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    Interview part 6

    Published: 12 March 2022

     6. Part Six, of my interview with GreatReferee, user number 283, of DirectDemocracyS.

    In this part of the interview, we will talk a little about current events, because as many of our users will know, this interview was done a few days later, the tragic invasion of Russia against Ukraine, at the end of February 2022. But we will also talk of us, of our idea of geopolitics.

    Question 32. We all know the positions of DirectDemocracyS, which is against all forms of violence, whoever does it. We are talking about Russia invading Ukraine. Could you explain better how you think, and if there are special groups, DirectDemocracyS, that analyze the situation?

    Answer 32. We love all peoples of the earth in exactly the same way. We are against all forms of violence. We believe that the spiral of hatred, fueled by tragedies in history, by a few people (and never by a whole people), to the detriment of other people, must be stopped and stopped immediately and definitively.

    The continuous revenge of one people towards the other, or "unrealistic justifications" with the typical phrase of heartless and brainless people: others have done it too, there are international treaties and broken promises, the fault is that or of the other. Phrases that are not logical, and are completely wrong, because they justify and make legitimate, violence and revenge.

    At a certain time we had advised all our official representatives to respond to the differently intelligent people who somehow justify the invasion with this sentence: since you say that NATO has done so before, tell us exactly how many deaths and destruction can also cause Russia, to settle the score. So we will finally know when this lousy and justified invasion will end. The accounts are not even, with other dead, other wounded, other destruction, and more terror. What guilt have innocent people today, if in history there have been, on all sides, violent actions, ordered by a few, carried out by a few, against other innocent people. Violence is answered only with intelligence, aggression is answered with determination, but without ever going from right to wrong.

    We want to clarify one thing forever: the blame for every violent action, falls and must always be attributed, only to 2 subjects, which are: those who order the violence and those who carry it out.

    Never a whole people can be held responsible for the actions of their politicians, if anything, they can be considered an involuntary accomplice, if out of cowardice, they do not oppose certain violent behaviors of their own cruel politicians. However, he can only be considered an accomplice if he voted for them, and if he didn't protest seeing what they do.

    Unlike those who do not know, or cannot analyze the facts at 360 °, we have a privileged position, because we have information from all over the world, without this information we receive (which we trust 100%), can be manipulated by any person. We always check all our sources, with the means and methods that we will communicate to you when we talk about security.

    From the moment of the deployment of Russian troops, on the borders with Ukraine and in Belarus (always on the border of Ukraine), we realized that the situation was tragic. We have activated special information groups from various countries, made up of our verified registered users. The special group of geopolitical strategy, the special group of military strategy, the special group of historians, and the special humanitarian group, have automatically set about analyzing the situation in detail, and in some cases making calculations, not only on the chronological course. facts, but also making predictions about possible future scenarios.

    As you will have understood, and since you are our registered verified user, an information and multimedia expert, you know very well that all of us, not only look, but work concretely.

    We do not momentarily have the political, diplomatic, or financial strength to prevent such actions, but thanks to the many people who join us, we will soon be able to do much more. Maybe we can prevent such situations.

    As with any event, the causes, reasons, alternatives, exact facts and solutions must be known.

    In the invasion of Russia against Ukraine, everything starts with the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and the relative Warsaw Pact, therefore the bipolarity and dualism of military alliances.

    When one party failed, the other would (theoretically) no longer make sense.

    All should have been united, in a world military alliance, with all the countries of the world inside.

    Which will be one of the first things we will do, when our political parties, from every country in the world, get the majority of the votes. Do not tell us that we dream, but think with logic, and above all try to understand our potential.

    Every war following the end of the "cold war" occurred because some people, at the time, had no interest in having a world of peace, but only a "fake peace", which in any case allowed NATO, and the United States, to on the one hand, and to Russia and its friends China, North Korea, and others on the other, to be able to "have fun" in various countries of the world. They continued to maintain the spheres of influence, which existed in the days of the 2 super powers.

    Arms producers and traders do not like a world without conflicts, and since they hold together with the economy all the false politics that has always governed the world, they did not want to risk losing their source of income and power. Only for the selfishness and greed, which have always guided, a small part of men.

    You all know our theory, which no one can ever deny, in which we say that true democracy does not exist, and true freedom does not exist. And they have almost never existed in the history of humanity.

    If dictatorships, single parties, or authoritarian states are clearly a lack of freedom and democracy, Western countries, "democratic and free" are only in words.

    The difference is that in one part of the world, the absolute lack of freedom and democracy is declared, therefore they are governed by a few people, or parties, who deny any form of opposition.

    In the rest of the world, even in the United States, in NATO countries, and in countries that declare themselves free and democratic, democracy and freedom are illusory, with the help of the media, and with total control of all forms of opposition. . Fake protests, fake oppositions, fake everything.

    Except that for a few months, there has been a beautiful and fragile alternative to all this crap in the world for now. And we can proudly say that it is us.

    DirectDemocracyS, was not created, and will not be made up of just people who have it all figured out. We have no truth in our pockets, but we have undeniable reality, and logic on our side.

    We have always had with us many people who look at reality, who have united in an "indissoluble" way, who must protect and control each other (to avoid harmful infiltrations).

    We are the only solution to all the evils of the world, because they are completely different from what existed before us.

    We must grow continuously, but in a controlled manner, and periodically block the registrations of our users for certain periods, so as not to risk that people who are complicit in politics, economics, current world information, try to put us in difficulty.

    This explains our strict and difficult rules. And it will also explain our complete lack of trust, as long as this is not proven to us with facts in regards to those who join us.

    But even when we seem to trust someone, we never let our guard down.

    In the future, others will try to create political organizations similar to ours, indeed, many of them will seem even better than us. Freer and less rigid, simpler and less detailed.

    Be wary of who will tempt you, because it is the same system, which has ruled the world throughout history, which makes the figure of the wolf, disguised as a lamb, in order to attract the sheep.

    They will have a hard time being fairer and better than us, but there will be many weak minds, who may see possibilities of easy success, joining them.

    I apologize for this long speech, but I wanted to clarify some important concepts.

    Returning to Russia which attacked Ukraine, we must immediately say that we do not care if Russia had some legitimate reason until the invasion.

    From the moment President Putin told the whole world: we will not invade Ukraine.

    He did it, so he lied, he didn't fulfill his promises, so for us it's over politically, for us he no longer has any legitimacy.

    And I publicly invite all those who trust political parties and their political representatives, as soon as one looks you in the face, tells you one thing, and then does another, or does not keep 100% of the promises made, to change party , or to vote for someone else to represent you. Only in this way will there be a just world.

    Then, always changing, you will finally come to us, and you will be in control of all political decisions, and you will finally understand what true democracy and total freedom is. You will finally get to know an impeccable working method, in which the best and deserving will have every opportunity to express themselves, for the good of the whole community.

    Putin, however, has fallen into a classic "political trap", which the West and NATO, perhaps in agreement with those who rightly want to change the regime in Russia, have organized to create chaos.

    In this way, those who produce and sell arms on both sides continue to do business in gold, financial speculators, such as China, but also other countries, economic speculators, even from fake democratic countries, can do important business , buying certain stocks cheaply, and selling safe haven assets (gold, metals, various commodities and other stocks) to many.

    For the Russian President, his collaborators had foreseen a walk in Ukraine, with a quick intervention, a military overthrow of the Ukrainian regime, by his opponents or his own military.

    Perhaps, but we have no proof of this, they even believed it to happen, as with the annexation of Crimea, a few years earlier. In which almost no one put up, the slightest resistance.

    In this way, Putin would have been the liberator, and Russia would have been able to show the world that it really matters, putting in a puppet government of its own liking.

    But as often happens, the West is smarter, in a certain sense more slippery, and creates traps in which dictators fall promptly, to replace an absolute power, with an almost identical power, and in the same way exploitative.

    The initial stages of the invasion are certain proof of what I am writing. The self-proclaimed republics of Donbass and Lugansk welcomed them (the Russians ed), just like the Crimea 8 years earlier. As true liberators, from Ukrainian oppression and violence, often provoked, and often aided by the Russians, but real, and with many victims on both sides.

    And where exactly were our exporters of democracy and sanctions? With the exception of a few journalists (in this case just and courageous), none of the useless and powerless UN, is ever interested in the problem.

    Because the UN has the same utility and subjection to the powerful as the WHO during the COVID 19 pandemic. But we will also talk about that in future articles.

    Had I been in Putin, I would have stopped immediately, he had already achieved a good result, with a minimum of effort. It is bad to say this because even a single wounded person, or a single person who is afraid, is a defeat for the whole of humanity. But as his collaborators, and many generals, had said it was best to continue, he continued. Perhaps also decreeing his physical end, and not just the political one, because he slipped into a battle from which, you will never be able to come out whole, if not from one of the losers, and he does not seem capable of recognizing his mistakes. In this there are no distinctions, the whole world is the same, no politician admits his mistakes.

    As always, the weapons will be bought and marketed, the companies that will have to rebuild the destruction will have jobs for many years.

    The only ones to suffer, as always in history, will be the dead, the wounded, the frightened people who live in pitiful conditions, the people who are left homeless, without a job, and with an uncertain future.

    The many refugees who run away with a few things collected quickly, with innocent children with eyes full of fear. With so many people taking refuge in subway stations, often without water, food, medicine, electricity and animal hygiene.

    But the citizens of "rich" countries also suffer and will suffer for generations, and not only because of the right expenses to support the refugees, but because of the increase in all the prices of energy, fuel, and consequently of all products and services. Each of us sacrifices himself, not to help everyone, but to make a few enrich and become powerful.

    So as always, thanks to the Internet and not entirely sincere information (it's just a euphemism ed), they will tell all of us, that it is a struggle for freedom, that it is right to help Ukraine, by all means.

    In order not to risk that they pass from a Western "false democracy and false freedom" to a real Russian and Eastern dictatorship.

    Technically, if we have to stay on one side, and there were only West and East, the United States or Russia, let it be clear, we would be on the right side.

    At least here (we are in the United States ed). If something doesn't suit you, you can say it without being beaten or imprisoned, and then done away with with polonium. Here they will try "only" to find who is behind our political organization (to make him disappear in a kind way and with a smile on his lips), and they will try to infiltrate us to divide us. Obviously, having foreseen everything, they will fail and they will see that we have more means than we do understand, so as not to allow us to be subjugated, or even sabotaged, by anyone.

    But we will talk about it at the right time. If you ask me about security measures.

    The Russian invasion, however, found a united Ukrainian people, who did not have the slightest desire to be subdued, no longer by the Soviet Union, but by its "fake capitalist" derivation, not much better than the first.

    And NATO and other countries what they do: instead of mediating, instead of meeting and making Putin think, they put symbolic sanctions (blockades and non-confiscation of assets) on some oligarchs, and on the Russian economy. As always to pay the expenses of incompetent politicians, it will always be the populations, who are not at fault. Like the many sanctions created to create civil wars, and revolts, in countries that do not submit to those who govern the world.

    A parenthesis, which is a question to all peoples of the world, not just the Russian one: can you tell me which merits and which important skills lie at the basis of certain Russian oligarchs? Of course you do not know, they have no merit, they became rich for no reason, overnight, they began to manage at will, all the wealth (especially mineral and natural) of Russia.

    We believe that the riches that nature has given to a territory must be owned and managed on a merit-based basis, solely and exclusively, by the entire population (with exactly the same percentage for all) who live, and have lived for generations. , in a given territory.

    The riches of Russia must be 100% of Russian citizens, and not of figureheads, who are paid and lead the good life, by those who are behind all the exploitation in the world.

    But the same thing also applies to Western countries.

    Those who are filthy rich can keep all their wealth obtained ethically, with brilliant ideas, based on demonstrable merits, without exploiting workers, without harming the environment, and without having stolen, cheated, and made deals with politics.

    By reorganizing these situations a little, by clarifying who did what, and who obtained and how certain wealth, finally there will be social justice, and without stealing anything from anyone, there will be the greatest redistribution of income and wealth, of the history of humanity.

    Do you consider us communists? No, we are proud capitalists with a human face, or always proud Communists on a merit-based basis. We are simply for justice, and for everyone to live well, starting with those in difficulty. Obviously it is not a revolution, but a correct analysis of the situation, with the right measures to protect the weakest.

    Who has earned and is very rich for brilliant ideas or for merit, do not worry, no one steals anything from anyone. If, on the other hand, you are rich without any merit, be prepared to share everything, with everyone.

    Basically, summing up our official position: Ukraine is a sovereign state, free to choose whether to join NATO and the European Union, without depending on any treaty or promise made by others for it. It does not seem fair to us, to limit the freedom of any country. DirectDemocracyS will guarantee everyone the best local autonomy.

    NATO has never threatened Russia, and therefore it was enough to meet with Putin and openly declare that Russia will never be threatened for any reason. That he will never have to fear for his own territorial sovereignty.

    But instead of doing the right thing, President Biden and his allies have imposed severe sanctions, which will be suffered by the Russian population, and by their own populations, certainly not by oligarchs, or by President Putin. Obviously with the more or less clear hope of NATO and the West of unleashing a civil war, or a new Russian revolution. The very fact of considering Tsar as President Putin somehow demonstrates their hopes. After all, after oligarchs without any merit, Western commercial companies could take over to exploit the immense wealth , perhaps sharing something with China. The Russians count for nothing, their rights have always been trampled on, their wealth always exploited by others. But no, dear friends, we are on the side of the peoples, of all peoples, and we stand for true justice, true meritocracy, true and only democracy, and true total and absolute freedom. That freedom of which there is no trace in any country in the world.

    We are therefore on the side of the weakest with no economic interest, because literally no one in history has been on the side of the weakest unless guided by "economic powers" which in turn control all politics. The only people controlled by us are us. And we will always stay that way.

    Putin threatened, in a veiled way (whoever meddles in our special operation in Ukraine will be an enemy of Russia and will pay a very high price), and then also clearly (seeing himself with no honorable way out), the use of nuclear warheads .

    Biden after the invasion said: the only alternative to economic sanctions against Russia is World War III.

    Did the Russian and American people really vote and elect similar people?

    Putin cannot decide for any country, the only reason he had (even the partial one) was the request to stop the Ukrainian violence (also caused by his Russians with as many attacks) in the separatist regions.

    Biden, should go back to school, because the alternative to all violence has always existed, it is studied in the early days of political science, it is called diplomacy and dialogue between the parties. This must be based on the mutual respect of all people, and also on accepting opinions, different from one's own.

    But after all, who ever prefers peace, which is wealth and unity for all the peoples of the earth, to a divisive world in which only a few rich, wealth and power on earth are shared?

    DirectDemocracyS only, and all our verified registered users. Because anyone who does not share our values, and our common sense ideals, will never be part of our projects.

    I do not know how this sad situation will end, we hope that they will find a dignified agreement for all the peoples of the world. Because all violence can be prevented, you just need to want to do it.

    To make this important interview published in a simple way, in all languages, we divide it into various parts. See you soon with the seventh part. Find out, visit our website, always find out in detail, and only then join us. Share everything with as many people as possible, because it is in everyone's interest to know about the existence of our and your project. Thank you.

    Copyright © DirectDemocracyS.

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