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    Our solutionsYear 2023, month of October, day 07.

    Cause and effect.

    Due to the very serious, cowardly, cruel, and unforgivable terrorist attacks by Hamas on Israel, with many dead, injured, prisoners, and with enormous destruction, there will certainly be an equally harsh response, perhaps, if it is possible, even more violent, serious, vile, cruel, and unforgivable on the part of Israel.

    As always, in wars, invasions and terrorist attacks, the bad people do not lose out and do not suffer the consequences, who are the ones who provoke them, create them, support them, organize them and put them into practice.

    Those who suffer the immediate consequences are above all innocent people, who must suffer and be afraid due to the wrong decisions of those in power.

    The visual and emotional impact that creates, automatically and absolutely normally, in every person with empathy, every single episode of violence, and every story of innocent protagonists, is often used for execrable purposes. So many simultaneous stories of terror increase the feeling of revenge in every spectator. The understandable desire to see not only those directly and indirectly responsible for this immense pain die and suffer, but also all those who did not prevent it.

    With each new episode of violence, new "monsters" are created, which will, in turn, have the human need for revenge.

    It's called a spiral of violence, or, the dog chasing its tail. We have talked about it, and we will talk about it later, in this article.

    It takes a lot of inner strength and courage to try to be clear and find solutions to such complex problems. Anyone who says anything, to any of the conflicting parties, will receive the same response: we will take revenge. And this has been happening for almost a hundred years, and has always happened throughout history. In every historical period, there have been, and still are today, continuous revenge, which only increases mutual hatred and divisions.

    If we now said: you must love and respect each other, when the wounds are still open, and the pain for the victims is very strong, we would not be credible, so the first advice we give to anyone is the only one that gives a bit of hope, and make everyone understand something.

    What if it happened to you, your family, your friends, your acquaintances, and your people? Seeing ourselves, in the situation of unbearable pain, empathizing with the victims, will certainly help even insensitive people, or those who take sides, who hope for victory, at all costs, for one of the parties.

    Like any tragic situation, there are rich and powerful people and businesses who benefit greatly from it.

    Who benefits from such pain? Often those who do not see themselves directly involved, but who have many interests, may never reach a peace agreement, based on mutual respect, and which protects all the interests of both peoples. We have never been conspiracy theorists, but it is undeniable that from every violent activity, there are those who lose and those who gain. Often, those who gain from it are one of those responsible for the various tragedies, causing them or favoring them. Finding these people is extremely difficult, but not impossible. After having identified them, they must absolutely be arrested, tried, and if found guilty and convicted, they must be punished very harshly, similar, if not greater than the pain they themselves cause. Surely, other similar people will think about it several times before doing the same activities.

    Your criticisms.

    Although we published a long article the day after these vile terrorist attacks, which you can find at this link:

    some people have pointed out to us that we have not clearly and unequivocally condemned the terrorist organization Hamas. Our article talks about the spiral of violence and revenge, which always creates a further desire to react and take revenge. Instead, it would be useful, and above all right, to punish in the most severe way, only and exclusively, all those responsible for any violent action. They should also be ashamed of all those who did not prevent the violence, and those who support only one side. It is not the best way to be useful to create a "fan base" on such dramatic issues. Violence must be condemned, regardless of those who commit it, those who do not understand it, and unfortunately there are so many of them, it demonstrates first of all that they are not an intelligent person, and that they do not have a fundamental human quality, called empathy.

    Talk in detail.

    Some people believe that the length of each of our articles must be hundreds, perhaps thousands of pages, in which we contextualize each of our statements. We often take for granted some basic knowledge on various issues by those who read our articles. We always hope that you have read, and understood, all of our 209+ articles prior to this one, and our current 1230 posts, on our Blog in 56 languages, and we hope that you will read all of the subsequent ones. We hope that you are part of our groups, where everything is decided, to understand the mechanism, and the common work, which allows us to inform correctly, without lies, and without manipulation. We affirm and disseminate the indisputable facts, and we give all our solutions, which often at first glance seem like utopias, but then if analyzed carefully and completely, reveal themselves to be achievable and working. We do not eliminate from our projects people with their own ideas and theories to verify, but if we decide something together, it must necessarily be accepted, shared, and put into practice by anyone who joins us. We do not accept, and do not tolerate, misinformation, assumptions, and the presentation of facts in a false manner to gain consensus and votes. Obtain excellent electoral results, with the truth, without manipulation, trying to attract first only people with intelligence and abilities above average.

    Positions taken.

    In the previous article, on the serious Israeli-Palestinian crisis (usually, but not always, we write the names in alphabetical order), we clearly explained our position. At this moment, our statement is unfortunately absolutely irrelevant, even on the subsequent phases of reaction to these attacks, just as thousands of articles would not have been useless to try to prevent them. We assure you, that we would do anything to prevent, avoid, and stop any kind of violence, and to find a just solution, for both sides.

    Those who know us know that any violent activity, towards anyone, will always be condemned by all our users / voters. Anyone who does not possess the quality of respect for all people is not accepted into our political organization, and if by chance he manages to enter, after having analyzed his declarations and his behavior, he is rendered harmless, or blocked, in certain cases expelled, and in serious cases, he will be made persona non grata.

    Could DirectDemocracyS solve the problem?

    If we were the majority, both among Israelis and among Palestinians, the first thing we would do is resolve forever the conflict that has been bloodied in the Middle Eastern area for too long. Being the majority in the two countries, we would "force" everyone to work together, on the basis of logic, common sense, and mutual respect. Our working method is the only right, honest and with all the potential to change and improve the world.

    Years of wars, terrorist attacks and violence are not miraculously erased, but "imposing" just solutions, always taking into account the reasons of each party, is the only way to stop every cruel action.

    The spiral of revenge.

    DirectDemocracyS, and each of our members, believes that the only way to achieve peace is to stop the spiral of revenge on all sides, and after stopping the violence, to do everything to prevent any new possible conflict.


    No, it's called change, and improvement of mentality. Knowing how to distinguish good from evil, always choosing the good, and making everyone understand that the world can and must be changed and improved, all together.

    For those interested, we will publish other detailed articles on the rights and wrongs of both sides. We will not do this to make rankings, or to choose the best from the worst, because for DirectDemocracyS, all the good people are the best, and the bad ones are the worst.

    DirectDemocracyS has no favorites.

    As we explained in our article from 2023, October 08, on the cowardly Hamas attack on Israel, for us every person has the same rights and the same duties. In this conflict, and in terrorist attacks, we know how to distinguish good from evil. On our website, from the first seconds, in which we created DirectDemocracyS, Palestinian and Israeli people and people from all countries and territories work together, even in common groups, representing all the populations of the earth, and each geographical area.

    We stand with all the good guys, and against all the bad guys.

    We have no obligations, or allies, and we do not act based on our convenience, but based on what is right or wrong. Good and evil can be clearly distinguished, just as the only two categories of people into which we do not divide the inhabitants of the earth can be distinguished: good or bad. If we were false people, we would agree with the Palestinian people, because the people of Islamic religion, in DirectDemocracyS, today number over 20,000, compared to a couple of thousand citizens of the Jewish religion. We are talking about official members, up to date with their annual dues. The numbers don't matter to us in this case, and we would be squalid and incorrect to make economic and power calculations on tragedies of this type. We prefer to be on the side of truth, of reason, respecting and loving every person, every group, and every population, exactly the same. After each of our articles, in which we state our official positions, which as such, belong to all our users / voters, under no circumstances have there been people who have abandoned DirectDemocracyS. We are sure that there will be no cases of intelligent people abandoning us, because we are on the right side, because we are honest, loyal and sincere.

    Let's all decide together.

    In other political forces, all divisive, there is a tendency to side with one side, or the other, based on political ideologies and wrong and unjust mentalities.

    There are people, but also countries, and governments, who are on Israel's side, because they consider it a victim, and in this specific case, of October 7, 2023, and in many other cases, they are, and have been in the past.

    There are people, but also countries and governments, who are on the side of the Palestinian people, who have been victims, on many occasions, above all due to the disproportionate reaction of Israel, which also affected and continues to affect innocent people, after having suffered losses of equally innocent people. Even the miserable conditions in which the Palestinians live create in the people who live in those geographical areas, possible revenge, and always wrong support, for terrorist organizations.

    In many countries, support is created, almost like sports fans, for one or the other side, which turns into hatred towards the other side. Even the worst actions are justified by motivating them and saying that they are the consequence of other actions, always wrong, of the other party. Like a dog, chasing its tail.

    The old politics, which lives on sharp and clear divisions, in which there are good people only on one side, or bad people only on the other side, is almost certainly happy with these violent actions, which do nothing but strengthen consensus, based on who supports, as we have already said, one or the other party. As in any violent activity, there are good guys and bad guys on both sides, and anyone who knows the difference between good and bad should have no trouble recognizing them.

    Terrorism, invasions, wars, and dishonest behavior.

    Those who order, organize, support and carry out terrorist actions must be isolated, captured, judged and severely punished. Anyone who orders, organizes, supports and carries out actions, military actions of revenge, on innocent people must be isolated, captured, judged and severely punished. Those who order, organize, support and carry out actions to make life miserable for entire populations, even if for revenge, must be isolated, captured, judged and severely punished. The old-world politics, even of the "civilized" countries, has unfortunately accustomed us to seeing many people suffer, due to the cruel policies of other countries, which try to change the regimes, making life impossible for the population, who do not he has no fault. The lives of all innocent people matter. Governments and political representatives, chosen freely, in democratic, honest, and legal elections, must be decided solely and exclusively by voters, and not by foreign countries, whoever they may be. We know very well that many sanctions, and many provocations, at an international level, are made to force the population, or the military, to rebel, and encourage regime changes, in an illegal way. This kind of behavior is absolutely dishonest, whatever country does it, and in any geographical area of the world.

    Political interests are to gain consensus and votes based on hatred and divisions, deceiving voters into being on the right side, even justifying revenge and fueling the spiral of violence.

    There are those who do it for money, and power, and those who do it simply out of stupidity. To never have to admit that you didn't understand anything about politics, and that you made all your calculations wrong.

    DirectDemocracyS does not take lessons in morality from religions, which, being divisive and used by unscrupulous people, to justify the worst activities and violence, have all been excluded from all our activities. We respect every type of religious belief, and every type of divinity, we do not want them in any of our activities, because they have no right to influence our political choices. This basic rule of ours has existed since the first minute we created DirectDemocracyS, which was conceived, self-financed, and implemented by people representing all the peoples of the earth. For these reasons, it was forced to eliminate all religions, because people often struggle to accept, love, respect, and collaborate together if they join us, and work together with the restrictions and precepts, of various religious beliefs. We respect them, and will always protect them all, in the same way, leaving each of our users / voters the freedom to believe in what they want. The important thing is not to carry out any activities in our political organization, and not to make any decisions based on, or influenced by, your religion. Our "religion", which puts humanity and the human being at the center, does not exclude all the others, but does not tolerate, and will never accept, for any reason, any influence, interference, or attempt to modify our work, by religious beliefs. Already in the first days in which we made our political organization public, we asked all religions to tell us if they "allow" their believers to join us. Almost all of them, through important personalities, complimented us on our "religious" neutrality, and on the respect, we have for all people, and for all religious beliefs. For now, no religion advises its believers to join us, and it seems normal to us, and absolutely right, we have never asked to be "favored". But, for now, there is no religion that prohibits or advises against its believers from joining us. We are sure that there will be no cases in which some religions will boycott DirectDemocracyS, they would have no reason to. Our advice, valid for all religions, is to find courage, strength, and Divine inspiration, to evolve, improve, and become more modern, without ever distorting the principles on which they are based. Too rigid traditions, constraints, and a lack of freedom are nowadays acceptable to the population, which is constantly changing. Being more human, by not renouncing the Divine, will be able to prevent them from losing consensus, and will allow them to survive, and be present, and active, even in the future.

    DirectDemocracyS does not take lessons in morality from other political forces, because if the world is so unjust, and divided, artificially, and also due to the wrong choices of the old politics.

    DirectDemocracyS takes no lessons in morality, from citizens, who accept violent actions, in response to other violent actions. Violence is prevented with intelligence, dialogue and mutual respect.

    A small parenthesis.

    There is a minority of the population who hate Israel, also because of the United States, which however has partially democratic policies, unlike, for example, the Russian oligarchic dictatorship, and many countries, and the Chinese thought and single party. They are forms of government, which have nothing in common with democracy and freedom. Some people hate the market economy, because they only see the small, but powerful, part of wild capitalism, and do not see the healthy part of private enterprise. They ask for statism, despite not knowing that the State cannot create progress, economic growth, and above all innovation, for the simple reason that by not allowing free private initiative, it ends up in corruption, inequality, and a lack of meritocracy. Communism, which many of them are inspired by, for example, is a utopia, because people do not have the same capabilities, the same skills, and the same abilities. If in an abstract way, we divided all the riches of the earth, by the number of inhabitants, giving each human being, for example 100,000 dollars, there will be competent and intelligent people, who in a short time will have doubled the amount, but there will be many people, the majority, who will not only lose everything, but will fall into debt, generating a global recession that is difficult to rebalance. By reading the previous sentence, we will surely lose, many possible users and voters, but unfortunately, it is the sad truth. The solution is not to divide equally, nor to take away from the rich, to give to the poor, but to create the conditions, with inspired and just choices, so that equality and meritocracy are always guaranteed, to everyone, together. In this way, without taking anything away from those who are rich or powerful thanks to their own merits, even those who are in difficulty will have their possibilities to improve their living conditions. However, our rule remains clear, that we always start by helping those who are most in difficulty, which does not mean giving money, electoral tips, but putting everyone in a position to be able to fulfill themselves in life and live a peaceful, happy life., and with the best services, always guaranteed. The right market, according to DirectDemocracyS, is a free market, in which the State is an impartial arbiter, and not a competitor, except in particular cases, for limited periods of time, in strategic and well-defined sectors. Those who hate the United States, and Israel (only because it is supported by the USA), should remember that even in party-based oligarchies, they allow a partial and limited democracy, which is always better than the alternatives (with the exception of DirectDemocracyS, which obviously, it is the best of all, because it is authentic democracy). Israel, and the United States, are hated, especially by people of culture, and medium-low education, who, not having many qualities, and almost no abilities, believe, and hope (wrongly), that other forms of government, and other forms of centralized economy, would give, even to less intelligent people, the same opportunities as those who have already achieved fame and wealth. With BRICS, the incompetent would always remain incapable, they would not all become rich, but they would also lose the right to complain, which they have always guaranteed, in partially free and partially democratic countries. We talk about it in this article, to make you understand that the disasters that happen in the world, the injustices, and all the problems, are also a consequence of the mistakes that the voters have made, and of the lack of desire to get involved, in the first-place person, to change and improve their lives in an intelligent and direct way.

    Even in our positions, on the cowardly and unjust Russian invasion of Ukraine, many people saw a balanced, but not partisan, position. DirectDemocracyS, loves all the good people of the earth, without any preference, and in this specific case, considers it wrong for Russia to have attacked Ukraine, whose sovereignty, and territorial integrity, they had sworn to protect, and guarantee, through Budapest Memorandum, in 1991. Ukraine, on the basis of the Budapest Memorandum, ceded its 1800 nuclear warheads to Russia in exchange for protection, with the guarantee, also signed by the United States and the United Kingdom, that they should have reacted immediately, in 2014, when Russia militarily occupied Crimea. That of the United States and the United Kingdom is also a spectator and non-protagonist policy, which we do not hesitate to criticize when they make mistakes, and they promised to do so if Ukraine were attacked. The last straw is that if Ukraine had kept the 1800 nuclear warheads, no country would have ever invaded it. People with limited intellectual capabilities, in the previous sentence, will see DirectDemocracyS' support for nuclear weapons, not understanding that these weapons are only a deterrent, and are not used, in any case as an offensive weapon, with the exception of the United States, in Japan at the end of the Second World War, and you know well how we judged it. Our foreign policy groups, and our groups of specialists in military policies and geopolitics, have said clearly that the fact of actually having, or pretending to possess, nuclear weapons has prevented many countries from being attacked, like Iran, North Korea, and other dictatorships, not by Russia, but by the United States.

    The trend of being anti-Western, anti-capitalist, and against the United States, is legitimate, but senseless, and certainly stupid, if it is on the part of citizens who live in countries defended by NATO, in which market economies guarantee , despite many problems and injustices, good standards of living, economic growth, better healthcare (compared to the rest of the world), and guarantee good protection and prevention of mutual attacks, and immediate protection and defense in the event of attacks from 'external. Seeing all the crises, which exist outside of NATO, people continually dissatisfied, they should only thank the deities they believe in, and the United States, that they live in countries, where there are no wars. Furthermore, dear fake intellectual friends, who believe yourselves to be revolutionaries, you must ask yourself: why are all the countries around Russia asking to join NATO? Perhaps, because NATO, unlike Russia, has never attacked a country it was sworn to protect. Russia has done it, in Chechnya, Georgia, Ukraine, and many others. He attacked sister countries, neighbors, who do not feel safe, not because of Russian citizens, but because of their lying, dictatorial and oligarchic policies. In Russia and other dictatorial countries, a few people, mostly frontmen, without any merit, manage the riches of their country as they like, on behalf of influential politicians, with the population, almost all of whom live in conditions of poverty. Obviously, there is no shortage of mistakes on the part of the United States and Western countries, and we could write entire books about completely wrong, violent and often savage policies for them too. Anyone who has studied international politics for at least a year at university knows well that strong countries exert influences of all kinds on weak countries, even in ruthless ways, and causing a lot of pain. But the choice of every intelligent person must never be the worst variant, hoping that with a "new round of cards, even bad players will be able to win a hand". Choosing to be dominated by Russia and China is always worse than being influenced by the policies of the United States, which may not be perfect, but are clearly better than the alternatives. With the previous sentences, we were directed against those who believe they have understood everything, and allow themselves to be on the wrong side of history, hoping to receive more, believing, to deserve more. If you deserve more, prove it, join us, and let's change and improve the world, instead of just complaining, and hoping, that things will change and improve on their own, without your direct commitment.

    The other ideologies.

    Nazism, fascism, and communism were the worst evils in the history of humanity. They have only been able to create wars and suffering, especially for innocent people. The other political parties are more or less derivatives and deviations of the old failed ideologies, and are often corrupt, lie, and rarely keep all the promises they make to their voters. Everyone, without any exception, is complicit in the theft of power, which in a democracy should belong to the people. Real democracy exists only on election day, and in a few popular referendums, and then, for many years, it is the political parties that manage all the power, without ever asking for an opinion from those who have trusted with their vote of them. DirectDemocracyS is managed and controlled by its voters, before, during, and for the first time in the world, even after the elections, precisely because we are tired of letting the old politics decide, which it practically no longer trusts Nobody. We believe in the sovereign people, who must always, at all times, have all the power, and decide, in a way informed by groups of specialists, about their present and their future.

    Whoever joins us, whoever does so now, and whoever will do so in the future, forever, will have to leave out, from all our activities, every religious belief, every generalization, and every part of human character that is execrable.

    Does this also seem like a utopia to you?

    Contact each of our members, and you will see that this is exactly the case. We know how to choose and select the people who join us, in such a way as to welcome the most suitable people, with the best mentality, into roles of greater responsibility and importance first.

    We have infallible, technological, methodological and human systems to find and render harmless all people with mentalities that are contrary to even one of our values, ideals and principles. For those who are curious to know how we do it, read all our informative, public articles, even several times, trying to concentrate and understand well what we write.

    Generalizing, for us, is always wrong.

    Anyone who writes, for example, that the Scots are stingy people will have no chance of obtaining important roles here, and will not be able to move up in our inevitable ranking. After we explain to him, that there are many Scots, who are very generous people, we will also tell him, that if he generalizes again, he will be relegated to an "inferior" user type, and if he is already in our first user type, he will first be blocked, and if he continues with wrong statements, he will be excluded from all our activities.

    The example serves to make you understand that the fault of the world situation lies with the wrong choices of the old politics, but that the old politics is the exact mirror of the population that votes. Therefore, it is all of our fault if the world is not a paradise. The difference between DirectDemocracyS and other political forces is that we work hard to change and improve the world, while the other political forces look after their own interests, and those who control them. We don't complain about the current situation, we present it, we report it, we contest it, and we find all the intelligent solutions to solve every problem. We commit ourselves physically and mentally to making the world more just, equitable and supportive.

    Justice means the application of the law, which must be the same for everyone, and ethically correct. If it is not, the law must be improved, changing what does not work perfectly, and what is not useful, for all people. Every political force, and every single person, should work to make justice better and infallible.

    When they read in our articles, such detailed regulations and mechanisms, which at first sight are complicated, many do not understand our needs, and above all our motivations. We are the only political force that does not think about immediate consensus, and the only one that selects its users / voters with great care. We are not interested in being voted for, and in governing together with voters who do not know how to distinguish good from evil, but let us give time to the entire world population to be able to change and improve their mentality, and only then will everyone be able to enter, and be part of our political organization. We have deep motivations, and we do not decide our rules by chance, but on the basis of careful research, and much discussion.

    Those who join us look and learn from the past, especially from mistakes, to create a better society, which can choose and decide in the best way, for the good of all. We have a mechanism, which is not: dictatorship of the majority, over the minority, it is not brainwashing, it is not cheating and lying, but only knowing how to choose, and always and only doing the right thing, always taking into consideration the good of the entire human population. If when we decide something, we don't just think about ourselves, but about everyone, we can never be wrong. It is not presumption, but knowing the work behind every single word, every single sentence, every single article we publish, and every single activity we do, we are absolutely sure that we say, write and do, the most useful thing for everyone. Ultimately, politics should solve people's problems by finding the best solutions. The only, immense difference, is that the old politics does it alone, DirectDemocracyS does it with each of its voters / users.

    Some of you will say: it will take years, perhaps entire generations, to accomplish everything.

    We know this very well, but if we manage to save even just one life, and if we manage to prevent suffering and fear for even just one person, our hard and very long work will have made sense.

    We are content to make the life of every human being different and better, and it is not an easy goal to achieve.

    We rely on intelligence, good people.

    Intelligent people, who know how to distinguish good from evil, are the majority of the world's population.

    Almost all Palestinians deplore the cowardly terrorist attacks of Hamas, like almost all Israelis, deplore Israel's revenge on innocent people and certain political behaviors. It is not enough to deplore, it is not enough to be indignant, it is not enough to take to the streets, but we must act to resolve every problem in a peaceful, definitive and fair way for everyone. DirectDemocracyS has working groups, in which our users from the two countries work together, knowing that only together can we find the right solutions that are good for everyone.

    Throughout history, there are in the Middle East, almost 100 years of mistakes, by everyone, including France, the United Kingdom, the League of Nations, the UN, the United States, other Arab countries, Nazi Germany, partly also fascist Italy, and the former Ottoman Empire. And of course, Israel, and Palestine. They have all always chosen, over the years, the most difficult path to take together, and to put into practice, on proposals, which almost never came from the two directly interested parties, but from other external factors. They tried not to expose themselves, not to "force" the two peoples into a dialogue based on mutual respect.

    Our solution.

    As with the Russian invasion, in Ukraine, where we proposed, to resolve the crisis, elections in the 2 countries, to make the 2 peoples choose, 2 people, who would have to talk to each other, understand each other, and find the best solutions, also for the crisis, between Israel and Palestine, we ask for the organization of elections, in which the 2 peoples choose 2 people (one for each country), who discuss directly, and find together with their citizens, all the best solutions.

    Why hold new elections?

    Because the current politics of each country has already shown the world its inability, corruption and bad faith.

    Because we don't need representatives of states, countries, territories, but we need direct representatives of the 2 peoples. The elections and negotiations will have to be done, with our method of direct democracy, live video, 24 hours a day. Everywhere, where we are present in the world, the negotiations, the votes, and all the activities will be done in a visible to everyone, they must not be kept secrets, in any country, remember: democracy means power to the people, therefore everything must be accessible, and visible to the people, who must be able to verify every activity directly.

    Negotiations in secret, and meetings behind closed doors, as they often do, are not democracy, and do not allow those who for them "only in theory" should hold all the power, to see and intervene directly.

    Only with the physical presence of the 2 representatives, of the 2 peoples, and with the online presence, in video conference, of all the citizens of the 2 peoples, the negotiations and the decisions taken will be fair, shareable, and put into practice by everyone.

    Punish the guilty.

    After the negotiations, each citizen of the 2 countries will have sworn, directly, and signed a document, which obliges him to put into practice every word of the agreement signed, with the solemn oath, to report, isolate, and make any attempt to overturn the decisions made is harmless. In this way, we will all be sure that what they decide is put into practice, effectively preventing any possible problem. This methodology of ours, to resolve any conflict, is the only one that can give immediate, concrete and fair results. Obviously, for every single sentence of this long article, including the methodology, of our peaceful solution, there will be details, explanations, and related reasons. It would be too long to summarize everything in a single article, but we have everything ready, it's just a matter of wanting to get started. The will of the 2 parties, and of all parties in conflict, is often held prisoner by hatred and revenge. We understand and do not judge the enormous suffering in seeing certain cruelties, but without the courage to make the right choice, unfortunately, we will continue to suffer, be moved and indignant, without resolving every single claim at the base. The requests, from both sides, are not impossible to integrate, if you do it in the right way.

    Some brief explanations.

    The open vote.

    DirectDemocracyS, in every vote, demands an open vote, in which it is clearly seen who is voting and what they choose. If a person has nothing to fear, and is convinced of their choices, we do not see the need to hide their decision and preferences. In almost every one of our votes, we not only demand to know who votes, and in what way, but we also ask for a serious reason for the decision made.

    Does it sound like dictatorship? It's just justice. Voters, in DirectDemocracyS, control their political representatives, before, during, and for the first time in the world, even after elections, with our direct democracy. Even in representative "democracy", which we automatically make just and direct, the people should be the master, and the political representative, the servant in the institutions of the State. As the holder of all power, therefore in democracy, the person represented must be able to see, clearly and unequivocally, what his representative, who has obtained "the power of representation", decides in his name, without the renunciation by the people of the power to decide directly. In short, in real time, the people must see what they choose, what they vote for, and know all the information and motivations from those who represent them, and those who decide, on their behalf, based on the electoral consensus, expressed with the own vote. Motivating choices helps to avoid making mistakes, realizing, in real time, the real motivations, and the relative merits, or relative faults, for each decision taken, if this were possibly wrong. For every little mistake we make, based on our methodology, we will be able to easily find those responsible. But that's not enough, the person represented must be able to decide directly, and be consulted first, by those who vote in his name. Furthermore, the voter, before deciding what to have the political representative choose on his behalf, must be informed, in a complete, independent and competent way, by groups of specialists, experts on each topic, who present the various possibilities, and exact predictions, of the consequences of every decision made by our voters. It is essential, to be a prefect, to have a conscious and competent choice, which only our groups of experts can guarantee.

    These ideas of ours, which we are putting into practice, require time, a lot of work and collaboration from everyone to be implemented and made concrete.

    Whoever takes one side, or the other, for economic reasons, to obtain consensus, or out of hatred towards one of the parties in conflict, or, out of hatred towards those who support one of the parties in dispute, does not it certainly serve the interests of the party it claims to support. Indeed, it aggravates divisions and delays peaceful resolutions.

    The only right method to judge things is through a 360-degree study, which is interested in the definitive resolution of conflicts and subsequent prevention. As we have already said, believing in the reasons of a single party only makes the search for a just peace more complicated and prolonged over time.

    Other brief details, on the DirectDemocracyS peace plan.

    In this article, we have not explained in detail our solutions, which obviously include: the immediate elimination of terrorism (we have concrete plans to do it intelligently), mutual recognition (necessary to be able to start dealing), and implement quickly, 2 peoples, in 2 countries, but let them be federal.

    Create the federal Israeli and Palestinian state.

    Two peoples divided, united, in a Federal State, it seems like another utopia, many will say that it is like putting water and oil together. As complicated as it seems, it is the best path to take, which is convenient for both peoples, and we will talk about it, when the time is right. Some advantages of the Federal State are: continuous dialogue, continuous collaboration, loyal and honest discussion between the parties, and the possibility of preventing any problem together and solving it together.

    For now, it is enough to know, if you have not yet understood, that DirectDemocracyS was born to unite, and not to divide, and this characteristic of ours makes our long and hard work more difficult, but much more useful.

    Certainly, DirectDemocracyS will not be loved by those who produce and sell weapons, or by the companies that rebuild after all the destruction we see around the world. But these people, and these commercial companies, are a distinct minority, even if they are, rich and powerful. Over time, they will be able to re-profile their activities, into something more useful, for the world's population. We know, they will lose a lot of power, influence, and wealth, but we honestly, clearly, don't feel sorry for them. Just as we are not sorry for the old political forces, which will inevitably and inexorably be replaced by our "system", which is better and more just.

    There would be many details, and things to explain, the important thing is that by reading what we write, do not be superficial and hasty in judging our activities. Do not underestimate good, which wins, and will always win over evil, even if. Violent actions are unfortunately more visible than small signs of mutual respect, which exist, and are concrete, in DirectDemocracyS.

    Laozi, a Chinese philosopher from 300 BC, said: “A falling tree makes more noise than a growing forest”.

    PS Let it be clear, we are always in favor of peace. Therefore, we are against all violence, whoever commits it, and we are very severe (bidder than it may seem, at first glance), when it comes to punishing someone who does not respect good, innocent people.

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