being the President. Or rather it can, only in a TV series. He has been fooled by the promises and help of the West, which does not give you anything for free, but if it pretends to help you, it is because it has economic interests. Ukrainians deserve to be masters of their own destiny, and to exploit their wealth. Incompatible with our projects.

    The. China? Him. A great country, a great culture, but with communism, it also has great corruption at all levels. A single party is a dictatorship, but at least economically, it knows how to exploit the weaknesses of the West, and the inconsistency of Russia. It bought over a third of the world's external debt. And it bought an even greater percentage of US debt. Nostradamus said: the yellow race will rule the world. I don't believe in prophecies, but in this case they have already come true. Too bad that everything has been achieved, exploiting both its own people and other countries, especially African ones. Think if the Chinese said: from today every Chinese will work for free for a year. One and a half billion people, who for a little rice a day, would become an immense economic capital. With our banking, economic project, and above all our new “TIME” currency, we will do the same thing (but not letting anyone work for free), without exploiting anyone, and guaranteeing a dignified and meritocratic life for everyone.

    The. United Kingdom? Him. The United Kingdom is a very interesting country, it is tradition (monarchy) and innovation, but it is controlled by economic powers, like almost all western "fake democracies". At DirectDemocracyS, we are not against traditions, nor against religions, on the contrary we respect them all in the same way, so monarchies do not bother us, as long as they are kept out of political life.

    The. France? Him. France, being a Presidential Republic, can govern in a more peaceful way than the Republics or Parliamentary Monarchies. Always with half democracies, and with half freedoms. Certain political choices of the past have displeased some important social partners, and for that we will have great success in France. Currently they can choose between continuity with Macron, and uncertainty with the right. We will see who wins, in my opinion, those who do not recognize themselves in any party or candidate will win. Soon there will be DirectDemocracyS France, and the abstentionists will also have a very innovative, honest and just party.

    The. Germany? Him. He has a huge foreign debt, a lot of badly spent money, but they have an incredible ability to make themselves believe powerful. The Germans, on the other hand, deserve a more sincere policy, one that is close to their citizens. I am a little worried about their tendency to rearm in recent months, which means extra expenses that in my opinion make no sense.

    The. Italy? Him. It is the most beautiful country in the world (history, culture, civilization, art), with a politics, a Justice, and a society, often run by incompetents. Currently, it is in the hands of a banker, with all due respect to those who do this useful job, I remind everyone that banks give you money (loans ed), only if you guarantee it with money. So they don't give gifts to anyone, they only give money to those who are already rich. The current pile of government, which nobody wants, but everyone tolerates out of interest, is certainly not what the Italians deserve. But fortunately, we are well on the way to creating our DirectDemocracyS Italia party.

    I WHO? Him. WHO is shame and uselessness, they declared the pandemic months late, causing millions of deaths. They have been slaves of China, I hope not intentionally. They weren't very useful during the pandemic, because they are controlled by politics, and by the world economy.

    Him. But if we say all the countries, and all the world institutions, we will not finish for weeks. So I'd say move on to the next question. These few lines represent my personal thought, I have not deepened, also because it does not seem to me the place and the way to do it. We have groups of specialists to deal with the various issues, and geographical groups, to analyze and manage the various areas.

    Question 48. One last, brief mention, of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. We understand that DirectDemocracyS and all related projects are against all kinds and kinds of violence. But are there ways to end every war soon, and never to start any more?

    Answer 48. Since last year (2021 ed), since we made our political project public, we have a special group for analysis of current events, with various special groups connected, such as the special group for the analysis of the war situation, special group for analysis of terrorism, and many others. These special groups, are analyzing every activity of their competence, and present, and will present various reports. According to those, when we are known, and we have the success that we are destined to have, we will make sure that whoever engages in violent actions, or whoever orders them, or whoever organizes them, and whoever provokes them, will be indicted, judged, and severely punished. If a normal man pays for almost every mistake he makes, the powerful often don't pay, because they know how to get out of it.

    If we have the duty and honor to win elections in all countries of the world, there will be change and improvement in all areas. The life of all people, starting with the weakest and most in difficulty, will be better, more serene, happy, peaceful, and above all with more than dignified conditions of life.

    In wars, invasions, terrorist acts, it often happens that it is said: there have also been civilian victims. We are so used to inhumanity that we make distinctions between a dead or a civilian wounded, or a dead or wounded military man. As if the pain and suffering of a civilian is more important than that of a soldier, their families and friends suffer for them, in the same way as those of civilians. The military has only one fault: having made a stupid, anachronistic oath, and against all logic. Serve the homeland? Which country? Decided by whom? With DirectDemocracyS, and all related projects, there is only humanity, and each person must swear to base his life on the mutual respect of people. With all our projects, every person, military or civilian, must swear in front of everyone, to respect forever, all our rules, our values and our ideals, all of common sense. In this way, any violent activity will be eliminated, and anyone who tries to engage in violent activity will be punished, even in a preventive manner. With us, and with our national political parties, in all the countries of the world, the only weapon, and the only national army, will be used only to defend oneself.

    We know very well that wars, invasions or terrorism are organized and decided by politicians (on the orders of economic power), carried out by soldiers or militants, especially to the detriment of defenseless people.

    DirectDemocracyS, and all related projects, will always fight against all kinds of violence, and we are sure that 99% of the people on earth are against cruelty and hatred.

    Unfortunately, in history divisions and spirals of violence have often arisen in an artificial way. Hate, which creates more hatred, and death which according to sick minds should be avenged, even if it causes more death and suffering. We will fight evil, with goodness, stupidity, with intelligence, and ignorance with culture. We also fight disinformation with information, verified and guaranteed.

    We have a very detailed international program of our political organization in which the elimination of violence, in all its forms, plays a fundamental role. Think for example, how much wealth could be created, how many jobs, and how much help to the needy could be done, without any military expense.

    But to get to all of this, it will take some time. Only time, to let everyone know about our political organization.

    Question 49. So Ukraine is good, and Russia is bad?

    Answer 49. Absolutely not, Russia and the Russian people are loved, respected, and supported by us, in exactly the same way as Ukraine, and the Ukrainian people.

    At this moment, thanks also to the provocations of Western countries, and as always due to economic interests (for the production and trade of arms), but also for interests in reconstruction, Russian politics, led with little inspiration by Putin, he is committing a violent action against the Ukrainian population. With an unwarranted invasion, which we strongly condemn.

    No claim to a sovereign country by another country will never be tolerated. How we do not compromise on freedom, and on just, and complete local autonomy. Autonomies, without upsetting delicate geopolitical balances, without passing from one country to another, but obtaining respect, and a guarantee of freedom and democracy.

    If there had been international institutions, with a weight of decision and intervention, neither NATO and Western countries before (on various occasions), nor Russia, and no other country, would have ever entered the war.

    Dialogue and diplomacy can never be done efficiently by incompetent politicians and parties, who think only of their own interests, without seriously caring about those who lose their life, physical and mental health, i.e. weak people, and the population without any fault.

    However, a premise must be made: Russia is led by a dictator, as there are, and there have been many others in the world, throughout history, China is led by a single authoritarian party, with a lot of corruption and without meritocracy , the United States and Western countries, are led by strong and ruthless economic powers, Switzerland itself, has only a fake direct democracy, so true freedom, and authentic democracy, does not exist anywhere. And they almost never existed, except in ancient Greece, for a short time.

    See and read posts of people, who from their comfortable armchairs, in their beautiful and safe houses, warm in winter, and cool in summer, with their peaceful and peaceful lives, choose to side with absolute evil, instead of choosing the lesser evil, it just sucks.

    Between NATO and Western countries, and a country with a population that suffers a dictatorship, that arrests opponents, that imprisons, and often tortures or kills those who are not with the regime, just a person without intelligence, and with a total lack of intelligence. humanity, may decide to cheer a dictator almost "sporting".

    There is no shortage of people who have a strong nostalgia for totalitarian regimes, Nazis, fascists, communists, because they are sadistic, and love those who subdue them. If one does it for sexual fun, anonymously, without forcing anyone, and without minors, we certainly cannot judge the sexual tastes of those who love to be dominated. But publicly supporting and justifying violence by a country or a bulla military organization against a bullied country is simply shameful.

    One cannot choose to support, but not even justify, violence, whoever commits it. There are no reasons, nor are there any extenuating reasons. Whoever starts a military action against another country is always wrong.

    I was told by our official representatives on social networks, and on other websites, that there are people siding with the invader. Who with their minds reduced to a few pairs of neurons, cheer for Putin, and for his infamous decision, to invade Ukraine.

    They justify this by saying: NATO and the West have also done it several times. To this affirmation we respond, as already mentioned above, with the question: how many victims, injuries, and destruction can Russia do to get even with NATO? Obviously, no one answers, for the shame they feel, to hear this question. And then if we look at the countries in which NATO intervened, they were certainly not free and democratic countries, but were often governed by dictators, often bloodthirsty, even if this does not justify the previous military interventions in the least. It is the peoples who have to decide who governs them.

    Or in their infinite stupidity, others say: with Ukraine in the European Union, and especially in NATO, Russia's security is in danger. This statement is answered with another question: do you really believe that a country with over 5,000 nuclear warheads, with similar armed forces, which was never attacked after World War II, should fear for some NATO bases nearby? Let's be serious. No superpower has ever had and will never be afraid of being attacked. They (United States and Russia ed) prefer wars to take place in the home of others. They destroy entire countries in order to produce and market weapons. And then to enrich greedy entrepreneurs friends, for the reconstruction.

    And then still others who say that NATO, and the Western countries, had guaranteed the former Soviet Union first and Russia then, that the former Soviet countries, or former members of the Warsaw Pact, would not join NATO. First of all, we and those who join us are on the side of true democracy and not fake democracy like that of NATO and Western countries, and of absolute freedom. And all of us believe that there are no more important countries, or military alliances, that decide for less important countries. Geopolitics and military strategies must always guarantee full autonomy, sovereignty and freedom for each country to decide who to stay with, which economic union or military alliance to enter, when to enter and how. So even a NATO base, close to the Russian border, will never represent a danger to the security and sovereignty of Russia. If Putin's regime falls, it will always and alone, thanks to the Russian people, and not because of the more or less visible interference or sanctions of other countries.

    To those who remember the scandal, and the missile crisis of the Soviet Union in Cuba, which we spoke about earlier, we remind you that no former member of the Soviet Union, and no former member of the Warsaw Pact, despite having entered the NATO does not have nuclear warheads, and even if they are present, each country is free to decide whether or not to have nuclear warheads on its territory. Again, the rules must apply to everyone.

    Others, on the other hand, speak of how wrong it is for NATO and Western countries to help Ukraine militarily to defend itself. They say that because of this military aid, the hostilities will last longer. And that there will be more deaths than an immediate surrender. If during the Second World War, the United States had not armed the European countries, and their respective resistances to the Nazi-fascist invasion (for example the Partisans in Italy), by now you and I would be speaking in German, and we could say only things approved by the regime. Or making a biblical comparison: if David had not given the stone for the sling, perhaps Goliath would have won. We are always on the side of peace, and against all violence, but whoever invades is always wrong, and never right, whether it is NATO, Russia or China. And those who are invaded must always be helped to defend themselves, to regain their freedom and total independence. We know how much some people like to be submissive, to have the strongman in charge, but those who condemn military aid should perhaps think that if everyone were afraid to defend themselves, bullies would always win. If they were in the situation of the poor Ukrainian population, I do not think that Putin's "lovers" would agree to give themselves, their wives and their children to be raped, or killed, by the invaders. The fate of the invasion has not yet been decided, but I think it will not be easy to find an agreement soon.

    As I have already said, in September 1939 a mad German dictator attacked Poland. The other countries all said: Poland is not a big problem. And they left her alone, to be conquered by the Nazis. And then we all know how it turned out. This time the NATO countries have decided to act, in the possible ways and times, to avoid a widening of the conflict. A new attack is likely, because China also wants Taiwan back. So if Ukraine and Russia find an agreement, we will soon be talking about war in Southeast Asia. I hope I'm wrong, and I hope China and Taiwan find an agreement, without deaths, injuries and destruction.

    And others even more idiotic, who say that Russia has reacted, because for several years Ukraine, and the pro-Russian separatists, have attacked each other. The stupid ones, however, calculate only the attacks of the Ukrainians on that occasion, and not the provocations and attacks, equally bloodthirsty, by the pro-Russians.

    Finally, there are those who only see conspiracies, who in front of images of unprecedented violence towards civilians, in order not to admit the truth, find various senseless theories, trying to find defects in the video materials, which are shown. And they write things without any sense, to prove the falsity of the images in their own way. They are so stupid that they make us tenderness. Do you really believe that those who make the so-called “false images, before publishing them, don't check what they are publishing? Only to allow those who know everything, without knowing anything, to those who inquire where they say what they want to hear, to find "irrefutable evidence" of the manipulation of the media, and of the various regimes.

    Those who deny all "official" information cannot and must not join us, we do not need people who doubt everything, for the simple reason that much of the world information presents real things. We must change, and improve the world, together with intelligent people, who know how to distinguish between good and evil, right and wrong, between true and false.

    We have never been kind to the United States, or to NATO, but if we have to choose between these countries, and Russia or China, and other countries with dictatorships, we have no doubt which side to take. Half democracy and half freedom is always better than no democracy and no freedom.

    To those who say that the Russians also liberated Europe from the Nazi-fascists, we reply that there is a big difference between liberating, then helping to rebuild, as the United States did in the West with the Marshall Plan, and indiscriminate exploitation of the wealth of "liberated" countries, to justify "war debts", with backward violence, typical of communist countries, as the Russians have done for decades in Eastern European countries.

    But mentally ill people do not understand that to stop any war, any invasion, any terrorist attack, any kind of violence, one must first of all stop immediately any spiral of violence.

    Every revenge, every use of history to justify evil, must be fought, and forever. Ignorance must be fought, everyone must change their mentality, and one must base one's life on the mutual respect of all people.

    So to those who hate the West and NATO, because they are nostalgic for communism, or because they believe that the whole West is false, we renew our prayer: stay away from our projects, because we do not need people who do not understand the difference between a evil, and an even greater evil. The lesser evil must always be chosen. Then recently we are here, for the wicked of the earth, we are the greatest evil. Because we finally give power, to those who must hold it, that is to the population, because it is their right, it is called democracy. Because with informed voters, honestly and completely, we are destined to be the best political organization in the history of mankind.

    Because with our innovative methods, we will change and improve the world, we will make it truly honest, truly free, truly democratic, and truly meritocratic.

    With DirectDemocracyS, every war, every invasion, every form of terrorism, and every form of violence will end forever. We will also end the various struggles of certain countries forever, to bring down freely elected governments, and in a democratic way, to establish governments subject to other countries, or to the economic powers that control almost all world politics. We will put an end to the indiscriminate exploitation of certain countries, to the detriment of other countries. And finally, the various superpowers will have to stop wars, invasions, in other countries, to consume weapons, and then easily win contracts for reconstruction. Wealth and power will never again justify acts of violence, which have caused and are causing so much suffering, in various countries of the world.

    And if we had to choose, between savage capitalism and communism with corruption and nepotism, we will choose our economic project with conviction, which is the third variant. Our economic project is a "capitalism with a human face" or a "meritocratic communism". So also economically, we are the best, innovative, fair and concrete. But we will talk about our political and economic programs in the future.

    To make this important interview published in a simple way, in all languages, we divide it into various parts. See you soon with the eleventh part. Visit only and exclusively our official groups and presentation pages on social networks, visit our website, always find out more in detail, and only then join us. Share everything, with as many people as possible, because it is in everyone's interest to know about the existence of our and your project. Thanks.

    Copyright © DirectDemocracyS, projects.

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